Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about Healing with CBD oil with Noah Hammond Tyrrell

February 22, 2022 Season 2 Episode 24
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Healing with CBD oil with Noah Hammond Tyrrell
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Moving through our journeys whether you realize it or not we are all here to connect deeper to ourselves, feel good physically and embrace the potential that life offers us. Life does throw us obstacles, but often times they can be a catalyst for great change and that is what happened to my guest today Noah Hammond Tyrrell.

After helping his Dad survive his “3 months to live” death sentence, Noah couldn’t help but build a unique company that offers the power of hemp CBD products with the tried & true personal development techniques and spiritual healing practices that were already helping his clients. He has been coaching people as a spiritual life/business coach for 13 plus years. 

Noah is the CEO of Feel Good Hemp.

Working along side his wife Danielle they overcame obstacles in their life to be where they are today, happy, healthy and living with purpose and passion.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Healing the physical body

2. Spiritual awakening

3. CBD and the powers it holds

4. Dad's miraculous healing

5. Transformation in life

6. Accessing deeper calm inside

7. History of hemp

8. White coat syndrome

9. Yoga training

10. Following the lineage of yogis through history

11. FREE Feel Good Library access

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Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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of Enthusiastically Spiritual, I'm your host Teresa. So moving through our journeys, whether you realize it or not, we are all here to connect deeper to ourselves, to feel good physically. And to embrace the potential that life offers us. Life does throw some obstacles, but oftentimes they can be catalyst for great change. And that is exactly what happened to my guest today. Noah Hammond Terrell. After helping his dad survive his three months to live death sentence. Noah couldn't help but build a unique company that offers the power of hemp CBD products with the tried and true personal development techniques and spiritual healing practices that he was already helping his clients with. He's been coaching people as a spiritual life business coach for 13 plus years. He's the CEO of feel good hemp and working alongside his wife Danielle, they both overcame obstacles in their life to be where they're at today. happy, healthy and living with purpose and passion. And I love this. Their motto is when you feel good, you do good welcome, Noah. Thank you. What a wonderful intro. I appreciate it. Thanks for having me. Oh, I'm super stoked you're here and I cannot wait to talk about life and potential and let's just dive into the catalyst for your life and what you're doing now was really your dad and his, his dumb you know, death sentence and what he came up with with you know, his issues, right? Absolutely. Yeah. The, the way I tell the story is that I was running a marketing company living in LA with my wife, we're newly married. And I made a poor decision in the business that completely bankrupt in a matter of months. And I had to let go of a team of 10 people and I have 200 bucks in my account and I was oh, woe is me. So distraught, so devastated like one of those where am I and how can I get here kind of moments in life. And then on top of that, I get a phone call my mom, no, you got to come down to San Diego. Dad's really sick. He's in the hospital, like get down here. Right? And it was one of those bring you to your knees moments. I was angry. Why don't you take better care of yourself dad which is really just hiding my sadness and my fear and all that kind of stuff. So I get down in the hospital walk into the room and he's laying there. Not looking too hot. He's gray. He'd lost 60 pounds in a month. And he really just looked up at me and said, it's cancer, you know, and he sounded almost apologetic when he was saying it. It was as if you know he had already he'd already punched his ticket is the vibe that I got. Right and so around the hallway family members are having meetings like the doctors had delivered us a three months to live diagnosis, not a here's what we can do to try to save you diagnosis. It was just like, This is what happens to you. You are on a dessin sir. And they were talking about like oh, well, you know, if it's time to go, you know, let them go and let them know that it's okay to go and I was like, Yeah, right. So I went home, I had already done training with holistic healers who had healed literally 1000s of stage four cancers and autoimmune. disorders and all these unhealable, incurable things that anyone who's got eyes to see in mind and a heart that's open can see there are there's plenty of stories of people carrying these things. And so we came up with a plan and the plan was, we're going to do a hemp oil protocol, which was popularized in modern times by a guy named Rick Simpson Canadian guy. So oftentimes hemp oil will even be called Rick Simpson oil or RSO oil. So we came up with you know, that's a plan THC and CBD. THC is very anti cancer. CBD is also anti cancer, but THC is really the heat seeking missile so to speak when it comes to cancer. And then vegetable juicing particularly with tons of beets and carrots, because a naturopathic doctor had told us those are