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Enthusiastic about Your Divine Genius with Adam Hall

February 01, 2022 Season 2 Episode 21
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Your Divine Genius with Adam Hall
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Wherever you are at right now you are tied to the current earth cycle. Even though there are many challenges going on around us and inside of us, we are all called to step forward and into our divine genius. and that is exactly what my guest today has done and he is here to share some wonderful wisdom and support for the journey of others.

His name is Adam C. Hall and he is committed to helping individuals, companies and organizations unlearn the beliefs, behaviors, and habits that shield them from discovering their purpose, mission and cause 

In his book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the Genius Process that led to his transformation, discovered on the extraordinary journey that took him from the shores of Santa Barbara, CA to the jungles of Peru. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge and wisdom with the world. 

He is committed to helping others get in touch with their innate power for personal, professional, and planetary transformation, Adam consults on Inner Wealth, Wellness and Inner Leadership working with people and companies to enrich their Inner and Outer Wealth Portfolio by integrating Science, Spirituality and Success.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1.  Living in auspicious times

2. Aliveness through the journey

3. Punctuated Evolution

4. Quantum leap

5. Midlife point

6. Reflecting life deeply

7. Book, Divine Genius- The Unlearning Curve

8. Relationships for growth

9. Striving hard for the American dream

10. Being invited to show up for this new shift

Find out more about Adam C. Hall. Buy his book Divine Genius: The Unlearning Curve. Follow him on Instagram.

