Enthusiastically Spiritual

Walking with the Spiritual Wayshower Within with Richard Lassiter

October 25, 2022 Season 2 Episode 62
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Walking with the Spiritual Wayshower Within with Richard Lassiter
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There has been a common theme running through many of the episodes lately which has been of finding spiritual freedom. Not only just finding spiritual freedom for yourself but obtaining that feeling of freedom. 

My guest this week has lived some life and he has found ways that have helped him find and feel his inner spiritual freedom and he is on a mission to share that with others.

His name is Richard Lassiter

Richard’s mission is to enable others to rise to their potential. His Spiritual thrust is I am the freedom lover. He is uniquely qualified at helping people see, feel and understand how they can free themselves from the bondage of limiting concepts. 

He became involved with The Wayshowers College community group work in 1973 while a member of the College of Wm & Mary’s Physics Dept.

In 1976, he became involved full time with the college. He have taught classes and consulted throughout the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and New Zealand. He served as President of the college from 2000 - 2005, after the passing of the founder. He has found this training so life-changing that he have dedicated his life to sharing it with others.

 Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Feeling Inner Freedom

2. Releasing bondage of limiting concepts

3. Wayshowers College

4. Jealousy

5. Meeting other like-minded people

6. Commitment & sincerity

7. Living others lives instead of yours

8. Today's world for children

9. What is a wayshower?

10. The changing look of spiritual work

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been a common theme running through many of the episodes lately. Which has been about finding spiritual freedom. Not only just finding spiritual freedom, but for yourself but obtaining that feeling of inner freedom. My guest today has lived some life. And he's found ways that have helped him find and feel his inner freedom, and he's on a mission to share that with others. His name is Richard Lassiter, doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo Richard mission is to enable others to thrive to their potential. His spiritual thrust is I am the freedom lover. He is uniquely qualified at helping people see, feel and understand how they can free themselves from the bondage of limiting concepts. He became involved with the Wayshowers College community group work in 1973. While a member of the College of William and Mary's physics department in 1976, he became involved full time with the college he has taught classes and consulted throughout the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and New Zealand. He served as president of the college from 2000 to 2005. After the passing of the founder, he has found his training so life changing that he has dedicated his life to sharing it with others. Welcome, Richard. Thank you. Well, where do we begin? How about sharing a little bit about your journey of how you came into this spiritual work and working with the Wayshowers college I have to credit my getting involved in my spiritual work to jealousy. Okay, Big J. My, my son's preschool teacher was offering a program called the Inner Peace Movement. Which was is one of the older spiritual organizations on the planet. I'd never heard of it. I had I wasn't interested in that kind of thing. But I was married to a lady who was beautiful and I didn't like her going places without me. So I went. And I was amazed. At the time I was with Physics Department, William and Mary. I had my own ideas of what life was about in all of this and one thing led to another next thing I knew I wouldn't be the same person anymore. Was fun. Because all of a sudden, I'm different. It just woke. Yeah, that's really how it worked. I was having a good time in the community group work. I loved the people. I loved the techniques we were learning if you know something, show me how to do it. Don't just tell me about it. And that's what this program did. They said your psychic let me show you how to unfold your psychic abilities. Okay, you can do that. I didn't know anyone could do that. I thought that was something reserved for special people with special talents, you know, touched by God or something like that. And here I was in a room with just everyday people and we were all becoming different. We were beginning to have these abilities that I had read about and and heard about and was amazed with, but I had never thought that I would be able to do I think that's the thing that I love about the Wayshowers college because I've obviously been involved for a couple years to not as long as you have but a couple years and that the people that come there are normal. They're not what people might call woowoo or strange or, but they're there to really be sincere about learning about the spiritual part of their life. And you Richard, you're an your normal guy, you're not you know, hey, if you saw you on the street, you wouldn't say oh, he's a Spiritual Leader or a Spiritual Consultant or Educator. You no one would know I mean, because you really are a normal guy really embracing your spiritual side this lifetime and sharing that with others. That's pretty much it. That's it, we're done. Everybody is looking for ways to be happy and at peace and to I mean, anywhere, I've gone in the world, they have the same concerns. You know, I want to be healthy. I want to be happy. I want to take good