Enthusiastically Spiritual

Reconnecting to Yourself through Reconnective Healing with Rob Koenig

October 11, 2022 Season 2 Episode 60
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Reconnecting to Yourself through Reconnective Healing with Rob Koenig
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Perhaps you’re living a life where everything looks great on the surface and you feel like you should be satisfied, but you’ve found yourself asking “is there something more?”

Well, you’re not alone.

My guest today had what most would consider a perfect life - the career, the house, a wonderful wife and kids - and yet he found himself desiring more and as a result, experienced what he called his “midlife existential crisis.”

This led him on a spiritual journey and resulted in a joyful and fulfilled life traveling the world teaching ordinary individuals how to access their extraordinary potential.

Rob Koenig is the Co-Owner of The Holistic Center for Soulful Living in his home of Long Island, New York and the Co-Director of The Reconnection, LLC - an international organization dedicated to promoting the advancement and expansion of human consciousness and life progress through the Reconnective Healing Experience.  Rob has also worked as a school psychologist for over 25 years and has always remained passionate about improving the human condition.  Rob now travels throughout the country and abroad teaching ordinary individuals how to access their extraordinary potential.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Mid life existential crisis

2. Feeling disconnected with life

3. Taking the leap of discovery

4. Being an instrument of support  for others

5. Having access to a spiritual essence

6. Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl

7. Two type of people who show up for events

8. Feeling the energies

9. The Reconnection-a divine alignment

10. Upcoming event The Catalyst in Virginia Beach

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Perhaps you're living a life where everything looks great on the surface. And you feel like you should be satisfied but you found yourself asking, is there something more? Well, you're not alone. My guest today had what most would consider a perfect life, the career the house, a wonderful wife and kids. And yet he found himself desiring more and as a result experienced what he called his midlife existential crisis. This led him on a spiritual journey and resulted in a joyful and fulfilled life, traveling the world teaching ordinary individuals how to access their extra ordinary potential. Rob Koenig is the co director of The Reconnection LLC, an international organization dedicated to promoting the advancement and expansion of human consciousness and life progress through the Reconnective Healing experience. He lives in Long Island, New York where he has been a school psychologist for over 25 years. He is also the co owner of the holistic center for soulful living in his hometown. I am so honored to have him here for this episode and welcome Rob. Thank you, Teresa. It is such an honor and a privilege to be on this show with you. Thank you for having me. Well, let's talk about midlife existential crisis because I had one to rob in this is is crazy, right? So I would love for you to share a little bit about how that happened and how it moved you into what you're doing now. Absolutely. You know, many people when they get into their 40s heading to their 50s It's not unusual right to come to a point where you start questioning you know, what's next for me and and trying to capture some some enthusiasm and excitement about life again and, and for me instead of wanting a new shiny sports car or, or something material I found myself just completely feeling disconnected, disconnected to kind of the bigger aspects of my life experience. I I began craving answers to questions that I'd never asked before like the big ones like why are we here? What is it all about and and I really felt really you know, I was concerned that that I was on what I considered kind of like that rat wheel you know where I was waking up and you know rinse repeat doing the same thing day after day. And even though like like you said in the intro even though I had all the trappings of a successful life on the outside. There was something absolutely missing from my perception and my experience of of joy and fulfillment and and it set me on this this trail where I just had to find answers I had to fill in what was missing and then I'll be honest, I did not have much of a sense of spirituality in my life. For a good part of my life. I mean, it wasn't until this was about my early 40s where this started kind of showing up for me this these feelings these desires and and I began really seeking out answers through Spirituality through Metaphysics for the first time in my life, I became curious about these topics and and I began reading and getting you know as many books as I get my hands on these topics because I needed to know more I needed to know, you know, what was it that I was missing and and as I began to devour information, yes, I began to feel a little more sense of hope. A sense of wonder about the true nature of reality and existence and, and it started me off on this kind of new quest of discovery. And I'll tell you to reserve that when, when this began to happen. I became really curious about human potential. As a psychologist, I always wanted to be, you know, an instrument of of