Enthusiastically Spiritual

What 3 Near Death Experiences Have Taught Me About Life with Joyce Anastasia

February 07, 2023 Teresa Shantz Season 2 Episode 76
Enthusiastically Spiritual
What 3 Near Death Experiences Have Taught Me About Life with Joyce Anastasia
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When you cross the bridge between the seen and unseen realm, you experience a life-changing moment.  Joyce Anastasia has miraculously experienced this 3 times in her life and it has forever changed her. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to pass through the veil, you won’t want to miss this episode. Tune in as Joyce recounts what she experienced and felt in those moments, plus Teresa and Joyce dive into the power of forgiveness, the intertwining of past lives, and what it means to bring more compassion into your life. 

As the author of the book, Extraordinary Leadership during Extraordinary Times, and Founder of Lead By Wisdom, Joyce specifically inspires entrepreneurs, conscious international leaders, and “ordinary” individuals to identify their greatest visions, insights, and divine gifts, to learn the most effective tools to navigate current challenges, to embrace courageous visions with their ethical implementation, and to leverage their most significant heart-based manifestation and positive impact in the world.

3 key takeaways from this podcast include: 

  • Forgiveness and gratitude are two tools we can use to heal ourselves and find peace. They don’t cost us anything but give us so much back. The best tools are often right in front of us, we just need to be reminded of their presence. 
  • When you have a strong reaction to someone whether it be love or hate, it may be because of an interaction that occurred in a past life. Conversely, the way someone behaves in this life may be related to how they were treated in a past life. This doesn’t mean people can’t change but it offers a level of compassion and understanding when examining the behavior of others. 
  • We have all done things in this life that have greatly benefited others. We have also all done things in this life that have harmed others. It is important to forgive the parts of yourself that you dislike. When you can do this, you can then begin to forgive the parts of others that you dislike. 

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It was a horrific, traumatic way of leaving my body and feeling as if, oh my goodness. I love my life. I don't want, I don't want to have this happen, and being very conscious in that moment of leaving, that that was what I felt. 


Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or just starting on on your spiritual path, this podcast has something for everyone. The mission is to inspire enthusiasm for the spiritual part of your journey through unique perspectives around mind, body, and spirit. Join me and other enthusiastic souls as we share weekly episodes of how amazing life is when you embrace the spiritual parts of your journey. This and all episodes can be found on my website, TNT spirit works.com. And if you would like to watch the episodes, please check out TNT Spirit works YouTube channel. So grab your favorite drink, sit back and relax because another enthusiastic episode starts now. 


Welcome back to enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa. If you haven't noticed, especially with this podcast, the path of spirituality has so many layers of uniqueness. Then add in all the amazing souls on the planet right now that are sharing their gifts and support in assisting all of us through this timeframe. My guest today is one of them and she is here to shed some light on bridging the seen and unseen realms and building trust and how to discern the most optimal path for you and where you are on your journey. Her name is Joyce Anastasia. She is a transformational leadership consultant, a piece ambassador of social healing and a top trusted intuitive advisor with advanced degrees and training and extensive hands on experience in psychology, consciousness, psi research, creativity and innovative business processes, governance global ways of leading healing being in the world, Joyce evokes the best in people encouraging power with collaborations, emotional intelligence and ethically responsible decision makings from the personal to the global as a confident bridging the seen and unseen realms. She builds relational trust with a customized blend of critical thinking and intuitive insights together discern the most optimal pathways for the greatest outcome. As author of the book, extraordinary leadership during extraordinary times, and founder of lead by wisdom Joy specifically inspires entrepreneurs, conscious international leaders and ordinary individuals to identify

their greatest visions, insights and divine gifts. Also to learn the most effective tool to navigate current challenges, and to embrace courageous visions with their ethical implementation, and to leverage their most significant heart based manifestation and positive impact in the world. 


Welcome, Joyce. Thank you so much, Teresa. I am really honored to be on your show. 


Well, I'm honored his boy, that's a really great intro. And you have done a lot of amazing work this 


lifetime. I feel sometimes like I've lived, you know, like nine lives maybe 


like those cats they talk about all the time. 


That's right. That's right. And no, and I'm very grateful. I'm very grateful to be alive during this wild and crazy time that we're living in. 