care of my children. I want them to have a better life than I had. But basically everyone's looking for inner freedom they're looking for they want to get back to that childlike love of life they had because in my opinion, everyone has it in them. They can feel it there but there's so much stuff piled on top of it over the years that I don't know lose hope. Yeah, I think right and right, and I think that's the key is the feeling of it, because people can be out there spreading Oh, freedom and freedom this but it's like, do you really feel free? I mean, in the midst of all the chaos and different realms and different places and energy and you know, religion and the politics. It's like, how free do you really feel to be having the journey you're having right now? Don't you think that's part of it, too, is really that feeling. If I'm not feeling it, it's a concept. Let's talk a little bit about concepts. And that's what in my opinion, at least in my life, the things I believed in the things I thought were truth were what kept me in bondage. You know, that. concepts around the difference between what love is and what love really is. Is it possessiveness is it staying with the same person your whole life, even though both of you are miserable? That you know, actually, and you know, one day I realized that you can't give me love all you can do is is be the type of person that I feel relaxed enough around to let my love flow. I don't have to do that. Because that love that I feel for you or for my my son or for a sunset. That that's my feeling that's flowing through me. So I choose whether I want to let that flow or whether I want to cut it off. And the thing that gets in the way, are concepts of good and bad, right and wrong. dislikes. That's a biggie likes and dislikes. Yeah, I mean, good and bad. This is good. That's bad. I like this. I don't like that. Because everyone's sensitive. I do I go to a lot of spiritual meetups and things just to meet try to find like minded people. And in my opinion, an evaluation of a lot of what I see is people who have they they their intellect. Their, their intelligent part knows that there's something about this, but how to get it into their feelings and become a part of their way of life is missing. So they replace that with the same stuff they're trying to get away from you know, the sacred space. Well, everything sacred, if anything sacred, everything sacred. You know, what do you mean a sacred space? Yeah, I can only feel good here when and not there. And it was at a meditation circle one time and one guy there was kind of a kindred spirit. And after we'd meditated for a half hour or so, people started sharing and he and I got on something that was common with us and we were he would share it. Yeah, I know. And then he would share and this one guy said no, there I could feel him you going now finally I said what's up? He said here I've just meditated gotten into a good state. Now you to start talking and I have to go back and meditate again. Well, that's not the point of it, son. The point of it is to get there and take that with me. And be that in any circumstance, because I'm going to walk back out in the world, and I need if I'm going to live in the now and be spiritually free. The object of the game is to be that, under all circumstances, you know, a good friend of mine told me years ago, he said, I I don't try to be the same. I don't try to treat everyone the same. My goal is to be the same person with everyone. Think about that. That means that I show you the same love and respect that I show my daughter that I show the mailman that I show, the UPS delivery that I show the person who's acting in a way that I wouldn't act on the street. I stay me and I Quit letting what other people are doing or what other people believe or what other people what other people's politics are, affect that spiritual freedom that I have that inner peace, and it's it takes commitment like a lot, no question. It takes commitment and sincerity, sincerity to want to live your life that way because a lot of people aren't, you know, it's hard to get out of that suffering. It's hard to get out of that bondage of you know, being guilty about things you've done in the past or worrying about the future and not being in this present moment. That's all training. Exactly. I have a nine year old and I retired. Two weeks after he was born. I retired from from my profession, my money earning profession. And I've had it's been a wonderful thing to spend that much time with an old soul in a young body and see how just going to school, they begin to this is the way you do it. This is the way you do that, and begin to limit their freedom and their creativity. Now we live in a society I'm glad we have limits I'm glad we have rules. You know I'd hate to get out here on the interstate and anyone could drive anywhere they wanted. Let's be real here. We we need certain things so we can respect other people's boundaries. And society needs to put those things in place. But he's getting where in my country, the United States it's almost like we're no longer the land of the free but the land of the frayed you know, we're afraid we're gonna get sued my son's school, most of their tape, most of their policies are not for the betterment of the son of the student, but to protect the school from lawsuits. It's that way everywhere, you know, and I remember the first time I went to do programmed in New Zealand, got off the plane and sung it. Within an hour I was feeling something I hadn't felt since my childhood. It just was. I was happy. And I'm like what the heck is this? And I realized they aren't afraid. They have a system