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Channeling The Keepers of The Light Codes with Rhiannon Heins

November 01, 2022 Season 2 Episode 63
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Channeling The Keepers of The Light Codes with Rhiannon Heins
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Do you believe that we are all receiving help from the other side? How about from the galactic realms? I do. I work with my team of spiritual helpers everyday and have connected with energies and beings from other realms throughout the years. My guest today also has and she is here to share about accessing these energies for healing and living a more fulfilling and beautiful life.  

Her name is Rhiannon Heins. She is emerging as one of Australia’s most sought-after channels and energy healers. With a strong and grounded connection to the galactic realms, Rhiannon has channeled The Keepers of the Light Codes, a powerful text to assist humanity during these times of great change.

She teaches a series of online trainings to students internationally, encouraging people to deeply heal and align with their intuition in order to live a more fulfilling and beautiful life!

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:
1. Galactic Beings

2. Channeling

3. Help from other realms

4. Feeling disconnected with life

5. Intentions from the heart

6. Stepping into intuitive healing

7. Finding your soulmate family

8. The Keepers of The Light Codes Book

9. Asking for help from higher sources

10. Fear of public speaking

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are all receiving help from the other side? How about from the galactic realm? Well, I do I work with my team as spiritual helpers every single day, and have connected with energies and beings from other realms throughout the years. My guest today has also and she is here to share about accessing these energies for healing and living a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Her name is Rhiannon Heins, she is emerging as one of Australia's most sought after channels and energy healers with a strong and grounded connection to the galactic realms. Rhiannon has channeled the keepers of the light codes a powerful texts to assist humanity during these times of great change. She teaches a series of online training students internationally encouraging people to deeply heal and align with their intuition in order to live a more fulfilling and beautiful life. Welcome, Rhiannon. Thank you so much Teresa for having me. Oh, they're great to hear. I'm so glad you're here too. So let's talk about spiritual help. And galactic health neither side So how has that shown up in your life? Ah, it's shown up in every way. But it definitely hasn't always been there. But um, I guess to start with it started to imagine my time off sort of despair, which came up really early in my in my early 20s I just felt so disconnected. I felt so sad by the nature of life, you know, having a job and a mortgage and I was just asking for help. I was just asking for help. And I was I was praying a lot and I didn't know who I was praying to. And I would say sort of this can't be it. Show me if there's more. And so to start with, I was getting that guidance in really like practical, tangible ways being shown these like job opportunities that were just like glow on the internet. Or having like a new man drop in, like, you know, in the most beautiful, unexpected way and I was just having these guidance opportunities showing up in my life and I was starting to learn to trust and acknowledge them and act on them. So that was the start of that connection. And then the more I started to clear my mind and work through my own, my own sort of baggage, my own trauma, my own pains. The more I started to open my energy became more clear and open and the more I was starting to receive that guidance in really, really subtle ways the internal voice of the higher mind. Subtle visuals and then over the years I got better and better at understanding these messages and interpreting them and putting them to use. So so the the beings that you channel because you do do channel work are those like do you have specific Are they like Pleiadians Arcturians theory? I mean, who do you do have a specific name for them or? Yes, so I don't have I do I do have a specific name but I never chant I never channel or hone in on one specific energy. So when I first started channeling I was felt very collect connected to the angels. And I would tune into specific angels by name and I suppose these were names that I had already read off or read I have been shown and and I was tuning into these energies. And then I realized that there was a limitation to that right like because when we're tuning into guides or angels, holy masters, galactic beings, whatever they are, we're really tuning into specific frequencies that exist within all of existence. So in tuning into one guide or one galactic galactic being, it's like picking one frequency right. So then what I've started to do now over the over the years of channeling and I'm realizing this as I call forth my highest and brightest guides, I call forth my highest and brightest guides and I feel them as an Army as a team. And within that team, there is a lot of galactic beings. So there's a lot of beings but I wouldn't say that it's simply just the pleadians or the active aliens. I would say that all of those beings of light show up in my highest and brightest team. I know that there is a lot of ancestral energy there a lot of shamanic really earthy energy there. And the beautiful thing about that is when I'm when I'm doing my work, whether it's writing or my energy work, I call forth my highest and brightest guides and then I asked for the energy to flow through me that is needed for that specific work. And in the case of channeling my book, it was very, very galactic. But I wouldn't