life improvement. I always wanted to be there for my clients and and I wanted to make sure that I was contributing to more joy and satisfaction in the lives of others. I think that's what drew me to psychology. But for me in that moment, as I began to, to seek out these answers and and explore spirituality, I became really fascinated with the concept that there are human beings on this planet with extraordinary gifts. And and I started reading about those individuals so you're reading about people who tapped into healing capacities and and were having extraordinary life experiences and and while it fills me with a sense of of optimism and hope for humanity, I still felt very ordinary myself I still felt like I was kind of looking in at something that exists for for someone out there but not me. And and I don't know if your listeners can relate to that feeling of you know, being in wonder of what exists outside of yourself. But but looking inside and saying but yes, but is that me? Is that Is that something that life holds as opportunity for me. And so it was like an interesting, you know, juncture of, of these this juxtaposition of excitement about what can be but also a self reflection of but yes, but what about me and and what ended up happening next was as I continue to read and read about these, you know, more and more stories of of, of incredible human beings on this planet that discovered extraordinary capacities and abilities. Someone suggested that I read the book The Reconnection Heal Others Heal Yourself by Dr. Eric Pearl. And again, at that time, I was in this mode of anytime someone suggested that I read something or check something out. I always I began to finally understand that that was probably a sign that I should go down that path and, and explore it. And and when I read this book, and I read about the story of Dr. Pearl of successful chiropractor that began having miraculous experiences with his clients when He just held his hands near them, healing experiences that he couldn't explain. When I started reading this, I thought, here's another great example of a human being on this planet with amazing abilities. But then I get to the end of the book, and I hear that he is tapping into something that he claims every single human being has the capacity to hold within them. And that was an intriguing offer, or an intriguing challenge for me because here I was thinking, okay, I get it. You can do this. You have these amazing experiences. I'm so happy for you and it's exciting, but But what about me and here he is saying that anyone could tap into this. So um, so I started to look at well, where is he teaching people how to discover these amazing gifts and and I learned that he's traveling around the world. You know, you know, week after week, a holding these these training programs, these extended weekend experiences where apparently you can learn how to do this and learn how to hold this, this healing capacity within you and and I was healthy. So there was a healthy level of skepticism. I'll be honest, but it was it was a challenge that I just couldn't. I just couldn't deny taking that leap. That leap of discovery and, and Teresa, I tell you that when I went to that, that training and I flew to Toronto, Canada, I didn't want to wait for him to come to New York because I was impatient. I wanted to know for myself. So there I went. I took my wife with me. I said come on. We're going to explore for this we're going to see what this is about. And and that weekend everything changed for me. I witnessed not only within myself, but within every one that I saw in that experience, just how palpable just how possible it is to tap into our extraordinary potential and and I couldn't believe what I was able to, to facilitate in the way of connections with with with those around me and and tapping into a a healing potential to not only be a facilitator or a catalyst as we say for healing and those around us, but to tap into that which exists within us as well for our own self healing. It was it was an undeniable knowingness that I had never experienced before. And I remember turning to my wife at the end of that weekend, and I said, All right, I'm a school psychologist. I don't know how this is fitting into my life, but I'm going to do this I'm going to practice I'm going to become a professional practitioner of Reconnective Healing. I didn't know how that was going to come to fruition. I didn't know how it was going to manifest, but I knew it within every ounce of my being that it was going to be a big part of my life and and the rest, as they say is history. I mean I have been on a journey now for a decade, where I went from learning how to develop a professional practice and Reconnective Healing and fit that into my life to going on to having a very clear vision of of creating a holistic center in my home of Long Island and and then deciding at that point that it wasn't enough for me just to bring this into the lives of those around me one by one. I want it to be I don't know if anyone's ever heard of the musical Hamilton on Broadway. Oh, yeah. But there's there's a there's a famous song in that in that musical. That's that's called the room where it happens. Well, I'm going to tell you that I wanted to be in the room where it happened every time it happened. I wanted to be a part of that catalytic experience where people wake up to the truth of who they really are. And I want it to be a part of that experience. I wanted