that doesn't allow you me to sue you. Unless you intentionally tried to hurt if you put that rake on your front wall, knowing I was coming in that I would step there. I need to go to court and prove that before I can sue you and so not many people get sued. And what it really does, it puts responsibility back on the individual. And that's what freedom is about. It's scary for a lot of people you know, I mean being able to make their own decisions and to be able to be really free and feel free. That does frighten a lot of people. Yeah, yeah, it I don't know. I can't relate to that really well. I've never really experienced that in my life just because of the type of soul I am. But I believe it because I see it. You know and I mean, I saw a lady the other day and she we were working with channeling and she has this tremendous obligation to her brother and she's like she's she's a I mean, she's a fully grown woman. This is not a young woman. And she's ruin. She's living her life based on this person's needs. Because she is afraid that without her he'll have trouble. But by doing that she's missing her whole life purpose. She's investing her life in someone else. Who, in my opinion is somewhat taking advantage of that. And they don't realize that by worrying about whether he's going to get this apartment or whether they're going to do this for him because he does have some issues that need to be addressed. He needs special housing and things that she's actually she's unaware that okay, the person who's doing that application and gonna approve it, they're sensitive to so when they're thinking about Joe Schmo and you're worried about Joe Schmo, they pick up something that may make them not check the box you want them to check. They don't understand how energy works. And so, so many of us or at least in my life, I worked against myself so long I had to work hard. Really put some effort into screwing up and making my life not nearly as fun as it can be. And that's what spirituality when it gets down to its purest form. That's what it is. It's not it's fun to be psychic. I love it. It's fun to do, and it's rewarding to be able to heal people and it's wonderful to be able to work with someone to tap their spiritual guidance and, and really help them in a place that no one else could reach for them. That's beautiful. But what who I spend most of my time with is me. And I need to get that clear that I need to be free inside and that way. I radiate that and I radiate it to all the people around me and like you said, all I have to do is show up. keep my mouth shut and sensitive people will be like, Who's that? Question though? They'll want to be there. Their inner guidance will just move them toward me. You'll be a Wayshower you'll be a Wayshower to others. And I mean, to me that feels like what we're all striving to be is a positive wayshower so that's kind of what I hear you saying word wayshower. You know, it's not always visionary. I didn't know that. wayshower is a word that Dr. Francisco call the founder of Wayshowers college came up with and I would look I looked it up one day in the dictionary because I had a lot of people to come with us this way shower or something. I'm thinking, Yeah, I've never heard this before. And then I realized No, they haven't you know, they're doing their best to do it. But a Wayshower is just a person who knows the way they've done it for themselves. And they can point you in that direction. They don't come on with me kind of a you know, it's more of a if you want to come along if you want to do that. Here's the way I did it. It worked for me. If you want to give it a try, maybe some of that will work for you. And it leaves things very non judgmental. You can't i can't You can't fail that. You can't fail giving it a go. Especially if the person who's pointing in the direction is giving you a tool that you can experience it for yourself. Like I love we have a technique, you know this technique of spiritual cleansing technique. We don't show it to people until they have gotten a couple of steps in the program. Because it's so simple that I have to have released some of the banana peel around me in order to really appreciate what this technique just did. For me. Whereas if I just and I've done this over my career, I've made more mistakes. I've hit more stepping stones as a spiritual educator than I hope anyone else does. Just because I'll try about anything. And when I would show people how to spiritually cleanse or check with their spiritual helpers, or any of that before the timing was right. Then I understood the parable of throwing pearls before swine. You know, they just weren't where they could appreciate it. Here I've given you a tool that can help you stay relaxed and tuned in for the rest of your life. But I gave it to you too soon. And you're There's still too much of the outer influencing you. So you didn't really feel what just happened to your energy when you did this technique. So you'd like Oh, that's nice. And there I've missed an opportunity to be a real service. It may be 10 or 20 years before that person comes back to that point where they're ready for it. And that's my spiritual I'm glad spirit gave me people to practice look at it, you know, or else I could feel guilty about it. You know, I ruined that person's opportunity. But that's really little picture thinking. You know, bigger picture thinking is this. This road goes on forever and the party never ends if I don't get it this lifetime. When I wake up from death, I'll start organizing myself to come back and get the rest of what I wanted to do here. Yeah, so I want to talk a little bit about the time we have right now