say that my my guides us I just galactic in nature. A team you got the team there, right? Team? Yeah, yeah, my team. We all have the team. We all do have the team. It's just being able to tap into it. And so clearly, you were at a place in your life where you were like asking for that. And that's really how simple it can be right? Just asking a guides I need your help or whatever you're praying to or whatever, right? Yeah, definitely. It's as soon as we set that intention we ask from the heart. It's like a radar goes out like baba, baba, baba, and then then we just get a swarm of divine energy ready to assist us. But it just starts with us first sending out that intention. So is this something that you help people tap into or work with? Yeah, yep. So now my training is around, teaching people how to be intuitive healers, so that with a big focus on intuitive sorry, I in my energy work method that I teach. It starts with being able to channel so being able to tune into your client remotely and receive sort of a blueprint for how the energy work should go. And that way when they show up for the session, it's done without any agenda of the ego without any expectation. You just follow the blueprint, right? Why? So it's like I teach my students how to how to connect remotely and how to ask for that for those instructions for the highest good so my students, just the people who gravitate towards me, they always wonder, you know, can I actually channel though, and they all can they all can they all have these light bulb moments where they're able to do it. Some of them receive the information in their body like they know where the client is holding pain, some of them get this real clairaudient message or vision. And we all can receive information we can all channel and receive in our own unique way. And so I know right now on the planet, we're on a huge awakening timeframe. So are you finding that the people that gravitate towards you are they like a specific type of person or is it really like just all kinds of people are gravitating towards you? It's all kinds of people but it is my it is my soul. It is my soul family, you know, whenever, whenever people that I've never met from all over the world they come into the into the training and it's like warm, there's instant resonance there because that's the the orchestration of this, you know, like I'm not everybody's teacher. But the people that come through there's there's the, the need to be of service. And I think we've all a lot of us had been on the spiritual path for a long time, you know, looking at our own, looking at our own wounds, looking at our own patterns, and then it gets to a certain point where it's like, how can I turn my awareness outward to humanity and service and the need for that is burning now for a lot of people. And I think that's why my work has really like taken off in the last couple of years, because humanity is anchoring a new way of being and it starts with a huge collective healing. 100% agree with you. So let's talk a little about your new book that just came out early October The Keepers of The Light Codes. So what is that about? Um, yes, it's it's coming out on the first of October. So this is a book that I channeled 100% From the opening chapter. And as I mentioned, this book came through from the more galactic rounds, right, so this book is really interesting for me because as I was channeling it, I was challenged by the ideas. With each chapter that I channeled, I would sit and be like for I don't know about that. Because the book I mean, like the subtitle is a channeled guide to ending your spiritual quest, and initiating your mastery. So this is bringing forth the idea that what about if the spiritual quest is done, what about half the spiritual journey that this this healing journey has done? And right now you move into a space in time where you are holding complete, it's a vibration and it's a different perspective and understanding of yourself and so what it is, is a series of lessons and initiations so there's nine lessons and 28 initiations and each one sort of peels back or rewires or unplugs, any resistance that we have to that idea so there's like meditations and mantras and different practices throughout the entire texts that rewire our understanding of self to step out of the linear time paradigm where we heal over a journey of five or 10 years, and step by step into the true nature of who we are. Where we were done, we complete now. Amazing, and it happens like well, these days, it can happen on a dime, if you have the right the right arm techniques, the right tools, whatever you know, you have in front of you that like like a beautiful book. So that can really like just turn people in and go, Oh, this is exactly what I need and ready to go. Right? Yeah, that's it. That's it. And I think there's a very there's a very relaxing energy to the entire message because as human beings we're so cute. Like we're so beautiful. We try so hard, right? We tries to have with everything to be better parents to be more spiritually complete to be, you know, working in our purpose. We try so hard and it's very tiring. And no, it can be very tiring. But the text the channeling, it says you know, what about if you just come into your heart today, and you just act today from the truest desire, the truest need of the heart, then you will serve, then you will live in a space of absolute grace and ease and pleasure and it's very relaxing. Sounds like feel it from you. I know now to and like you said in these most challenging times, finding love and power, you know, like people are on a quest of how to find that. Do you have any answers to how to find that through the work that you do or the book during these most challenging times? Yeah, i i Everything that I teach is what I've been what I've channeled, you know, and, and sometimes I teach things that are still integrating