Enthusiastically Spiritual

Feeling Spiritually Secure with Insecurities

August 24, 2021 Teresa Shantz Season 1 Episode 83
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Feeling Spiritually Secure with Insecurities
Show Notes


How secure are you feeling right now with your life?

If you aren't feeling very good do you know why? Do you know what it is all about?

Understanding how to feel more spiritually secure is key in moving through the day to day emotions that we all feel. 

In my world I definitely have days when I awake feeling "all cranked up" about things in my life and recently I had a biggie happen and that is what I am sharing in this episode.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

🍫Being empathic

🍫Feeling out of sorts

🍫Being aware of what I am picking up on every day

🍫Worldly situations that I feel

🍫My team of Inner Guidance

🍫Getting that backing that I need from spirit

🍫Personal consultations with TNT SpiritWorks


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