specifically good for the liver. So as soon as he got to the hospital, we went to work. I downsized my apartment moved from LA broke my leaves got down to San Diego into a little quaint apartment. And we went to work I was literally buying beats buy the case from the grocery store to have the grocer go in the back and come out with a whole box right and, and we're you know, my wife was helping we were juicing chopping beets, chopping carrots, juicing it up, dropping him 40 ounces of fresh veggie juice a day. And within and obviously the one thing I'll name on top of this is a whole lot of prayer. Right? We were praying for him. We had communities of people praying for him, and it's undeniable that we're all connected and that the vibration one carries for another can impact and affect the vibration of another. We all know that's true if again, if you reach into the modern science or the ancient mystics, both of them can prove that is true. And within the first six weeks when we got the next MRI is tumor, which by the way was about yay big it was almost a mini football sized tumor he got on his liver, within six weeks has shrunk by 30% and that's how we knew we were really onto something and so we just kept going with it and doing the juicing and doing the hemp oil, you know the juicing. My dad's a stubborn dude. He grew up in Queens, New York. Right? He's not a holistic anything. Okay, but when he took your and drank it, and he's like, Oh, gross. I was like, Dad, I don't care if it tastes like ass, right? If it's this or death, you drink the damn juice, man. And for some reason, I'm the person who can like get through to him on that level. Right And no surprise within a couple of weeks. He loved the taste of it. And he actually kept juicing well after his cancer was completely gone. Not to ruin the punchline of the story. But, you know, within within four months, we had him completely cancer free. That was over four years ago. And he's been completely cancer free ever since with bloodwork and MRIs done every three months and now every six months and just always cancer free. Not only that, he got rid of his type two diabetes. He lost a bunch of weight. His skin color came back, right and he healed more or less from a deep depression that he had been in for about 10 years prior. Which if we want to get into it, I think the reason why he had the cancer to begin with was because of a business collapse of his own back in 2008 when the recession hit. And you know, the reason I shared this stuff about my business beginning is because during this whole experience, I just said, You know what, God, I'm not going to push. I'm not going to force. I'm not going to try to make some new business happen because I'm a serial entrepreneur and yada yada. I have a few, you know, one on one personal clients I've been working with for years, and I can pay my bills at the very least in a humble way. And so I just I just put it on hold for the first time in 10 plus years as an entrepreneur I just put it all on hold. And the story of this company I always thought was you know the birthing feel good hemp the story I thought was my dad's recovery right makes sense. What an amazing story and and it is an amazing story. And it wasn't until later that I realized that it's it's actually a story of me and my dad coming back from the bottom together. Where I put I was in my business collabs I put that all on hold so I could just focus on helping him and little did I know I was stepping into what was my next calling and my next thing to bring to the world as an entrepreneur and as a steward. And so yeah, it's that's how it started and we started offering CBD doses at sound baths which is something that my my wife does, she's a sound healer and I'm sure people on your channel are familiar with. You lay down you get paid and sound vibes. Yeah, they're fantastic. And we literally have people walk in to a sound bath for shoulder pain. Walk out an hour later, no shoulder pain right all the time. But we added CBD to the experience really Hey, for 10 bucks more, grab a dose of CBD it was the best sound math we've ever done. More than half of everybody in the room tried it out. At the end. We're like we got some leftover towels to for one we sold out of everything in minutes. And then the next morning my wife who loves to sleep and popped out of bed she said I can't sleep. Right so we're drinking matcha lattes sitting on the porch. Were in Topanga Canyon up in LA and the canyons looking off at the canyons and she's like, I think we should start a CBD business. I was like that's a fantastic idea. Alright, and so that's how that's how it started. And you know, it came from humble beginnings. But very quickly we attracted investors and, and bigger manufacturers and the guy who actually made the hemp oil for my dad's treatment, made our vision all of our original products and still to this day makes our topical balm for us. So you know it's really close to the heart and close to home and, and as as you said, I've been a spiritual life and business coach for all these years. So we built the feelgood library to complement it because so many companies are out there saying, hey, CBD is the magic bullet is gonna cure all your issues. And while it's fantastic and does so much for so many people. I know that there's many more layers to our healing journey and to living an optimized life because of all the coaching I've done. So we bring it all together and we offer a lot of that coaching and support now for free because