because this does feel like a very special timeframe that all these souls that are actually here to be of service like you, me and many, many, many others on the planet. It's a special time. So in the perspective of people waking up and people finding their inner freedom people learning how to work with some of these techniques that we use or many other techniques that are out there within the world. What difference Have you noticed in the world and where we've come in where we're at right now from when you really started this work since you've been doing this for several decades now. When I first started I could get on any radio station I wanted. About anytime I wanted. We were so unique. We didn't know and the buzzword at the time was teaching people to use their ESP if I if I said I can do that. I was on radio in Washington. I was on television in Washington, Richmond all over the United States, New Zealand, Europe. It was easy back in the back in the 70s. So we've been really successful since and I can best describe what's going on with one word, see change. US seen changes in nautical term, where two oceans or two large bodies of water meet and where they meet there's always this turbulence and what's going on right now this isn't the first time this has happened. It happened some time ago. It takes a long time for all of the pieces to get into place for this opportunity that we have right now to come into being and it was best described to me as like you know how when a clock goes up and it hits the new day. It's 12 o'clock. Midnight. The New Day the new day in a new week in a new month in a new year. In a new age. That's where we are right now. And along with that, if you look around it looks like 2000 years ago, everybody has now become a psychic and a coach and a healer. And it was that way before but here we come in with something a little different. We've come in here with something where I can't I can't do it for you, but I'll show you how to do it for yourself. And that's really what everyone's looking for. No one wants to be dependent on their psychic or their life coach or their or their anything. I appreciate everyone who sits down and takes time to help me straighten out my shit. There have been a lot of people who've helped me straighten out my stuff. But no one has been able to do it for me. And the people I appreciate most are the ones who allow me to say okay, here's what I see. Do you want to work on that? Yeah, I want to work on I want to work on it. And then I go away and I don't work on it. And they don't bug me about it. They respect my freewill because that's the sign to me of a high soul. And I really respect people who asked me Do I have permission to work with your spiritual life? You know, or whereas I see a lot of people who just say, you know, I need some help. I can tell you what's wrong with you. That's hard. That's not spiritually reverent. And what happens is the soul was so protective of its own energy. And I want to clarify that too. When I say the soul, I'm talking about the part of me that you can hear that you can feel the animal the thing that animates this physical body. It's my body doesn't have a soul. My soul has a body and around if you can see it, that's me holding this together and all of this stuff that I'm looking for my soul. We'll just touch your hands together for a second and see you there. Feel that? That's you, that's what's missing when you see a cadaver. So that part of us is so it is sensitivity. You know, I see a lot of people out there. I'm an empath it's so hard for me. Okay, let me tell you what, then instead of soaking it up, start radiating it out. And then those empathic abilities which we all have, you will begin to see how they are the greatest tool that you have. Because as I radiate that energy out, then I can feel something that doesn't belong to me coming and enough time to just relax and let it float on out. But a lot of people are trained to get over concerned about other people's situations or even my own situation. I can't get over concerned with it. I think I'll kill you, Richard. Yeah, I hope not. But I'm still got today. And if it does, I'll get a new one of these. Right? And it's, it's just life is fun. If I'm not having fun, I'm doing something wrong. And that is is as challenging a phrase as love one another. At least this challenging. Definitely. So I go up here every walk Liam to school we live within walking distance of his school. He's in fourth grade. And how go up there and they're here they come out the door first, second, third, fourth, only up to fifth grade, still very much in their feelings. I don't see a single one of them walk out there like you know and begin having fun. And I recognize that so that's part of me. You know, I'm, I'm driving a 1946 model physical body here. So I have to take better care of it. Then I did when it was only 20 years old or 30 years old or 40 years old or 50 years old. But if I do take care of it, it stays light. It doesn't get kind of energy about it. But I have to invest that time in the gym, going for walks riding my bicycle stretching, doing I have to do more than a day. I have to do things Liam doesn't even have to do. Right. You know he can get up in the morning. And fall down the stairs and bounce up and run outside you know? So it's just if I want to be the real me and be free of the all the stuff that a 76 year old supposed to be experiencing. I can do that. But I have to earn it. I have to earn everything I get here on planet Earth. I have to earn my spiritual freedom back and you have to want it when you're tired of suffering I have to get tired of feeling bad and some