Enthusiastically Spiritual

The Spiritual Fusion Within with Tiger Coll

September 28, 2021 Season 2 Episode 2
Enthusiastically Spiritual
The Spiritual Fusion Within with Tiger Coll
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Fusion is the concept of bringing things together to create energy.

It is the shifting that brings in a new tide.

A tide of learning.

A tide of experiences.

A tide of awareness.

This year, from September 1, 2021 up to August 31, 2022, is the spiritual year that will rally the forces to make us realize and bring in full circle everything that we have learned in the past year.

Join me and my dear friend and Wayshowers College colleague Tiger Coll, again, as we talk about the spiritual year of fusion, and how you alone, and your willingness to do so, can channel it.

Tiger Coll is the son of the renowned Dr. Francisco and Maria Coll. He is a sincere, humble, worldly wise old soul and the President of the Wayshowers College, an institution that helps spiritual seekers hone their gifts in this realm.

He is on an awe-inspiring mission to reach 4% of the world with the Wayshowers College programs, and he is especially noted for his personal work with uplifting people on his spring and fall tours, during the Summer Retreats in the USA and Australia and at the International Regroupings in February.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

đŸ«Awareness of the shifting of energies

đŸ«Rally the forces

đŸ«Your “inner” awareness

đŸ«Spiritually sincere about your growth

đŸ«Year of fusion for all

đŸ«Accessing enthusiasm in your life

đŸ«Regrouping tool

đŸ«Being with like-minded souls

đŸ«Events to attend for support


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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host, Teresa. So we're back with season two, Episode Two, and my friend and Wayshower College colleague, Tiger Cole, welcome back, Tiger.

Thank you.

I'm glad you're back in the studio with me today. I'm ready, he's ready. Well, I am Tiger is going to be doing a USA tour soon called Rally the Forces. And I want to read a little quote that he has to start his tour off. 

So everything that is here is for your benefit. All the challenges would not be possible if not for the solutions within you. In other words, it is all a means to an end. And you are here to do something great. truly know when to play the game, and how to enjoy the process. That is part of your purpose. And part of your plan. This spiritual year is a year of fusion. All that is needed to harness it is your willingness to channel it, Tiger Cole. 

Well, so let's first talk a little bit, I recently did an episode and talk a bit about the spiritual New Year, but let's just give a little a little update to my listeners. 

So September 1 through August 31 of every year is when the energy changes to a new theme. And this year, the theme of energy is called rally the forces a little sub sub aspect that might be called the fusion within. And we're going to talk about that today because the energy just shifted from a big dynamic to this now. And so we're going to be in this till the to August 31 of 2022. So and you know honestly, if you listen to this beyond 2022, this energy is has been a part of you, and you're going to gain some knowledge out of this anyway. So if it's longer than this is Hang in there, because there's gonna be some good juicy tidbit mini morsels in this for you. So tiger, let's talk about the rally the forces, right? 

You know, so what you're talking about is spot on. I mean, it's every year, there's a fresh wave of energy. And it's it just, it's like a tide that moves in and moves out. Right. And it's that freshness. And there's a lot of similarities that will be from the previous tide. But as you know, Time passes and things shift, you know, when the fish go over here, and all this kind of that. So all that shifting going on when brings in a new tide, in this case, the spiritual year being rally the forces, it's bringing in that energy that has been accumulating up to this point, which is what you're hinting on is that everything that was is built to this moment. And that sounds a little obvious and redundant, right? But it is important to come back to that reality. Otherwise, I'm going to forget how much resources I have. I'll forget that I have mountains of experiences and awareness. And people I've worked with and things that I've done. And it's so easy to take it for granted. What I've done for myself, so the rally the forces thing or or I think it's you coined it well saying it's the fusion within, that is me doing something and harnessing bringing to gather that which I am everything that I've pulled together everything that I am and experienced everything around me, if I bring it together and harness it, that's fusion. Right. And, and from a, you know, physical or physics perspective. You know, fusion is the concept of bringing things together to create energy. And then there's fission, which is the opposite of that. It's like you see that in bombs, right? Like, right, you're pulling things apart, you're ripping things apart in order to create the energy. So that fusion is more of a spiritual concept because you're actually bringing things together to build as opposed to ripping them apart. Right? So that imagine a whole year of encouragement of bringing things together inside all the experiences that you've had that I've had, and I'm going to bring it together and and move it forward. I'm going to do something with it. And on a simple way to say it is if I bring together everything that I am, right if I start really utilizing what I have and stop being afraid of what Bob's gonna say or Sally's gonna say and you You know, I can appreciate their opinion. But it's just their opinion. Right? Right. 

