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Enthusiastically Loyal

January 11, 2022 Season 2 Episode 18
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastically Loyal
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Embracing the spiritual part of your life isn't easy, but it is doable.  This unseen part of our existence is something that we all have the opportunity to embrace and understand.

In this episode I invited by my spiritual partner in crime Tom Shantz to share about the importance of being loyal to yourself.  Tom began unfolding his spiritual path in his late teens. Throughout his life he has worked with his sensitivities and spiritual helpers which has given him the insights and understanding of how to be loyal to yourself and be more happy and free with the experiences that we all go through.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:
1.  Loyalty to self

2.  Different states of consciousness

3.  Not judging the journey of others

4.  Out of balance states of consciousness

5.  Likes & Dislikes

6.  The big school that we are all in

7.  Gaining wisdom from your experiences

8.  Spiritual Gifts & Inner Guidance Coaching Session

9.  The reflection on the outside of what we are feeling on the inside

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host, Teresa. So today I want to talk about getting support for your journey, and being loyal to yourself and what your needs are. So one aspect to loyalty to sell is getting support for your journey. And I'm a huge advocate for getting support for my journey. And I always have been, no matter what I have going on through the times through my life, I've always found ways to find the support I need to do either body work through either working with others around me, and or spirit, the universe has oftentimes had people kind of show up. And those were the right people I needed to work with at that time. As a matter of fact, for right now for myself, I have two amazing people that I'm working with. One is named Chiron Yang, and one is Dr. Jessica bell. And both of these people I've shared with on this podcast in the previous episodes, they are wonderful people and they're supporting me exactly where I need for this moment, and getting my needs met and my loyalty to myself. So needless to say, I am very enthusiastic about getting support and being loyal to yourself for your journey. And on the planet right now, there's never been a more heightened and more supportive time than there is now to support the spiritual part of your journey and what you're going through. And through this podcast, I've shared loads of people and their unique offerings, their unique services, and how they can support you if they resonate with you and resonate with what they're offering whenever you listen to the different episodes. So today, I have invited my partner with TNT spirit works.com Tom, Tom's on to share with me about being loyal to self and some different things we put together for ourselves recently and some regrouping about what we've been watching. So we're gonna share that with you in this episode. But welcome, Tom. Thanks, Teresa. It's great to be here. Well, so first, let's talk about being loyal to yourself. Because for yourself, Tom and being a spiritual man, and having worked with this spirituality aspect in your whole life, really from like, what 17 on, you have really been loyal to yourself. So would you mind sharing how that loyalty to self has shown up throughout your life? Well, I haven't always been loyal to myself, I find that, you know, today in this in this world, where there's a lot of pressure not to be loyal to ourselves, you know, to be loyal to the outer authority, and in whatever form that takes. And so for me, you know, outer authority at times is needed, you know, you need to, you need the head of a horse, as we say, you need the crew chief, you need the foreman, you need the the leader to somehow lead the way. But as individuals, you know, when it comes to my spiritual life, nobody can do it for me, and nobody's going to have all the answers for me, those answers I have to look within. And through this period of, you know, we've had the last couple of years, the challenge with COVID, it's really been important for me to just trust the answers that I have within because there's all kinds of information, you know, floating out there. So to me, this period of time is a big test and helping people become more aware of how important it is to trust yourself and trust your, your true feelings, your instincts, and then organize yourself based on those instincts, and those true feelings and follow through from there. So that's how I see loyalty to self. But yeah, over my life, I mean, there's times I've been loyal to myself, and I found myself in the right place at the right time. And all I mean, is just by being loyal to myself, I'm trusting myself, I'm trusting my feelings, I'm having that inner confidence. I'm living life with enthusiasm. And it doesn't mean being loyal to myself first, second, and third, it just means first, I've got to know how I'm feeling what works for me, and, you know, really learn to stand on my own two feet, more from a spiritual point of view. And I, you know, I found that we all need a shot in the arm once in a while, you know, we all need a little help, to kind of give us a buffer to give back to ourselves as different, you know, situations come up in life. But the more that I'm loyal