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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of Enthusiastically Spiritual, I'm your host Teresa. So wherever you are right now you are tied to the current Earth cycle. Even though there are many challenges going on around us and inside of us. We are all called to step forward and into our divine genius. And that is exactly what my guest has done today. And he is here to share some wonderful wisdom and support for the journey of others. His name is Adam C Hall, and he is committed to helping individuals, companies and organizations unlearn the beliefs, behaviors and habits that shield them from discovering their purpose, mission and cause in his book Divine Genius, The Unlearning Curve, Adam shares the 13 Universal Wisdom Teachings and the genius process that led to his transformation discovered on the extraordinary journey that took him from the shores of Santa Barbara, California to the jungles of Peru. He is passionate about sharing this knowledge and wisdom with the world. He is committed to helping others get in touch with their innate power for personal, professional and planetary transformation. Adam consults on inner wealth, wellness and inner leadership working with people and companies to enrich their inner and outer wealth portfolio by integrating science, spirituality and success. Welcome, Adam. Well, great to be here with you, Teresa. I'm looking forward to our conversation today. And I am to add because the word has been coming up for me lately as auspicious. I know we are in this divine timing, and we're all here to shift and learn and grow. But this auspicious timeframe of really embracing some amazing energies and some amazing transformation is really I feel what we're all what we're here to really you know, in in, in invite into our lives and really enrich with each of us moving forward. Do you agree with that? Well, I would 100% agree with that in you know what came in in your invitation in your curiosity around a suspicious is let's explore that. What is what does that really mean and what does it offer and perhaps it offers us an opportunity to be a dangerous, maybe audaciously courageous, so we live in interesting times. They're a suspicious in their own right, but where is that inviting us to? So let's let's I love to explore that a bit with you. I'm with you on that. Hmm, That feels good and also feels like it's a timeframe where massive change for each of us can really can step into that. And I know for your journey, you've done that transformation. So I'd like to go down that avenue a little bit and share with the listeners about your transformation how you got to this point where we're at right now in this auspicious, amazing timeframe. Well, I'd be happy to and, and I and I very much think I'm alive in the transformational journey. It's of course it's you know, it's it is the journey it's it's not a means to an end it's it's the means of the journey that makes it so worthwhile and and very much we I believe we we all living in a time of what I would say is punctuated evolution. Where we are all been invited to transform our life's experience in belief systems and traumas and all the whatnot. I mean, really, I think everything is up for grabs, if you know what I'm saying and change but it's invited us to to really quantum leap into our our greater potential and who we are in most authentic way is like beans God beans, Christ Mind, Buddha, mind, whatever that is for you and several years back. Well 18 To be exact to well, this month. I hit that proverbial well let's just call it that midlife point that's was a was invited me for a breakthrough. And of course that led to lots of break down and led me into a really a deep reflective period in my life in which I needed to look at well, the narcissism that that was overwhelming my life the you know, this is the the living the journey of as a businessman, building business and doing all those great things and having a lot of accomplishment yet he had something was dearly missing. I didn't really feel good. And it was an invitation Teresa to say well wait a second. I want to get to the bottom of this restlessness. This idea of not feeling a deep inner peace or this idea of lack although I had what, when all all measures was quite as quite a bit. So I begin that journey and this is what begin my life of living consciously I would say and living a transformational co creative life experience first BiPAP instead of life that many to me if that makes sense. Life is beginning to happen for me and through me. So I begin to explore all those different possibilities. That we all are offered. So was there something that specifically broke down that you needed to like like, okay, it's over and I need to go down this path now. Well, it I think it was a precipitation of of all kinds of things that were that were building up in that time, and that specifically, they were showing up in pathologies and in particular, drinking for example, I was drinking more than I typically would or enjoy. I also found myself with a heightened state of, of anger, of just being edgy and angry. And, and so that there was intensity there. My relationship with my wife at the time happened to be my Junior High in high school sweetheart was under tremendous stress. And all the therapy in the world wasn't helping. And I realized, well, I needed therapy. myself. So I spent time exploring that. So to answer your question, and paired oddly, I was actually at the pinnacle of my life experience in terms of success in business and money and all the accoutrements but ultimately, I I felt there was this intensity of stress and anxiety that really hit the wall one morning when I was driving, to work from my home in Malibu to Los Angeles and a dog ran in front of my car and I was on the phone yelling at a Wall Street banker, and I thought I was having a heart attack and essentially the word came. You need to stop now. Stop. Wow. So interesting. How Yeah, how each of us get to that point, because I too had like a midlife I would not crisis but will a shift complete shift when I was 49. And everything around me was it looked from you know, perspective outside in from other people that you know, I had a great life I happy husband happy marriage, and I was it was quite the opposite. So I too had to go down that path. of you know, who am I and exploring you know, the which way do I want to live my life the rest of my life and you know, what do I want to open up and and step into and that's kind of what I hear you saying is like, you know, from the outside in is people like wow, he had everything maybe you know money and this and that and but you are the one inside having to go okay, so how do I really feel? Exactly, and one of the things I share so much and one of the things I speak to in my latest book, divine genius, the unlearning curve, which is a is an outgrowth of my work around in the court. A Course in Miracles and is that the outside