Enthusiastically Spiritual

Surfing the Spiritual Waves with Tiger Coll

September 21, 2021 Season 2 Episode 1
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Surfing the Spiritual Waves with Tiger Coll
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Friends, the winds of change have shifted and this episode begins the Season 2 of the Enthusiastically Spiritual podcast.

Join me and my dear friend and Wayshowers College colleague Tiger Coll, as we talk about how our lives can be compared to surfing on a paddleboard with big waves coming at us left and right.

Waves of health, of money, of relationships.

Waves that will try to rock us and knock us off the board.

But knowing that we have the right tools at our disposal, and our team of Inner Guidance, can we surf through these spiritual waves and not only come out stronger, but more centered than ever before.

All these and more are what Tiger beautifully shared with me in this first episode of Season 2.

Tiger Coll is the son of the renowned Dr. Francisco and Maria Coll. He is a sincere, humble, worldly wise old soul and the President of the Wayshowers College, an institution that helps spiritual seekers hone their gifts in this realm.

He is on an awe-inspiring mission to reach 4% of the world with the Wayshowers College programs, and he is especially noted for his personal work with uplifting people on his spring and fall tours, during the Summer Retreats in the USA and Australia and at the International Regroupings in February.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

šŸ«Auspicious times we are in

šŸ«Collective energies

šŸ«Wave we are all riding

šŸ«What are you feeling?


šŸ«Staying centered in the midst of the wave

šŸ«Tools to support you

šŸ«Working with your team of Inner Guidance

šŸ«Accessing your Intuition and how you communicate with others

šŸ«Spiritual Gifts & Inner Guidance Coaching Session


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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa. 

Well listeners, the winds of change have shifted. And this episode begins season two. There's a lot of auspicious energy going on. This is September 21, which is the fall Equinox and the north and the spring equinox in the southern hemisphere. And it felt like the right timing to move into season two. I have invited a friend today and away shore college colleague, Tiger Cole, to join me and getting the energy of season two going now Tiger he shared a bit in season one and Episode 22 parts one through three. And you can look back at that if you want to hear some more really juicy insights from tiger and I and we shared back last season. But this time, I want to really invite tiger and we're going to talk about some collective energy. So hey, first off, welcome, Tiger.

Thank you for having me back.

I'm so glad you're here because boy, we're going to talk about some energies. We've got some stuff going on, right? We do we do. It's flowing. It's flow in and actually it's kind of like wave and we were talking about that right?

Yeah, this, it's, I think you use the operative word, the word wave is probably the most appropriate and definitive word to tap into that, at least for me for the feeling of it. Because it just really invokes a bigger picture and what I'm a part of, not just kind of the day to day thing, although it affects that. But that overriding feeling that's happening to me when I'm at the grocery store, when I'm at work, when I'm with relationships, the whole nine yards. So it's, it's, it's a great time to be alive at one level.

It sure is. And I know this wave, I'm like, okay, so I guess for the listeners, let's think about this being a really big like tsunami wave, or one of those like Kahuna waves, they have up in arms, you know, the Big Island or Hawaii, one of those waves like, because to me, that's exciting, as daunting as it is. And unless you're on you know, you got the right board, etc. It can be like, a rough ride, you know?