If I start bringing together what I want to accomplish, what do I want to do, I want to reach out and talk to somebody when I want to talk to them. When I start acting on that, and I'm, I'm being present, right being present, it's very important this year to be present, because it's important every year to do that. But there's going to be a little bit more emphasis for me to be present to bring that energy together. Otherwise, I'm going to be thinking about this over there. And I'm going to be doing that over there. And I'm going to be all over the place, right? So all this energy is just going to just right, it's just gonna sit. So going back to that, if I bring it together, what's going to happen to my energy is I'm going to my feelings, right? My, my sense of myself, right? When I say energy, I'm just saying, My, my feeling level, my how I feel about myself, my vibe, you know, the, the the way people perceive me even, that starts becoming bigger, it starts radiating. Right. And that's that feeling of being a sun in my own solar system. Right. So everything obviously starts with when I mean it, that's a big thing about fusion. Within, obviously, it's it focuses that I've got to start here first and the heart, you know, the inner me the real me, and let that kind of radiate out. 

That makes sense, totally. And I do want to just specify, too, that this is September 1 of 2021, through August 31, of 2022, is the year of rally the forces creating that fusion within, you know, it comes to me about all of that Tiger is the fact that a lot of people look outside of themselves for their answers for help. When we know you know, we talked in the last episode where we, you know, we work with our inner guidance, we have everything inside of us that we need to really be might want to say it our own best guru, we like to say once in a while, because that's an important part of really accessing the spiritual part of your journey and getting your own answers. So with all the stuff going on around us, and you know, this time frame right now is freaking crazy, right? But, I mean, it's always like this, there's always stuff going on. I mean, you know, looking back in history, and probably in the future, it's always gonna be something going on. But how am I going to work with what I have to bring forth for my journey for my purpose, what I've come to do for myself, because no one else is going to do it for me. 