you know, the CBD is what makes the company money and we can we have the option to do so. So it's this awesome opportunity for me to just give back and and that's how it all got started. Wow. What an amazing story. No and what a beautiful catalyst for your shift and your dad's shift. And so and it's wonderful to hear that he's gangbusters healthy now. Yeah. And he just had his fourth not supposed to have it birthday and even the liver specialists that his hospital are finally asking questions. What what did you say you were doing again? Right. My dad has survivor's guilt because everybody else who was in that hospital working with a liver specialist at that time with stage three or four liver cancer, they're not around anymore. This is not a disease that people typically make a full recovery from. In fact, in in a hospital, they don't even call it a recovery. They always just say that it's in remission, as if it's just like looming, ready to take over your body again, which I don't believe is accurate, but that's the way medical science looks at it because they don't have a cure for for this particular type of cancer, like many other cancers, right, and they also don't go down. I mean, of course, like you said, this is a special type of cancer, but as we know, there's underlying issues that bring up the cancer that you know, helps mass decides the cancer and it helps it grow. So it's getting to those you know, what are those issues and so a lot of people won't go there and they just you know, move on but having that ability to tap into that CBD oil and and all the juicing. Wow, that's amazing. So how's your is your dad really super healthy now or did he go down the healthy path? Yeah, I mean, eventually stopped the juicing eventually got more lacks of his diet again, but he's still exercises every day and you know, he's in his 70s and he's here and he's kickin, so that's a lot better than than what the doctor said, you know, he didn't become the next triathlete or anything. But but you know he's doing well he's he's still office type two diabetes. The craziest thing if you want to hear the craziest thing. So this is a man who has worn glasses since he was 17 years old. In 2020. No coincidence, I'm sure. All of a sudden he noticed that when his glasses were on his vision was blurrier than when he took them off. And he went to the eye doctor, like what's going on? And they did tests on his eyes and he didn't need glasses anymore. And so if I can, because he's continued a maintenance dose of both THC and CBD every night before bed over time, somehow, his eyes just healed as well. And again, like I said, my dad is not a woowoo guy. He literally said to me, I can't even handle all the miracles that keep happening to me. And he's hilarious because like when I see him on, I'm like, it's like funny to see my glasses. On it looks weird to me. So talk about other benefits of CBD products because I really, I mean, I've obviously I've heard about them, but I've not taken any myself which I'm thinking like all the spiritual work that I do, that could be a real benefit to take that oil. Absolutely. from a spiritual perspective. I think everyone should try because when you have a calm body and a calm mind and a calm nervous system, it's easier to access. The deeper calm within that is the source of and source point of who we truly are. Right so from from a spiritual perspective or from a personal development perspective. You know, when we're triggered, where are we We're in some sort of fight or flight. Can you hear the dogs in the background? I don't know. Yes, no worries are good. No big Okay, cool. Um, but when when we're in fight or flight when we're triggered, right. It's really hard for us to have the wide open perspective, the omnipresent perspective, the higher self perspective, whatever you might want to call it, that can see the spiritual learning the spiritual growth, the lesson, the divine perfection of what's occurring in our life that's going to help us to grow and to have the spiritual growth experience that we're here in this body to have right so it definitely plays a benefit in a role from a personal growth standpoint, in my opinion, and from a body standpoint. So the real miracle CBD is amazing and cannabis is amazing. The real miracle is our endocannabinoid system, which is the system and receptor system in our body that has receptor sites for these compounds called cannabinoids. So CBD is a cannabinoid THC is a cannabinoid, there's actually over 114 different cannabinoids in the hemp plant. And the hemp plant is not the only plant that has them. Like for example, they're in the hops plant as well. And so the real miracle is our endocannabinoid system, which they never even discovered until the 90s until like the early 90s. Did science start to figure this out? But it's actually there's receptor sites present in all of our major organs, in our bones, in our in our lungs and our brain, in our muscles in our whole body. And what these receptor sites are meant to do is to basically regulate the harmony of the functioning of that system. So the receptor sites in your brain help to regulate the harmony of the function in your brain, in your lungs, the harmony of the functioning of your lungs, right? And so that's why you hear so many different benefits from CBD. Because wherever your cannabinoid deficiency is, the weak link goes first, right? So if you got if you got a weak link in your liver and you don't have enough cannabinoids, maybe your livers not optimal, right or