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Enthusiastic about Being Human with Helping You Be Human

December 21, 2021 Season 2 Episode 15
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Being Human with Helping You Be Human
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Helping You Be Human is an organization on a quest to help overwhelmed, sensitive people take control of their lives and thrive. 

It does this through the terrific trio- namely Georgie, Kate and Inkebeka.

Georgie is an intuitive channel and teacher.

She is able to connect to non-physical beings called Inkebeka, who speak through her framework of reference, using her vocabulary and experiences to convey wisdom. 

Inkebeka gives people a non-biased, broader perspective on life and shares wisdom about energy and how to use it to their advantage. They offer practical tips to make people's lives easier and more fulfilling.

Kate is an integrative coach and mentors people step by step to then implement Inkebeka's unique wisdom and ideas so people start seeing tangible results in their life.

Helping You Be Human's motto: When you understand energy, life becomes a lot more fun!

 Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1.     Support for being empathic

2.     Making the sensitive part of you practical

3.     Like minded souls uniting to help others

4.     Channeling Inkebeka

5.    Gathering insights to help you on your journey

6.     Unique offerings.

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual podcast. I'm your host Teresa. So before I start this sharing, I would like to ask each of you to take a moment and reflect on where you're at in your journey, specifically your spiritual journey. Are you at a place where you're aware and working with your innate sensitivities? Or maybe just coming in this awareness and seeking some direction? Well, you know what, wherever you're at in your path is the perfect place for you. And as we move through our lives, our journeys can often seem overwhelming, complicated and somewhat out of control, especially with the spiritual sensitive parts of our journeys. But as souls we are enthusiastic to be here. The soul part of us is your inner light that is full of love, joy, and has the ability to embrace life fully. And my guest today are doing just that. Helping you be human is an organization on a quest to help overwhelmed, sensitive people take control of their lives and thrive. It does this through the terrific trio, namely, Georgie Kate and Inkebeka. Georgie is an intuitive channel and teacher, she is able to connect to non physical beings called in Rebecca, who speak through her Framework of Reference. Using her vocabulary and experiences to convey wisdom. Inc, Rebecca gives people a non bias broader perspective on life and shares wisdom about energy and how to use it through to their advantage. They offer practical tips and I love being being practical spirituality, to make people's lives easier and more fulfilling. Kate is an integrative coat and mentors people step by step to then implement in Rebecca's unique wisdom and ideas. So people start seeing tangible results in their lives. Helping you be humans motto is when you understand life, life becomes a lot more fun. Welcome, Georgie Kate, and Inkebeka. Thank you. lovely to be here. Thank you so much. We're so excited to be here. I can't tell you how excited I am. Because this morning when I was preparing, I'm like my gosh, to energy, I could already feel it's going to be powerful and fun. And, and I just love you too, because you to have so much energy, and so much enthusiasm and just love of helping people with the sensitive part of their journeys. Yeah, absolutely. It's our passion. And we are both sensitive people. And yeah, it's, it's great. And I know for both of you guys that loads of things happen in 2020. This is when like the accumulation of opening up to Inc, Rebecca, and different things occurred as you guys come in together as a team. So I'd love for you to share a bit about the journey of how you got to where you're at right now. Yeah, absolutely. I'm happy to kind of explain things from my perspective. So guys, I'm Kate. I'm the coach here at helping you be human. So I've very much been on a spiritual journey for the kind of last four or five years I feel like I've read every self help book out there. I'm very, very open and quite mystical. And I've known Georgie for about probably about a year about a year and she Georgie isn't just an amazing human being. She is incredible with energy. She's taught me a lot herself, even before in tobacco around kind of boundaries and following my intuition and we'd have beautiful kind of deep conversations. And I got a text message from her being like, Okay, I think I'm channeling at this point. I was like, No way No, no, I know Abraham Hicks like she's just probably speaking to her guides. We all do that sometimes right? We might journal or we might hear wisdom in the shower. So anyway, Georgie was a bit persistent with me she could obviously feel the energy and she was like, I think I think if you'd like to you should kind of meet them. And she used the word them and I was a bit like huh, sort of sparked my curiosity a bit. And sure enough, it was probably a day later I got on to zoom. Georgie did her beautiful channeling process and I was blown away. There was this power that came through her. And, you know, being sensitive people being empaths, we can feel energy really easily. And I was like, Okay, this is no longer my best friend in front of me. This is, you know, this is spiritual beings, this is like, this is energy, whatever you kind of want to call it. And in that, in that moment, I got this real sort of sense of love and connection. And in that first session, they helped me with so many things. You know, the first being kind of relationships in my life that I couldn't even see that weren't helpful to me. The information