people. Some people pass on feeling bad and how I bet you I can't say this with any authority but I'll let you know when I come back next lifetime. But I'll bet you the minute they awaken from their death. They go like crap. I didn't have to do any of that. Oh my gosh. Right. I need to get back there and have fun. You know, without a doubt and I think that also comes to into play as well, especially with the way she was college for myself. I found that it's not complex. It's simple. It's down to earth. It's just like you're saying it's really the universal truth and it's just how, how to really be a soul in a physical body and just move to this world. That I'm relaxed having fun and my true feelings. And radiating that positive light. That's my that's my goal this lifetime and some enthusiasm because I love enthusiasm. And so for a lot of people that's challenging and that's okay because there are all kinds of levels of consciousness. And there are other people in the world who are sharing different variations of what does other people need. And so I'm sharing that because Tom and I've been doing a lot of metaphysical fairs lately. And we've come across and I've specifically come across a lot of people who want me to tell them, Do you can you give me a reading? Can you tell me something? And that's not my job. That's not what I'm here to do. I'm here to help them step into what they their gifts and how to work with them and how to embrace working with their guidance and getting their own answers, which is what I've heard you say and that is so important it for myself and what I'm here to do because I'm in like you said, I mean I give my hat's off to all the people who are empathic, who are being psychic mediums and all the stuff they're out there in the world doing. But that's not what I've come to do. I've really come to help like you at spiritual freedom helping people awaken to the gifts that God gave them and what they're here to really embrace the having a damn good time right. And you know, and living up to their spiritual potential which is what I want to talk a little bit about next. Richard is spiritual potential. Who would you like give a definition of what spiritual potential is for you? To me? Yeah. It's pretty much the things I've been saying all along. It's it's being it's getting back and being expressing the real me, the unique me living my thrust and when I'm not expressing the real me, is communicating without color. In other words, I'm not letting what I think you might want me to say, even come into my mind. It's what do I want to say? How do I want to respond? What are my feelings about? The question you just ask? My potential is to be there. But it's limitless. I'm gonna put a word in here that you haven't used yet. What is that word? When you finally make it, what do they call that? In law enlightenment. Enlightenment, gotcha. That Buddha thing. Well, I mean, that's a word a lot of people understand. It's, it's supposed to be a goal, but it's not really because I have been enlightened. A lot this lifetime. And I enjoyed that for a day or two. And then I got bored with it. I got bored with the state of consciousness at which I am so I started creating more opportunity or more challenges or or something to okay, I can feel this good. Better I can feel better. The game man up the game. So really spiritual potential. I think if I had to define it, it's fully accepting myself as I am in the moment. And realizing there's always more that that's really where it's at. And there I mean, of course, learning to use my intuition, vision, prophecy and feeling. That's that's important because here were a lot of us are, are disabled. You know, you have five physical senses. Yes, I do. But they're a reflection of four main spiritual abilities. The eyes I see with when I don't have a body, the ears I hear with when I don't have a body, the ability to sense and feel the ability to heal, to radiate that out. All of those come together. And usually souls who are relearning this relearn it rather quickly because it's innate and natural in us. So if you if you're like you and I are and no techniques that can help people see auras and hear their guidance and do all this. People think that wow, they think we're amazing because we're helping them do something they can do. You know, but there comes a point where now we need to get down to what's really holding me back, which are like you said, My concepts the things that get stimulate. So I'm always feeling and sensing. So if, let me I wish I could come up with a good example. I'm kind of excited right now. But the if a person comes up to me and I feel something, I get some kind of feeling from them. If I stay relaxed and tuned in and discern what is that I'm feeling? You know, is it is it I've known this person before. This is a person I can work with. This is a person I can have some fun with. This is a person that is a threat to me. I can sense that and go, okay, and then act accordingly. But if I immediately go, Oh, I like this person. Or I don't like this person now. I've cut off my feelings. I've moved into likes and dislikes. And most of what I'm going to do with that is going to be a little bit off target. If not a lot. You know, and it just takes a lot of experience. It takes experience to learn how to work with that to learn how not to suffer. It just really does. I have to get tired of suffering. And I have to get tired of hurting. I have to get tired of divorces. I have to get and that's what a soul really wants to change. So when we get to the nitty gritty that's when being more patient with myself and accepting with myself and that's where the techniques