Enthusiastically Spiritual

Transformation & Spiritually Coming Home to Yourself with Jean Atman

November 15, 2022 Season 2 Episode 65
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Transformation & Spiritually Coming Home to Yourself with Jean Atman
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If you have been holding back on stepping into a more fulfilling and passionate life, now is the time to go for it. I am not talking about just thinking about what you want, but taking the steps to living the life you truly desire. If that might feel daunting, there are souls out in the world ready to assist you and my guest this week is one of them.

Her name is Jean Atman and she is a Consciousness Coach, Quantum Healer, Author, and Speaker.

Jean helps women build the confidence they need to go after their dreams and live the life they envision for themselves. Her primary focus is on empowering them to heal past pain and create internal stability and well-being so they can enjoy an ease-filled and joyful life.

Jean’s unique combination of intuitive energy guidance, soul coaching, and belief-sculpting, sets the stage for radical transformation. She remains fiercely dedicated to that cause and throughout her 21-year professional career has empowered tens of thousands of people worldwide to consciously create a beautiful life experience.

 Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Embracing a more fulfilling life

2. Coming from a traditional family

3. Empathic abilities from a young age

4. Going through dark times

5. Calling on angelic support

6. Embracing different energetic modalities

7. Restless & looking for connection to spirit

8. Feeling of coming home

9. Ascension process

10. Letting go of what doesn't fit

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stepping into a more fulfilling and passionate life, now is the time to go for it. I'm not talking just thinking about what you want, but taking the steps to living the life you truly desire. If that might feel daunting to you. There are some souls out in the world ready to assist you and my guest today is one of them. Her name is Jean Atman and she's a Consciousness Coach, Quantum Healer, Author and Speaker. Jean helps women build the confidence they need to go after their dreams and live the life they envision for themselves. Her primary focus is on empowering them to heal past pain and create internal stability and well being so they can enjoy an ease filled and joyful life. Jeans unique combination of intuitive energy guidance, Soul coaching and belief sculpting sets the stage for radical transformation. She remains fiercely dedicated to that cause and throughout her 21 year professional career has empowered 10s of 1000s of people worldwide. to consciously create a beautiful life experience. Welcome Jean. Thank you. I'm excited to be here with you. Well, let's just dive in. First off, I want to dive into the fact that you have been on a mission from a young age. Yes, very true. I didn't know it when I was younger it's it continues to unfold as as my you know, as I evolved, but yeah, it was a bit tumultuous growing up and having gifts and not really knowing what to do with them or having parents that believed in them. And a little backstory, my my mom was a nun and my dad was a brother, and they met through their religious life. And got a dispensation from the Pope to get married. And so on that that's crazy amazing. It is very wild. So for the you know that I'm here born into that family is an interesting concept. But you know, they come from a very traditional background and when I come in here remembering past lives and challenging everything that they believed it was interesting upbringing. And I also grew up with a ton of trauma. It was a really abusive household. And so I kind of came in here with a huge resistance to life. And as most empathic people develop their gifts, you know, we really have to sort of learn to read the room at an early age, and really become sensitive to other people's emotional states around us just so we can stay safe. And so my my ability to connect with the outer realms has always been present, and then it kind of amplified by my need to keep myself safe as much as possible. So it really sort of amplified all of the gifts very early on, and I didn't really know what to do with all of that for a long time and I attempted to shut it down, and spirits would come in to try to get my attention all sorts of ways. It used to freak me out. And things would sit on the base of my bed and put their hand on my on my calf and there was no one there but there was someone there and he's just trying to make sense of things. And everybody else said that's not possible. And I'm like, but I'm literally feeling somebody touching me right now. This is this is happening. So it's really confusing early on. And I remember when I first had experienced Reiki through my Reiki master, actually, and he asked who you're doing some body work and he said, I'm feeling some stagnation and congestion in your heart space. Can I do some Reiki I was like, I don't know what that is. But I trust you. Let's go for it, you know? And my eyes popped open and I was like, what is that? And I just felt all this movement and vibration through my chest. And it really was so beautiful and powerful for me in that moment because I realized that other people also saw things felt things understood things that I had sort of felt or understood but not really knowing what to do with it and all of a sudden I had this teacher so it literally I just was you know I'm I'm a Taurus. I'm bull born in the Year of the ox, so I don't do anything in a small way. on things that yeah, kind of had struck. So I just started exploring every single energetic modality I could get my hands on because I wanted to learn what was