Enthusiastically Spiritual

Embracing a Spiritual New Year with Jan Burke

August 31, 2021 Season 1 Episode 84
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Embracing a Spiritual New Year with Jan Burke
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Have you ever noticed that come September things feel "different"?

Like there is a shift of energy happening?

Well, that is because there is an energetic shift that happens.

We call it the Spiritual New Year and it begins on September 1st through the end of August of each year.

How do we receive this information about the spiritual new year? From spirit. I am a trained spiritual leader and educator from the Wayshowers College.  At the college they have a team that works closely with spirit to receive a theme for each year. That is also how the LFN Energy Pattern Calendar is created along with a monthly theme, inbound energies, concepts that might influence us, and symbols. 

In this mini morsel episode I have invited a fellow Wayshower colleague and educator named Jan Burke from New Zealand to help me share about the Spiritual New Year and the LFN Energy Pattern Calendar. 

Jan has been involved in the programs and Spiritual Educator training through the Wayshowers College for many decades.  She grew up in a small sawmilling town in the most southern part of New Zealand.  Her spiritual journey began with feeling a strong pull “there has to be more to life than this.”  Since that day she have invested a lot of time and money in her own spiritual growth, which has been enormous.   Her profession this lifetime was as a classroom teacher and has now shifted to full time Spiritual Educator. Even though she helps people globally unfold their own uniqueness and potential, she is still a country girl at heart. 

Through helping others understand that they always have help through the spiritual part of their life is such a fulfilling opportunity. Sharing with people about the planetary energies and concepts that move in and out of Planet Earth is one of the many highlights that Jan enjoys on a daily basis.  As a spiritual educator she loves sharing with others the benefits of using the spiritual tools and how each person can access this understanding for themselves.

This is a fun and exciting episode filled with some great insights about the spiritual new year and the LFN Energy Pattern Calendar.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

🍫Moving from Full Service to Rally the Forces

🍫Fall or Spring shifting depending on what hemisphere you are in

🍫Spiritual tools to use on a daily basis

🍫Understanding what you are feeling day to day

🍫7 energies that we work with

🍫Family energy

🍫Friendships energy

🍫Regrouping energy

🍫Orientation energy

🍫Direction energy

🍫Ambition energy

🍫Action energy


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(Cont.) Embracing a Spiritual New Year with Jan Burke