maybe your eyesight or maybe your your, your, you know, brain functioning or a lot of other places, right wherever the inflammation is going to take you out first. That's where also the cannabinoids are going to most likely help and benefit you first. Right? So that's why you hear people saying oh, I take it from my arthritis. Other people say I take it to sleep. Other people say I take it from anxiety or depression. Other people say I take it for weight loss or general like wellness, right? And to me, that's how I look at CBD and that's how I've positioned my company is it is a fantastic supplement for optimal wellness. You know, we used to get this compound in our diets naturally. We used to have huge fields of hemp plants and hemp that cows would graze on and then we the cows or we have you know, this compound in many ways in the 1920s something like I'm going to totally butcher the stat but it was like half of all prescriptions of any kind had hemp in them right in the early 1900s. Right George Washington, the founding father of this country was a hemp farmer, right until prohibition hit. This stuff was everywhere, and it was part of our daily lives. And so we were getting these compounds much more frequently and naturally. And so I talked about it like a daily supplement like how you might take vitamin C, or vitamin D, or you don't just take it once and go oh, that didn't do anything for me. It's like no for optimizing the functioning of your body. Take it every day, maybe even twice a day. And that's how my grandma rolls at least she's 95 years old. She has all the things that 95 year olds have. And she takes the CBD twice or even three times a day and she swears by it. And he's been taking it everyday for years now. And she said, you know, she's an old Jewish woman from New York. So she says no, I love the CBD. I can't live without it. Thank you so much. You know, I always give it to her for you know, I just give it to her right? Yes, yes. I love to go into more of the specifics if there's a specific condition or something, you know, but really everything from Crohn's disease to even there's research out and preliminary research about the cytokine storms that people are dealing with because of advanced COVID about you know, its its whole body anti inflammatory, and inflammation is the root cause of basically every dis ease or being out of ease. And so bringing harmony back to every system in the body. It's really like whatever's ailing you the most is probably what you'll notice it doing the most for you. Super cool. And one thing I want to tap into is that access the ability that you know, we are our own healers, finding what works for us and I think that's a real big key component right now where we're at with society and all the things that are happening with you know, people making better made decisions, and maybe now we're gonna go What the hell you know, we don't need to go with exactly that with decisions. Are but there's a there's gonna be a cry now as and also in the near future of more and more how can I help myself because people have really given that outer authority such command and it's about coming back home, you agree with that? 100% White Coat syndrome right like and that's just how we were raised. We were raised to give our authority out to other authority figures, whether it was our parents, or teachers, or the guidance counselor, or the the pastor or whoever else we were not trained as as child. Hey, people have wisdom for you. And you have an inner wisdom barometer that is the trump card of all wisdom. And here's how you connect to it. And here's a process for staying connected to it. And here's how to practice being connected to it. And here's how to act from there even when it's scary. And here's how to live from there. And here's how to live from there even when people are telling you not to live from there. Nobody got that training growing up. Hopefully the next generation will. But in typical western society, we didn't hear that we heard listen to the teacher. Then we heard listen to your boss. Then we heard listen to the doctor, and they all hold the authority as to when you can be successful or or Well, or prosperous. Right. But if we listen to this guy, right, exactly. If we listen to the doctors and what they had for my father, it wouldn't have gone well. And right. That's a symptom of the fact that the systems don't change as fast as knowledge is pouring into humanity right now. So I feel like we're all getting a little bit of inner calling to explore what feels true to us. And I think for anyone who might be dealing with something major like my father was, that's an important part of the process because there's a lot of different things we could have done. We honed in on two and we went all in on those two and I feel like if we had been like and Dad, you need a vegan diet and Dad, you need to do this and you need it would have diluted in some way like these are the ways that he was meant to heal and that felt true to us. And that's why we went down those pathways, right if something else had felt true, because I do know other ways to approach healing serious cancers, then we would have gone other directions. But right, that kind of speaks back again to the intuition, which is the mother of all wisdom, mother of all wisdom coming back home to yourself. Yeah, and I know for you you've had a real big practice you've been practicing for 15 years and like, what 10 plus years you are with a yogi actually doing meditation every day. Yeah, so