Enthusiastically Spiritual

Mindset & Manifest a sharing with Efia Sulter

September 07, 2021 Season 1 Episode 85
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Mindset & Manifest a sharing with Efia Sulter
Show Notes


Many days life can feel chaotic. Maybe it doesn't resemble what you would like your life to really be like.

The great news is that you have the ability to change the way things look, the way things feel, and manifest an amazing fulfilling future.

That is what this episode is about shifting your mindset and manifesting what you truly desire your life to be.

My guest today is Efia Sulter.

Efia is a Mindset & Manifestation Coach, NLP practitioner, and host of 'The Manifest Edit Podcast'. Her mission is to empower and teach ambitious women how to stop playing small, confidently manifest their desires, and live an extraordinary life.

Serving as a practical example of her work after being orphaned at 14, grappling with mental illness and chronic pain to then moving overseas and building her soul-aligned life & business, Efia has inspired thousands around the world to create their lives by design.

Through her coaching Efia highlights the strategy, science, and spirituality behind manifestation in order to provide actionable advice from a grounded, no BS perspective.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

šŸ«Manifesting the life you truly want

šŸ«Living out of alignment

šŸ«Taking responsibility for your life

šŸ«Not blaming others

šŸ«The power inside that we all have

šŸ«Trusting & believing

šŸ«Being authentic

šŸ«Value Friends Forever

šŸ«V.I.B.E.S. framework

šŸ«Journey to a new life

šŸ«Stop playing small

šŸ«Spirituality saved her life


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