to myself, and the more that I know what I'm really feeling, you know, when I'm feeling it, and you know, where I'm feeling it and why I'm feeling when I have that understanding of those true feelings. Then I find myself more in the right place at the right time with the right people. I'm enjoying life more and I'm really enjoying the fulfilment of being of service to others. Because that's all part of it as well, you know, we could there's no sense in being a hermit, you know, for me anymore, I really need to be involved with people. And that's not always comfortable. But I grow through that experience. I totally hear you, Tom. And so I also feel like that word auspicious keeps coming up for me like, this is such an auspicious time with all that we're going on individually, collectively, in our lives, and still trying to keep that balance of being loyal to myself, knowing what I need. And also, you know, what is going on around me? And how do I work with it? And what comes to me is that balance of thought and feeling, like having that thought for every feeling for every thought, and that's how I've worked for myself and my loyal loyalty to myself over the last two years, I've recognized when things don't feel right for me, okay, so let me check that out. Why does that not feel right for me, or, or should it feel right for me, so how to work with that energy and getting that support for myself. And it really all stems back to, you know, my intuition, my spiritual helpers, and keeping all that balance together with, you know, the balance of the intellect and the feeling. And not teeter tottering one way or another to an extent, which is what a lot of the collective conscious had been doing the last two years is really going to one extent or another. So keeping that balance is really important. And so how, you know, let's talk about ways that people can keep in balance with that, with that mom, intellect and that feeling part of themselves. Well, through the work that we do at TNT Spirit works, one of the first things is to get involved in finding out about your inner guidance, and how you communicate, both internally and externally, you know, how do you receive impressions, from your guidance? How do you experience feelings? How do you perceive the world around you? And then looking at, you know, for every thought that you have, I mean, every breath you take, how much of that do you put in a positive, you know, direction, and how much is maybe negative or non committal. So just looking at a few of those things, can be an eye opener for people. And I think that, you know, there's a lot of controversy right now about, you know, whether you should get a vaccine or whether you shouldn't get a vaccine. And, you know, there's a lot of division in our society, you know, that the spiritual perspective that strikes me is that, from my point of view, is whatever you decide, be enthusiastic about it, if you want to get the vaccine, be enthusiastic about it, be committed, you know, let go the fear, you're taking that action for yourself, if you don't want to get the vaccine, if you have some other ways of working with things, then be secure and enthusiastic about that. Do not let the fear in and do not allow the division. So when we see division in society, it means that many people are divided within, and they're divided between their intellect and their feeling part like you're you're talking about. And you know, we'll often we talk about our feelings. And what we mean when we share about that is that we're talking about true feelings, you know, the feelings of your soul, that inner sensitivity, that just that feeling of being motivated. And that loving, kind part of us that wants to be involved wants to be part of everything wants to be one with all things. The intellectual nature is something that we need, we need our brain, to know how to organize ourselves, how to walk around on planet Earth, how to drive the car, how to get the facts about how to build that house, whatever it is, if there's an intellectual part to life here on Earth. So when we're divided when we're just in our head, or in our intellect, and we're not paying attention to how we feel, we can be manipulated, or we want to try to manipulate everybody around us try to control things because we're fearful. We're out of balance. And if we have a feeling for every thought, if we're out of balance, and you know, with that, that thinking then we're more relaxed, and we don't have to control everything because we can't control everything anyway. And, you know, so those are some of the things to start to become aware of. What I'm out of balance in my feeling part while I'm setting myself up to be given direction from somebody else. And I recognize that when I've been out of balance that way, when, you know I'm in my feelings, and I'm doing a lot, but I seem to be doing something for everybody else, and nothing for myself or at the end of it all, I said, Gee, I've done everything for everybody else, but I haven't really moved my agenda forward. So those are the things that, you know, strike me. And there's no right or wrong about it. It's just, I think we're souls here to learn and grow. And we're here to just learn to be more in balance, and be more imbalance more the time. And every once in a while, there's going to be challenges that move in that they're kind of going to shake me up or, you know, but being loyal to myself, I always come back to myself or I