happening inside of me that I didn't have a frame of reference for before. So it really it's been my journey. has been a really winding, winding exploration of all things internal, energetic, spiritual, cosmic, pretty much all of the above. I just love it Jean because um, I found that Oh, throughout my lifetime, maybe the last 20 years is what I've been really had my awakening and just kind of you know, exploring kind of like you. I did all kinds of modalities, healing modalities. I was massage therapist, I loved it. But what's interesting, what I found along the way is that people who've had trauma or have had really, you know, hard, hard growing up things, you know, they've gone through, there's been a lot of backing and support. It's like they it's like you know, I mean, we all I mean, I believe that we contracted now brought in this beautiful souls that are working with us and then there's like you said, galactic energy, there's ascended, vigorous and the Masters has all kinds of backing and support for our journeys while we're here, but it seems to me that there's like, additional backing or those that have come in with some trauma really intense. Get those empathic abilities really young, because they didn't show up for me to later. I mean, well, I guess I've always been sensitive, but not like, you know what you're sharing with me and I've heard this from other people, too. So what do you think that's about it? I think it's just, you just need additional backing or you've really come into work. This early, because, you know, I found it like later in my life. So I do think that we get support either in the tangible realms, or from the outer realms, or both, but usually one is dominant, and they might switch and flip flop for me because I didn't have support growing up. Just a lot of cruelty, no protection from it. Thank God that I had connections to things that I didn't understand. Because while you know this presence sitting on the base of my bed was scary. It was still comforting at the same time. So it was a it was really interesting to experience those things, but I never felt completely alone in things. When I was a teenager I rebelled a lot because as I said, I had resistance to life here. And I didn't want to feel things I didn't want to be in my body because it wasn't fun there. It wasn't pleasant there. So I got involved with a lot of things is used as escapism tactics, and just a lot of dark years throughout those times. And I didn't really develop a channel the Ascended Masters and I didn't develop that until later in life. And I remember the first I was doing a deep deep chakra clear of my system. And when I got to my throat this whole time, you know how your body just kind of like starts to unwind and things you're feeling things and you're not intentionally consciously moving it but you're experiencing the movement. I got to my throat chakra and my head started to kind of move backwards and I kind of got stuck with my head in a in a you know extended position. And it scared me a little bit because I couldn't feel like I was in my body enough to do anything about it. So I called on Archangel Michael to come in and pull me from the depth of that meditation. And all of a sudden I felt this massive presence on my right. And I felt this hand kind of gently pushed my head on his shoulder. And I sat there kind of freaked out thinking okay, I've officially lost my mind at this point. Because I'm experiencing this but am I experiencing this? You know, and I sat there for a little while kind of freaked out and just kind of drinking it in to see okay, well you literally just called him and he's here and now you're you're not sure what's going on. So it took me a little bit to acclimate to his energy and to come to this realization that this is actually happening. And then all of a sudden, I felt this feminine presence on my left and she indicated she was St. Bridget. And I didn't know who that was at the time, but we dialogue for a long time. But when I came fully out of the meditation, really the only thing I remembered from our conversation was what she said to me at the end. And she said you've been restless your whole life because you've been looking for your for your connection back to us. And I was like, Oh, that's it. And so from that moment on, I was like, that's my that's my that's my people. That's my drive. That's my it's my connection, because I didn't have it in this physical realm. So I think that as you've said, you know, as we experience a lot of trauma, we do need support through that because we we are here to unpack a lot of those deep level traumas. And those of us that are compelled into the healing business and even self healing is, you know, massive as far as, you know, impacting that collective. When we do that, it's like we do need that extra system to kind of help us through that so we can move through these things that we signed up for. You know, exactly, that's the hard part. Right. We did sign up. I know but I always call it the fine print. I didn't read the fine print before it came in. Even knew a lady one time when I was working with her and she said that before she came in, she actually saw that what she was signing up for. And her guidance was like, Are you sure you want all this? She's like, yes. And then now she's like, Oh my gosh, what did I do? But she recalls remembering signing up. Yep, I want all this. All right, here you go. Yeah. on a platter right zine when Robin spirit Rob we're like Can't we got this we're you know we're good. We got the scripting the physical like talking about the why Jean So helping people get there why things are the way they are because that is a big deal. Because like we're talking about here, you know, we all go through loss of it. We've had, you know, years of drinking a lot and you know, sex and different