pictures reflection of an inward condition. In other words we may have a lot of us may see the world in so many ways, you know, kind of those proverbial rose colored glasses and and striving for that let's call it the American dream here in the United States. And but ultimately, there's things that were going on, where it was like, Well, I didn't have enough I needed more money I needed more love. i or i, that person I saw as well, not an enemy, but as his competitor. That was essentially I needed to go head to head with for example, and it speaks very much to, I believe, just the general conditions. On our planet right now in our culture, most certainly here in the United States that we are being asked to invite are being invited, I believe, to a new experience that's beyond the acrimony, the division. The obsessive patriarchal structure of conquering and competition. So I believe there's a great shift that we're all being invited to and the question is, are you ready? Are you willing? I just laugh at him because Oh, Hells yeah, for me. I'm ready. Well, we spoke about suspicious times, you know, and of course, the old Chinese curse was me we live in interesting times. And, and there is much going on that is is is raising a lot of questions that is suspicious like, you know, we see a lot of things in our politics, what are the motivations that are really moving our leaders around the world, as a matter of fact, it's just not here. And it's, it's, you know, amongst many other things, we're seeing that in our emerging new medicine and our new merging spaces that are inviting us to, well, let's just say, see, what has yet to be seen. And also, I always go back to also feeling because people are coming into a place right now where, how, like, you say, how do I feel inside and how am I feeling with the, the thing I chose to do to my body or not do to my body or, you know, back to that kind of reflection and reflection and Mir I mean, like everything we're seeing on the outside is just a reflection of what the collective is feeling on the inside. Well, it's, I agree. Excuse me, I interrupted you, please. No, no, go ahead. Get out. Oh, no, I'm just I'm gonna pining a little bit of what you're saying because I obviously the the the COVID situation and things that are requiring us to shift a little away from our traditional modality of being out in the world or going and doing the things we do or going even going to work and having to spend more time say with a significant other or having to spend more time, God forbid with ourselves and, and in that place, it's it perhaps and maybe you're sensing this in your work and with all the good things you're doing three says that. We get we now have time to really feel into ourselves and the invitation is, while I feel restless while I feel anxious, while I'm stressed out while I'm burnt out there's a reason why 4.9 million people left their places of work. Last month, and that number is up 33% In 20 was up 33% in 2021. And that's a phenomenon that's sweeping the globe. Many are going back to work, but a good chunk of them are going hey, this isn't doing it for me. I'm not feeling so good. And I was at that exact same place 18 years ago to the month. That's it? Yeah. Yeah. And I feel to with the isolation and everyone having to really come home and be in our homes. It is about coming back home to yourself, and how and how to work with who you are as a being and, and that inner authority of listening to the intuition and the spiritual guidance and the god source or whatever energy you work with is like allowing that to come into your existence and really figure out okay, so now how do I work with all that I have in front of me? How do I work? With this new situation of the fact that you know, I'm isolated and how am I going to connect with people that I were connected with before or like you said, you know, from one job to another job and or no job and how do I move forward in this new existence? And back to the auspicious and that, to me is part of the auspicious aspect of the time we're in because if people understood the power they hold within themselves, they can create anything they can create their life the way they want it to be. But first you have to determine how do they want it to be? What do they want it to look like? Well, exactly. And I think in you know, practically and pragmatically, you know, what is that step? And, of course, you know, when I took those first steps to explore and ask questions about what's next or the why of my own existence, or what I'm not here to really do, and it begin it began to invoke fear and begin with I'm not good enough who am I to to do that? You know, or can I really do this or what if I fail? Or What will others think of me all this noise that comes out of this idea that we are separate from our true authentic selves are a nature separate from each other separate from the universe separate from God, the quantum field, that we have this idea that I share intimately in the divine genius, the unlearning curve that that we had a thought that was the idea that we can function separately. In our life existence in this thought became this idea of this ego that became an identity that became something that we must defend. It may be something where we need to hide. So this idea of our separation is the the problem and what I identified and identify and work with so deeply Teresa is that, that in that problem of ego thought and separation is also the solution. So the great news is once we begin those first steps of questioning and looking at the idea of our separate self and our identity and it's a big thing, it's a big thing to want to let go many of us want to stay locked even in abusive relationships or unhappy places of work, because we fear the unknown of what else is out there. But the idea here is to focus and look at those ideas have been separate, and look at and identify the ego. And what I put forth in the book is this journey to take these 13 Steps these Wisdom Teachings that take us from the old, separate idea of separate self into a deep discovery of our own genius, the miraculous nature of who we already are. You don't need to get anything. So that's the idea of moving beyond these old modalities. And I think that's the invitation right now. And, and I, I just want to offer to everybody that you don't need a guru or anybody else you are your own guru. You don't need anything other than what you already have to take these steps. As long as you're showing up and being honest, I would say with ourselves, but to begin that journey and inquiry and the rest will really take care of itself if you you know what I mean? You probably had a bit of that. You're like yourself, I take it I'm feeling you Adam. Yeah, those are some beautiful words. And what comes me too is by going down, you know, the 13 Wisdom Teachings that you have in your beautiful book, or whatever, whatever resonates, you know, with those people out there who are listening is that