at least recognize Wait a minute, why is this fear moving in? Why am I under pressure? You know, I'm willing to work as hard as anybody else. But I want to do with enthusiasm, and with a positive attitude about positive outcomes. Well, what do you think about all that? I think that's a lot of stuff to think about. Now, just kidding. It's funny, because as you said, that, um, I got the image that well, back to there's all kinds of states of consciousness here on the planet, that we're all here to learn and grow. And that there may be people that need to experience that they're not loyal to themselves, to therefore move into this lifetime, another lifetime, who knows, being more loyal to themselves. Now, that's a big, that's a big stretch to think about that. You know, someone wants to go through suffering, someone wants to go through pain, but honestly, I've noticed in myself that those are the times when I've had the greatest learnings, the greatest expansion, after having gone through a major catastrophe, or major soul quake, whatever you want to call it. I mean, it's a time of really learning and growing. And so I guess that's what I want to really share about is just just keeping in mind as we move, I say ways, I mean, you, me and the listeners, as we all move through our days is just taking notice of the different states of consciousness people are at, and being okay, and not judging, when you see someone going, yeah, they have had the shot, three boosters are sick and whatever, or they've not, or whatever they're going through. It's it's what they need to go through, perhaps to get to that place where they're more loyal to themselves. What What's your take on that, Tom? Yeah, it's all a learning experience. And, you know, for me to judge, and that's, again, that's not a balanced set of consciousness is judging the heck out of everybody and what they're doing. And one of those, one of the flags that comes up in my life, where I know I'm getting a little out of balance is I'm moving into my likes and dislikes, where what I liked about things, or what I disliked starts to become too important. In other words, how does it become too important for me, it keeps me from moving into action. It keeps me from taking part with other people. And the more that I accept myself, the more that I can accept others. Because at the end of the day, when I when I pass on, it's gonna all be about me, what if What did I did I accomplish my mission, from that perspective, it's going to be about me. And, you know, we're here by choice, you know, we chose to come into this big school, and there are many levels of consciousness, not everybody's going to think like me, or be from have the same background, there's going to be different likes and dislikes. And but you know, when you get caught in those, that's where I can impede my own progress by getting caught in my likes and dislikes. So again, you know, one of the things is to start becoming aware of how to communicate with your spiritual team of inner guidance or your spiritual helpers. And, you know, we've talked about them before, because their souls that have mastered the lessons that I've come to learn, they're 100%, positive energy. And they're not here to do anything for us, because we're the ones with the physical bodies, we have to do it ourselves. But they can give us insights into how we're holding ourselves back from the natural success that we can have. And like I say, I always want to throw that caveat. It's not to say life won't have challenges, those are great. But what I can turn those challenges into a learning experience where I gained some wisdom from that challenge. Now that makes that challenge worth every penny or it feels like a million dollars, you know, once I can work with my guidance and gain that understanding, so You know, in a simple way, really what I'm talking about is that I can work with my guidance at times to know, am I getting a little too caught in my likes and dislikes? Or am I judging something before I'm even getting involved in it? So, you know, again, we're back to balance, how can I be more imbalanced with my true feelings, which has all that wisdom of my soul for eons of experience? That 100% positive energy or positive outlook on what my experiences are? And how, how can I organize myself, you know, to be to flow more through life, and to meet these challenges that we all come up with, you know, up against. So I guess for me, I've often shared with people, it's like, I haven't found like that, you know, I'm all of a sudden healed, and everything's wonderful. You know, and I'm in the some utopia, as I grow spiritually, there's always new challenges. But I must say that as times gone on, things get easier. And things seem to fall into place. And of course, I gain experience, and I gained wisdom. And then, you know, I that's, to me, growth is one when I gained some wisdom from that experience, rather than just keep, you know, re experiencing the same thing over and over again. So, I mean, I could ask your opinion about what I'm going through, I could ask my friends, his opinion, but the best, and the most clear advice, I'm going to get through my personal chamber spiritual helpers. Right, and that loyalty to self and I think, to me, that's, that's where it's been so polarized, and so pulled out of a lot of, you know, governments and different things don't want you to be loyal to yourself. They don't want you to, to know what's right for