and like the percentage of balance and the glandular system profile and things like that that allow me to reinforce every day or twice a day if I need to the concept that will heal me and begin replacing the concept that will harm me in the same way with a blockage profile. You know a person comes and gets a blockage profile from us. They feel really good but then they go back out in the world and we take in the cake out of the oven. The oven didn't called yet. And it was 400 degrees. Well maybe the cake is 325 but that's hot it takes it a while to cool off so the real the metal hits the road where when a person goes back out there has that block hit and goes. That's that block and consciously goes I am not catering to that. I'm gonna do this. And they do this and do it's gone. It's not gone. Not none of me is ever gone. None of the good bad, ugly, beautiful is ever gone. It's just I build on top of that different energy to where that energy is not really visible, but it's still part of my experience base. I am the sum total of everything I've ever done throughout eons of time so to me that's that's where we separate the people who really want to grow from those who are not quite ready because everybody wants to grow. They just don't want to grow in my timing. And that's something as a spiritual leader. I really need to learn to respect because my spiritual helpers My angels, they respect that about me. They don't come in here. Come on Richard had that's enough of your disorganization. You need to do this this you know, or, or you're going to Hell do that. You know, they just kind of oh here he goes again. You watch him today? Well. I'll take this watch off. It's your time now. They're very patient. And I need to learn to be patient with myself as I grow so that I can be patient with others as they grow. And that's what love is all about. And that's a really good place to or good message for the listeners is just being patient with yourself, wherever you're at whatever you're experiencing. And then also, you know, doing that with other ones around you because, boy, there's a lot going on these days as we know and there always has been it's not like you I mean it's just different variations of things right? There's always something going on on the planet. It's what we're here to learn and grow with. But just been. It's been a long time since it's been like this. It has been a spiritual soul who's been doing this work a lot. This is exciting stuff. That's why there's so many souls here on planet Earth right now. They want to be a part they just want to feel this. They know that their time to go through this is coming down the road. So they're here. Yeah, and then there's a live heard a lot also waiting to get on the planet. So it's like both ways peep there's a lot here. A lot waiting to get in. So it's yeah, it's definitely it's an amazing time that we're here to help people you know, expand themselves and step into their true true self and their true feelings and and experience that spiritual freedom. So let's talk a little bit about the spiritual freedom because the videos awaken and discover video series because you had a big part in that. And that's an amazing collection of beautiful videos that people can access and really get a lot out of so we'd like to share a little bit about that, Richard? Yeah. Tiger Tiger Cole. Who is the president of Wayshowers College. He's been talking about making we've had or lectures with doors in for people where they can come in and kind of get introduced to the college, what we do what we think how we act, and see if it's a good fit and he'd been talking about having a not a woman, not a man. Nothing as a stick figure, you know, a totally benign entity, do the lecture on a video and I thought, that's about the dumbest thing I've ever heard. But I really thought likes and dislikes. Right? You know? I don't like that. So, he came to my house back in April and he brought a flash drive with a black stick figure on a white background. And a friend of ours will Hamilton who was in audio production for years, had done a voiceover of content that tiger and a team of others I think I'm going to name names because I think they deserve it Esther Carr who and Vicki Shreeves and and probably some others that I'm not aware of, but I know that that group, really put a couple years into this refining it and stuff. So I got this and I looked at it you know, he said, Can you turn this into something nice, you know, post produce what they'd done, he'd put on an anatomic suit. And he had done off cue cards, I believe. I think that's what he told me I could be wrong about that. But somehow he acted out wheels words as the voiceover went over, and that's what I got. And he's he's he's a former Navy SEAL and he's very fit. And so the the movement of the stick figure first I noticed were very fluid. It was very good, but the timing was off every it was a mess. So he and I worked on that together for months. And then you know, he would fly out here and we would work in my studio and then he would go back and then he come back and finally we got it to where we thought it was presentable. And then we spent another year refining that. But the whole idea was that what I'm sharing right now, I had this come in a minute ago. If you want to grow quickly, find yourself a Wayshowers college Certified Professional. There are a lot of a lot of them, you know, like you and I and and our friends you know, we all over the place all over the place. So and now with Zoom and stuff you can learn a lot. I just wanted to put that in there because I'll tell you I have looked at everything I still do I look I seek this