things and really just like kind of being on hold different plan than the spiritual, you know, going forward plan. Well, I mean, I've always been going forward but just diving in deeper to those realms of darkness for sure. And so helping people get there Why Why am I doing this? Why are we going through this pandemic wire? You know, why is all this happening to all of us right now? That's, I think a big thing to really kind of dive into a little bit because it's a big, big issue. Why? Yeah, it is. And I mean, those of us that have been on path for a long time we knew this ascension process is happening. It's been happening for a long time. And we learned you know, back in the day, I don't even know who they are. That said it but 2020 is like the big year. And we're all amping up and excited about it. We're all happy something big is gonna happen. When it hits. We're like, whoo, we didn't see that one coming in that way. You know, and it was terrifying for a lot of people that didn't understand that this is really helping to shake loose and dismantle and deconstruct all the systems that have not been working for a very, very long time. And people typically as humans, we don't like a lot of change. We like to know what to expect and we even grip to things that we don't like, just because we it's familiar, right? So when things are epically changing, it's terrifying for people. And so but that's, you know, sometimes we have to, you know, really crack the world open, to really grow and bloom into something better. So, there is a greater purpose and I feel like if if we can identify with that and activate within us that sense of trust, that there is a greater, grander plan. There's a purpose to all this chaos and craziness. I feel like it's a lot easier to stay on track with where you're actually going. And what people do a lot of times as they're making transitions is they tend to focus on what they're losing, as opposed to what they're gaining. And so I'm always kind of encouraging people to just shift that perspective ever so slightly into something What are you learning from this? What are you gaining from this? How is this serving you what strength is coming from this? Because this is literally this process of ascension is such a growth of evolution. That's what we're really kind of came in here to do and experience because the world is ready for something better. And what's great about this is we do have some cleanup to do, but as things are dismantling we really do have the opportunity to step into the new earth energy right now and experience things that are it's kind of like stepping into the potential of life. And so you might be noticing right now, even the relationships that you've always had that are really deep and really supportive. All of a sudden they deepen and it's almost like you're accessing even even more prominent core parts of people and you're seeing things with much greater clarity and you're feeling compelled towards things that you didn't even know you wanted before in something that you may have been working for, you know, blood, sweat and tears for decades. All of a sudden, you're like, What am I doing? I don't even really want that thing that I've been working so hard for. So it's really it's kind of a mess out there right now. And little things and and to those people that are really into holding on to control I would encourage you just to see what it feels like to surrender some things that feel safe. Surrender some little things first, see if it feels good to let that stuff go. You start to feel relieved from it. You start to feel liberated then you can start to let go of other larger aspects of your life that don't fit. But it really can be a baby step process. And I also encourage people to do that because if you take a step forward, you know if it feels good, or if it doesn't, if it feels good, then take another one and then take another one and if it doesn't, you pivot. It's really not as big as we like to make it out to be. But again, as humans, we like to complicate things a little bit. So coming into the simplest form, what feels good, what feels inspiring to you. And this is the other thing I'm noticing about the old paradigm energy into the New Earth energy is it's no longer about rallying, pulling your big girl pants up and motivating you even when you don't want to do things. A lot of Lightworkers and energy sensitives are exhausted right now. And it's for good reason because we're not meant to keep working in the ways that we've been working. And when you don't have the physical energy where you can't pull it anymore. You can't rally anymore, guess what you won't. You'll learn to do things in a different way. And so when you tap into that exhaustion instead of berating yourself saying there must be something wrong with me I need more coffee, more stimulants, were whatever, you got to keep going check in with those programs and see, is this something that's actually serving me, or does this one just kind of need to be dropped off? You know, and what can I do differently and people don't know what to do to do differently and that's okay, you're not meant to yet even just saying no to what you don't want you'll start to allow space in for what you do. Definitely, you know, I think a lot of this was coming to me too, as you're talking about, you know, where people are at and things like that is that most of my listeners, you know, obviously are awake or they're, you know, coming into their spiritual aspect of who they are and etc. But it's also not judging others around us because like you said, growing up like your mom and dad, they weren't, they were in their place. They came in with their beliefs, concepts and all their baggage. And then you came into that and we are living with partners and I have two children that don't talk to me. And you