you, and build, they'll want to tell you what's right for you. And I know if you know, my listeners listen to this, podcasts are probably more on the spiritual part. So they probably understand that. Yeah, that is that the truth perhaps for them, because the fact that that's where we're at as a collective. And you know, like you said, Tom, it's not about and I myself, I mean, until my last breath, I'm going to be learning and growing, I'm going to be, you know, peeling off the layers, that's what we're here to do. It's, so it's not a Oh, my gosh, I'm ascending tomorrow, because I've mastered all this on the hills to know. Like, I, I'm going to continue learning and growing my whole time. But for myself, when I stepped more into being loyal to my needs, who I am, no matter what people around me are saying, because often that loyal to myself or yourself, really stimulates people, because they can't understand how can you be loyal to yourself, and you've got this to take care of and that person and you know, all the collective and but it's not about that is coming, that it's getting that bigger picture like he talked about as his soul, like when I leave here, I'm going to be regrouping with my spiritual helpers. What did I learn? What experience that I have? You know, and how can I move forward as a soul with what's the next experience. So it's just, it's really all down to me and my unique journey and what I've come to accomplish and work with and learn and grow for. So I guess that's the bigger picture of what I want to really share people today is about that loyalty to self, and about how important it is to really understand and step into, what are you here to do? What are you here to experience? No matter what John Jake Jane around the country around the neighborhood and in different parts of the planet want to experience? That's their journey? And so how can you be okay with where everyone else is at and be loyal to yourself? And so I guess that's the bigger picture because, you know, I, I love having that bigger picture, because it's kind of taking myself out of all of them. The energy of what we're, you know, feeling and experiencing and going through on the planet. And I know you and I just watched a documentary last night, or not documented, well, I guess it's about the Earth and I camera what it was called, but it was something about seeing, you know, the planet from really a higher perspective and looking down on using satellites and imagery. And what's it called? Well, it's a bigger picture when you can see all the satellite imagery of the planet Earth in a different perspective. And they're learning all kinds of things, you know, where they have been over the years. So it's, that's what I want to kind of share is like, yeah, so it's like taking yourself and that spiritual part of you and loyalty, self loyalty to self and pulling back and going okay, so what does all this look like for myself? And how can I make it okay for my journey moving forward, and I love what you said about connecting to your guidance, learning where your energies at how to discern energy, how to work with those psychic sensitivities, which really what we're talking about is the unseen things that people can't see. But we can feel every single day especially if you're really tuned in And I mean, like, I feel stuff all day long, and I'm discerning and cleansing and trying to, you know, work with the energies that are coming, you know, through that I'm feeling and sensing. So getting that getting that really that perspective is is really helpful. Do you agree with that? Tom? Yeah, you know, there's a couple of things there that really are government's are just a reflection of where we're at spiritually. So there's an out of balance, intellect control situation, you know, that's because there's a lot of people walking around that need that, you know, they need that they're looking for that, you know, they're out of balance in their feeling part or they don't, you know, they don't have that organized that organization. So, we can't blame anybody but ourselves, it's what what's going on with me spiritually is what's going to, I'm going to see out there in the environment, you know, as a, as a collective. So and there's, as you were kind of alluding to, there's no right or wrong about it, it's just our experience, and we're going to grow through it. So there's hope. And, you know, every once in a while little gifts from spirit, or God, or whatever you want to call, you know, doors will open and a little magical happen in your life. And it always reminds me of that saying, you know, that genius is like, 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. And I think that's true. And I think every once in a while, you know, we have people look for those doors to open and the magical things to happen. And they will and they have, but they're not happening every day quite the same way. You know, it's the 1% You know, how much do I really need. And now the rest, I've got a, I've got to follow through with, you know, for myself, I've got to change how I'm thinking about things, and how I'm feeling about things, you know, my, my thoughts and feelings are like energy, their energy, and there's energy and all that. So it's not, it's not what we think it's not like, what's the old saying is? It's not who we are not who we think we are? We're what, who, what we're thinking? So, I know, lately, I've been more aware of you know, of that, what