that was coming out of George's mouth, I never told her before, so previous traumas in my life, and yeah, for me, it was the most beautiful experience. And I was like, I want a piece of this. Like, how can I mean? Yeah, exactly that like I'm in, you know, the world needs to hear and come back as wisdom. They were so practical with me, no BS at all. And I love that. And I know you do as well to Risa like, how can we really ground spirituality? And that's what they did for me. And the fast sessions, I was like, Wow, can you imagine what they can do for people who have multiple sessions with them? And that's, so that sort of sparked my interest. And then from there, we just started talking and seeing how we can kind of build up this organization of helping you be human, and how can we make it unique. And to us, what really makes it unique is, you know, Inkebeka, and the wisdom and the non biased perspective that comes through Georgie and an incredible teacher of energy herself. And then myself is the coach that really drills in to us as humans that you've got to take the steps. And you've got to take action in your day to day life, for Incabloc as wisdom to have any fundamental profound change. I agree with that. Yeah, I concur. I'm hearing this story all again, in one, one go, because I obviously had heard it through Kate's perspective. From my side, I was sitting in a strict COVID lockdown here in South Africa. For five weeks, we weren't allowed to do anything. And yeah, I was just having a little meditation. And I felt a little knocking on my brain. I thought, hang on. I ignored it. Because, you know, that's kind of a weird thing to happen. I didn't think it was actually happening. I thought, No, I've just spent too much time alone by this stage. But I'm quite consistent. And I rang a friend of mine, he's actually coincidently just been watching Gaia episodes on channeling. And I said, Please, what do I do? And she said, Let's ask them questions. It was with them. But we said, let's, you know, ask questions and see what happened. And they came through, and it was the most beautiful energy, just strong and assertive and ready to rumba, there was no hesitancy at all on their behalf. And they introduced themselves as Inkebeka, there are a collective of four energies. So they're a group. And, yeah, from that day on, Kate and I have done hours of channeling with them. And we've learned that they want to help us humans, they want to help us thrive, to understand energy, practically, and how to use it to advantage every single day, not just have that spiritual knowing, oh, we're eternal, etc. But actually putting that in every cell of our being so that our reality shifts, and it's been so much fun. I can tell you both have had so much fun with it. Yeah, we've we've gone to different realms and different things, but then we've always brought it back to again what is actually going to help people right now. Yeah. That practicality is interesting because you two seem to be very practical and as far as you know, being very sensitive beings. I'm being sold that hey, you know what I just like me, like, I need to know how to work with all this. Like, you know, we can be sensitive we can play and that's all great and things but like day to day when I go to bed and I feel all this crap what that what do I do with it? Or you know, or I'm walking through the you know, my life throughout the day and I feel someone thinking about me or this or that or it's like, what do you do with all this energy? So I love the fact that they are practical, which, again, there's no coincidences that they came through with this practical, and, you know, insight and wisdom for both of you guys to work with. Yeah, yeah, I think they knew that I wouldn't give them a space if they were to airy fairy, because I feel there's a lot of energy healers who do different work. And I just wouldn't have been able to work with them if they were to be. Help us right. How does that help us now? Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Me and Georgie, both of our personalities, it's like, okay, give us what to do, give us what to action, then is going to change the energy. So, you know, as you were saying to me, so you can be told that your turn Oh, but if I feel like crap, when I go to bed, unfortunately, being told I'm a tunnel isn't necessarily going to help me in that moment. And particularly being a sensitive person that constantly picks up on energy, we need as empaths that's to people practical tips and things that we can do in our lives that are going to stop us taking on energy, without a doubt. And what I love about you guys, is that you are younger, because, you know, like we're all in different stages of our life. And the fact that the upcoming generations can be in tune with you guys. And I mean, you can work with anyone not saying this upcoming generations, but the fact that those that are going to be here, you know, long after other people are gone. It's like, they need to know how to work with their energy. And so what I noticed when I saw you guys on Instagram is that you are fun, you know, your colors are lively and exciting and freakin practical. And I was just drawn right to it like, Okay, this team of helping you be human has got some stuff, they're doing their work in it. Yeah, that's just so nice. And I think that really Yeah, that kind of summarizes exactly how we would like to be portrayed as we want to be. Although spirituality, you know, there's depth to it. And there's knowledge and there's power, a big part of mine, and George's and in Quebec is live is the power of laughter. And so being able to kind of showcase that funny side to us is, yeah, it's really important. And as you can see, Teresa from George's background color is huge. And George's life of it. Yes. Makes you feel good. Without a doubt for sure. And so I went on your website, and I noticed that when you have, you know, you talk about each