know, and they're on their paths and I'm okay with that. But everyone is where they're at. And so really just honoring as we go through this huge shift is that you know, we're all where we need to be at and it's okay, we're going to make it because there's no death as a soul where you know, we're forever but really recognizing the fact that yeah, giving just understanding where others are coming from also and I think that's a big part of right now is is that just you know, looking at both sides and going It's okay, you know, they're where they're at where where I'm where I'm at, they're where they're at, it's all okay. Like you're saying, Jean you know, we meet our tribe, lot of them are angelic, a lot of them are beautiful guidance. And those are those are always with us to work with us. I love that so much. That point is so powerful right now that we are okay. And really, this this challenge that we've been through you know, it has created so much division, and we've heard about the split Earth concept and we're, you know, those of us that have curious we're like what does it look like what's gonna happen? What are we supposed to do? You know these things, but we start to see the split happening and to, as you said, not to judge one person the other for their choices, no decisions, but really honor that person's on a very specific soul path. And one one phrase that I always love to say is I want what you want for you. That's beautiful. You know, it's really about less trying to control especially people that are close to you, you try to control them to suit your needs. But really, I want what you want for you, whatever that is, you do that and I trust in your souls journey. And I'm gonna let you do it. And I'm gonna let myself do mine. You know, and it gives you so much freedom to just be who you are. Because we've we've been jockeying these expectations of others and proving ourselves and needing to prove and needing to find our value in all these crazy dense aspects of self that we've been embodied. Embodying. And now we're coming to this place where Who are you authentically? What do you want? What do you believe what feels good to you? Can you stop focusing externally to try to get some internal validation and just meet yourself in those needs, satisfy them and live? What does that look like? You know, so people are starting to play with that now. And it's, it's, you know, we don't really know how to behave in the New Earth energy yet. And that's okay. We're not supposed to. But what exactly, exactly and that's the main thing too is when you know how to process your good. That's really when you can understand what you need to process your inner stuff and your inner world. That's all you need and you will always be okay there. And if you don't know yet that's okay to the curiosity about what would that be like? You're okay there to wherever you are in that journey. You're okay. Even just taking a deep breath and going I'm okay in this Now moment. I'm going to be okay in the next now moment. And just take that in as your truth and see how life starts to react and respond differently to you. It's powerful stuff without a doubt Jean and I love that word curiosity because as light beings and energy we have no concept we our bodies and our you know our intellect have no concept of how much we can shift our what we you know, how we're living, what we want our world to look like. A we are able to create anything and everything. And so being curious and staying curious is so important. It is I see I say all the time is your best friend. Curiosity is your best friend, as long as you have that and you're not stuck in that kind of in the box thinking, you know, you can get outside the box, anything is possible and that's where the potential is. It's not within this room. And I was talking to a friend the other week and we were talking about problems and how people like to focus so much on what's not working. And it came so clearly, you know, guidance to show me this thing. It's like there's a room that's like the problems room and you're circulating around in this one space looking for solutions, but the solutions don't exist in that room. You actually have to get out of that space and move yourself into a different state of being to find the solutions of what you're looking for. So stop focusing on what's not working and start focusing on what is and then you'll automatically start to get solutions for the other stuff that's not working. You know, it's it's physics, its energy, you know? Yeah, definitely. It will come about that too, is that that's also in relationships. Because if the relationships aren't working, and you're shifting to a different frequency, it may be time to step out. It may be time to or like you know, we talked about find your tribe. And that's, I think the most exciting part about today and moving forward in our life and our and where we're at in the collective is that we need to come together to work on and you know, and collaborate and be curiosity, you know, curious and expand and, and coming together with other people versus being isolated. And that's, that's done. We're like, we're over that right now. Oh, Jane, we're totally over that. But really, I mean, there's still obviously a lot of people out in the world who are very fearful and that's okay, that's where they're at. And I honor that like you said, but, but really, it's about coming together in community and having those like minded people that you can relate to and you can express yourself and share what's going on with you and and be okay with that. I think it is really important to notice, if you are in conversation, especially as as sensitives as energetic beings, we carry certain frequencies of expression. You know, we can't really hold things too well because it just so big we do something with