it's all about you know, coming back to you know, knowing yourself and liking what you see in the mirror every day and who gets out of the bed but it's really comes back to like you said it's about you. It's about your you know your inner self, not anything outside of yourself and that is a scary place for a lot of people because there has been you know, it's well I want to back up a little bit there because it comes me is that there are so many people right now giving support. There it's I mean like if you can't find a support system for yourself. Out there in the world. My gosh, like you're I mean, well, I should say you're kind of asleep because it probably are still some people asleep. But the ones that are waking up and going What do I do with all this and who I am and, and asking those real pivotal questions for their souls growth are going to access the most amazing array of beautiful, you know, teachings and wisdom and support that they need to really know who they are. And that's one of the things you definitely offer in divine genius, the unlearning and learning curve right? Absolutely and in in to your point you are not alone. And I also subscribe that we have guides both here in the physical world, as well as guides in the non physical world. Some of some of us may refer to them as art angels or, or other types of guides that are present to, to speak to us whatever that is, but the point is, is in that, in that journey, and in all of our journey, that we we we must uniquely do it alone, of course, but we can't do it alone. Paradoxically, we get to do it together. Which actually, I think brings, you know brings out in me that this is what brings my highest joy and passion to show up every day is that I'm not alone in my own evolutionary journey. I'm not alone in my own transformation, and I you know, it can experience my own sense of sadness at times, and my own sense of grieving in the journey of just being human. And I don't have to do it alone. And if if quite frankly, if we, any of us were not having these type of experiences, then we wouldn't be here. By by God. The Dalai Lama is human and has his own life experiences around being human. And I think the key is that it's just one where we come into holding it in recognizing ourselves in a more compassionate and forgiving way where we can forgive ourselves and forgive the lives that we've kind of lived away but ultimately to show up in a place that's deeply loving and caring for, well, our soul for that. I love that Adam and I love that compassion for ourselves. Because oftentimes that's what I find with people is that you know, there's not that forgiveness that you know what I've done throughout these for myself almost 54 years. I'm okay with because it was part of my learning and growing and every step along the way I learned something whether have been something maybe I could have done a little bit with more grace and ease if I understood the bigger picture spiritually, but it's okay with what I went through what I went through with other people in relationships and situations. So that's a big thing for myself and I know other people too that have that how to forgive themselves and have that compassion for their journey as a soul because as a soul, we are so we've always been a soul, we will always be a soul. And we're here to learn and grow and so accessing that ability to really embrace your life and embrace your journey to that. That amazing aspect of who you are as a soul is a big deal. It's a big deal. Biggest deal, Adam, the biggest deal ever. And you know, it's interesting, I was spending a little time with A Course in Miracles. Yesterday morning. I do often every morning but not necessarily the course every day but most most days. And it you know the course in its own way. And of course, it's not for everyone but I enjoyed it immensely. And they formed the foundation of of my whole life experience and teachings today but one of the things that it was sharing yesterday that the only purpose that we are here on Earth is to heal our lives and the course shares that so just say straight up and in your face because it speaks to the wisdom teaching that I offered in the divine genius it wisdom teaching number two on true purpose, and that we often seek a purpose in the outer world experience and it can be very confusing and it could be very much lead to a lot of searching, endless searching for many of us in the world, but ultimately the course offers will it's all everybody and everything's just here to heat help you heal your life and to be the in your most authentic, truest, divine, God nature. And if we begin like I did some years ago as we're sharing to see these difficult and challenging and really pain in the ass people at the top, it was our in my life, that they're there to teach me that Earth school. offers this greater opportunity so it's it's a joy to be here today with with you Tracy and all your listeners but also to being in this amazing in this amazing journey of being in this body in this incredible operating system that we we that we're enjoying here but ultimately to to be healing our lives together. To know that it's it's an extraordinary gift to to be human and it's I've just taken it that way and hold it that way. And and also know least for my personal mission in work Theresa, it's it's my responsibility to do so and to act accordingly. And I have three daughters and five grand daughters in the world isn't in a world of hurt and challenge and it's I'm showing up for for all of us as best as I can. And there's so yes. And they are and ever without a doubt because every every soul that's here right now has shown up for this time this cycle of life the cycle of existence, to like you said to heal, to move through it to learn and grow and in my perspective to is the number one way we can do it is in relationships. We have to do our own work our own spiritual work but to be in relationships is the key to really transformation. It really is. Am I Am I believe it is well truly I think you're you're right i mean if I think about relationships, the successes, the failures. I had a tough period of time with my middle aged daughter who I'm very close with. Just saw her for her 38/30 birthday over the weekend with my youngest granddaughter Jada. Oh Happy Birthday. Yeah, and there was a time when she said dad i i need to take some some space I need to take some time in our relationship and you know, and we moved through a very difficult divorce and in the family and and she I said okay, okay, and then you know, a couple months go by and I don't hear from her and I share with my partner by gosh, I'm missing her What is she doing and furnaces? It's okay. This is where your relationship is and and another few months go by and I haven't heard from her and I'm like, oh gosh, is this relationship gone? And, you know, inevitably after I think it was nine months, there was a deeper, more powerful, more loving, caring relationship that emerged that's never