I know exactly what you're talking about. And I would love, love love if you would first share how you found that inner enthusiasm for bringing you to where you're at right now in your life choice. 


Well, wow, it could go in a lot of different directions. But what I want to first day is that from a very young age, I was gifted with understanding a connection with source whatever that mean to people, you know, for me, I grew up Roman Catholic, but my spiritual connection has, has shifted in many ways, many different methods to come to the same end, which is we are born from the same origins. And so when you hear expressions like Namath day it is an expression of I see a part of you and me and a part of me in you. And may it be well, may it all be well. So At a very young age to have that, in the midst of four siblings, parents who didn't have a lot of money, economic challenges, dad going to work in three jobs. Mom being the consonant homemaker and loving mother and loving wife. It was. It felt like a weird solo journey. Yeah, at the same time, really supported by everything around me, not only in the scene realm when people couldn't be available, but in the unseen realms. So I would have dreams, I would have intuitive impressions and free cognitive ideas that they may have been

diminished. And I was told, you know, I was crazy, and all sorts of other things, too. When things would happen, it would be very challenging to move through. So it with all of those experiences and support, I have just been guided every single day. And the more that I was guided to serve humanity, and serve people in our world and to treat our beautiful earth with great reverence, the more that I continue down that path. It was like creating one brick of the yellow brick road at a time as I experienced it, where do I go now? Great Spirit that soars. 


Especially in these times right now that we're in, because they are very chaotic, very challenging, but also amazingly expansive. And like, in the intro, when I mentioned that, you know, there's amazing souls on the planet like you right now, who are here to embrace your gifts and sharing with the masses that need the support. 


And you to you, and your beautiful show, I'm sure have inspired many, many people in our, in our world, when it's very easy for people to become hopeless. You inspire a hope, full expression of taking things in, and, you know, just in your, in any one of your interviews, I could pull out the arenas that relate to gratitude, to have gratitude in our life. What does that do to us? It changes our dynamic, it changes how we treat one another. And what about forgiveness, forgiveness of others. Most importantly, for many people, it's about forgiving oneself, which is about the hardest thing to do, especially now. And keeping an even keel balancing life path with career and family and children and stress, and illness or non illness and immune strong, etc. So all of those things are so critical right now, and people forget we have them, and they don't cost anything to do. That's the 


stessa secret, right? 


They don't cost anything. 


That's a big deal. Because a lot of people spend a lot of money on Well, pharmaceuticals and medications and things that they think or also escape things like you know, alcohol and drugs and different things also to subside or try to calm down whatever's going on inside of them where they really need to work on and and can grab, you know, grab a hold of that beautiful divine being inside. Like you said that, you know that we're all really all one and learn how to work with that and heal. And that's what I try to instill in this and all the people that come on like you and know and just the bigger picture for a souls journey and how to really grab a hold of that and especially in the times right now because again, even though it's chaotic, and some people who are having a lot of

difficulties, which a lot of people are, my gosh, it's like we all we all chose to be here right now. All what 8 billion of us on the planet are less. And there's a reason why there's so many people here right now. 


Yes. Yes. And it makes me think of Albert Einstein quote that says, There are two ways to live. Wanted to them, nothing is a miracle. The other is that everything is a miracle. And that doesn't mean that we spiritually bypass things. Like a lot of people who I work with, get very frustrated with certain groups that they, Oh, don't worry, be happy. Okay, that's a big phrase out there. There is some truth to that, don't worry, be happy, right? But to get there, what what needs to be done is so important not to ignore? So, like, I might encourage people will, what is your intention? What do you what would you like to see different in the world or in your company, or in your family, or are in your life path, right. And when they can identify what it is that their intention is, then things start to move just a little bit. And then when they look at what's blocking that intention, then that's another step. Then another step might be there are people who have a tough time, with, let's just say, someone is having trouble in their community circles. And a person is taking too much, taking too much space, taking too much energy, always having problems, and someone who comes to me might feel completely drained, have no capacity to give any more. And also has a really tough time setting boundaries. Right? So then it becomes, whoa, why is it hard for you to speak your truth? 


To someone? And if you do, what's the worst thing that can happen? Like they don't resonate with it, move on. Or, you know, maybe it's because that's the way they were taught, maybe it triggers a core wound of feeling like, I cannot speak my truth. Otherwise, I might get yelled at as a kid or lose my job as an adult. 