to be a catalyst for others to discover just how incredible we all are and what we're capable of. I mean, I saw how transformative it was in my life. And I just said you know what this is, this is a life worth living. Being a part of that expansive awareness, that explosion of that alchemical recognition that you are more than you ever imagined that spirituality, meeting humanity in a real tangible demonstratable way and, and so I have, you know, just committed myself to being that, you know, being a part of that experience and, and and now I look at my life and I say it's such a blessing that I get to I get to teach people how to access this and, and I'm I feel so honored that Dr. Eric Pearl has given me the role of being the co director for his organization and allowing me to kind of carry this forward, you know, around the country and beyond. So that's, that's, I know, that's a lot but I wanted to give you a little bit of the arc of the journey. Oh without a doubt, what an amazing journey. So I've also done this training. And um, so we'll talk a little about that. And I you know, it's funny because I thought whenever I know some other people that also do it like in Australia Reconnective you know, instructors down there. And so I was like, you know, when they asked me, How did I find this I thought you know it really found me. I don't know if you feel that way, Rob? Yeah, it found me I had done Reiki I've done cranial sacral and I was doing healing and massage therapy. And this just came up and I'm like, I need to go there. I need to experience this and it was life changing. I 100% agree. With you. And I too, was so hungry for the next and next so I did all the training did the reconnection, which I love for you to talk a little bit about that also because that's obviously a big part of it is the reconnection, but it was profound and the energy that comes forth from myself. And all the people who are present and the energy in the room and I've never experienced anything like it. It's just amazing. So I'm with you. I'm on board. Absolutely. Yeah, you know, I love to read I love that you've had this experience personally. It's you know, I you know, when I learned that about you, I would just I was so excited to have this conversation because I know that you, you know firsthand what it's like to kind of open to that and you know what's so interesting about Reconnective Healing is I agree 100% It finds you, it finds you, it finds you and and I'm going to tell you there are I'm noticing that there are two kind of broad groups of individuals that I recognize are discovered by Reconnective Healing. There. There are some that maybe that I would group that I would fit into a group of individuals who it shows up and they didn't see it coming they it wasn't even on the radar, spirituality, metaphysics, healing, but all of a sudden they find themselves drawn to this new evolution within their lives. And then there are there's the other camp that I think you probably fit into Teresa of people who have already been exploring spirituality, maybe for years and have already been, you know, looking at healing as a as a practice and, and are just ready for what's next. They're ready for the expansion of what they have already discovered. I feel like those are like the two most common groups and then everyone else in between. But um, but yeah, I mean it's and it's fascinating to me because like I get it for people like myself when this shows up and you you go from zero to 60 You know you go from like not having any awareness of our of our deep connections to one another and our spirituality to all of a sudden having a knowingness that this is, this is actually who you are, and you can and it can be demonstrated and experience. I get that. But what's been so fascinating to me is those people like yourself and probably like many other people that tune in to to this podcast, that have been exploring their spiritual path for years. It's fascinating to me when I listen to people like that, who describe what it was that actually turns the light on for them. And what I hear people say time and time again, is that they were ready to release the form, the technique, the structure of having to do things a certain way and, and they were just completely drawn into this fundamental truth of Reconnective Healing and that is it is a natural expression of our access to the field. And when I say the field I'm talking about the the energetic field that includes energy light information, it's it's the it's the field of consciousness. It's the natural state of our being. And what we're discovering is that even if we've been practicing healing techniques for years, there is some there is a level of freedom that comes when we recognize that perhaps all of those steps that we took, we're preparing us for this moment, to release the learning of the steps and recognizing that when we tap into the essence of who we are, we can access healing on a whole new level. And I want to take a look at the the concept of healing just for a moment because when you think about the word healing, if you go to its derivation, healing comes from the root of the word wholeness. That's what healing is at its essence. It's tapping into a return to wholeness. You know, when someone is healed, we can consider them to be once again hold there is no limit, there's no lock there is no you know, there's no scarcity in their in the expression of who they are. And I think this is such a beautiful