Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastically Hopeful

January 04, 2022 Teresa Shantz Season 2 Episode 17
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastically Hopeful
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On this planet everything has a polar opposite to learn and grow from.

Some strong opposite energies are those of hope and fear.

Which one are you embracing right now in your life?

In this episode I share on how I have worked with both of these energies throughout my life and how you can work with your soul essence to shift the energies to a more supportive one for you.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Hope= love & choices

2. Fear= separation, desperation & disconnect

3. Trying to find balance

4. Cup full of hope or fear

5. Working with my true feelings

6. Hells no, hells yes

7. Situation on the planet

8. Blockage discovery coaching session

9. Seeing where others are at right now

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual, I'm your host, Teresa. So move it to the world, I have had an opportunity lately to be working with two unique, beautiful energies, the energy of being hopeful about situations and the energy about being more fearful about situations. So that's what I want to talk about and share in this episode of enthusiastically spiritual. So when you embrace the feeling of hope, what that equals to is the feeling of love, and having choices that you can move through and you can embrace when you embrace the feeling of fear, that leads to separation, and desperation. And that feeling of disconnect from your spiritual team have help from the universe from everyone. So which one of these two energies are you currently embracing in your life, we all live in a world where we're trying to find balance and everything that's going on around us. And I know for myself, it can be very tricky, and very challenging, especially being a sensitive person. But being able to recognize within you, when that cup in front of you is full of hope. Or when that cup and phone in front of you is full of fear, can make your day go from exciting, enthusiastic, full of love to anxiety filled desperation and feeling all alone. I know for myself that I've embraced both fear and hope along my journey. And as an energetic being and a soul. My true essence, honestly, is and I believe yours is to is hope, and embracing love. And moving from that feeling of being connected to one and everything and that feeling of love. So you might ask yourself, so how do I move away from fear and into more hope? For myself? It's working with my feelings. You might ask how do I do this when I'm working with a new situation, or new people that you don't even know but you have a feeling that you're sensing from what's going on around you? Well, it's really again, working with that feeling and what is being presented to you. And then once you feel into what it feels like, honestly, it's asking yourself, okay, is this a feeling of hells Yes? Or is this a feeling of hills? No, when you're working with your inner guidance, spiritual team, or the universe, and that's how I have found myself recently, especially recently, working in different situations when I've had that either hope or fear coming into my realm. But honestly, I've always been a person who has really been filled with more hope. But being sensitive as I am, I am so influenced by the feelings of others, situations of others, and the collective energy that we all are feeling every single day. So I want to give you an example of how recently this came into my realm. So right now, there is a big situation that is being played out on the planet that we're all immersed in. when this first happened, and first appeared in my realm, I was filled with a fear of the unknown, the fear of change, fear of basically, how is this gonna affect my life? At that time, I was over in Australia with Tom. So we were happy to travel back to the States. So what how's this gonna affect my travels, seeing my family who I don't live close to in the States when I'm in the States. And what I did with this feeling is, Well, for one, I worked with my spiritual team of guidance, I've kept myself as cleanse as possible. And I checked out things along the way for myself, and how do I interact? And how do I work with that energy, and really the unknown of not knowing what the situation was going to be turning into, and how was I going to work with it moving forward. So for myself, my sensitivity I've noticed can be a real blessing, and also sometimes occurs because I'm so sensitive to everything going on around me. The blessing is that I have the ability within me to feel into what is right for me or not. And I don't know about you, but over the last few years, I've noticed that my sensitivities have skyrocketed. And there are many people right now on the planet who are and have been the last few years sharing how we're all going through a huge vibrational shift to some go from the third dimension, the fifth dimension above. I mean, you may have your own variations of what you believe in this or what you've heard about this. But there's definitely something going on the planet that we're all energetically shifting to and moving in a new direction, because I know for myself, I have just my sensitivities crazy off the rails right now. And, and like I said, it's good because I am able to sense more and pick up more and also discern more. But sometimes it can be really challenging in day to day existence in all that's going on on with this situation that has been up and down all over the place, I've had to many times feel what is being asked of me, is what's being asked of me, right for me? And is that not supportive for me? Or is it supportive for where I'm at in my journey. And what I've noticed is how strong my sometimes what people might call my gut feelings my intuition has been, I mean, sometimes honestly, it's really blown me away, because I've asked several times about certain situations. And I have felt into them immediately knowing that that's right for me, or that's not right for me. And when I work with what I'm feeling, I gravitate, gravitate more towards hope than fear. And also looking at the world and where people are at with life and all the many challenges and changes we're all going through. Many people are working from fear. And in these, in this life's we have, we do pick up concepts and beliefs around fear within our first seven years from our parents, the environment, or you may have even brought in some fear with you. And I call these blocks and at TNTSpiritWorks.com, we offer a private coaching session called discover and release your spiritual blockage. During the session we pinpoint one block you've had experienced throughout your life, and a way to heal it moving forward. So for myself, the first time I had this session, the fear of change showed up will actually in the upcoming sessions, I had the fear of letting go the fear of doing the wrong things. So looking back at it, oh my gosh, yes, I've been rocking those fears throughout my whole life. And through this session, and when I had these sessions, I recognize that oh my gosh, some of those fears I picked up were not even mine. Some of them were from my mom and my dad. And even to this day, sometimes that fear will come through someone close to me, and I will be able to recognize it, work with it and and move and figure out how to move out of that fear that I've been working with my whole life. So here's another example. Recently, a new situation presented itself as a new variety pack of the experiences that we've all been working with. And I have a few people on YouTube that give me a very, I would say unbiased science approach to situations. And when this one person that I watched on a regular basis presented this new variety, I immediately felt a strong sense of relief. I mean, honestly, it went through my entire being I was like, Ah, this is it. It's over. I couldn't believe how strong I felt this, but I did. And I just went with the feeling of hope that things are changing, and that eventually things are going to die out. And we're going to move to a different place than what we're at right now. So back in December of 2021, I got sick with what's going on in the world. And each week I work with a few colleagues and we have like a regrouping session. So in the session, they at the after I got some well they asked me Well, how am I doing. And so in the midst of telling them that I was doing so much better, and it really wasn't a big deal. I shared with them the feelings that came over me when this new variety surfaced in the planet and on the world in the world. And one of them said to me, Well, we'll see because who knows. And I immediately felt fear. It was so embedded within this person. And I know it's embedded within the collective that many can't even embrace hope that things will shift and change for the better, either sooner or later. Now honestly, this didn't surprise me when this person didn't embrace my feeling of hope. But it really just allowed me to get a sense of the energy, and how it's so profound that everyone is that many, many people are intertwined in it right now. So for myself, in looking at hope and fear, there's a power in knowledge, even if the knowledge is like what the thought and in the midst of being with that fearful energy. But in recognizing how I play in the fearful or hopeful energies in life, I prefer to rock the hopeful vibes more than the fearful when I can. So a question for you is your cup full of hope, are more full of fear right now. If it is more full of hope rock on and you go girl and go, boy, if you are more fearful, how can you shift that energy to be more supportive of where your energy really is that really true loving, kind soul part of you, that is here to learn how to work with this place and the energy of it. Thanks for listening to another episode. I absolutely appreciate each and every one of you. And if you did enjoy this episode and if you're on a podcast channel that has the opportunity to leave a review, I would really appreciate it or you can also support me through buy me a coffee and I'll have the links in the show notes for the blockage discovery coaching session that TNTSpiritworks.com offers and also how to buy me a coffee. So until next week, remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic and hopeful for your unique journey.