it. And so other people who don't understand that, that sort of way of being, that might not be the person you want to roll ideas off to, you know, because you're going to just kind of easily fall back into the density of where they are. So pay close attention to how your relationships are serving you. And if you're trying to get a need met from like a mother or father figure something that you're that you're still trying to kind of fix that wound that childhood wound. See, are you still trying to tap into that, that place that, you know, again, the solutions don't exist there. Or can you just release and surrender that relationship in that way? And tune into a place where you can start to build and grow and when you feel your energy expanding and that excitement and inspiration comes you know you're on the right track, you know, you're talking to the right person. If you're feeling like triggered and you know low about yourself and self doubt comes in. That's not your person, and that's okay. You know, they can be your person for other other ways or other reasons, but really start to be aware of how you feel within those dynamics because that's huge for information as to how you're how you're allowing support into your life. I love that feeling because that's one thing that a lot of people have an issue with is feeling you know, and trusting that feeling and knowing that you know my especially the gut, right I mean, the gut, my heart What do I feel what how does how does that feel to me? You know, what they're saying to me? How does that feel everything? It's, it's it goes to the feel like that's where I like to start with? Yeah, it does. And I see you know, and I've worked through this myself, too with a lot of trauma congesting in my field, I do not want to be embodied. I like to be out there somewhere else. But I'll tell you if you know, we live in this physical plane. And in order to manifest properly here, we really do need to be embodied. We need to function here in this plane of experience. And so if you've had a lot of trauma in your past, I would also check into you know, can you decongest that energy field, can you move through those blocks can you bring that that those hidden aspects of self to the surface to be illuminated to have awareness around them because when you can see it, you don't have to be it. We can get out of those default programs and live more consciously when we actually come into our bodies and start to inhabit that space, you know, and then we can grow we can build in this dimension, through our spiritual connection to self and all that is, you know, we're sort of becoming more of an open channel that way as opposed to two separate pieces of self which isn't comfortable anymore. We can't function that way anymore. We used to be able to get away with it. But truth is in your face all the time now. And that's it, right? I mean, that's what we're all as collectively it's like right here. That's out there. 10 feet, it's right in your face and, and you can either embrace it, you can either, you know, be a victim and stay in that way but it's you're not able to stay in this very long because we're in such a place. It's like, it's constant now. It's going it's moving. It's shaken and, and that's just where we're at collectively, and it's where we need to be right Jean. Yeah, yeah. It's literally like drinking from a firehose right now. And so and, and if you're, you know, I like intensity, so I'm okay with it. But those people that don't, it's like you can ask for that to be minimized a little bit. You know, we don't ever have to go into a place that is going to jack up the nervous system and make you feel on edge or on guard all the time. You can literally say I need a break from this. I need this to be more manageable. bite sized pieces, you know, really set your stage create a reality. And I like to power through and get to the side of things. I've always kind of been that way so I'm okay with it. But if that's not you, if you're like I just want to take little baby steps and go at my own pace. claim that for yourself, do it you know, you can do that and what keeps coming through too and to start a brief conversation before we hit record was empathic people right now and how they're experiencing so much. And what I see it in a lot of people's energetic fields is a porosity that happens in the field, because our fields are so open to receiving information about other people in order to stay safe or whatever that function needed to be. But we've never closed those gaps or those holes. And so really, it's claiming your space back for yourself claiming what you really want, who you are, what your needs are acting in those ways and letting your natural energy fill in those gaps. You know, claiming the space back for yourself that will automatically help to protect from all these crazy collective energies that are weaving through reality. Because if you are always focusing on what's coming through, it's very, very overwhelming and it can zap your energy because things are moving through rapid like rapid fire and you're trying to see one thing and then everything else is coming in at the same time simultaneously. It's just too much. So to really kind of claim your field allow some some borders or boundaries around your field. kind of settle into your own energy, your own space. What does it feel like there? What does it feel like just to be with me, my own frequency, my own energy and kind of swimming that as often as you can? And then when something else comes in, it's foreign. It's easy to be like no hard pass not allowing that one. You know, and then before you know it, you don't even really know all the crazy that's going on in the world because you're so consumed with how fun this is here. That you don't really care about that too much. And you know that