of you guys and your story and who are Inkabeka? And when I saw and read the first three words that were on there, which is fierce, fabulous, fantastic, was like, oh my god, I just felt so uplifted. I mean, that is like the best way to Well, those are the best three words, I think because I just love those words being enthusiastic myself. So was that something you guys came up with? Or did that something they said, hey, hey, let us know. You know, when you write about us call us fierce, fabulous and fantastical. To be honest, there was no other way to describe them. Sorry. As I was writing, I don't know if it was them or me or, but it was just there was no other words that was in Kate's like yes, when she read that. I, um, they are very good at staying true to the energy. So what's really good about having Inka Becker and not just me saying things is that they can push people's egos in a way that another human being couldn't. So people I find him listening more to the wisdom because they can explain why it's important. And they have been able to cut through people's egos to give them a helping hand and not let that stop them. Not let them talk themselves into a different reality based on protective ego mechanisms. Instead, there's been no opportunity to hang on to the ego throw it out. And they just want to get to the point I get this deletion, which has been fascinating to watch so that's why I called them PS as well because I know how use okay yeah, exactly that I think those words right I'm perfectly and to give like an example, I think of what Georgie was saying something that's happened to me, this was the first time that I, that I met them. So there was a friend of mine in my life. And we talk a lot in our course about you know, as empaths, who you should be avoiding. And they just went straight in, and they were like, Yeah, this person shouldn't be in your life, you know, you need you need to remove yourself, you are never going to be able to fulfill your soul's path if you carry on with this person. And I have to say it was a big ego hit, I was like, this is you know, this is a big thing. And I don't, I wouldn't have been able to hear it from Georgie, as Georgie as my friend. Particularly at that moment in time, I think now our relationship has grown, it's evolved, but certainly at that moment of time. And I, you know, I took I took action, which is very important, I took action on what they said. And I've never looked back. And I've now been able to really harness healthy, loving connective relationships, which is just beautiful. It really is. Thanks to Inkebeka, and Georgia entangling them. It is one thing about spirit is it doesn't screw around. Now say that nicely, right? Like, no, it's like, I mean, they know that there's a bigger picture. And as souls, we're down here to accomplish missions, and we've got purposes, and we've got ways that we want to learn and grow. And so getting real, like, hello, right, like, you know, these are not working for your case, and let's get them out of your life. And then, I mean, they're not gonna tell us what to do, but they're gonna give strong suggestions. And, and I honor that, because they've got my back, you know, my team and, and in different, you know, beings that are really here to support and back us. And that's what I hear a lot of people talk about other people that channels that, like, you know, they're here to back us now, like we need help on the planet. And you know, this is a big time of change, and moving into new dimensions and new new opportunities for all of us as souls here. And so having that backing in that love and support from either side is so profound and so much needed. You describe that perfectly. Yeah, they get stuff done. We've had to teach them to be slightly more patient with humans, as fast as you want us to be, and you're like, we're in this dimension here, we need a little, just a little bit of a little leeway, right? So with this, with helping you be human and what you guys offer, so I know you do offer some, you offer some sessions, and you also have some programs, you just talk a little bit about what you offer, individually and together with Inc, Rebecca, and you know, and helping you be human. Yeah, so at the moment, we have, we have two offerings. So one is the kind of one to one sessions that Georgie would do. And the the other is we offer a program for sensitive people and empaths. And this is really taking a sensitive person on the journey that me and Georgie have been on. So before I met him back, I was very much my life was out of control, I had pretty an equal relationship. And I wasn't even really looking at the environment that I was living in, you know, all of these things from boundaries. And now I'm definitely in in an area of my life when I feel so much more grounded, and I have so many more tools that enable me to feel empowered as an empath. So we want to take people on this journey that we've been on because it's been so powerful, getting the wisdom and the insights from and Rebecca Georgie then giving us live examples from her life and from the way that she sees energy as a human being. And then me take it taking them through it. So we offer it's a Yeah, it's a 10. It's a 10 week program. It's very small. So we really want to work with kind of small groups to give people space, to enable them to ask the questions to kind of build that community and safety. And then another thing that's really important to us is community. So it's really, you know, studies have shown that people learn more when they're in a community because there's accountability there. So it just felt kind of perfect for us to build this program that could help people as we've helped ourselves. And I don't know, George, if you have anything to add about our program that I might have missed? Yeah, I think the reason we chose to focus on sensitive people is because Well, other than we both are, is because they feel