It's I mean, you're, you're that's a beautiful picture, right? I mean, if, if you everyone listening here, if you just visualize that sense of, here's this large wave moving through, right? And like, all waves, like everything in the ocean, it comes in sets, right? There's just this big wave that and then it's followed by something, you know. So this, that huge tsunami, as you like to call it. It's been building, right, I remember you and I discussed that a little while back. And it's, it's present, and it's going to continue to build, and it's washing through. And so from that positive feeling, if we get down to some of the nitty gritty, some of that positive feeling is all about clarifying where I begin and end, what's in it for me in everything that I do. And it's all going to be brought to the fore I mean, everything that I used to be able to keep down, or thoughts that, you know, it was that were important, but I let them be put on the backburner for whatever reason, like that's going to keep getting shoved in my face. Certain people will start keeping coming into my life, until I figure it out. You know, if I'm having challenges as money, I'm gonna have to face that, if I'm having challenges with certain kind of people, I got to face that if I'm having challenges my physical body, I'm gonna have to face that. So it's not anything that's bad or good, per se, it's just that wave is I'm in the water, I'm, you know, it's like, How can I not get wet and be in the water, you know, I'm gonna be I'm gonna feel this, I'm experienced this, and I need to learn to swim and be a part of it. And I think that's where I'm getting from what you're sharing with me is, am I going to be on that wave and writing it? Am I going to be behind it getting pulled in by that toe? Am I going to be in front of it? So where it starts crashing on top of me? So the reality is, is I'm going to be with that wave one way or another? Right. Right. And and that's, I think that's the, the big picture is that I'm all always going to experience something to help you learn and grow. Right? That's, that's the, for me, that's the big identifier in life. And it's not something that's esoteric and out there. And, you know, how did you say one day Whoo, you know, I didn't write. And that's not the but the one thing down is just that. It's something that's genuinely spiritually and practical. It's hit it. Yes, it's here. It's real. It happens every day. I can't deny it. I'm working with the cash register person on it. I'm working with my children on it I'm working with I mean, it's just present. And so that life style, or that way of life, it's just going to get heightened. It's going to get more in my face, so to speak with that wave of energy. And I think a great way to segue into specifics is talking about where I need to be on that, right. Mm hmm. 

Well, that's interesting, because when I think about that, I think about being on a board, and just in the last month, I have started paddleboarding. And the big thing Well, I did PowerPoint a couple times, and I did paddleboarding yoga. And the big aspect of the yoga is I have to keep my center to stay on the board to not fall off, I have got that pivot inside and the core aspect to you know, my core muscles and and not energetically falling off and getting into the water. And that's kind of what I see when I think about people on the wave is. So how are you on your board? And you know, and like you're saying it can be the physical, it can be your mental it can be emotional, it can be whatever aspect of your being needs to be, you know, moving through this wave. How are you going to pivot from the inside, which we're all about in our spiritual part is that core that you know, that energy part of you that Who are you are your soul, your complete, you know, energy being so how is that being going to stay on that board and move forward? That's what I mean, it's interesting how I just started paddleboarding. And then, you know, all this came up about the energy and the wave and, huh, does too and to make for Yeah, does.

You know, and it's that I love those kind of metaphors, because it, it truly does depict, you know, what's going on in the unseen. I mean, I even feel almost a little emotion talking about it, because it just, it just hits to the core right away. And, you know, that wave that you're talking about? Just so that doesn't sound like something that's airy fairy or something. I mean, imagine, you have the collective conscious of the planet of society or whatever country I'm in all these are a part of the deal. And so here is this collective things. And that will stimulate that creates, right, it's not it's not like some ethereal concept. I mean, there's a, there is a feeling to when you go to different countries, right? I mean, you've traveled a lot. So for for anyone who's traveled, you know, that there's a difference when you land on that ground, and you set foot there, it's just feels different. It's different, right. And so, as a group, there is the collective thoughts and, and feelings in a region, and as a collective, and thoughts as a planet. And then, on top of that, which is a little bit more of the mystical, you have that collectiveness spiritually, right. And we have a lot of, we're going to talk about that we have a lot of basic spiritual support and backing, and a lot more than we ever think. And there is that wave there. And those those things are coming all together is what really makes that tsunami, if you will, and and my descriptor of it is going back to your paddle board is like this is a wave that's here is nothing I mean, I'm not gonna change that. Right? I can go hide in a hole, it's still gonna be there, you know, coming through. So how am I going to write it? How am I going to be a part of this? How am I to be part of my solution? Because I can't fix anybody else. I didn't come here to do that. Only thing I came to do is work on myself and inspire or be an example, or be a wayshower. Or be a show. We like that word we should hyphenate the word way something. 