definition of healing. Because in in many healing practices, whether it's Eastern or more typical, Western, you know, modes of healing, there's this concept of, of focusing in on challenge where we say, Okay, well, here's someone that needs a healing, and we look and say, Okay, well where do we need to heal this person? What needs to be healed? What is what is lacking? What needs to be remedied? What Reconnective Healing does is it turns that whole equation upside down, and it and instead of focusing our attention on where is there a lack Where is there a challenge? Where is there a limitation, we start to recognize that the true essence of healing is tapping into our state of wholeness that already exists? We are already whole and and I think when we think about our spirituality, when you think about the essence of who we are, that eternal essence the essence that was here before we incarnated in physical form, the essence that will continue on that continuity after we are no longer in physical form, we know that that essence is whole. There is no there's no challenges and lacks and limitations in our spiritual essence. And this is live. Let's be honest, this is what we hear from all the great mediums that have ever connected with the other side. They'll tell you that our loved ones once they pass on, they release all of the challenges that they had in their human life. They no longer carry that they release all of it as they reemerge into the wholeness of who they are. But here's the thing. We don't have to wait until we pass on from this physical life to reconnect to the wholeness. That is who we are. And that's where Reconnective Healing comes in. It is an approach to healing that recognizes that we have access to that wholeness, we have access to that spiritual essence. And when you are facilitating Reconnective Healing as a as a practice, what you're actually doing is bringing your attention to that essence, and saying, You know what, for now, I'm not going to focus on the surface of your humanity, which includes the emotional challenges then, you know, maybe the mental clutter that's going on or the or maybe even the physical challenges that are getting our attention in our human experience. We're going to take a pause from focusing on the surface of our being, and we're going to play and interact with that essence that that perfect harmony that already exists within you. It's the same harmony by the way that we try to tap into when we meditate is the same harmony that we reunite with in a in a yogic practice. It's it's that same inner harmony that always is existing just below the surface. And when we bring our attention there and interact with one another at that level, that becomes amplified, and that rises to the surface. And we begin to receive whatever is appropriate and necessary at this moment, so that we can come back into balance in whatever form is appropriate for us and, and we're actually tapping into an intelligence and an intelligence when I speak of an intelligence we're talking about the intelligence of the universe. We can talk about it as the intelligence of the body. I mean, when you get a cut on your finger, how much mental energy do you have to put into that cut to make sure that it heals? Zero? There is an intelligence that knows how to come back into balance and, and Reconnective Healing appears to be an incredible catalyst. There's that word again, to help amplify our natural capacity to heal. But here's here's the other really incredible distinction between Reconnective Healing and maybe the traditional ways that we've gone about the energetic healing for that matter in the past. You know, we often talk about in the energy healing world we often talk about sending energy, I'm gonna send energy to my client or send energy to a person that needs you know, needs healing. I love this distinction. When we think about Reconnective Healing, we were first of all recognizing that and this is not a new concept. I mean, we are all connected we're all one right and when I say that, for those in this, you know, that are deep into their spiritual journey, this is not like a eureka moment when I say that we're all one right? So if we really embody that awareness, if we recognize that there is no separation between you and I, there is no separation. We're part of an interconnected field and an interconnected humanity. That really is is a living breathing organism, where there is no you know, components other than just that wholeness. Now, when I come into the healing experience, and I recognize that as a facilitator, if I begin to bring a consciousness of sending healing, immediately I come into a an awareness that if I have to send from me to you, I first have to, on some level acknowledge that there is a gap to bridge because if I have something that I have to bring to you, if I have to send you a letter, there's a point where I have the letter and you don't and then eventually you have the letter and I don't so. So when we recognize that, if we can connect to this concept of oneness, and then as a facilitator of healing, begin to recognize that our only role is to allow ourselves to be in the receiving of this awareness that we're connected to receiving of our connection to what you can call the divine or connection to this Universal Intelligence. As soon as I put my attention on you while I'm allowing myself to be in that consciousness of receiving and just being already tapped in and you know, and