Enthusiastically Spiritual

Vibrational UPGrade with Dr. Alison Kay

September 14, 2021 Season 1 Episode 86
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Vibrational UPGrade with Dr. Alison Kay
Show Notes


Have you been feeling an energetic shift around the world?

With the pandemic happening, global warming and with all of the things happening around us, the world has gone through an energetic shift.

An energetic shift that allows us to have an awakening, to know who we truly are.

We are going through a new era. 

An era of construction.

An era of increased vibration.

Dive in with me in today’s episode as we explore quantum physics, chakras, money and magic flow and more with Dr. Alison J. Kay.

Dr. Alison is an Award Winning, #1 International. Best Selling Author and Founder of the Vibrational UPgrade™ System. 

Her mission is to support the next higher evolution of the collective & create change for the health of this planet and those who are ready to unleash every part of the magic within them. 

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

🍫 Heart Alignment

🍫 Studies in Asia

🍫 Energy bodies

🍫 Where the world is today

🍫 Magic & Money Flow Program

🍫 Spiritual support for your journey

🍫 Nothing is a coincidence

🍫 Newtonian physics

🍫 Spiritual awakening in the years 2012-2032


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