you'll any information that you need to know you'll know. But other than that just being okay, and learning about who you are what you want, and operating in that place. Because that's what's going to move the needle forward for the collective. The more people that can get on board with their own authentic truth, their own paths, really stepping into releasing expectations and just being themselves with their with their authentic voice. That's what's moving everybody forward right now. So play with it and see it might be terrifying at first. But you know, like anything else is just practice. See if it works. If you faceplant awesome you're not going to do that and get it that way. You know, try it again, but you'll be okay. That's right. You learn something and you're stronger for it. And let's let's try something different. You know, it's just practice so cut yourself some slack and have a little bit of fun with this big process. Love that. Yes, cut yourself some slack. Yeah, so we're here to have fun and that's not a lot of what's you know, a lot of people think about when they're, you know, in physical buys, but man yeah, we're here. To actually enjoy this. And I like to say that, you know, your soul was actually enthusiastic. And it was jumping for joy when you actually came back here like we talked about earlier, you know, like, we signed up for all this maybe some of the things shifted, and you know, and change a little bit because we're here we have free will. But overall, man, we were excited to be back here and we are excited to be back here. So it's striving to get that excitement back in our lives. And what I want to talk about next before we end is I want to talk about rest. Our e s t so damn gene. Okay, this is like a full on bull on rollercoaster ride right? Yes. For all of us because even people who want who maybe say I'm not psychic I'm not this Yeah, you are. You're an if you're an If a soul and a physical body. You have these abilities and whether or not you work with them or not. That's your your call right? But man rest. So how do you work with this word gene in your personal life? I'd love to hear it. Yeah, it's it's not something that I that I entertained much before the past couple of years. And two years ago, I got hit with chronic fatigue. And complete burnout. And I was literally on my couch for two months without being able to get up. It was so bad. I lost my vision. I couldn't really see anything so I couldn't drive anywhere. I literally had to rely on my girls to help make food for me and things that you know, you're because I'm a single mom, entrepreneur, you know, like all the stuff that we come in here with all these big things we're gonna do is like, holy cow. So really learning to shut those channels down of over giving and taking all this responsibility for other people that really isn't ours. Really starting because when you're fatigued, you are very discerning about how you spend your energy. Because you know, if you can do one thing, and then you're not going to build anything else, you get really clear really fast about what's important. And so having that experience I know I needed to be hit that hard because I just wasn't listening to the signs. I kept going and going and going and again, that Taurus x part of me, I'm gonna keep going until I just can't even breathe, you know? And now I've learned to be really gentle with myself. Because I can feel you get you get like your body always talks to you. And so for instance, I know if I'm doing too much my low back starts to act up, act up, and our low backs are all about support, right? So for feeling lack of support, that's my cue. I'm doing too much. I'm pushing myself too much. I'm not supporting myself through whatever this is. And what I found through my process was when I started to gain my energy back, I would get up and I would get excited, because I don't have a throttle, you know too much. And so I have this energy and I instantly want to use it for something. And then I would relapse and I was getting frustrated with this process. I was asking guidance. I was like, Okay, what do I need to do? Because I want to get back into work. I love what I do. I'm passionate about helping people I like I want to be on to be able to do that. And they said you know you don't rest unless you can't work. You have to learn to rest even when you can work and I was like I mean you things that you think you should know but you just don't fly. I just kept trying. I just wasn't listening. So I started to practice. Okay, so even if I have energy, what does it feel like to just sit outside? Have a conversation with a friend maybe, God forbid, take that day off and just go play with my kids or my friends or whatever? What does that feel like? Just give myself permission to do things I actually want to do. And it's been a two year process for me because there's so much unfoldment especially I think for women and mothers that we're just used to giving and and self sacrificing and being there for everybody all the time just because we can just because you can doesn't mean you should you know? So it really is I would encourage you to kind of check in with again that feeling center and what feels like it might be depleting you and draining you and what feels like it's life sustaining for you. And when you start to sprinkle in some discernment into your process, you can start to get more clarity about what that is before you have to get thrown into a chronic illness where you're just laid up staring at the ceiling contemplating so you get the lesson. It's not a fun place to be I wouldn't recommend it. So really, you know taking that time to rest and even structuring it into your day. You know what do you really need? And I did this practice long ago where I asked my adult self, what are you going to do today? What