I practice a type of yoga called officially called Baba gees Kundalini Kriya Yoga if you're familiar with Paramahansa Yogananda and self realization fellowship, it's it's the kind of yoga he taught but modernized by my guru. His name is Yogi Raj Yogiraj. Good enough sitting off, you can check them out on YouTube. He's the real deal. He's out in India, and it's sort of widely acknowledged by Indian spiritual councils and whatnot, but he is the reincarnation of Swami Sri Swami who was Yogananda his guru. And so I'm doing Kriya Yoga under a living kriya yoga master. I've been doing that now every day for 10 plus years. And it really truly is a practice and it's a subtle practice. You know, I was a very left brain person. I went to school for engineering, rocker School of Engineering. I was going to build robots, right, as it says electrical and mechanical engineer, and I'm doing lots of physics and the study of physics, eventually culminating in quantum physics and quantum mechanics, kind of took my left brain and pop me out into my right brain because that's where they mean right modern science leading edge of it is in alignment with what the mystics and the yogi's have said for 1000s of years and have known for 1000s of years. Right? So that's where that sort of opened me up. And then but because I had been so you know, left brain analytical, it was a practice like what my heart my I used to live from the head up, and that I think a lot of people can relate to that. Like I literally have a friend who's like, I don't feel emotions. He said to me once, he's like, I, he's like, I think emotions, and I understand them in my brain, but I don't, I don't do this feeling thing that people talk about. And that was like one of my very good friends and I was like, yeah, man, because you've shut that part off. It's not that it's not there. It's that a lot of people because of life, circumstances, training, conditioning, we just live here. And it's scientifically proven. There's a neural network here. There's a neural network in our heart, there's a neural network in our gut. So people say things like I know in my heart that yada yada or I can I just feel it in my gut that bla bla bla, you know, and it's also proven that every cell in our being has in creative intelligence, right. And then there's the the seat of intuition centered in the center of our heart at the center of the center. And so, if like anything else, if I go to the gym and I benchpress I'm going to do more tomorrow than I did today, and I'm going to be better at it tomorrow than I was today. And if you work out for 10 years straight, you're going to be a lot stronger than you were 10 years ago. That's how I look at developing skills, like listening to your intuition, following your guidance. It's muscle when you can train it consciously. Definitely. Yeah. And so that leads into let's talk a little bit about human potential. The potential to be like gods why we're here on the planet and you know, being home in ourselves, right? Jesus said, Ye are gods. He wasn't chewing his words then right and no. And when they say seek first the kingdom of heaven and all else will be added on to you. What is all else? If you take it literally, right and if you're familiar with some of the the yogic terms, the cities, right, the spiritual gifts, and there's the stories of, you know, these Yogi's being, you know, as heavy as a mountain or being able to heal themselves instantly, right? There's that story in Autobiography of a Yogi where the yogi gets mistaken for a criminal and the, and the cop chases him and slashes him with an axe and puts an axe down through a shoulder and cuts a hunk of flesh. And then the person sees Oh, my God is not who I thought it was. Oh my god, I'm so sorry. And the yogi says, Don't worry. Come back here tomorrow. And he comes back the next day, fully healed. Right? What is human potential but it's, it's infinite. And it's gonna express in every way possible. But the great beings like the Buddha and the Jesus and Lao Tzu and and all these Yogi's have great lore. And, you know, the yogi's that are still today, living up in the mountains holding vibrational space for humanity, which will have otherwise destroyed itself based on the general vibration of the masses. One of my mentors who's who is a monk under Yogananda, and lived in the ashram actually for over 25 years before starting the biggest yoga school in all of San Diego, and is now retired. A great yogi the name Tom Kelly. He says the masses if you take off the end, what do you get? Right? As is so and that's not a criticism it's just it's just a if you can look at it as objectively were people's vibrational set point as right like if you dive into like Mr. Hawkins work, right? What's the vibration of fear? What's the vibration of guilt of shame, of anger of rage, how many people are living from those vibrations versus what's the vibration of love? What's the vibration that a man like? Or being like Jesus held or a Yogananda or a Buddha? Right and the offset of all that negativity happens because of the few beings that ride that heroic journey through all obstacles? And all naysay and all resistance to find the truth of who they are, while in a body not needing to travel over to the other side. Like all the people who have near death experiences and they come back and they're like, we are one with love and all things and we're one with the big love. If you can do that in your body. That's your highest potential because you Be the change you wish to see