Or, or lose friends or lose a family circle? Well, there are ways to navigate through that. And to figure out different ways that are, I want to say graceful, but that's a little bit too feminine. Because not all men relate to that word graceful. But to be able to speak truth about what about some event that's going on, or a situation that's going on without bludgeoning or powering over someone else? And when that can happen, and there are many ways that that can be done. Then something really magical happens. There's a different energy in the relational space. There's an honoring of each person, rather than being in battle with or against someone. Or I'm better than or on right or you're wrong. Now it becomes how can we move forward so that what is happening shift? I don't feel overwhelmed with having to take in all the time or give, give give all the time, or do all the work all the time while the other person gets to express. I really need help. Well, maybe we could get others to help you. And maybe there are risks. sources within oneself, to seek the help, or the answers, that unseen 


part of us that spiritual divine being. And I'd like to kind of go into that a little bit because I know for yourself that's you've had some experiences through your life like you've had three near death

yourself that's you've had some experiences through your life like you've had three near death experiences. I'd love for you to share a little bit about that, and how that helped shift your spirituality and the end. And, you know, honoring and actually understanding more about the unseen part of us. 


I appreciate that question. And I did not actually know or, remember about my two earlier near death experiences until I experienced my third one. So I'll just tell you a little bit backward. So I'll tell you what I came to remember from my first two, first. So when I was in my mother's womb, she's more like me, I'm I know your listeners are hearing and not necessarily seeing, but I'm about five foot maybe 95 Pom, my mom was the same way when she was pregnant with me. And the doctors at the time, gave her gas to knock her out enough so that she could have birth without damaging her, her body, or being an excessive pain. Well, they gave her so much, or that small size that she began to vomit. And in that I experienced vomit within the womb, and almost suffocated to death. And the doctors had to remove me with forceps so that I could, they couldn't get me to breathe properly. And while I left my body in the womb, I was greeted by angels. And that basically, oh, wait a minute. You're not supposed to be here. Now as welcoming as I as welcomed as I felt. And they said, though, that because of that the timing, I can choose to stay with them, or go back into my mother's womb. And I basically said, Are you kidding me? It took me so long to pick these parents, I am definitely going back into my mother's womb. So I mean, there's great humor to that. But there's octaves so much richness about what that meant. For me, a comprehension of the lives in between this space in between, and how we're supported, and how we're given free will to stare go sometimes. So that was the first one. The second one was around seven or eight years old. And I was with my family on vacation. Even though my parents didn't have a lot of money. One of the things my father insisted upon was that we take five to seven days, each year to be with each other as a family, no matter where we ended up going. Well, this particular year we went to the beach at the time also, there was no worry about letting your children wander off as far as they wanted to because they would always come back and there was this foundation of feeling safe on vacation at the beach. And so I went off I was a good swimmer. So they knew that I would be fine. And I was just curious and swimming and there was a riptide. Of course I didn't know what a warped tide was at the time. I got caught in the wave in the pull of the wave so strongly that it flipped me upside down and I hit my head on a rock and I was bleeding and probably just went unconscious. But I just left my body at the time. Of course I wasn't at the time conscious of all this. It was only afterwards that I was conscious of it and Once again, I was greeted by angels and energy of my relatives, which I didn't know where I was I didn't. I was surprised. Oh, and being a wow, Hi. What are you doing here and, and this type of thing was going on. And basically, once again, I was told, actually, this time I was told, this is not your time, you need to go back. And there's a reason for all of this. And I was given the reason but when I was made conscious, I do not remember what the reasons were. But I rolled up onto the shore. People call the lifeguard lifeguard came over, he resuscitated me and took all my vitals and I was perfectly fine. Nothing was wrong, even though all those things had truly happened. And I went back to find my family and everything was fine. Where the change happened for that was several months later. And I at the time, had dyslexia had a really tough time learning in school. And so I certainly wasn't expecting that event to have any impact on anything except that wow, you know, I was greeted by an angel than it was, I felt beautifully loved and cared for, and that there are beings on the other side, whatever that means, that are there to watch over us and tend to us and receive requests. So several months later, I discovered that I no longer had dyslexia. And how that happened was a cousin of mine brought over a book from my father, an anchor, Casey, Edgar Casey, I had no idea who this was. But as she was describing, I was getting to use the quote of your blog, in through the app dig really enthusiastic about life itself, in listening to what she had to say, my dad was not a reader. He not that he could care less about the subject, he was very intrigued. But he was not a reader of books. He was

