Enthusiastically Spiritual

I AM DIVINITY with Donn Smith

August 10, 2021 Teresa Shantz Season 1 Episode 81
Enthusiastically Spiritual
I AM DIVINITY with Donn Smith
Show Notes


Stepping into your divinity. That is something that we all have the option to do while we are here on the planet.

As you venture down your journey there are people around who can help guide you towards that divinity.

One soul who is here to help the transformation of humanity is Donn Smith.

He was raised in an Irish Catholic alcoholic home with 6 sisters and 3 brothers. Over 40 years, he has Cracked the Code to TRANSFORM humanities toxic programs INSTANTLY & PERMANENTLY by unraveling all his own toxic programs and patterns.

After losing his wife and daughter to cancer 15 months apart his whole world shifted. He is known for his gifted, enormous, compassionate heart and shifted from working with the Corporate & Athletic Elite, to helping ALL of Humanity. Through his IAMDIVINITY PROCESS Donn has seen diseases and illnesses vanish ranging from the ages of 5 to 75 plus.

His IAMDIVINITY process allows ANYONE open and receptive, to reach a consciousness rating of 700-1000 based on Dr. Hawkins' Consciousness Scale, in one 3-5 hour session. He has dedicated his life to making sure anyone in the world who is drawn to the IAMDIVINITY PROCESS, has access to it. He is 100% committed to the transformation of humanity.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

šŸ«Dr. David Hawkins Consciousness Scale

šŸ«Cracking the codes

šŸ«Waking up with others who are ready to shift and embrace the process

šŸ«Less resistance

šŸ«September 22, 2021 event

šŸ«8,000 people transforming the planet

šŸ«Step into their divinity

šŸ«Pathway to freedom

šŸ«41 year journey


šŸ«Phobias created by the ego


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