Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about Divine Mother Healing Energy with Connie Huebner

February 08, 2022 Season 2 Episode 22
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Divine Mother Healing Energy with Connie Huebner
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Do you ever wonder about life? 

Why are you here? 

What is the purpose of all of this? 

Is there a God? 

What if you asked for some guidance? 

You know, just asked God, Source, higher self, or perhaps your personal team of spiritual helpers for answers to questions you have deep inside yourself. 

Well, if you ask, you shall receive and that is exactly what happened to my guest today and she is here to share with us her exploration into oneness and the divine mother. 

Her name is Connie Huebner and she was living a normal life as a college student until she challenged God to show her that He existed!

One warm autumn evening laying in a green field staring up into the night sky, she was suddenly swept into an incredible experience of Oneness with all that existed. Never the same again, she spent the next several years looking for others who lived in that reality, finally experiencing that homecoming in the eyes of a number of awakened teachers of the time, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and Ram Dass. Connie was not done yet, she wanted a direct conversation with God or as she termed it “seeking the Kingdom of Heaven within.”

 Going deep into the reaches of consciousness, she began to perceive that conversation—and as she asked questions, answers came. She assigned words to the healing technologies that were imparted and she saw profound changes in herself and others. The more she probed, the deeper she went—first through Jesus and the Ascended Masters—and finally after 13 years-- a direct experience of Divine Mother, the feminine force of Creation, the female aspect of God! Awed beyond comprehension, Connie became a leading teacher of Divine Mother's healing and wisdom for humanity. For the past 20 years, Connie has honed, refined, employed and taught the Vibrational Healing Tools that have been introduced to her via Divine Mother.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. The healing power of vibration & energy

2. Indescribable feeling of one with all

3. Seeking other like minded souls

4. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

5. Asking to meet the creator

6. Practical tools to use

7. The Kingdom of Heaven Within

8. Energies that blocks life force energy

9. Book, Divine Mother Healing: Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Body, Mind and Spirit

Find out more aboutConnie Huebern. Buy her book Divine Mother Healing: Vibrational Healing Tools for Your Body, Mind and Spirit. Watch her on