a reader of newspapers and magazines. And I just had in my head and my heart, I needed to read this book. But I didn't know. Because at school, I could only read a first grade reader and I was in third or third grade. And there was no way that I could read that book in my mind's eye. Well, as soon as she turned the book over, and I thought in case they say, this surge went through my body and said, You have to read the book, you have to and so I snuck it off the table, and read it in three nights with a flashlight in my bed and the coverage over my head. And two things happen from that one, I could not believe I could read. And number two, Edgar Cayce his life reflected a lot of the life that I lead the life that I experienced as an intuitive at a very young age. And it just made me cry. So happy to meet a kindred soul. Third, near death experience was many, many years later, and this one was based upon actions that I took that were unexpectedly on knowingly unethical. This is really important. So I had gotten divorced. My dad got ill with cancer. I moved from Florida, to New York to help my parents with my dad's going through whatever he needed to go through with cancer. And when he would go into remission, I would look for a new position as a professor. And all that happened, he went to remission I healed from my grieving of divorce, and, and my job had dissolved. 


And so I was rebuilding my life. And I was still in, in fear, in fear of am I going to be able to survive, am I going to be able to provide for myself by myself. And so I took the first job that was available. And when I arrived at that job, it paid about a third of what I had been making. It was the lowest paying school, college, in the nation. And, and at the same time, it was in a beautiful space in place. And my boss kept asking to date me, and I did not want to date him. And finally, after about a year of being asked, I finally said, Yes, that's the unethical part. Unknowing, unethical part was, I really didn't want to want to date him. But I was afraid to say no, for fear of losing my job, for fear of losing whatever support I felt like I had there. Fast forward, I, after dating him, I knew that it wasn't right. And several months later said, I can't do this anymore. And a series of events happen, the details don't matter. But in this one place, in response to my not wanting to date him anymore, he began to strangle me, and strangled me to the point where I passed out. As I was losing consciousness, he whispered in my ear, I could drag you into the desert, after taking you in this way, and tell no one, and no one would ever find you. And that's what I went out of my body on in that near death experience. I was, I was dying, I was passing out from his damaging my larynx, and my, my throat. And this time, the experiences was far, far different, Theresa are far different. It was a horrific, traumatic way of leaving my body and feeling as if, oh, my goodness, I love my life. I don't want I don't want to have this happen. And being very conscious in that moment of leaving, that that was what I felt. And immediately, I was in a some sort of tunnel. It was, I would say more like a portal and a gateway with this kind of Ripoli energy field that I was being called to enter into, and that I would be supported in entering into. And I felt the call of all those spirit guides that have helped me all my life to that point. And once again, all my ancestors who had passed and many, many, many different things happened in that space of being shown by maths teachers, why we're here in the first place, why our universe was even formed, why we choose to be human why all the whys and wherefores that we ask as human beings on this planet and also their most significantly. I was shown a book of my life and asked to review all the ways in which I had been so loving and beautiful to and for people and how that impacted those people. Kind of like it's a wonderful I have that movie, it's a wonderful life that we see repeatedly on a during the holiday season, about look at the impact of what has happened just by your one single, unique, amazing life. And then when that was over, and I think they did this on purpose, and I say they the spirit guides and source, instead of showing me all the ways that I had done things that were harmful, because I needed to see that my life was so beautifully valuable in in so many ways. So then they, they asked me if I was willing to look at all the ways in which I can turn, knowingly or unknowingly. And there were many things that came up. But one of the things that stuck out most significantly was my choice. To date, this man, knowing that I had not in

my heart and being known that I shouldn't known that it was unhealthy to make that on ethical to myself choice. And then it brought me to past lives, and many, many past lives of how he and I might have been together, and how many others both positive and negative past lives of what I've learned in this lifetime. And how others learn in this lifetime occurred. For him with him. It was I was told not karmic meaning I owed him something or he owed me something, it happened, that we came across each other again. But I will say this, in the past life review, I had been an executioner of him in another lifetime. Again, unknowingly, I had a mask over my head. I didn't see his eyes. But again, that was an an ethical choice to take someone's life, and even choose the career of taking someone's life. So that was a long description of what of the unfolding of that. But that's, that's the near death experience. 