myself that I have to still remind myself day by day. So just know that as I say these things, of course. But for me, it's the journey has been really inward right for for us on our spiritual on our spiritual and healing path. The journey has been very inward, and that's so beautiful coming in, we're coming in with but now there is so much to process if we're open we're processing for the entire collective. It's pretty intense. It's pretty overwhelming on Sundays. So now I would say turn the focus outward not to bypass this because it will come up anyway. Right so so turn the focus outward into service and ask for help. How can me on my highest path show me how I can serve use me as a conduit for healing and anchoring of heaven on earth and turn your focus outward. And you will be shown how you can serve you'll be shown how you can assist and you'll be asked you'll be kept on your highest path. And then in that anything that is not in alignment with that will come up for healing anyway. You will not be able to deny your healing journey you will not be able to deny your internal truths by turning your focus on to onto true service of others. And if you do that, it I feel it just eases the suffering. It eases the suffering because you become focused on your mission. Like you, Teresa with everything you're doing like me with everything I'm doing and probably so many of your listeners. When we focus on our mission, we have a force of energy that's behind us and it makes everything easier. And so some people think that that to turn your focus outwards and be on your end focus on your mission is to bypass the internal but when you're doing the work that is true, your true heart service. There's no way you could bypass it. Everything will come up everything that will come up because if you're committed to your authenticity, and your true expression of your heart, you will not be able to deny it anything that is in resistance to that. Beautifully said and I want to talk about the authenticity a bit because to me that's really what like the whole planet right now is you know it's breaking open like what's authentic, what is not, it's not the black and the white, you know, there's really no gray right now. So, really stepping into that authenticity and being the true light beings that we are and expresses you know vibrational expressions of who we are uniquely is so important. So in the world of spirituality right now, there's a lot of people out there sharing. So Rhiannon How did you find your authenticity and who you were, how did you really find, you know how to bring forth what your gifts are. So I've had so many initiations in my life, really rapidly to prepare me, I guess to prepare me for now. But when I was young, I had like a crippling fear of public speaking I really wanted to be loved and really wanted lots of friends. Everything that you know, we suffer usually and have to go through and the first job that initiated me into my role as a speaker was when I became a lecturer in remedial massage like a lecturer in bodywork and I just that unworthiness for like, Who do I think I am to stand here and teach people the pain of it was pretty overwhelming and the first few lessons that I did were quite awful. But then the initiation just took place I got better and better I got confident and then I stopped being embarrassed or self conscious as I stood up in front of people and I just started to speak about what I wanted them to know what I knew they needed that to know. And that was a huge initiation for me. And then I spent a lot of years as a yoga teacher as well. And that is also such a big initiation in learning how to become learning how to be authentic, right. And my mom was also a yoga teacher and I remember at the start I said to my mom, I just really want my classes to be good ma'am. I really want people to like my classes. And she said what people think of your classes Rhiannon is none of your business. And then I was like, What do you mean? She's like, It's none of your business. You teach from your heart, how you're received by them is their path. It's their journey. It's none of your business. So remember, I remember that specifically because I was really wanting to do a good job and in that I was altering my behavior and I was altering my expression. But for from that lesson, it was a pretty big one. Then I just thought, Okay, well if I just teach from my heart, it's going to impact someone, even one person in the way that they need to be impacted. And whether people like me, I think I'm good. I think I'm bad is none of my business. And I think that is the key to teach you from authenticity is to to not care how you received your perceived because you're so committed to your your true path, your highest path. That's the only that's the only goal. I absolutely love that boy, what wisdom your mom had to give to you at that moment. You know, like the perfect that's just perfect. And that's a hard one to 10 You know, like it's none of your business. That's that is such a good lesson. Amazing. What, I got a lot of good ones from my mom. Oh, yeah. And if she's good, she's probably obviously very mindful. And she's very open and that's beautiful. Yeah. Did you find too because for myself, I went to massage therapy school 38 And now I'm 54 so I that was my opening like that was my initiation and you know, like touching people and having that part which I never had before. And it really opened me up. Did you find that too? Yeah, I did. And my training was very, like physical, like, even when I lectured it was in slightly more sports and remedial. It was very, very physical and I remember like, teaching all these techniques and watching the students become really like mechanical winner. And then it became clear to me I had the realization that my best work the work that was most impactful even in the physical body was when I just dropped everything