Yeah. But it's, it's, it's a nice way to help shift things. And I think that's the distinction. I just wanted to get these points in before we decide what we're talking about. It gets very specific. There is a distinction between, okay, I'm going to teach you something so you do it. And then I'm going to show away, and you can follow if you want. Because you have a choice. That's right. Yeah. And that's and that's exactly the distinction is that there's this one is I'm going to put it into you. And the other way is I'm going to draw it from out of you. But it's all based on that freewill. As opposed to I'm going to put something into you. Mm. And so that higher level of waiver, making it easier for myself to be on that board and to be strong in my core, and to be able to be in pivot, I need to let myself rise to x first accept my own freewill. Right. I mean, what's the point of trying to love somebody else when I'm not loving myself? Talk about sex. I mean, there's books and books. Now this beautiful time in history, where it's like, we walk into this self help man is love yourself and right, that it wasn't that like that long ago, right. So it's a great thing. But I mean, to make it a way of life and a lifestyle. I think that's really the distinction. And that's what coming back to your point is, to be able to be on top of that board. It's, I don't want to make it sound like it's over the top, but it is serious business for myself to say, am I treating myself? Am I honoring myself, as much as I would honor someone to have a tremendous amount of respect and, and love and affection for someone I mean, all like a, like a rock star or a high politician or something like, like someone that I really have all this admiration for? Am I treating myself in that same manner? And to me, that is the starting point, I have no pivot point. I'm going to I'm going to be on and off that board on that bore to getting back on and right, you know, but what if I got that, that's when the course steady? That's what I can do flips on the board. Because I am solid, I know where I begin. And then if I fall off, it's not a big deal. Right? If I don't have that pivot, and I fall off, Oh, my gosh, the world has ended, you know, and the big deal. And all my, you know this, because my parents are this, because of the you know, the system is against me, or whatever the trip is, right? Instead of saying, well, I just learned another way not to do it. And I'm going to get back on that board.

So let's talk about this other aspect of the board is the emotions that I have when I'm on the board. Let's see some of it's been fear that I'm going to fall off and hit myself anxiety. When I think about this being a metaphor for what we're all at right now. I think about the fear of isolation, the fear of, of course, being alone. I mean, there's a whole bunch of them, but all these emotions that are just like binding me up inside, and then I can't really function very well, because I have all these emotions.

Yeah, I mean, that's, that's so you know, we really should have like a three part podcast on that. Right. So the first aspect is there is a difference between my emotions and my true feelings. Right? That's the first thing too. And I know your listeners probably know all that. But it's just very important to continually refresh it for myself, is how quickly it can change. Right? And so my feelings just are there facts? I feel hot, I feel cold, I feel uncomfortable. I don't feel uncomfortable. I feel good. I don't feel good. These are just facts. Right? The emotions are typically what comes after. Right? And and how it was explained to me is, they are the trained feelings of my intellect. They're what I've been programmed to feel. Right. And so that, if I'm not aware of those, that little subtle difference, I could run my whole life based on an emotional trip. And some do, and some do. Right? Right. So going back to your point, I couldn't agree more now. If, if any of you have felt anything out there, and I know I have, you know, just to watch people go through their ups and downs and watch my own self go through my ups and downs. It is so important to be honest, and say, What am I afraid of here? What am I really afraid of here? I mean, if I'm going to believe, right, I assume, here we are talking and the people listening. If you're still listening, you haven't hung up and turned off the podcast, then there's a bigger picture to you. Right? You are energy, you're a consciousness. You're a soul with a physical body, not a physical body with its soul. So there's something running that physical body, there's a life force running this. And that's the real me. That's the real you. So if I can take that on board if I willing to come to that perspective. If it's going to dine, magically change how I work with things. I mean completely dynamic. Imagine going into a situation. And we're talking about your this wave of energy. Imagine going into any situation with more of us inner secure feeling that I, there's no death, right that I go on, right that I am energy. That doesn't mean to make my life flippant. But it's just so different. And we love talking about the fear part. Because that's we all get gripped with that, definitely, but coming home and saying, Who am I? Who am I really, and I've, I've jokingly said, I'll switch topics here in just a second. But I've jokingly talked about, you probably remember is like, the people who have a crisis of faith, like this is a common thing in the religious community. crisis of faith is not a crisis of faith, for what all that means. It's a crisis of identity. And so if you've ever had a time, where you're doubting, and there's fear, and there's anxiety, there's worry, there's guilt, then you don't have a crisis of faith, you don't have a crisis of anything except for one thing. And that's you have a crisis of identity. In other words, you're forgetting who you are. Right? You are forgetting who you are, and what you've come to do. And you are far more than that pound of flesh wrapped around you, that is a part of you. That's important. It's helping it's your vehicle helping you get around the world. But you are far larger than that. And again, this is not, you know, all let's go do some fancy dancy thing and stare at the moon or something. I'm saying this from the perspective of a real practical, I'm going to live my life in a lifestyle and a way of life. And if I can do that, from that higher perspective,