So when you had the third one, then you recall the other two? That's correct. 


In detail, and I remember they did happen, and I felt like it was important to verify them. I'm also a research scientist. So I have this researcher, niggling always coming up about, again, a bridging from the unseen realm to this realm. How do you verify some of these things? And many of them, you can't, many of them are just subjective, but when people do experience them, and you can evoke it without having a near death experience, like, this is what I try to do with my clients, people I work with, is, how can I evoke a near death experience for you, that you gain all the benefits? But not the horrors of it? Like, who wants to experience being strangled? No, that's not it's like a two by far from the spirit realm. 


And so what are some of the benefits of evoking that? Is it just like getting that bigger picture or really feeling like you have more hope? Or what do you find out with your clients? When you take them there? What's the benefit? 


Oh, I could give you a list of a million things literally, Teresa, so I am going to throw it back at you for a moment and toss toss the baton to you. What do you think if you experienced a near death experience, so that you could be shown ways that you have gifted the world and ways that you might have accidentally harmed people in your world including yourself? What would you pick? What would be the gift from that for you? 


Well, the first word that pops into my mind is more compassion for myself as well as those around me. Yes, and I love what you said about past slice because I know some of my past lives and I know that I've done some bad things in past lives. And, you know, it's just a piece of my soul's existence of

going through eons of time, and having positive experiences not so positive experience, but, but where I'm at right now is really all that matters. The now, 


yes. And what you could do from the now is, take the learning from the past lives, carry it into the now. So that experiences that you have now that might be related to those past lives can be healed. And the same with the future. So I see the now at the gorgeous intersection like a mobius strip that dances around it now, in the eternal infinite infinity sign that twist and turn in Dan, to bring intuitive like, for seeing or for knowing, like, if I were to do this, what would it be like in the future, into this present now to help make decisions. This is what, for me, encouraging intuitive learning, or that balance between concrete and intuitive learning can help related to manifestation. Some people who are extreme with intuition, need to learn how to be more concrete, or need to learn how to logically carry in all those intuitive, ly rich experiences and thoughts, so that they can manifest on the planet and why they're embodied in this battle. In the human vessel, it brings forward so the near death experience, you know, I could have had a choice to leave and be embodied in some other ways, some spirit form floating around, I could have done that. And being in perpetual bliss, let's say. But that is not my life path right now. And my soul's path, my long term soul's path. So I'll ask people, I'll ask CEOs, what what do you think that your current life path or reason for doing what you're doing? Have the choices that you made been ethical, is why you are experiencing the illnesses that you are experiencing? Experiencing, from suppression of your own truth? Or are you finding that your team hates you? And I use that term, actually lightly because healing is a really strong, powerful word, right? But there are employee E's that do not that literally, quote, unquote, hate their bosses. Why? Because they felt powered over, they felt oppressed. There's a reason why the oppressor is doing that. And, and it may be because of their past life experiences, maybe they were bullied in a past life, maybe they were proud of, or maybe they were killed or murdered, and why they're doing what they're doing. And when those people can be forgiven for the choices they make, then they might have an opening, just like opening in their heart space to take in. That maybe I could do this in a different way. Do I always want to be hated by my employees? Is it possible to hold both loving respect for people's gifts on teams? And and to reach manifested expression of what a company needs to survive on this planet? I believe yes, yes. Yes. And yes. 


I like that. Joyce, I'm a Yes girl. You're Yes, girl. Take it. Yes. Well, as you're saying that I'm like, Oh my gosh, she could take this to like everything like politics, and you name it. I mean, there are people that hate people and people that love people and it really is on both spectrums, and it's like, gosh, I I've said that to my husband, I talked about salt time about different scenarios on the planet right now. And I'm like, you know, that person have had to have done something really horrific that people just can't get over? Yes. And so and I have chills I say this Joyce and, and so it's, you know, forgiving that person forgiving the situation. But of course, you know, unless you're diving into this unseen aspect of ourselves and our intuition, a lot of people, depending upon where they're at in their level of consciousness, are not going to go there to that depth of healing and that depth of understanding versus I just hate this person to the extreme. Yeah. So what do we do Joyce? 