So this year, like Tiger saying, if there's a big emphasis, there's a lot, there's an inflow of energy that's going to support me to really put it on, you know, put out there who I am, what I want my life, from my personal energy, no one else. So I think I get tiger, we're done just mastered that. No, that's exactly I mean, the other word to use that I like to use it that I think would be helpful for people to tap into is the phrase inner leadership. Right night. And, you know, I think sometimes people can get distracted with the idea of leadership. And it's just like, we're talking about that inner fusion, good leader starts with inside. Am I leading myself? Am I leading him in my life? In other words, am I in charge of myself? Right? Or am I kind of a rag pole, I'm a rag on a rag pole, right? It just been going wherever the winds going is whipping me everywhere. You know, the inner leader of myself, I'm leading myself, I'm going to the grocery store, I'm going to the grocery store, rather than I have to go to the grocery store. You know, we're like, oh, I've got to go talk to this person. Yeah, I'm gonna talk to this person and get what I need, you know? So it sounds like a little bit of semantics, but it's an attitude shift. And it throws me to a different perspective. And, and I couldn't agree more at how often can I I'll just keep it in the eye. But any of us buy into some big outer authority before I check in with myself. Like is, is the local council. More important than me is the is the politician that my congressman or my, you know, the senator or the, you know, minister or whoever it is, are they more important than me is the doctor more important than me? Is my lawyer more important than me? Is the police officer more important than me. They're all important, of course, but if I don't have charged of myself, if I'm not working with that fusion inside, if I'm not pulling myself together, well, I'm just going to be a little toy to be played with everything around. And you know, there's a old joke in the, in the spiritual community that basically says, you know your energy, and you're either going to be harnessing your energy, or someone else is going to be harnessing your energy, because that's just the nature of the system we're in right now. That's I mean, you look around in nature and in the woods, that's how it works. If there's an animal or some creature, not in charge of his energy, something else is going to come and scoop it up. And same in the universe. And same with spirits. So and this is not to say that, you know, people are meant to be abused, I'm just saying that, if you are going to be in charge of your energy, if you're seeing yourself as a leader of yourself, right, you don't have to go lead 1000 people or something down the street, I'm saying, if you're in charge of yourself, you're not manipulated, or controlled by anything or anyone, you make your own decisions, and you take responsibility for that. I can't tell you how much backing and support you will have available to you at the at not only the physical level, but at the unseen level, that spiritual that we talk about. And so who's really in charge of me, and that's, that got a whole year, whole spiritual year of rechecking that, reinforcing that and then inspiring others through being an example with that, because it's my feeling and my opinion, that if we had more people don't have to change the world, but just more people in charge of their own energy. Right? They're being they have their loyalties, loyalty to myself loyal to my unit loyalty to the big picture, if they have those loyalties, in order, right. And being responsible for myself, right? In other words, how many people can I feed? If I make sure that I'm fed first? Right? So it sounds like a very simple concept. And thank goodness, we have a lot of self help and personal development outfits out there saying the same thing. So this is an important message. But to make it a lifestyle? Can I do it? when I'm around an authority figure? Can I do it? when I'm around my familiar family? Or my friends? Can I do it when I'm alone? Right? Am I treating myself the same? I don't want to treat everybody the same. I want to be the same with everyone. And So bottom line is, what you're bringing up is so important this year, because if I have that inner pivot, if I have that inner authority, right, a friend, my mentor used to say, Tiger, you can't think your way into inner authority.

You have to feel it. Right. And I still have ups and downs with that sometimes, because I'll let something get me stimulated, or I'll get afraid or something. And then all of a sudden, where'd that go? Right? I just threw it out the window and gave the power to somebody else, rather than Okay, let me take a moment. What's your opinion? Okay, what's your suggestion? Okay, great. I'll take that back. You know, and it's kind of like really working with professionals. You know, I'm sure you've had this experience where like, you go and work with a lawyer, or an accountant, or some professional consultant, even. And I have to always remember what my goal is. Otherwise, I'm going to be driven by what they say. And I forget, who's got the ding dong? And who's got the bell, you know, big. So it's like, okay, I hear what you're suggesting. This is what I want to accomplish, how do we do it? And so I'm the one always giving direction for my life. Now I can team up with people, I can go to a job and, you know, rent my time and follow the rules and regulations of that of that job. But I'm the one in charge of my energy, right? So I'm either going to be there and do that, or I'm not. And that's that's where I need to come back and have that choice is what is part of what creates the fusion.

So what comes to you when you're talking about that is, you know, looking around, well, first I want to talk about, there's all kinds of levels of consciousness on the planet. So you know, you might see someone say on the side of the road doing something that's maybe not what you would do, or someone in another realm doing something you wouldn't do or for myself, I mean, I see it everywhere. And for myself, I like to share about being sincere with your spirituality. So no matter what other people are doing in their lives and where they're at in their spirituality, for myself, you know, I can see it visually But I have to only be in charge and be aware of what I am here to do, and my energy, and how sincere am I with my spiritual work and in connecting with my personal team, my inner guidance in moving what I need to do for my own self, because they're doing what they need to be doing for their selves. And also, I'm not who knows what they put together for themselves, and who knows what other people are here to learn and grow, right? Like, you know what, I mean, five, five lifetimes ago, I may have been a bad person on the road, because maybe I need to learn that then. Or I was, you know, who knows what we've all the roles we played. But I guess the bottom line is really just being sincere with the spiritual part of my journey is really important this year for myself.

