Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about the Journey of Others

December 28, 2021 Season 2 Episode 16
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about the Journey of Others
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It is important to honor your journey and the journey of others.❤️

Understanding a bigger spiritual picture of those around you and the journey we all take can help each soul to explore life and get what they need for their unique journey.👍🏼❤️

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1.     Honoring another's journey

2.     I am not my children's journey

3.     Vibrationally in tune with another's energy

4.     Reality of relationships

5.    The perfect storm energetically

6.    The pains of empty next syndrome

7.    Embracing people where they are

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual, I'm Teresa. So the universal truth of I am free is a biggie for me, and recognizing that having the freedom to make choices for our own journey is very important. And that's a freedom that we all share and a universal truth that rings true for everyone. So you know, the uniqueness of what we choose for ourselves, that's part of the freedom that is really exciting, doing what we want choices that we are ultimately going to learn and grow from places to explore all these aspects of having freedom to make the choices that we want to make for our journey. And as souls, the only journey that we have control over is our own journey. And what ultimately others do is their call, and ultimately, they have to work with the outcomes and the pathways that they may have chosen for themselves. And this has been a toughy for me, especially around my loved ones. So I have two children. And just like most of you, I didn't have a manual that said, this is how to allow others around me to have their journey. Oh, no, I tried to influence and guide others to be part of my journey. And this created quite the perfect storm. I mean, looking back at it, can you say helicopter parent? Yep, that was me. Can you say control freak and wanting to control everything around my children in the family? Yep, that was me. So that perfect storm resulted in after my divorce in 2017. A shift in those around me, one of my children to this day hasn't spoken to me. The other one came back into my life for a while and the once again left. And as I reflect back at this timeframe, where the people around me that you know the journeys and ultimately is their choice, and what a hot energetic mess I was back in the days when I had my family and didn't understand how to work with my energy, or have that bigger picture about my journey as a soul and their journeys as a soul. And that hot energetic mess. I did speak about that in episode 69 of season one. And that episode is all about my energy and how I had a heck of a time learning how to control what I was feeling on the inside for my journey, and how it came out through the outside of me through getting sick as well as other people around me that I really didn't treat so well a lot of the times because I was just really a freaking hot energetic mess. So besides not understanding about energy, and at that point, I didn't realize the uniqueness that we all are as souls. And that is unique souls, we have our own journey. We all have to explore, we all have to have our ups and downs, and ultimately learn from this roller coaster called life that we're all buckled in in here to explore. So this all came up for me recently because I met a friend for lunch. And during this wonderful time with her, she was sharing with me how she's working with one of her children. And the situation around the child has been going on since it was since it was young. And she and her husband are trying to help this now early 20 year old young adult with finding their path and ultimately, hopefully healing along this pathway. So as she was exploring and sharing with me the dynamics of what they're going through and what she's put together for herself, and I felt just a real, I felt a lot of emotion around it from her. And that bigger picture of how much energy we put towards another person's journey, especially our children, because we care so much. And we want obviously the best for the best outcome and the best journey but oftentimes, stepping back and allowing others to have their exploration to have their journeys is exactly what's needed. And so during this conversation, it really hit me that I am not my children's journey. And as a parent, there's a reason why my children chose to come through me. I personally believe it's the unique vibrations and that uniqueness that helped them explore the world and the way they need to explore it but coming through and having my unique vibration having my previous partners unique vibration, really is why they chose us as parents, and that's the same as my friend. Her child chose her and her husband to help guide into a place of exploration and a pathway to healing. That if that soul chooses that path but clearly He chose to have them both come together and help them help this person on their path. And this is the other thing that's, that is a bigger spiritual picture is whether or not the souls that come through us grasp the wisdom we put together, or the pathways we paid for them, which is ultimately up to them. So whether or not you know, my children, you know, they, they chose to not be around me right now and explore life on their own. And that's totally okay. Because you know what, there's no right or wrong paths, just all kinds of ultimate possibilities. And stepping aside from the choices another soul makes, and the outcome of their choices, is giving that soul the opportunity and the ability to learn and grow, just like we had when we were young. I mean, looking back at my, my journey and the choices I made, and even to this day, how once in a while, my mom will still kind of hold on to how the choices I made affected her. And, um, she'll occasionally say how, like when I left home at 17, and I didn't look back, and honestly, she's correct. I had my direction I was going that way. There was no stopping me. But I do get how hurt she was from lead from my leaving, and how tore up she was inside and how she's not really regrouped or work through that because I got that same feeling when my first child went to college. I mean, that empty nest syndrome is a true thing. I felt awful. And it was ultimately about what do I do next on my journey now that this soul is moving on to do the next step of their journey, versus holding on to the memories and the feelings of years and years of raising that soul. And that's exactly what my mom was working with when I left. So what the souls I brought in, do or do not do, what their life is their journey. The fact they both moved away from my energy also means to me, that it's time for them to be free to explore life, how they need to explore life without any influence or guidance from me at this time. Now, whether or not they ever reconnect with me this lifetime, it's ultimately up to them. But I completely honor their personal choices and journey of discovery. And you know, many times we also come together with other souls to learn and grow from relationships. And then there's times when we need to dislocate, disconnect and move on and allow other people to have their explorations or learning and their growth. And this not only goes for our children, but for any other soul that comes around us. So again, like those souls, people gravitate towards one another, for the energy other people have for specific learning and growth, maybe they need to work with the energy of four of you for a while, and then maybe they need to work with others. For a while this has happened my whole life with other souls, people have come into my life, and people have left my life. And for myself, having that bigger spiritual understanding that being in relationship is just one of the ways that I experienced great growth from and even though sometimes it may be heartbreaking, it may be hard to understand why this situation is going on where my children no longer talk to me. But having that bigger picture that it's okay. And that, you know, from us not being together this moment, gives them the opportunity to go out explore and, you know, do what's next for the their steps of their journey. So looking at the people around you that are clearly unique souls having their unique experiences, how enthusiastic are you about their journey? How enthusiastic are you about the choices that they ultimately make, that maybe sometimes are with you, and sometimes maybe aren't with you? How about embracing how you're feeling inside without getting in the way of what they are ultimately here to learn and grow from? Or do you have people in your life that you are disconnected from? Are you able to be enthusiastic about where they are without connecting with them, like I am with my children, and sharing about those who are close to me and where I'm at with their journeys. I do have to say that there are some days that are more challenging others, I would love to be able to just say hi once in a while to the souls that came through me. I would love to hear about where they're at in their life, how their paths are unfolding. But that is not the case. And all I can do is wish them well and be enthusiastic from afar about their souls journey. So that's my sharing today. I really want to give us the bigger spiritual picture about the freedom we have as souls being enthusiastic about even those souls that are done disconnected from us that maybe we wish in long that there was a connection. But maybe it's not the right timing for that connection to happen. And ultimately, they're off doing their own journey and having their own experiences. And honoring where you're at as a soul on your journey and honoring those around you and taking the time to really understand that bigger picture that it's okay where everybody's at, and ultimately, it's for the best in the situation of learning and growing. So, thank you again for listening to another episode. I really appreciate you listening to this and, and in backing this podcast, and I love sharing, exploring ways to make the spiritual part of life practical. And for myself, this podcast is a labor of love, in sharing week after week with enthusiasm for living life with spirit. But even in the midst of living life with spirit, there's a practical part of doing what I do. And if you love this podcast and would like to support me, there's a link in the show notes to help to buy me a coffee. Even a small donation can help me continue to dedicate the time, effort and love into each and every episode moving forward. So I appreciate any way that you can support me and the love that you can send my way. So until next time, remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey and the journey of others too.