Well, I will, I will share something with you that I did in a workshop. And it was a workshop that

Well, I will, I will share something with you that I did in a workshop. And it was a workshop that encouraged people to look at something they hated in themselves, and to forgive themselves for it. Then I asked them to reflect on a politician they hate. And then ask them to forgive them without telling them beforehand, it was really incredible what happened. And another way to, to sit with this and be able to bring it present and really alive, really, truly encourage people to do this, is to start out by saying, What if your five year old self were to meet a politician's five year old self and actually go through the scenario of whatever would happen? And if typically would be they're playing with each other? Right? Or maybe fighting over a toy, right? or something of that nature. But it would be real, it would become visceral, because they'd be envisioning it in their mind that and then I take them to their adult selves after they've forgive their children cell. And then it's easier. And that it's amazing. 


I love that so much. So yeah, Joyce, we need to get this out to every single person on the planet. I know you already feel that, right. Global Hello. 


Oh, yes, yes, exactly. What a time we live in. And 


of course, you know, we chose again, will start go back to beginning we chose to be here now. Yeah, this healing for this. Because this is not only the healing of right now, like we're talking about as the healing of the past as the healing of the future. And it's just, it's beautiful. It's be as challenging and as chaotic. And as, you know, hatred filled. Oftentimes it is, it's an amazing time to be alive. 


It is and people find the threads. They do. And sometimes it doesn't bite the pride. You know, and that's fun to, you know, to buy for like, ah, yeah, and two by four, but also being open to the mystery like someone could be just gotten over a heated fight with someone like you, maybe even their best friend, or their colleague, and they're walking down the street. And suddenly, they see a cat snuggling up to a dog. Or natural enemies. Of the let's just use the animal world kingdom right now. Suddenly, we see two enemies, typical natural, instinctive enemies, kissing each other. I've seen it happen, but it's good. You know, I've seen it happen. And that is miraculous. 


I'll say amen. A hoe hells Yes. All the above D all the above Joyce. Oh, well, this has been such a fun talk today. And I want you to share a little bit with my listeners of how you how you work with people and how they can connect with you. 


Well, I also want to offer to you and your audience 50% off for an individual session. That for me is always the best way to start because I want to get to know the people before on get to know their teams if they're on a team or a family if they want me to work with their family. So they can Call me at 415-322-9442, or through my website, they could go directly to my website, www dot lead by wisdom.com. Or they could write to me via email, which is also on my website, Joyce anastasia@gmail.com. I like to keep it personal and simple, and a copy I have for your audiences. When you come to me, I vet whether it's a good match, so if in you should do the same thing, am I a good match for you? That way? When you come to me, you can be assured, absolutely assured, if I say yes, then I am in a place of I trust that this is going to be extremely beneficial for you. And I do it in a customized way. No matter how many people I work with. You are unique. We are all unique beings. And so when you come to me, it's extremely professionally confidential. No one will hear from me anything from our session unless you wish to share it with others. And that is welcome to and also that leads if you're going to do so, I want you to know that you can trust to tell me things and I am going to be of no judgment, no shame, no blame. So you can share genuinely, truthfully with me, if you don't, I will eventually sense it. And we will have a chat chat about that. I love that I see everything and I can't see your future. That's not what this is about, I guess the pathway to your future. 


Beautiful joy. So I thank you so much for coming on today. And I will have all that information in the show notes. So any of the listeners and watchers on YouTube that are interested in you know, and checking you out and offering a beautiful session with you to definitely connect with the show links because they'll all be in there. Excellent. But thank you so much again, Joyce. Wow, what a mission you're on. I honor it and i You've been a great great, great fit for this podcast and disastrously spiritual. So I'm just so thankful that you came on today. Thank you so much Joyce. 


I am so grateful for your intuition to connect with me 


well, listeners, I hope you enjoy that powerful episode today with Joyce on she came on and boys sharing her near death experiences and all the beautiful, amazing ways that she is of support and showing up in the world. And I honor her journey so much. And I honor each and every one of you for listening in to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual, I appreciate it. And please make sure that if you've not subscribed that you do subscribe. Also, if you would like to make sure you liked this episode and also leave a comment and let me know what you got out of this episode and what gems you take away for your own journey for today. And until next week, just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.