Yeah, I mean, just to, to add to that, you know, there's there are no greater or lesser souls. And that's, and that's, for every one of you listening to this, I want you to have that inner tattoo, right, have an inner tattoo that says, there are no greater or lesser souls, there are only differences that we have, our our levels of experience and consciousness. That's it. Right? So I would need training to do what the gala guy does over there. And they would need training to do what I do. So it doesn't mean anybody's better than another. It's what the opportunity is about. Right? And, and that's so important. Otherwise, I will unconsciously fall into the game of greater and lesser, better, and you know, all this thing, right? Instead of saying, Wait a minute, everybody has a soul, we're all the same, we have that content act, that consistent continuity with each other. But we perceive life differently, we've had different experiences, every soul is unique. So how can it be this is what you're saying? How can it possibly be that that this person is going to have all the answers for me, and I'm going to have the answers for them. Right? It might be a piece I can help them with, or the piece they can help me with. But you know, truly beyond the level of being, you know, the each snowflake is unique. That's what they say. But it's like, beyond that. It's even beyond that it right? How they just no one just like experienced life Exactly. Like I do. So that, that awareness to say that everybody is a soul. And we're all learning and growing, and there are no greater or lesser souls, just levels of consciousness, just different levels of experience. And we're all going to get there. We're all gonna get there. I can't wait, I'm so excited. We're all gonna get there. Well, I can do the same. That's right. Well, I think the spirit of what I'm saying is, I don't have to feel sorry for anybody. Right. And that's that your example of the gal or guy in the street, or the king or the Prime Minister, or the president or whatever the thing is, it's like, I don't have to feel sorry, or feel in awe of anybody, I can respect them. You know, I mean, I didn't organize myself to be in their position. But from that perspective, I don't have to feel up or down, I can, hey, you're just like me, you just having something else going on. And to me, that's the fusion that needs to happen between us. That's the rally the forces within us because if you're coming to me, for instance, and let's say you've pulled yourself together, you're more abundant, you've got things going on. If there's that sense of you seeing me just without up or down like a tiger, you just poured a little guy in the street or whatever. If there's that sense of respect, right? Then what happens is I become receptive in a different way. I don't feel like you're looking down on me. I don't feel like I have to be superior and be a tough guy or gal or whatever. The thing is, I don't have to play that game. Because there's automatic love and respect, right? And, and that is a key about that.

Pulling things together for myself. Otherwise it will be whether you like it or not, it's a survival. Whether you like it or not, it's going to be some outer thing driving me. Right? There'll be something out there that becomes more important than what I've come to do. Like oh, no, now I've got to do this. You know, we've had this. We're in this amazing time of the virus thing and the pandemic thing and, and all those things are important. We got to pay attention. Right. But if I let that sway me, from my inner authority from my inner security from my inner freedom, well, basically, it's not the it's not the COVID. That's getting me. It's the disease of fear. Right? We talked about that a little bit in a previous episode of how the fear, really is that that's the true disease. Yeah. Right. That's, if you really want to mess up your body, live with fear all the time talking about shutting the system down. And so your immune system is crap. Live with fear, live with anxiety down? Oh, good, one day down another if you don't get what do you think that's going to do to the body? You know, tax it out? Yeah, exactly. So anyway, yeah, the bottom line is that that's why I bring up that inner leadership.

It's really important. And, you know, when I think about inner leadership, and I think about, you know, tools that I use to help my inner leadership, one that I love is called regrouping. And I want Tiger to talk a bit about this, because he's gonna be in Las Vegas in October. And I'll have all that information for you in the show notes. But he's going to be doing a personal regrouping with, you know, a, one of his USA tour there. I hope I'm not even I'm not giving it justice and my tiger. Why? Because I'm actually going, I'm super excited. So I'm like, I can't wait to get there in Vegas. Now, for all you people in United States, if you're interested in coming to Vegas, I want Tiger to talk a little bit about regrouping because This to me is a dynamic way of me understanding what I'm learning in the opportunities I have, especially right now in this time frame We're in with all that's going on. And like Tigers mentioning that, you know, people out here and they're trying to persuade me life dislike this, do this, do that. And I need to understand what I'm learning through all of this. Because it's key for myself, when I understand what I'm learning, then I can move to the next thing. Okay, I got that next, here's the next piece. And here's the next piece. And so Tiger is gonna be offering amazing regrouping in in Las Vegas. And I would like him to talk a little bit about that. And when it's coming up, it's October 23, and 24th. And I guess I'll have that information in the show notes as well as some other information for you. But anyway, Tiger, if you want to talk a little about regrouping.