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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa. Do you ever wonder about life? why you're here? What is the purpose of all this? And you know, is there even a god? What if you ask for some guidance, you know, just ask God's source your higher self, or perhaps your personal team, his spiritual helpers? To help answer those questions that you have deep inside yourself. Well, you know what, if you ask, you shall receive and that is exactly what happened to my guest today. And she is here to share with us her exploration into oneness and the divine mother. Her name is Connie Huebner. She was living a normal life as a college student till she challenged God to show her that he existed. One warm autumn evening laying in a greenfield staring up into the night sky, she was suddenly swept into an incredible experience of oneness with all that existed, never the same again. She spent the next several years looking for others who live in that reality. Finally, experience at homecoming in the eyes of a number of awakened teachers of the time, including Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Ram Das, Connie was not done yet. She wanted a direct conversation with God or as she termed it, seeking the head of the Kingdom of Heaven within going deep into the reaches of consciousness, she began to perceive that conversation. And as she asked questions, answers came, she assigned words to the healing technology, technologies our imparted, and she saw profound changes in herself and others. The more she probed, the deeper she went, first to Jesus and the Ascended Masters. And finally, after 13 years, a direct experience of Divine Mother, the feminine force of creation, the female aspect of God. Odd beyond comprehension, Connie became a leading teacher of divine mother's healing and wisdom for humanity. For the past 20 years, Connie has honed, refined, employed and taught the vibrational healing tools that have been introduced to her via Divine Mother. Welcome, Connie. Thank you. It's wonderful to be here. I'm so excited that you're on today. Because the first thing I felt with, with having you on is heart opening, and that heart energy. So I feel that's a real big feature of where we're at right now. And an energy that we really need to embrace on the planet. And I have a feeling Divine Mother has a big thing to do with that. Oh, yes. Divine Mother is all about the power of the heart. And it's interesting because often, people think, well, the heart is love. Yeah, I've got a girlfriend I got, you know, I got a significant other. But it's slough is so much more than that. That's one aspect of love. But truly love is the energy that, that moves everything in the universe that keeps the planets orbiting, that keeps the the fifth really keeps our physical bodies alive. It's a vibration. It's an energy and, and I guess what I want to share with your listeners is about about energy. Because a lot of people don't really know that energy is a thing. And, and can actually be directed. I mean, we do know that from science because there's electric, we've got electricity, and we've got light bulbs and things that that are energy, but what they don't realize is that we have the ability to move it ourselves, just with our intention and attention and that's, that's what I've uncovered and it's so freeing to be able to know that if you're in a bad mood is because your energy is thick and heavy and and you can change it by bringing in more light bringing in more what I call high vibrational energy, love and and you can say something like Divine Light is filling me now. You can say it out loud or you can think it and this is one of my vibrational tools. In fact, more light is filling me now again and again. I'm receiving divine light. And I can say it for myself. Or I can say it for your listeners. I can say everyone listening to me right now is filling with Divine Light. waves of light are coming into you. Divine Light is lifting you. Divine Light is healing you now in a, in a healing session like I do, I would go on and, and really target, whatever the challenges are, that that person feels they're being held down by. So um, so so that's what I'm really here to talk about are is the healing at the healing power of vibration and energy and when utilized properly, it can make huge differences in your life. So When you had your opening and your oneness with all experience, and you down down the years down later recognize that it was the Divine Mother that divine energy. How did you? How did you put in? You know, the worst of that I mean to do what's the feeling? Or was it was there a feeling? Well, when I first had the experience of being one with everything is like, I had no idea how to describe it. I would I would just, I would say to somebody, a friend or something, I'd say, I'm one with you. And they would look at me like what this I have to admit nowadays, this is much more common. But this experience happened to me 40 years ago. And it wasn't as as common it was kind of in fact, many people would say, I think you need to see a psychiatrist. And other people would say, are you on a drug? Yeah, I mean, and so finally I stopped talking about it. Because it didn't make sense to anyone. Instead, I started to seek somebody else who was having the experience. And that so that I could affirm my experience by knowing that I wasn't the only one in the world. So that's how I got involved with with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi I learned how to teach the meditation that he taught Transcendental Meditation. And I did that for many years. And it was during that and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, by the way, it was definitely experiencing the unity with all life. And definitely, more than I was much more than I was, he was a profoundly awake and enlightened individual. So I was fortunate to be able to be his student for many years. But, um, but there was a time when I, I started to not just want to meditate and experience that silent presence within I wanted to meet the Creator, I wanted to meet the divine being, I was experiencing a lot of a lot of pure Being