in the world, right? You radiate love, and you uphold literally the negative vibration of millions. And it took me so long to really figure out what it means to like if you want to change the world, you change yourself. Right so you'll get a little taste of wisdom or a little taste of something that feels good, and they want to preach to everyone around them. And then they just get caught in that cycle of being a No at all, which I've been called a million times before being a being you know, someone who is misunderstood by the people around them. Right? Yeah. So just go all the way in, eventually you pop out and that and how that manifests by the time you get to the end goal. You don't even care if you can levitate, or if you can teleport or appear in two bodies at once, or travel to the cosmos in your astral body consciously or any of these things that literally there are stories of Yogi's doing all these things, right? Christ is not the only story of resurrection post death. There are multiple Yogi's if you go and look through time, who appear to their disciples post leaving their body in what they call Maha Samadhi, which is the great Samadhi where Yogi's consciously leave their bodies, and you can look up things like Swami Shri utet Shuar Maha Samadhi. And you see a picture of the man sitting with all his disciples around him. You know, I'm sure you've maybe even seen it right. And he said, check it out. We're done. Oh, he's sitting there in a yoga pose. And his head is back. And he's left his body. They call it Maha Samadhi. It's when you consciously when you when you know your time is in this body is done. And you actually have the level of consciousness to consciously leave the body and that's to share it out there. Even though I don't like to share to any of my goals. That's one of my goals in life is like, when I leave this body, I want to do so knowingly, not because all my time's up and I don't know how to acknowledge that. So here comes my heart attack. Or here comes something else, you know, or there's a Ramana Maharishi, who is a great yogi, and he even was struck with cancer, and literally his body and his flesh was rotting away. His arm was black, and he's laying in bed and this is a yogi who could have enlightened people just with his gaze. People would look at him and go into into samadhi bliss consciousness and lose their delusive physical self and just be in a place of bliss. Right and and that same look was present in his eyes when he was a body that was in shambles cancer ravaging it. He was so so you know, his weight was nothing. He was skimming bones and he was laying on his deathbed, still looking at people with that look, that could send you into an instant experience of oneness and bliss. And he carried that with him and he I think he died that way to show people you are not the body and you are not the mind right? Because if he was the body when he'd be in misery when he'd be in pain, when he'd be in suffering, there was no suffering on that man's face when he was leaving his body. So I love talking about human potential because, you know, a book that I'll just recommend to everyone if you haven't read his autobiography of the yogi because I was already well down my personal development path before that book came into my experience, but when I read it, that's when I was like, Whoa, this is what's really possible, right? I was already a self development teacher at that point, but I didn't even know what I was on the precipice of and the cool story just just to share because I think it's magical. It's halfway through reading that book. And I just felt called I went outside to a full moon. And I said, universe, God, send me a guru. Please. Like I want someone to guide me at this level into this depth of my soul. Two weeks later, I'm sitting in front of my guru, who does a world tour once a year and and speaks in literally three cities in all of USA. He'll speak in like Southern California, northern San Diego, Mount Shasta area, and then like somewhere in Florida Orlando area, he'll do like those three honors World Tour once a year. Right. And this is a man has been traveling six months out of the year, every year for 35 plus years, saying the same basic message about kriya yoga and what it is and how you can get started with just that alone speaks to his level. of surrender to His life work. I think it's beautiful testament to that. But literally two weeks later, I'm sitting in front of this man. And the funny thing is that my ego is so thick and I still know so little, that I'm sitting there in front of an enlightened Master of which there's so few on the planet. And I'm going I wonder if this is my guru after having asked for him two weeks earlier, and so that's just you know, that's just funny, I think. And that book is so powerful. Absolutely. Yeah. And I find that a lot of people have it and it'll sit on their shelf for years until the perfect moment. So if you haven't and it's sitting on your shelf, and you've been meaning to read it, please take this as the nudge from the universe to pick it up and read it. I like it as a bedtime story, one chapter and I and it always puts you to sleep with this just like positive vibe. Without a doubt. Well, you have a lot of positive vibes no and I'm so thrilled you came on today to share and I love I love your motto when you feel good, you do good and you are doing some good stuff in the world. So thank you, Noah. You got it. Thanks for having me.

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