been better. But the point I'm trying to share with you about relationships that you brought up is that sometimes I think even though we're in a troubling space in our relationship with our loved ones, our children or our beloved or even our partner, at times, we feel separate or whatever it is, you're in relationship. And how do you want to hold that relationship? How do you want to guide that relationship? And I think in my particular case, is how did I want to allow that relationship to find its way gracefully, without me wanting to control or Tinker, do what I would do as a father and as a man temporarily. And as difficult as it is so I don't know what I was going with that but thank you for speaking to relationship. I think you're so right about that. Well, and what a powerful soul your daughter is to actually be able to speak that to you and say, Hey, I need some space. Because I went through a divorce in 2017. And one of my daughters still is not talking to me and it's been almost five years. So I too, had to go through and still am at times, you know, embracing that pain in my heart, but also knowing that the place that she's at and where I'm at, needs to have some space. There needs to be some growth. There needs to be some life journeying some it's you know, exploration, especially on her part because she's younger and and really finding out where she's at as a soul and how to, at some point either move back into relationship with me or not, and I'm okay at whichever way it goes. Because, you know, I brought this soul in we had our time together and whatever the future you know offers I mean, I would of course love to embrace that relationship again, but then you know, I don't know what were her soul needs and what you know what the path is for her but, but to have your daughter state that to you and say Hey, Dad, I need some some you know, space that is that's profound, beautiful. Well, thank you for that and I'm feeling you and your journey and all of those that are out there in this amazing planet we share that are in in the journey of evolving relationship and of course, the invitation in, in the evolution of our relationship with others is the invitation to come into a deeper relationship with ourselves. And you know, for me, it was that I needed to love the places within myself that felt most unloved and to move into a place of knowing that the ideas of abandonment and these things were part of part of my soul's journey for learning as you said and and I I think that the the idea here and for many of us and what I found in this regard, perhaps it's helpful or not, but I'll put it out anyway, is that we, you know, we are asking these situations, at least when I found and I think it's true for many of us that we're asking to come into a place of deeper trust of ourselves, and that we can trust ourselves enough to know that that it's okay. And my daughter, I honor her her audacious courage to trust herself enough to know that she was safe enough to to take that time and to know that she was in a relationship with her dad and that it would be okay and that she would that I would not be angry or disappear or abandon her in any way. And it What emerged was really the miracle. And the miracle that had emerged was a obviously a greater awakening or understanding of our own selves. But also the invitation that we no longer needed to meet in an in our old relationship of our old sense of divorce or pain, or anything that happened in our lives, that we were invited to come to a new connecting place that was transcendent of that old story. And to come into a place where together we can write a new story of how we want to begin again, our relationships. So hopefully that makes some sense. Oh, completely. You know what, that just brought to my attention and my vision was, um, that's where we're at as a collective. Hmm, we're at that place. Okay, so a new beginnings. So where do we go from here? What does it look like? We can't hold on to all the old things that really didn't work for us that well, because we're in a different energy. Now. We're in a different place as a collective collective beings and energy and how do we move forward? What does that look like? So, having a beautiful book like yours, divine genius, the unlearning curve is one way that people can read it to get the insights into it and really have a teaching beautiful teaching that they can hold on to and these an auspicious and challenging and interesting times that's what I'll play. Yes, yes, you're spot on. You're spot on with that. It is our invitation in the collective to to emerge through the the old story and together without we can write the, the new story and I've been it's been great to share and celebrate with you today and explore that new story and, and to invite all of us to, to come into that place. We're all really very much needed. Every single one of us matters immensely. And oftentimes, we think, Well, what doesn't matter what I do, oh, this is just not the case. Because if you think of it in this way, in quantum physics, anything within the field then the the totality of the planet, it's always fluid. It's always changing. Everything is constantly evolving in nature, and in the universe, seeking out equilibrium and balance and rebalancing. And so too, are we human beings, we're seeking that and in our own lives. So when we think differently when we share a moment of gratitude with someone out in the world that we don't even that's a stranger, it, a smile changes the world. In order if we're on the other side, or we're angry and we're doing things that are malicious, that's shifting the whole. So we are powerful, powerful beings of light. We are creators of our life experience, be it good, bad, up or down, whatever it is, it's not the point. The point is, is we have this extraordinary power and let's put it to good use together. If I do say, I love that. Adam, thank you so much for coming on today. It has been a wonderful having you here. It's been wonderful sharing your beautiful energy, your book, the divine genius, the unlearning curve, which I will have all of that in the show notes how to grab your copy how to connect with Adam. Yeah, and again, I just it's been wonderful. Adam, thank you so much for coming on today. Well, you're you're so you're so welcome. And it's been great to share with you and and to everyone. It's great to be with you and thank you for listening and tuning in and caring so much about not only your life of course but that of our planet and our children and our children and feel free to check out my website at Adam Hall dot solutions. I got so many things I want to share and and just give to you a Master's class and blogs and offer offerings and they're all yours for the asking and check it out and feel free to reach out anytime I look forward to to celebrating and navigating the suspicious year we're in of 2022 blessings and lots of love to you.

(Cont.) Enthusiastic about Your Divine Genius with Adam Hall