and got so present with the body. That it's like I just knew what the body needed is like I was merged with the body. And I was trying to teach this to my students, but it was just the wrong audience. Right. There were young men who wanted to do this on like the rugby field. Gotcha. Yeah. It was just a random audience. They just didn't care. And that was good as well for me to then move on. But that that was my Yeah, that was a huge awakening for me to realize that you how deeply you can serve someone when you lose like the agenda and the expectations. And you just get so present with another body or another being that you feel them almost as they feel themselves, especially energetically too because that's one thing they didn't really talk about when I went to massage school at the one the school that I went to, it was all to like mechanicals, like deep tissue and Structural Integration and they didn't talk at all about energy and I was having these experiences happening, where things were leaving bodies and I would be overcome with with you know, with the emotion and crying and just weird things energetically that I just didn't understand at that time. So it was a huge awakening to, you know, to really understanding more about the energy body and as how that connects with the physical body and you know, all that kind of stuff. Did you find some of that to when you went to what I mean because you clearly didn't have the Swedish massage either. Like I didn't either. So, you know, yeah, I just found that I just stopped resonating with massage. I stopped resonating with bodywork. It was like there was a depth that I couldn't get to. Because there because the intention is so physical body work and the expectation of the client is so physical. I found that they were coming and they were only willing to reveal so much of their of their truth, you know, they were holding on. So I let go of the body work entirely and just started to work energetically. Like still putting my hands on the body. But all of my work now after after a period of time all of my work went into into energy into the into the power of presence, intention, asking for help and allowing my body to be a conduit for whatever my client needed. And my body being a conduit. What I mean by that is picking up a drum or starting to sing or starting to move my hands in a certain way or starting to direct my client into a different position or a different movement to allow the energy to flow. So because I I stopped limiting myself to the series of techniques and and touches that are available in massage and I just allowed anything to be on the table. Then what was achieved then was this beautiful, incredible depth and authenticity and release and initiation. Yeah. And now I feel that energy work is that is the only work that I would do for sure. You've had that initiation through the physical now it's energy. Yeah, definitely. And to me, it's all stepping stones. I mean, because you know, it's just a clue to got you to where you're at now. And it got me to where I'm at now. So it's like just a stepping stone of I guess you know, like really understanding the different levels to or the different bodies you know, emotional, mental, physical body. There's all these different realms so it's just tapping into those and like you said moving past it because I'm not doing massage i i only did it for seven years. And I was like I've totally done and I knew I would never do it again. This lifetime. So did you feel the same way? Yeah, I was just so done with it. I was so done with it. And I felt that a lot of the clients that I was attracting had a lot of issues in their physical and they come and they hand their body over to you. There's no There's no self responsibility in a lot of my clients and it's like, Why does my shoulder still have? It's like, well, what are you doing? What are you doing to help your shoulder but when people come in for energy work, there's complete self responsibility. You know, someone's coming to you and they they know that it's their wounding that stories that are holding them back. They there's full self responsibility. They're coming for help, but they're claiming it they're owning it before they even walk through the door. But for me with a massage what it really was above all else was it gave me permission like I wasn't in I wasn't super authentic or connected to my my fullest expression of my purpose then. So having these these steps laid out and this certificate gave me permission to start to explore my gifts. And that's that was the biggest the biggest piece that I think that gave me was was yeah, the ticking the box to allow me to start to play with with the true power of energy. work. So I think that's the thing that's coming up for me is about how people oftentimes don't recognize what's coming. Sometimes it could be unexpected, like you don't expect at some point to be doing channeling work and then to write a beautiful book that's been channeled. I mean, right? No, I did not. I did not. And I would have looked at someone doing what I do when I was younger. I thought well, that's really cool. And I remember when I was younger, I used to look at people like yourself and I used to think Oh, they're so sparkly. Like how did they get so sparkly. And now I know it's what everything we spoke about. It's that openness, it's that connection to spirit. It's the authenticity. It's the love and and the thing that has allowed me to kind of like fast track I think to what I'm doing now with my channeling and my work is I've always said the mantra for a long time. That keep me on my highest path keep me and my true it's true. Show me where I need to be. And then I give myself over all the time like in my mind in my heart in my intention I say like use me as a conduit for from like for your divine mission for me, show me how I can serve and in that it happens really, really