beingness. And I knew how to describe that and share with them even give people the experience of, of that transcendent presence. But I wanted to meet and talk with the, the divine, the Divine Presence, the presence as a, as an individual, I guess you could say, that you could have a conversation with. And, and, and that's when I went on this, a search to find what I was calling at the time the Kingdom of Heaven within. And I, I got that name, obviously, Jesus Christ talked about the Kingdom of Heaven is within and every other really awakened master that I would read or meet, they would say it's within you this this divinity is within you, and you can experience it inside. So I went on a, a personal search for it. I felt a little bit like an archaeologist looking for the kingdom of heaven by digging up what was inside of me. So I would want my but by then I had a child and she was an infant and would take a nap every day and it gave me the perfect time to go in and just all I did was close my eyes and kind of be in that silent nothingness and it was nothing for a long time and say, Okay, show me this kingdom of heaven. And I do admit it took us a month or two before anything happened. And I was very persistent. And at one point as I was sitting there I would even get mad at Jesus because he was one of the ones who said the kingdom of heaven was in I would say Jesus show it to me. I'm not seeing any pearly gates. There no angel here. I want to find the kingdom of heaven. And at one point, I I saw this little spark Have light in the lower corner of my inner sight. And I started to follow it, I was so relieved that finally, I was seeing something that something was happening. And life began, I got a distinct impression that the light was communicating to me that it was so happy that I was noticing it. So it shows me all the things that it could do like it could, it could sparkle, and it could be a glow, and it could be little spots. Like is quite talented, really. So I was watching the light, and feeling really good about it. Now every time I would go into my heaven research, I would call on the light. And I noticed it made me feel really good. In fact, if I went in in a bad mood, it would change the mood. And if if I went in with a problem, that I would come out capable of solving the problem. Simply, all I had done is pour light into my system. So I began getting that, that maybe I was being shown a way to heal myself enough to be able to perceive the creator in a in a form the real and have a conversation with God, which at that time, it was the 80s Neal Donald Walsch was had his book out Conversations with God. So I was encouraged, like, yeah, I can do that. And, and, and then just had to figure out how and so, um, so anyway, that's how I got started in energy healing, I realized light was energy. And the more I called it in, the more it healed me. And then I also found that the, the next energy I experimented with or that expressed itself to in my awareness was divine love. And so I started pouring in divine love to different aspects of my life. And love is a different energy than light. There, I have a lot of divine tools now and I use light, love, truth, Grace, they all have a different effect on your system. Now, many people may not realize that every thought you have is a vibration. And if you have a lot of negative thoughts, you're not going to your vibration is going to be kind of heavy and dense. And you may go around feeling like you know you have a burden on your shoulders or a cloud over your head. But if you introduce a a light vibration, like like Divine Light is filling you now, you can shift that heaviness. This is how one vibration can impact another to change your mood to actually even heal issues, physical issues in your body. This is even where I've taken it because we, okay, I'm going to explain something but we're all fueled by lifeforce for is flowing into our bodies. And if there's a block somewhere, if we're angry, and we're shut down, or we're depressed. Those that that heavy, dense depression, energy is blocking lifeforce. It can't flow through and be the creative force in your life that it's designed to be. So what I started doing was when people would tell me or I would notice in myself even that I had some heavy, heaviness in my heart, or a tightness in my throat, that there was a way that I could dissolve it by using divine light. I also developed a tool called the brake command, or you address the the tightness in your throat by by saying brake, brake brake, you can actually break up that thick, rigid energy by telling it to break and so this is what I'm what I'm doing now. I've created these I have created out of them out of experiences that Divine Mother has given me so I don't really have full authorship. I've just put them in words. And that's why I call it divine mother healing because I feel that I received them all from this my relationship with Divine Mother, which I'll tell you about in a minute. Love that. Yeah. But anyway, I, I discovered that energy can can change, heavy, dense energy, anger can be shifted. I mean, I know people who've been angry for years, and they're stuck, they've got hit, they've got blocks in their system. Often these angry people get ill easily or they're carrying some heavy burden. Because those those blockages create it, they block the lifeforce that's feeding ourselves, that's, that's feeding our body. So things go wrong in the body. And we need to clear that you need to release it with the these energy tools. And if we look at, like where everyone is right now, and you know, as a collective energy on the planet, and how much woof how much heaviness and how much but you know, there's also a, like you said, there's a lot of people bringing on the lights and bringing on the tools and the, the, you know, the means of how to work with our energetic bodies, because I'm 100% agreeing with you with I believe to you know, we're all energy, and we do have the abilities to change our thoughts, change our mind, change our body change everything. Yeah, um, and it's just accessing them in different ways. But it's greatly needed. For sure. Yes, and that's why I'm coming out, I want to