energy so easily, that they can get overwhelmed. Quicker than that. average person, so to say. So I think yeah, we thought, well, they need the most help at this time with all the changing energies and the world crisises so why not start there? See how we go? Without a doubt? It all starts with at home, right? I mean, it starts with us. So like, whatever we've gone through, then we can assist people with going through something maybe similar because we're all on unique journeys. And we're not there's no two person on the planet who are doing the same exact things. But we all have an a likeness, especially with our sensitive parts. And what I hear you saying is that you guys also and what I was picking up is that you hold a beautiful container for people so that's that's just that's not even a question. It definitely is there and and the fact that you can assist people in where they're, you know, helping them get to where they need to be and where they're going to and understanding how to work with their sensitivity is is profound because Tom and I just got back from a couple two different metaphysical fairs and the big thing about them is the fact that most people did not know what to do with their energy I mean literally like they come up and I feel I this I explore I see and I don't know I literally I don't know what to do with it. So kudos to you guys and Inkabeka for all you putting out in the world. And let's hear from Inkabeka. Shah Okay. I will just let them come through the streets. So we are Inkabeka. Teresa, would you like us to just go on a tangent? Would you like to ask us questions? How can we be of service I would like you to ever you would like to bring forth at the moment a message for everyone listening and would first like to give everyone comfort. Even if the world seems in chaos right now, you can always find a scented feeling within yourself as a beautiful mantra or verse or saying that was commonly said, and has been used since biblical times. This too shall pass. And we would encourage people to use this often, when they're feeling like everything is too much. This too shall pass. We need to all beings those spiritual, non spiritual. By that we mean physical or non physical we should say rather because everything and everyone is spiritual. Take a look at energy, emotions, feelings, and the structure of your life. We would really encourage you to from the intellectual perspective know that this too shall pass. And then secondly, learn to set up your environment in a structured ways that it energetically supports you. There are many tangents we can go on now to explain how to do this. But we'd like to stick with one topic because this is what we're really feeling right now. Please turn off the news. It seems so simple. It seems like what we don't need a non physical being to tell us that but you do because not many people are doing it. Pleased turn off the news. This negativity is affecting your auras, your energetic fields more than we can possibly put into words through George's framework. You were not meant to be here to absorb this much negativity in your day. You were here to thrive and to live your own life through your own lens and your own perspective. You were not meant to watch what's happening five countries away and stress and worry about that. You always have the answers in you. You don't need other opinions to come and bombard you. So please switch off this negativity, make a concerted effort to have positive conversations. Try it just for a week. And you'll notice that you feel a little bit lighter and more in control. Your energy is so precious. Put it first and everything else falls into place. That is the way that life works. Everything is energy, you are energy. Every single thing you put into your mind your mouth Your brain has a vibration that adds to the totality of your vibration. What vibration Do you want to be in? If we were you, we pick the fun option. That is the main thing we wish to convey right now, Teresa for sake of time, we can't go on too long tangents about everything we'd like to teach people. That is the main one we are noticing that is bringing most of the world's population down at the moment. Thank you very much. Perfect. It gets no more practice and love it. Simple to the point. That's how I like it. So before I met with you guys, I went on your website, and I wanted to read a little bit about what you wrote on there. So this is from Georgie. Helping you be human is here to help you be human. Let's let things be easier. Let's embrace our humanity. Let's allow ourselves to feel all of our emotions. Let's admit that life can be hard. Let's not put pressure on ourselves to be perfect. Let's appreciate that. We get to live on this wonderful Earth. Let's play more. Let's be kind to ourselves. Let's keep moving forward. Let's spread the love. And then from Kate. I mean, who doesn't want to feel this in their lives? Love it, guys. I love it. You guys are awesome. Thank you so much for coming on today and sharing and sharing. Inka Becca it was beautiful. Thank you, Teresa. We had a wonderful time. Yeah, thank you so much Teresa. It was yeah, it was magical. And we love all the work that you're doing. So keep doing what you're doing. Keep being so enthusiastic because it's so inspiring. So thank you guys so much. practico Yes, practicality and all of you know I'll have your website, your Instagram in the show notes so people can connect with you. And and you know work with you guys because you guys are amazing. So keep up your amazing work. Thank you. Thanks again to Kate, Georgie and Inkabeka from helping you be human coming on today and sharing some beautiful words of wisdom and what they're doing to spread being practical as impact in the world every single day. So thank you again for listening everyone and just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.

(Cont.) Enthusiastic about Being Human with Helping You Be Human