Enthusiastically Spiritual

Reincarnation- Old Souls in Young Bodies

November 08, 2022 Season 2 Episode 64
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Reincarnation- Old Souls in Young Bodies
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Reincarnation is something that has shown up in my life many times. Have you ever had any experiences this lifetime that past lives have shown up in yourself and loved ones around you? How about the children? Have you ever had any children talk about their past lives with you? Why do these happen? Why do some people know about their past lives and other people don't?

I recently had a couple of old souls in young bodies share with me about their past lives.  In this mini morsel episode I share about the experience I had and about reincarnation, which I am a total believer in because I have had my own past lives show up this lifetime.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Reincarnation

2. Why some remember and some don't

3. Sharing at Expo's

4. Young girl remembers her past life

5. Deep healing/karmic resolution

6. I am an Astronaut

7. Soul in a physical body

8. Accumulation of all our lifetimes

9. Trust in what others share with you

10. Believe in the spiritual

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Welcome back to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa. So in this episode I want to talk about reincarnation. Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you ever had any experiences this lifetime that past lives have shown up in yourself and loved ones around you? How about the children? Have you ever had any children talk about their past lives with you? Well, in the last few 15 years or so, I've had several past lives for myself show up. Now why do these happen? Why do some people know about their past lives and other people don't? I don't really know the answer for those questions. But I do know that for myself, when these past lives showed up, I was in need of going in deeper for my own personal healing. There was also some karma stuff that I was working on that I needed to process and really dive deeper into for where I'm at now and my healing journey. So I believe for myself that is why my reincarnation, past life showed up and why they came full force in different timeframes in my life was for my own inner healing. But not everyone has had these experiences and not everyone's, you know, aware of past life that had and you know what, that's okay. But what about the children? So recently, I was at an expo where a mom came up to me with a young child and the daughter might have been eight or nine or so and she was telling me with a lot of people come up to me at these expos, and just tell me all this amazing, amazing, amazing stuff. What she shared with me was that her daughter had been telling them for years what her past life was in great detail, and they believed her and the little daughter was there and she was like sharing and they also understood how it's kind of subsiding. So what was to my understanding is with there's been a lot of studies on this in the past where people have studied certain children when they're really young and as they get older, they forget things or they don't recall as much and so they don't start they stopped talking about it. And this little girl said the same thing as her mom did to that. Over time. It's kind of subsided and they're not she's not talking about it so much. But for a long time, it was very, very prevalent and they were just acknowledging and being an understanding that yes, she had this past life in this one specific place, and she was remembering it. So have you ever had any children around you that have brought up or talked about past lives? I had an incident recently which really brought this full force and full full centered for myself. I was just going to the store and I when I went into the store, I was you know, had my car and everything and I was going down the aisle and this one little boy might have been two and a half or three looked at me and waved and I waved us with his mom and he said, I'm an astronaut. I'm an astronaut. I'm an astronaut. And I'm like, okay, um, he had this really cute jacket on with all these dinosaurs on all over it. And so I was commenting. Oh, I love your jacket. I like the dinosaurs. And he again said I'm an astronaut. I didn't think much of it at that time and I went my way and waved goodbye to him and did my shopping and on the way home. I got an insight from spirit that that little boy was telling me what he was in a past life. And it really hit me full force and that's how sometimes these insights come to me like an awareness that an understanding of oh my gosh, that's what this little boy was telling me was that he was an astronaut. Now, you know, is this true or not? I mean, was he really an astronaut in the past life, in my whole being and for myself? I truly believe he was. I believe that the energy I resonated out when I walked into the store and walked through the store. He picked up that and he was able to say, Hey, I'm an astronaut. Now, we took obviously, we took it no further, but that's but my belief is he was telling me what it was in a past life. And so oftentimes, these children, these old souls in young bodies, will share things with us will express what they were I even had a friend who said her little grandson said to her one time you know, Nana, I know when you and I remember when you and I were on the mountain drumming. And she was like, wow, okay, so they're occasionally these youngsters young children will say things and it's up to us if we a believe it. And also like myself on the way home, trusting in what I was picking up and feeling from Spirit, if I didn't trust and really get that insight of what this little boy was saying to me and what it really meant, because once I got that insight, then I was reminded about the girl at the fair who talked with me about you know, her mom talked about their past, past life thing. So it was like the little it was like the little kernels or along the way or the breadcrumbs or whatever, like leading to the next thing and the next thing so why am I doing this episode today about reincarnation and about talking and understanding what these young little souls are sharing with us? I really wanted to bring it just another awareness, another level of understanding that we're, we're so on a physical body, that we never die that we've, we're an accumulation of all the lifetimes we've ever lived and some of us have lived here. A lot of times and some of us may be brand new souls, but really believing in who you are as an energy being as a soul. Trusting when these insights is impressions, from spirit as well as even from other people saying things to you just add the blue, trust and believe in it. Because it could be the exact the perfect thing you needed to hear at that moment. Or maybe that person needed to say something to you about that, or the little boy needed to let me know Hey, I'm an astronaut. I'm an astronaut. So anyway, just wanted to share in this short mini mass mini morsel episode about reincarnation, about trusting the things that we pick up on and also from these young souls in these old cells and very, very young bodies. So I hope that you enjoyed this episode. Thank you for listening in. And just remember that if you have a really young child Did you know if they say something to you just trust in who knows what they're, you know, trying to express, but it might be something deeper than you realize. So thanks again, for listening. I appreciate each and every one of you and if you've not subscribed, please make sure that you do so you don't miss any upcoming episode of enthusiastically spiritual. Also, if you'd like to support this show, please find your way to the show notes and support this show link. And until next week, please remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.