I'm going to deal with everyone else's fears differently. Right. And that's, that's what I get a lot of what you're sharing today says that I might have some kinks and bumps and bruises and, you know, things that I don't do so well. But almost 90% of the time, I'm dealing with other people's fears. I'm dealing with someone else's ideas. And I've somehow picked that baggage job along the way, right? And I'm reacting to this stuff. And, you know, that's what how it stimulates me like, Oh, my gosh, and when we alone are, oh, gosh, I can't say certain things you have. It's not politically correct. You know, even though I'm just joking around, right? You know, it's like, all this stuff starts moving in. And before you know it, my head gets full. Yeah. So that, that sense of, of knowing where fear begins and end for me, and I being honest enough to identify where I can get triggered, where I can move into that anxiety, that is to say, something I'm afraid of, if I can just have that moment to ask my guidance to ask my inner self to do any way thing it takes just to identify it. Right? If I can identify just number one, I'm already on the road. Exactly. No, yeah. Right. Because that's what we're about, we're really about helping people step into working with the spiritual part of their journey. That part that you may not really understand, you may not know how to work with it. And that's talking about your inner guidance, your psychic sensitivities or your intuition, whatever you want to call it. And also your energy which is really important these days because that discernment if like Tiger saying, you know, I'm picking up on you know, Betty Sue's on fear and literally, I mean for myself and Tom too, we have picked up on people's fears from like the other side of the planet. So then had to be like, you know, Tiger here about you know, you and I in this studio, no, it can be people all over the place that you have no idea of what you're truly picking up on. So understanding and getting that bigger picture for yourself, of those aspects of what you're into how to discern it, how to stay cleansed, how to work with your team at inner guidance, and how to work with your intuition can really be a life changer. And for me, I would like to say it's a game changer because that changed my life because I am a very sensitive person. I've done all kinds of different spiritual work, healing work, massage therapy work and prior to finding the way shores college I was not tuned into all of that. And really, honestly looking back at especially massage therapy school, it kind of pisses me off a bit because it They don't even tap into, Hey, you know what you can pick up energy from someone, especially massage in the body. I mean, like, they're, and there were times when I picked up on things, and I ran off crying because I didn't know what I was feeling the motions, I just came in over me like a wave. And off I went. So we need to really talk to the, to our listeners about some of the tools we have that we can share with others, that can really be a life changer, especially in these times with, you know, maneuvering these waves, and how in the heck are you going to get from the wave you're currently in to the shore? And be okay, and walk away?

Yeah, I mean, the tools are key, right? I mean, if I want to be have that pivot and balance in my life, then I need to have working with the right tools. There's no sense in me going to build a house and try to do that with a spatula, right? It's just, I'm not getting very far. But if I have the right tools, then I'm going to be able to go really far. And I'm going to not only be able to build but I'm gonna keep building, keep building and be of service and help so many people when I have the right tools. And, you know, the to the the key things that I remember you were sharing is just, you know, working with my inner guidance, that's huge. That's just so huge to have that sense that I have a part of a bigger picture. I have, you know, for lack of a better word, messengers of the universe to be able to guide me, inspire me and support me. I mean, that's, I mean, when is having not enough? That's awesome. That's awesome. I mean, think about it, right? in any situation you're in, especially in those ones, where you're maybe having trouble or there's challenge in your life, just to know that I know that I've got this support, right? That's so huge. And it's like anything, it's like going to the gym, the more I do it, and the more I practice it, the more it's just use that muscle, it says use that muscle, right. So and then the second thing, obviously, is what you're bringing up is just starting to be aware of my air avenues of communication or my spiritual gifts, you know, and we have four of them. And just to identify which one is my primary one? And really, Oh, my gosh, it. I had a friend of mine. We were talking a sec. Oh my gosh, I'm so glad I found out because that I know I'm not crazy, right? Because I talked to other people, and they don't perceive it like I do. They don't work with it like I do, right?