am I thinking? Am I looking at this from a positive point of view. And, you know, being positive is a little different than being optimistic. Optimistic is I hope everything's, I think everything will work out for the best. And usually there's a, an outcome that you want to have, you know, like, that something's going to be fixed, or you're going to get this thing, or you're going to have that relationship, or whatever it is, that's being optimistic, but being positive is being positive about whatever comes up. And that's where the challenge is, you know, for all of us, every day, you know, am I going to be positive that this outcome isn't quite the same as I anticipated, or how I'd like it to be how I prefer to be. So that is where the real discipline is, is really rejecting the negative thoughts, and those negative thoughts or judging ourselves, you know, filling it to over guilty about things or over responsible, and then, you know, but being positive with I can do it, I have confidence, I can stand on my own two feet, I have loving people in my environment, if I don't have them there, now I can find some, you know, it's having that positive mental outlook is a, we, you know, will really we can create that because our thoughts create things, you know, so that's the discipline, you know, if there's any discipline required, it's just to stay positive. And even when I'm impatient, or I'm being a little bit negative, being patient with my, you know, learning, learning about that, and, or living through it. So, anyway, we're, you know, we, we help create our existence, there's a lot of people who share about that, but it's really through that positive thinking and feeling as well. So really being loyal to myself is, you know, it could be as simple as getting talked out of one of my impressions or gut instincts. And so why am I being talked out of something I feel? And that's, you know, that's one way to, you know, start learning how to discern when I'm being and then we, that's all happened to us, you know, we probably everybody that's listening has been talked out of something they felt, and then they regretted it later or they had a had a hunch, and it, it turned out to be true. And so and how they got talked out of it and blew their timing. So, you know, for me success in life, it's just really being happy and free to have those experiences where I learned to be, you know, living life better, you know, where I can learn to be positive and accept that, that positive punches and accept, you know, I mean, there's a lot Everybody's got their own thrust, everybody's got their own unique mission, and they're going to have certain challenges based on that mission. You know, so my thrust is to be happy and free. And, you know, when I have challenges is because I've somehow bought into that I'm not free or that I can't be happy. You know, and you know, when really when I'm really in my flow and in my thrust, you know, that's a natural part of me, no matter what situation I'm in, right, yeah, and so going full circle back to getting that support for your for you your journey for where you're at for stepping more into that loyalty to self is really important. So I want to thank Tom so much for coming on today and sharing about what TNT Spirit works calm, we have a lot of support that we can offer you through personal coaching sessions, upcoming events, upcoming classes online, and you could check those all out at TNT spirit works.com. And, and just coming on today and sharing his you know, his journey because Tom's been around a spiritual, this is not our first pony show. Put it that way. Right, Tom? Well, it takes one to know, I'm Teresa. And yeah, you know, check out our website, because one of the first things to get involved with is we'll give you a little orientation to what we're doing here on planet Earth and, and the reality of being a soul and a physical body. And in here to learn and grow. You know, we'll cover the four types of perception, it's through our gifts and guidance profile. And then we can help you see where your energy is at right now. So you know, where when you know where you're at, you know, what you can modify, and start to recognize, you know, when, when things are working for you, and when things aren't working for you, or how you're thinking, and then how to work with your inner guidance get introduced to that. And then some of our follow up programs help people develop their sensitivity, even more become more aware of their naturally psychic abilities. And so they trust themselves more, and how to be more positive. And that session for the month of January is actually 20% off, and I'll have that link in the show notes. If anyone's interested in checking that out and maybe getting that session with one of us either Tom or myself, that'd be great. And also in the upcoming episodes, I have some amazing sharings with other souls on their journey and ways to support you through your energetic body, ways to support your mind, body, spirit, and so much more. This is a really great episodes coming up. And I'm excited to share all those with you soon. So I want to thank each and every one of you for listening to today's episode. I appreciate you so much and wherever you're at on your journey, finding ways to support you so you can step into that loyalty to yourself is so profound. And remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique and supported life. Thank you, Teresa. Thanks, Tom.