share this way that I've discovered because it has helped me and it's helped a tremendous number of people. And you feel empowered, when you're not a victim. A lot of us are victims of other people's negativity. We're victims of what we hear on the news, we hear some some terrible report. And we're like, oh, no, you know, and it could ruin your day. And then you pass that on to someone else. But when you hear what I hear the news now, and it's, it's not that I'm not involved, I'm trying to do something about it. First on the energy level. So I start saying break break, Divine Light is pouring in to their divine light is pouring Afghanistan, but needs light desperately now, more and more light filling it. And when you tell light to go somewhere, it does, there's, there's and the more people that do it, the more power it there is more light goes there. And I I honestly feel that if we can get enough people to work with light, and to work with love, that we can change this different areas of the world, I've seen it happen individually with my clients. And now there's no reason why it can't happen on a collective level. Without a doubt, and I think that's part of it too, is and also knowing that each person works on themselves, fills themselves with lye and heals, and that also spreads out so it can be done and all kinds of the personal, you know, the collective the it all works together. As you clear yourself, you radiate the healing energy that then activates healing and others. I totally believe that. Yeah, definitely. And again, you know, right now in the time that we're in there so much needing especially with the heart, the love and I feel that a lot of people are waking up I think that this is a lot of what the last couple years has been but I hear what you're saying about that consistency of negativity for like what the past two years in a big way not like in a little trickle it's like it's full on but that's also I feel the catalyst for great change the catalyst for people opening up in their hearts, you know, opening up the fact that now I want to have that Divine Mother healing I want those vibrational tools. Connie, I you know, and I'm filled with chills I say this, it's like, this book is so beautiful, and it's so needed. And I'm excited about it. Yeah, thank you. And the book is, it's actually a workbook. I'll show it this is this is what it looks like. And it's a it's eight and a half by 11. So that you can lay it in your lap. You can look at it you can read the tools and get the effect just by reading them. And then after you've read them a little while you can paraphrase them you know you don't have to say it word for word the way it's in the book. But you you'll know what to do. Oh dear this what do I do? I'm terrible thing is happening. My friend is you know all upset and you can just start thinking Divine Love is filling you more divine love is pouring into you That will do something. And and if you use it for yourself, the book is written for people to use it for themselves. So you would say, I'm feeling with divine light, I'm experiencing more and more light. There's a couple tools in here that I want to mention, though, and one of them is closing your aura. We all have these auras that are emanating energy from us. And most people's auras are very open, they're wide open, or they they're broken, they're weak in some way. And it's really important to have a strong aura to maintain your your vibrational integrity, so to speak, and so that you're not influenced by other people's negativity, when your aura is strong, other people's negativities will, at the least bounce away from you. And at the most will be the negativity will be lifted and dissolved. So I have this healing tool that that closes your aura to, to other to the negative thought forms, to the heavy dense energies in the area, to the pain to whatever might to somebody's argument who happens to be, you know, spewing negativity. And so you we close it or maintain our individual integrity. And then we can better solve whatever problems are out there, whether it's with your friend, or whether it's with the country, because we're centered, instead of frazzled and receiving all pulled this way in that way and distressed ourselves so that we can't focus on what we really need to do, and how to support the unfoldment of the good in whatever situation we're facing. So the good thing too, about closing your energy and having that good boundary is that when people do that they recognize what's their energy. So when an outside energy starts to come in or trying to influence they can discern, oh, that is that me? Or is that not me? And understand that and then work with the energy of how to how to keep your energy intact. Right, Thank you. Thanks for saying that. Yeah, that's a big thing for me is because I am very sensitive and you know, I do keep myself really cleanse but I do all the time. Because when people think about you that comes in when people are complaining or bitching about you that can come in, there's all n of the collective energies can come in. So especially for those who are very empathic, very sensitive, very open, and even if people don't think they are sensitive, empathic, we all have that spiritual part of us, we are all energy. So learning how to work with their energy field and working with these beautiful vibrational healing tools for your body, mind and spirit is it's a win win win. That's the way I look at it. Do you agree with me, Connie? Totally. That's why I wrote this book. Because I wanted to empower people so that you didn't have to be a victim of other people's negativity and and instead you could create the kind of light around you the kind of joy and happiness and and creative action that is so important and empowering to each of us. And I think that's where people are coming into also has that inner authority and taking control because you know, what, if outside is not doing it, though I'm no one else I can help you you have to help yourself and I have a feeling that a lot of what this all happened the last couple of years is for people to come back home to themselves and to recognize that you know, it's not working that us outside