quickly. When it's from your heart because I can tell Rhiannon that it's from your heart. I can tell. Yes. Like I can feel it. It's like yeah, you're, you're immersed. You're trusting you're believing and that's also another keys to I'm sure people that come to you. Well, I'm sure they're at a different place and they're ready to work with you but it is trusting and knowing like you said you know they come to you and how do I do channeling work well, you have the tools and techniques to share with them how to embrace what they have already within him and then to make it happen. Yeah, but as you say spot on. It's trust is our biggest boundary I think to to tapping into to the energy that's available to us. It's trust. Once we get that piece it life gets fast tracked. I think I totally believe you too. Yes. Yeah, I believe or two for sure. Yes, yes, just once we get the proof once or twice that if we if we make decisions from that guidance space that life gets better. Once we get that proof once or twice. We just keep working and living that way and then I feel like life spirals upwards. Right for sure. And also having like minded community to also you know, bounce things off of and to connect with and to know that we can talk about all these things without you know, anybody saying anything negative about or not believing? It's like, yeah, like minded people coming together. It's so crucial, especially in these days. 100% 100% I'm super lucky. Like my husband, he's probably like you like he, you know, he just understands he can. He just can hold the space for any conversation of this nature. And as I mentioned, my mom My mom is like, you know, a real a real like being she's she's really like a a human master in my life, I suppose. And then all my friends now are the same because I just can't be in a space where I come where it's not authentic anymore. It just I feel a contraction in the space, feel a contraction in my body and all those kind of relationships. And situations. They're all just fallen away now. Without a doubt, and also it's a point where people are trying to find people like you and people like me that are like minded. Because it's true, like it is to the point now that yeah, there's no more bullshit. It's like it's on. I mean, really, you know, I'm sure it's always been on since you've been here but it's really on now. And there's just no, there's no turning back. There's just this we have to be with like minded people. We have to be, you know, doing our authentic work and showing up and like you said, if it doesn't resonate, people will move on though. They'll either resonate with you, they won't and that's totally fine. Yeah, exactly. It is speeding up for sure. But this is why your podcast is such a service because not everybody has their tribe not everybody has the resonant people in their life. Yeah. So like this as an energy as a frequency. This conversation as someone's listening in their car right now you know, there's an energy there's a frequency and there's that starts to land in people's bodies, then they start to emanate that frequency and coil in their tribe that vibrates that that you know, so there's a familiarity to the vibration that people want to call in. And that's why it's so beautiful what you're doing. Oh, thank you so much. And as you say that I could just I'm so filled with enthusiasm. Yeah, because it is true because a lot of the people that I interview and work with are all over the all over the world. So you know, it's like you're in Australia, way down under Perth. That's really far and it's and here I am in Linn Iowa it's it's amazing that we can come together and and share these beautiful messages and share the beautiful work that you're doing and having people find you so let's talk a little bit about that about the work how can people find you and what what do you have to offer but besides is amazing, beautiful book and of course your your, your work with people but I'd like you to share with them what you offer. For them. Yes, sir. At the moment all of my work is focused on my my teachings for for healers and people who are ready to step into their role as healer. So that's called the intuitive rebirth practitioner training. Sorry, intuitive rebirth. Because it's that's the name of the method because there's the channeling aspect, the connecting aspect and the rebirth because there's usually a deep purging and a profound initiation, a death and a rebirth in this energy work. So yeah, that you can find online, Rhiannon hines.com And yeah, it's a really beautiful training where you're, you're working through your own your own stuff as well. You're going on a rebirth journey as you as you learn the techniques and you learn how to take others through this work. Yeah, so that's Rhiannon heinz.com on my Instagram is all of the links as well. And yeah, it'll be it'll all be in the show notes, I promise. So and also the link to your beautiful new books, the keepers of the light codes. Yeah. And the keepers of the light codes. It will be out on the first of October. Yeah. Out. Yes. Congratulations on that. That's a big endeavor. Thank you. Well, the writing it was the easy bit for sure. I really enjoyed the writing. Yeah, all those other steps to get it to actually get published, right. It's like Oh, yes. Yeah, exactly. And it's been a pleasure having you on today. I thank you so much. From the bottom of the beautiful world and and sharing your lovely gifts and light in the world. And thank you for what you're doing. It's beautiful work. Thank you, Teresa. Right right back to you as well. Thank you so much for having me. It was so nice connecting with you too. And yeah, maybe we'll touch base again in the future. And yeah, have a beautiful night. What's the time that's probably it is


41pm on Thursday night. I don't do it too late. So. Yeah. All right. Well, cheers. Thanks, Teresa. Bye. Bye bye. Bye.