So really, I mean, having these tools is again, a game changer.

It is a game changer. I mean, just being able to, to identify how other people work, right? I mean, picture that for a minute, imagine you going into a board room of people, right, and you have this important thing that you need to share with them. And also you need to get feedback from them so that everybody can do their job. Right, right. Just I mean, I'm using the boardroom as an example. Because you know, a bunch of people there. Now, I have to go in there and I'm having to dance through everybody's personality. Everybody's, you know, ups and downs, and whatever's going on that day. Right for I mean, how am I gonna know whether someone rolled up the bed just right or not? I mean, and we've all had that experience, where we're bumping up against somebody, a co worker or something that's like, Well, they've had a bad day. And now it's tough to work with them, right? And that's just gonna happen. That's life. So being able to understand those gifts of perception for myself to know what I need, right? Do I, I need the picture, I need the facts. I need that sense of knowingness or I need to have that feeling. And so give me some more details of what you're talking about. So I get it, you know, just having these little pieces so that I can respond and move forward with whatever my opportunity is. That's huge. Without a doubt, it's massive. And then let's flip this on the other side. I mean, going into that boardroom, going into working with a team going, I don't care whether I'm mopping floors, or I'm in that big, fancy boardroom, if I work with my inner guidance, how that says, Okay, how can I best communicate with this group? How can I best communicate with that person? Right? I'm not I'm not trying to figure out their gift or anything like that, but just for my own sake, and the exchange with that person or that group? How do I need to come across like, Okay, well, maybe I they need to have the picture better, right. Or they need to understand the nitty gritty, the details of it, right or, oh, well, no, they just need a big picture of and make sure they're gonna have fun. You know, or whatever it is, yeah, well, that's huge. That's, that's massive to be able to just go in and communicate. And now I can trust, I can trust, I don't have to, like, logically think it through and be worried on the edge of my seat or, you know, try to play cool and big shot or whatever the game is, I can now trust because I've got that insight. And I can follow it through, and it's piercing past the veneers of personality. Right. And that's, to me that is worth its weight in gold right there to be able to pierce through and just to be have real communication with someone to real exchange. And quite frankly, get down to what we're meant to be doing in a clearer way. Because I could be working with them. But then I've got all this stuff in there, you know that they start talking to me about their cousin and thing and then once removed, and then the you know, so and so and all the gossip or whatever. And some of that's okay, I enjoy a little bit of that. But, you know, to be able to just get to the point and be able to work with people and and quite frankly, help them be of service. It's a huge game changer. To be able to just be in my inner pivot point, be on top of my board, have that solid feeling on top of my board as I'm riding the waves, and then have other people around that that is so powerful. So huge. I can't tell you if we just did that one thing. If our listeners right now, if you just did that one thing you just identified where you begin and end and get a sense for how to be of service to people. Right? I'm not be a servant, right? Not that cater to people. But how can I be of service? How can I communicate in a way that they understand it? Right? Wow. I mean, you'll miss your blocks, you'll miss your problems, you because all of a sudden, it's like you're not buying into any problems, you're not getting involved in stuff that you don't have to. So it's like, oh my gosh, I don't know what to do with myself. I'm not normally involved in all this gossip or problems or, God, I gotta work through this. And some of that is natural and normal. But being able to identify where things begin and end, know my communication system. And trust that inner guidance. I'll say it again, it's a game changer.

It's a wave game changer. And what Tiger is talking about everyone again is the gifts and guidance coaching session that you can find on TNT spirit wars.com, it's a one hour session, and the link will be in the show notes. So you can check that out. And on that note of writing this big wave, I want to go ahead and end this episode, which is again, season one episode, season two, episode one. And I'm gonna invite Tiger back for Episode Two. And we're going to go a little bit more inward. So we've been talking about the bigger picture of the wave the collective energies. And the next episode is going to be a gap about going in and getting some fusion within to really help you on your journey. So on that note, I'll just say thank you for Tiger for this episode. And we will be back in a few minutes. Well actually back next week, but teigan are here in studio so we'll be back