of me is not helping me uh, how do I you know, tune into who I am my energy so I can, you know, work with it and I can heal myself and I can move forward in the way that I need to move forward versus outside forces, you know, telling me what to do or what to take or what to how to act and it's not it doesn't work. You have to start with it. You know yourself your home. Yes, right. Now I do that's important. I want to tell people how to how I met divine mother because it is really nice name to name the book after her. So Divine Mother it and I think you explained this in the beginning, the Divine Mother is this unity of the Mother, Father God, presence and the the mother aspect is really coming forth at this time on the planet because we have become so imbalanced, so disconnected, people conflicted within themselves, as well as with each other. And the mother is coming now to bring her children home, so that we have a world family that's balanced and supportive of one another instead of conflicted and fighting with each other all the time. So, um, and you'll see the divine feminine, of course, is coming for many, many places. And it's very important because that there has been that imbalance. And until the masculine and feminine can balance and be working together, respect respectfully, if both sides, we're going to, we're not going to be in a peaceful environment and not a peaceful world. So, so anyway, so the Divine Mother is coming, she's been very well received, well know. Well, the divine feminine, there's a lot of fascination with the divine feminine energy right now. And it's doing a lot of good. And many, many women are coming into leadership positions, which is very important and profound. So one of the things, what I want to tell you is how I met Divine Mother, I was, I was going within looking for the kingdom of heaven as I and I was learning all these tools, and she was giving me the tools because I was blocked. And I needed to clear myself so that I could meet the divine being. And so I was using these tools and showing other people how to use them, and getting clearer and clearer. And at one point, I was on one of my inner quests, one of my research, debt projects of looking for whatever I could find inside the kingdom of heaven being the goal. And I was in this deep, transcendent place. And I was watching this wave of light come up, like it really like literally like a wave on an ocean that would rise up, and then it would break into two, and then the two would break into four. And then they would start interacting with each other and more waves would be created. And they would, they would go off into little like flows, and some would become sparkle, little points. And they would keep interacting and interacting with one another. And it was fascinating. I mean, it was like amazing to watch. And it was very orderly and intelligent and purposeful. And I was getting the impression that these little that that as I grew and developed and expanded that these points of light, these particles of light, we're going to eventually turn into atoms, and the atoms we're going to turn into molecules, and then matter was going to be created out of this vibrational field that I was watching. And of course, then cells and bone and flesh and bone. So I was I was just awed by this whole process that I was observing very intelligently organized, and, and powerful. And I had a one at one point I said, Who are you? And I heard within myself, I am the Divine Mother. I am birthing the universe. And I was odd and it was so perfect that she used the word birthing, because the Divine Feminine births, in births things, and here the mother was giving birth to the universe. And anyway, at that point, I realized, I want to learn from her. I'm going to board, I'm going to sign on with Divine Mother. Learn my ticket. So, so that was how I met her and then I just I kept asking for her to come forth. I kept saying Divine Mother come forth. And I would just wait. And at first I did this with my eyes close because then that cuts off all the stuff in the environment. And and I would I started to notice her I mean she started to come forth as an energy at first And then I would, I developed a whole process for even determining that it was her and that I wasn't being fooled by some other, you know, spirit of something else that that didn't didn't have the divine authority and wasn't a creator of the universe. Right. And, and, and then I began to learn how to speak with her first I, I would ask her questions, and I would get a vibrational response. And then I learned how to put words to that vibrational language. And so now I've learned how to talk to her, which is thrilling. And I even teach other people how to communicate we get, I mean, it's, we can all do it. It's something that we're capable of doing. It's, you know, some people have some people call this well, they call it channeling. But I'm an IT is a type of channeling, but it's but when I talk to Divine Mother, I'm fully present. And I'm receiving divine information, I'm asking her a question, and I'm getting an answer on the inside. And I can tell other people the answer, and I'll, and I'll use her words and her language, but I'm, I don't lose touch with who I am, as an individual. And in fact, I become stronger and more centered, more stable. So um, so anyway, that's how I met the Divine Mother. And, and then I realized that she had been actually working with me all along, I just didn't know it, that I had to be cleared of, I had, you know, a lot of blocks in my system, that and fears, fears, fears, block people. And these tools she'd given me were helping to remove those blocks. And so now, what I do is I energy healing. And so somebody will, will come to me with a problem. Like, like, as if I'm a therapist, but but I'm an energy energy therapist. And, and then they tell me that the situation and then I will look for where I call upon divine mother before I do anything, and connect with her. And then I feel like together, we're a team, and I'll look for where there's blocked energy in their system. And I'll feel it, I can even feel it in my own body, when there's a heavy block is like, oh, there's a