do you need to do today? Oh my gosh, I got 100,000 things on my to do list. I'm going to tackle as many as I can. And I asked my inner child what do you want to do today? And she's like, none of that. I want none of that. I want to go to the beach. And I was realizing how little I was actually paying attention to my true deep leads, and just overriding those systems all the time with tasks. And were these tasks even doing anything to support me absolutely not. It was just the busyness and the escapism tactics that I've been so used to using to not really see. So taking that time to say, what do I really, really want, what do I really need, and that might be foreign to people because we're used to suppressing our own needs for the sake of other people or whatever. So it might be just a little thread that you can see but the more you practice it, it'll become more robust. And then when you tune in, it's like I know exactly what I need. I'm not doing that today, I'm doing this and it'll become more and more clear. So I think just really tuning into how you're feeling and starting to honor what you feel you need is the first step and kind of playing with that concept to see how much fun can we have in this this little arena over here of rest. What does that feel like? You know, but Yeah, can I start somewhere and supporting that inner child that I love that Jean? Yeah, it's a huge piece because a lot of times as kids we were shut down you know, kids aren't meant to be seen or heard or whatever those programs were that we were taught, you know, so really to reawaken that childlike wonder and curiosity and play and dance and get messy and whatever that is, you know, what does that feel like to really honor that piece? Where you have complete freedom to do it, love it. So supporting yourself as important. Resting is important. So let's talk a little bit Jean about how you support others in their journey. Yeah, I've got several things that I do. It's funny, you know, as you've said, starting from massage and neuromuscular therapy for me and all these, these things just keep growing, but I get bored. If I just do one thing. I just kind of live multi dimensionally. So I have a group program that I'm running currently called Elevate, and it's a group of women. And I teach them you know, basically how to remove the blocks for themselves. How to really come into their own how to bring consciousness to things that are hidden, and we work through the learning the process and then also applying it to certain things like finances and money, which is terrifying for a lot of people in relationships, a relationship with self and all these concepts, but we kind of take them through that journey. I'll be relaunching another elevate group in February of 2023. I also offer a limitless course which I created back in 2020. And it really manages things like triggers and limiting beliefs and how to get out of your own way. What to do with frequency how you know how your frequency kind of helps to create manifest aspects for your life. And if you're carrying a lower frequency with a lot of density, meaning, jealousy, grief, you know, shame, guilt, all of those things are three more density. You you kind of in the basement level of life and we want to, you know, kind of up level into the higher floors. So learning how to drop that stuff off and identify how it's impacting you. So I take people through that in my course and then also how to apply those methods. And then my favorite way, is always my one on ones because I really get to dive deep with people. And I energetically read through ancestral lineage through trauma body through emotional body, mental programs, subconscious unconscious, you know, all of those kind of systems come in to see where's the actual block because people have been trying for many times, many years to move through some stuff and they just feel stuck. And I find that a lot of times, we think we know what's wrong. So we try to work there. But when you see the actual truth of what's going on and you know where to work, that's where you get the changes. So I like to dive deep into you know, the the unconscious and subconscious minds to really see what who's running the show. And who do we need to put in the backseat. instead? How can you how can you be the pilot of your own life kind of thing. So I help people to energetically clear and then I teach them how to live the life that they want to live as opposed to living the defaults of what they're used to. Beautiful. Well, thank you so much, Jean. That's wonderful. I have all this information on the website, your Facebook, Youtube for in the show notes. So anyone that's listening and wants to tap into this and get on board with Jean and you have a damn good life. On how to work with those empathic abilities. Hello, and do some clearing Jean is your girl, your lady, your woman, your soul. Thank you, Jean so much for coming on today. It's been so much fun. Thank you. I really enjoyed it as well. Wow What an amazing episode that was with Jean I thank her again so much for coming on and sharing today. And I thank you all listeners wherever you're at in the world for listening in or watching on YouTube. Another episode of enthusiastically spiritual is because of you is why I do what I do because I love sharing how amazing it is to understand more about the spiritual part of your journey, and how to embrace different modalities, different people out in the world and their services and expanding and continually growing who you are as a soul. So if you've not subscribed, please do so that way you don't miss any upcoming episodes which are released every Tuesday. Please also feel free to share this episode or this podcast with a friend. And just remember until next week that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey. One style out