Yeah, so this is a critical component for yourself to to work with this is this is a routine, right? Just like you go potty, and you go eat, and you got to go to the grocery store, and you got to go to work. This is this is a routine. And if you don't do it, you will pay a price for not doing it. And so what we're grouping is it gives the opportunity, just like the word would say I mean, it's kind of associated more with kind of the Army or something, let's regroup, bring your forces back together, and get find out where things are at and all that kind of stuff. So it's a similar concept, spiritually, in the sense that you want to come back and consolidate and figure out what you've done. You know, it's that whole energy of where am I? What have I accomplished? And where am I going? Right? And if I don't do that, then before you know it, I'm off track. And like, what you're bringing up with what somebody is thinking or somebody saying before, you know, like I'm dealing with something and now I'm like miles down the track on a track that I shouldn't even be involved in? I mean, how did I get on this track, I was over here on track B, and you got me on track, a you know, or whatever it is. So that regrouping part is really important. And I've often said that you need something for yourself at least every month. That's that's an ideal want to connect with people have a little bit of sanctuary. Like they say you're supposed to have that inner and outer sanctuary go to some place, maybe it's Take care of yourself. And you know, some people like go out into the woods and some people like go to the salon, or something like that. But something were you doing something genuinely for yourself, it's like just yours. And the only the only one that's around is your guidance, right? And even they gotta respect your time, so you have to ask them. So, but if you can't do it once a month, then you don't want to go past more than a quarter like more than two months. And this is not just me saying it. This is like people who've come before me trial and error and figuring it out where they get themselves get all stretched out and then they take some weeks to get back together because it's too far stretched out. So the regrouping component allows me to consolidate myself. Come back to what I needed. Be involved and come back to my own thoughts. Right? I mean, let's face it, we live in a material world. And we have to survive, right. And part of that is conforming to the environment conforming with people. And that's a good thing. Right? We don't want to be, you know, the odd woman or odd man out all the time, you know, that's has its own problem. So that regrouping allows us to come back. And ideally, in these cases, where we regroup, we get to come back with people of like mind, right, we get to do techniques together, we get to talk about our goals together, materially, and spiritually, we get to go over concepts and ideas that we'll be hitting, and that are coming and what has transpired, and what we're doing with them. And all those things, all wrapped up into a little bundle, called regrouping. So it allows me allows you to have that opportunity with people with your guidance. Because if you're coming, that means you're making a deal with your guidance to, to work on yourself, right. So that energy is so important to do, ideally once a month. But at least once a quarter, you get past that you're going to start paying a little higher price, because you're gonna get stretched out. So regrouping is just a necessary component. If you are in the personal development, if you're into spiritual growth, if you're into any kind of alternative thing rather than just grinding through life, it's essential that you regroup on a routine basis. So that's kind of what regrouping is. And you know, we'll be going into the stuff related to rally the forces. Hmm.

Yeah, and I know that you, you know, you offer regrouping, like really quarterly. And that's when, when, you know, Tom and I join you and go different places, sometimes out in Seola. And at the conference center, and often times, like this time, it's gonna be Las Vegas. Last time it was in Florida. So it really varies upon the you know, time of the year. But it's a dynamic way to really Gather, Gather what's going on with myself personally, in order to move forward. So I'm really, obviously I'm really excited to go. So.