there's a tent, the solar plexus holds a lot. And there's a lot of time tension in the solar plexus. So I'll start working on the solar plexus, by flowing my attention into it, and saying, using one of the tools like Break, break, break, break up that density, and then I don't want it to just go someplace else and land on another person salt will say go into the light, because then that energy, can can be transmuted, can go to its next higher value. So I have the go Command, especially when there's something really heavy and gnarly. We just say go, go into the light, no, go, transmute go break and break this break this vibration. It's not serving the divine truth. It's not serving divine love. So these tools you can use in very, very like fiery ways like go break, but always with love. They the the and I even address that in the book. It's like you're, you're moving the energy with the Divine Mother, who is all love. And her. It's a loving gesture to remove a heavy block from someone. So So go into the light and break it and then pour in the Divine Love, more divine love and more divine love. I also have a tool, which I call it's called softening as the softening exercise. And I always start with it, where we soften first in the heart. That's the home of Divine Mother. So we soften there and then I guide them to soften in their throat and then the third eye, the brow, the crown and then down to the base of the spine. These are the primary chakra centers. And then this the pelvic area. second chakra pelvis softening there. And then the navel solar plexus, as you soften you, you expand through the tight boundaries, and a lot of these challenging the pain has a tight boundary. Fear has a tight boundary, you soften through it, and you realize you're bigger than the fear because you're, you're connecting to your larger self. And in your larger self that fear dissolves. And especially if you can use some tools, from the largest self saying, Let go break shattered, go, go into the light, to the fear, you're talking to the energy of fear, but it is doing what you tell it to do. And that says, right, I'm asking Divine Mother. Yeah, she says, I the reason, the reason that it goes where you tell it to go is because you're working with the divine authority in the universe, the Divine Mother. And, and you and she are one in that process of saying go into the light. So the the fear and the the vibrations that are that have been mis created somehow want to go into the light, they don't like being afraid. So they they go and they evaporate in this expansion. So the softening is one of the tools very significant that that expands and dissolves. Especially things like fear, pain, pain, when you when you expand through pain, it's it's just like water, water expanding, it gets an end the the pain, the actual physical pain of it softens, lessons, lessons, its intensity, and then you ideally expand into that infinite awareness. And that and that dilutes the intensity of the faint pain or the fear of and eventually it disappears. So some of the techniques are in your book, is that correct? Y'all are they all are okay, so people can work with you, Connie, through personal sessions, is that correct? Yeah. And or they can purchase the book, Divine Mother healing vibrational healing tools for your body, mind and spirit, which has all these beautiful tools that they can access? Well, and I also do a lot of group sessions. Oh, yeah, I work with groups. And in fact, every Saturday morning, I do something it's a it's about two hours. You don't have to stay that long. But you really get a thorough healing in two hours. And, and, and it's and people come out like, transformed. So on my website, you can sign up for it every other week is free. Every other week, there's a fee of $20 because we've got a pair bills doing it, hold it on the website. So but we offer the free every other week you can this Saturday, there's a free one coming up. They often have a a title like a subject, like like today. Tomorrow's whatever, two days from now is Saturday. As the title is about opening the heart is it's the power, the energy that's pouring into 2022 and it's the power that's really guiding the new age that's coming to our planet. So we're going to examine love, we're going to clear blocks in the heart. Last week, I did one on unclear in all the chakras because we want to get rid of these blocks in the system. They're impeding our our happiness or our joy in life. And you said that's on your website that's on the website which is Divine Mother online.net. Divine it one more time Connie because I think that it kind of broke up a little bit say it again and of course these will be in the show notes but say your your website one more time. Divine Mother online.net. Excellent, excellent. And there we do like well, two things on Saturday than I have a once a month the first Wednesday of the month we also do another free healing. If you want to try out these tools, we I have a menu item that says free. And if you click that, you'll go down, we have a lot of free offerings. And some of the tools are offered for free. So you can try them out the break command, the go Command, the ones I've mentioned here, you can just download and print or have them on your Wii, whatever device you want to have them on. So wonderful. Well, thank you so much, Connie, for coming on today and sharing this beautiful service and this beautiful book and all that you offer through the divine mother because it feels like the right timing, it feels so good. And people need to come back home themselves, their beautiful hearts. And this is one amazing service that you have that they can do that. So thank you so much for coming on today. You are so welcome. Thanks for having me on. Well, I hope that you guys enjoyed that episode with Connie and I am I don't know about you, but I am filled with good energy from the Divine Mother. And I'm going to take that energy, bottle it up and enjoy it for the rest of my day. And I hope that you do the same too. And thank you again for listening. And remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique, divine journey.

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