Enthusiastically Spiritual

Living in the Zones

August 03, 2021 Teresa Shantz Season 1 Episode 80
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Living in the Zones
Show Notes

We are all here to learn and grow. One way we do that is through being in relationship with others. Through our relationships we interact with all kinds of levels of consciousness and energies.

Recently I shared about Astro Soul energy and the different zones of energy. Right after I did that episode I was involved in an online class that dove in deep into D zone energy.

As I went through the class it gave me some new insight on how we all interact daily with A, B, C, & D zones in our lives. How these energies show up and how to shift our energy if we are not in A or D energies.

I hope that you enjoy exploring the zones as much as I enjoyed sharing about them.

What enthusiastically spiritual mini morsels are in this episode:

šŸ«Coincidences in life

šŸ«Astro Soul energies

šŸ«A, B, C, & D zones

šŸ«Desire for more awareness in life

šŸ«Accomplishing your mission

šŸ«"This is the ONLY way" energy

šŸ«In limbo on which way to go in life

šŸ«Recognizing what energy I surround myself with every day

šŸ«Ways to shift your energy


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