I mean, so just the snapshot, I mean, you know, whether you, I want you to come. But if you can't make it, the bottom line is to make that pact with your guidance that you are going to regroup with yourself, right and you pick it you pick a time, right pick a time, even if you can't get out, like pick a time you can find a spot where you can go in your own room, or something like that. And you just regroup how you've been feeling. You get detached, right, you get self cleansed and relax and detached. And how I've been feeling, right as if you were the physician to yourself, if you were the consultant to yourself, How are you feeling? How am I feeling? You know, and I go over that not in a big, psychological big thing you just identify, okay, this is what I've been feeling. Okay, great. Okay, what do I want to do with that? You know, what are my goals spiritually and material? Another key part of what we're doing? What are my goals, materially and spiritually, for the whole year? What I want to accomplish for I mean, usually we do that kind of thing, and that, you know, the New Year's resolution and all that kind of stuff. This gives me that opportunity to start early. Right, what do I want to accomplish going into 2022? Because I've got months now, before it goes, so it's coming. So how can I start building that energy now. And for those of us who've done this work a lot like yourself, we just start finding how much the integration of my material goals and my spiritual ones are, how much they are connected, and how much I can identify, gosh, I would really love that car, or I'd like to earn a little bit more money and or really want that, you know, work that kind of a relationship or whatever it is, how I start identifying how that's working for me personally and spiritually. How, why is that coming up for me? So it's like, go get it, go achieve it, go have it. And then it's also the opportunity so well, what's really deeply in it for me not just having a thing, right, right. And I just experience having a quote unquote, experience and now it's over. Right? So it's like, that's the other component of what needs to happen. 

When you go regroup with yourself. You want to recheck where you begin and end with this stuff. And here's the big thing. It allows me to be honest, and sincere with myself, because, believe it or not, there's stuff that I may have had this burning desire. For. And as I go through my life and my cycles and experiences, that's not as important to me anymore. And if I'm not honest enough, I'm going to be go out cherry chasing, you know, fairy tales. And I go to after something, and it's like, I feel kind of hollow. You know, so it's important for me to come, what do I really need? Right? And I think that's the distinction is that when I'm regrouping, I'm identifying what I want. And I'm identifying what I need. And those two together, you know, that's the power. That's real power, right? Because there's no limits. If one person can do it, another person can do it. Right? We have so many examples of that, especially in this day and age with the internet and everything like that, my gosh, they're, they're producing millionaires, for those who are interested in that like quicker than ever. And it's just because there's more means to be able to do that than we ever had. So the need for balancing that out, becomes more essential. Because there is more available to me. And I'm getting fed all this information. I don't know about anybody else. But if I'm not careful, I can be scanning Facebook or YouTube or something. And all of a sudden, it's like, well, Whoa, it's like a half an hour is disappeared without a doubt. Oh, my God. Yeah. And then I'm into everybody's stuff, and all that kind of stuff. And it's all fun. And don't get me wrong, I actually kind of liked it. But I do, it's important for me to know where I'm going to begin an end. So I know what to do with all that. Otherwise, I am going to be bombarded. right this is rally the forces. It's everything's here, right? It's all here, and we're going to get more of it. We're gonna get we're gonna get more things coming in, and then they get know that my boss is going to tell me this. And the government's gonna tell me that and my partner's gonna tell me this and my kids are gonna do is plenty of stuff getting stirred. So how am I going to harness that?

What am I gonna do with it? And that's what the regrouping component is all about. It's like a come back and go, okay. This is me. And that's you. This is me. And that's you. You know, so identifying all these things. And and that's the the critical component.

Without a doubt, I guess it comes me to about that right now. And really, you know, always a life. I mean, we all talk about right now. It's like so and there's so much going on right now. But if you look at life, there's always stuff going on. It's not that's not even a question. So. But that right now, for most people that I've talked to, it's been about being present. And it's been about there's so much so much flow and shift and like, every other minute is something different. And now I have this option, and Oh, now I got to do this mandate. And oh, I gotta, and that's the part two with regrouping. Because I know Tom and I, we regroup, we will do every day, you know, at the end of the day, How was today, you know, we're highlights what you know, your key word of the day, I mean, there's different variation to how you can regroup. But coming together in a group like this at Las Vegas is so powerful, because there are others, like Tiger was saying like minded people that we can connect with, that when I'm talking to someone about my inner guidance, they get it, or they understand that, you know, that I'm clairaudient and that my first you know, way of perception of of, you know, communication is I'm an intuitive, you know, so they know how to work with me. And so coming together in these types of events is really it's an amazing thing. So I just really want to say that, especially about being today about how everything is so it's like a flow like every day, it's something different that I don't know what tomorrow is going to be like, it's funny because Tom comes out a lot of times I'll say to Tom is, well, Tom this nap, but you know what, I don't know what it's gonna look like. And I've been saying that for a while. And he's like, you know, you always say and I'm like, cuz it's true. I don't know what it's gonna look like. But I do know that I've got my backing. I do know how to communicate and when I get there, and when things start forming, but I don't really know what it's all gonna look like and I, I kind of look at to like, you know, I don't really need to know what's all gonna look like because spirit is, is working it. They're, you know, they're putting the pieces together, I'd like go along. And so when I'm regrouping as I'm moving forward in my journey, that helps me in a big way.