stuff out. I haven't found anything really. That will help helps me grow this quickly. But we needed to get this message of what we call. We have the awakened series which is six videos and they're free. Just go get them. And that will those six videos will give you a pretty good understanding of where we're coming from. And then there's another 14 videos that you can buy for way cheaper than they're worth. It's like it's below $50 And you got lifetime access. And they're all between six and four minutes long. But they go over literally everything you need to know to accomplish your life purpose on planet Earth in in 16 compact, pure energy videos. They're really really good. You're gonna look at him go. I did. I've been doing this stuff for over 45 years when Tiger brought these in to me I've given these lectures and done all this and I looked at that content even with that black stick figure on that stark white background. I'm going this is really good Tiger. This, this is I showed him to a Baptist preacher friend of mine and he didn't defend him at all. It's hard not to offend a Baptist preacher. And no disrespect but it is that there's a lot of there's stuff in there that but I showed him to him and he's like this is this is interesting because it's that pure the content was was reduced and boiled down to where we can take something like the real you the universe and put that in a five minute video in such a way that you go. The cycles of light. And so the idea the goal is to get as much of this get this out to as many people as possible, because there is confusion on planet Earth right now. You're sensitive and it's like you're swimming in polluted water and we don't even know it. So this is the purifier. If there's a certain point where we need a little confusion and stuff here because that's what we're here to do this school is about learning not to be confused. Yes, but we don't need as much as is here now. And we don't need it permeating to the depth that it permeates. So there are a lot of people who are wasting the opportunity they have here to accomplish something for themselves spiritually that will last forever. Forever. I'll never come back to planet earth not knowing how to work with my guidance or use my psychic abilities because I learned how to do that here. What I learned here I keep here every time I come in here it because I've evolved as a soul. It's not a concept. It's not something I've read about. It's something I've done. Right okay. So that's what these videos are for. They're here to they're called the spiritual freedom series. And the first set the awakened set is free. The Discover set which really is discovering you there $30 And you have lifetime access and I have watched all of them probably more than anyone on Earth because I had to edit them and I watch them over and over and over. And I still once a week I'll watch them. They're that powerful to me. And they keep me grounded in the in the reality of why I'm really here and what's really important you know is it important to win that argument? Nope. What's important, right, what's important, you know, my son came in the other day he was upset and I said, Well, you're being weekly and he's one of the strongest little kids on but luckily he's a very gentle, strong kid. And I said, he said, What do you mean? I said, Well, anybody can be upset. I said it takes a lot of strength to go and do something that you know you have to do, and to do it with joy. That's what strength is. And what you're doing right now is weakness. I don't like to see you weekly. And he like went off and did it. But it that's what we do. You know, somebody okay, I'm caught now there's the moment of decision. Do I turn around and fight it or do I go in there right. And move on. Yeah, learn that got that lesson next because there's a lot there's a lot to do here. Well, Richard, yeah, I appreciate you so much coming on today and thank you for the videos for doing those amazing videos and I do offer a look what I did with those videos. Any professional could do the real, real credit for those videos are the the team you know Tiger and Esther and Vicki and particularly tiger who who got the creativity from spirit and had the patience to go through word for word and check with spirit is this word the right word? Is this the right word is this the right word? And that I know that's what happened. Go listen to him. You have I have Yeah, yeah, they're amazing. Yeah, they're amazing thing. So yeah, I mean, I enjoyed doing it. I'm glad people like you know the end product, but I really, like I said any professional video person could have done maybe even a better job than I did because I had to learn it as I went. Right. And so also for the listeners if they want to get in touch with you, I'll have your website I'll have your Instagram, Facebook, all that in the show notes. So if you guys resonate with working with Richard Lasseter and finding out what he's got to offer for you and you know, doing some consultations and hey, uplifting that spiritual freedom within you, Richard is the man to go to. So thank you so much richer in Virginia Richmond area. I can probably see your house from here. So thank you so much for coming on today and sharing I appreciate the opportunity to outflow. It's a good thing, right? Hey, there's nothing that a little or a lot of outflow won't heal. Who yeah to that. Thank you, Richard. You bet. Take care Teresa. Thanks. So much. Give Tom My love will do. I will. I've got someone at the door. Okay, good. To end it. No worries. Take care. Bye. We need to regroup. Let me know. We'll do thank you take care all right. Let's do Yes, sir. Beautiful.