And you're, I think you're you're using that word being present, is probably so important now, and certainly the next coming months. And I'm going to take a personal message for all of you listening to this who have done a lot of work, perhaps you share with people at this level, some of our own colleagues, it's so important to be present, to really have that sense of inner security. I mean completely The inner security having that sense of freedom in the side, because I know, I talked to a lot of you all out there, I mean, some of you are really in, you know, locked down Central, you know, but it's, it's so important in your cleansings in your inner thoughts and feelings about yourself, not to allow the pressure of other people, right, remembering how sensitive we all are in the pressure of other people, to not accept that as our own. Right, I can be aware of it, I need to be aware of it, I want to be aware of it. But I need to know what's me and not me. And how much more positive things can be out there, if more of us are staying cleansed, are feeling free and inside. And here's the thing, anybody I talked to that I'm going to stay above these fears, or worries or anxieties, if all of us are doing that, in with them going to the grocery store and interacting with people with a cash register, whatever it is, if we're starting to do that, then we are rallying and pulling things together not only for ourselves, but we're providing an opportunity to the people around us, now they can take it and do whatever the hell they want with it, but go back to the same crap. But it's, it's a shift, because there's something special. And I feel this, when I get around all of you, who are interested in bettering yourself and improving yourself and growing personally and spiritually, there's something that happens to me, I feel different, I feel like I can think I feel like I can be myself, I relax inside. And so if more of us are coming back to that vibe of inner security, no matter what, right? inner freedom, no matter what. And that sense of inner authority, that is so important, I don't have to prove myself to anybody, I'll have to push and I have to be big rebel or anything per se, is just that, I'm going to do what I need to do. And I'm going to find a way to do it. And I don't need to worry about other people's fears, I can let them have their experience. And that's a powerful thing. That's a huge thing. If we want to get go forward in this year, that one thing when you're doing your personal cleansings. And working with other people, that's huge. It's huge, because it's going to put you at the tip of the spear, it's going to put you at the tip of the spear, which is where you belong. You didn't do all this work, it worked on yourself to be in the backseat driver of your own car. Right, you're here at the tip of the spear, whether you like it or not. And that's where you belong at the cutting edge, moving through the ocean, it's like those big ships cutting to the you know, creates the wake, right? And they're just they're cutting through that ocean. And that's what it is when you start doing work on yourself. I'll wrap up with this, when you started to do work on yourself. There's this magic point. And that's the point of no return.

Right? I have to do something with all this energy. And it starts with that inner authority. It starts with that inner commitment that I'm going to live this lifestyle. Right, I'm not going to live based on what the Prime Minister says. But my doctor says whatever I'm going to, I'm going to take all that in consideration, right? Because those are important. But I'm going to first come home to say what do I need? What do I want to do? Now? How can I from that pivot point? How can I play the game? How can I maneuver and so that I don't hurt myself and I don't hurt other people, right? But if I go the other way, then I'm using all the powers that I've pulled together for myself. And I'm living life from the outside in. And eventually that will become abusive to me, not to other people. I will abuse myself with that. I will it will be encroachment to me because I'm opening the door to all kinds of outside pressures, not to get too deep and all that stuff. But the bottom line is, if I have that sense that I'm part of the tip of the spear, and all of you listening to this, if you've done any kind of work on yourself, like it or not, you're going to be part of that. Then it's important for me for you to stay cleansed and be a positive voice of freedom of inner tranquility Have fun, and fulfillment.