tuned into that. I immediately invite you to share this experience with me not because I'm sending it to you, I'm lobbing it from one side over a wall to you but I'm just simply by placing my attention on you in that moment, as I allow myself to receive that we both step into this transcendent experience, where we begin to expand into a more truthful recognition of who we are and and that's that's to me is so powerful. And and that's this is why you know, when you you know, Dr. Pearls book, heal others heal yourself. That wasn't just a catchy phrase. When when we step into this interaction, we recognize that as we allow ourselves to become the healing, that we are allowing those in our attention to experience healing as we do, and it's not healing in this it's not it's not as I heal X, Y, or Z, you're going to heal the same thing. We all have our own personal relationship with what's appropriate and necessary in that moment. And we both began to receive simultaneously so so that's that's like some of the core essence of what drew me to the philosophy and consciousness of Reconnective Healing. It's so expansive and it's so liberating. So I think this is a good time to let's practice we talked about Yeah, giving some examples and let's, let's practice the energy a little bit play with that. So, so I'm glad to have the opportunity to do that. And I know that some of your listeners are listening with their ears auditorily and some, some are tuning into this visual presentation where you can see us so what I'm going to do is I'm going to take you through a couple of little interactions where I will talk you through this. So if you're not, if you don't have the benefit of seeing us on screen, you can follow along. Now. As we do this, I want you to recognize that this is not about I'm going to take you through an exercise are two, but I want you to recognize that these exercises are not the technique there is no technique. It's about an expansion of awareness and consciousness. And we use different exercises to explore that field and to explore our awareness. But this is not something that that you're going to have to remember what how did he What did he say to do with my hands? It's not about that. Follow along, begin to explore and pay attention to see what shows up. And as we do these types of things, we begin to play and explore and it's a very childlike kind of exploration of wonder where we just kind of remain in that state of have of expectancy meaning, what am I going to experience is different than expectation where you say I bet it's going to be like this or that expectancy is that that wonder of, I wonder what I will notice. So let's do that. So I want you to start by placing your hands palm facing palm right in front of you. And I want you to open up your fingers. So allow that allow the air and the current just to kind of flow around all of your all of the surface of your hands. And I want you to start by imagining a rubber band connected to the inside of one palm to the inside of the other. So there you are, with your two hands palm facing palm in front of you, and they're connected to each other by an elastic band. And I want you to begin to stretch that band and imagine the tension as you stretch see if you can put your awareness even if it's just using your imagination. Imagine that sensation and that tension as you pull. What we're doing right now is just exploring with a new sense. And as you pull, allow it to release just a little bit of let your hands come in and and notice the release of the tension as our hands come back together just as if there was an elastic band. And then once again, pull again. See if you can notice the changes and the sensation as you pull apart. And yes, this is an exercise is an exploration but it's actually an awareness that is bound in truth in reality and that is every molecule every atom of our body is connected and communicating with one another. So what we're actually doing right now is just playing with that space between our hands and seeing what it's like as we begin to just bring our attention to the sensations in our hands. Okay, raise your hands, relax, shake them out. What I want you to do now is we're going to play and to something a little bit interesting. I want you to hold up your hand palm facing if you're if you're watching on the on the screen, just with your palm facing the screen. And if you're listening, I just simply want you to hold up your hand just with your with your with your fingers open. And I want you just to everyone at this moment, I want you to put your attention into the center of your hand. And so I'm going to take my hand down but I want you all to keep your hand in that position. Hold your hand there. And I'm now going to take my hand and I'm just going to begin to have an interaction with you. So I'm just simply for those of you who are just listening, I'm just going to describe what I'm doing. I'm just moving my hand in small circular motions, right facing you whether it's you in the screen or you listening with headphones are you tuning in in any way that you choose? And as I move my hand in those small circular motions, I want you to to just make a note to yourself, What are you experiencing what's showing up in the palm of your hand? Teresa, let me start with you because you're the only one that can talk back to me right now. Right I'm feeling the circle. I'm filling you making a circle in my palm. Isn't that cool? And how close are you and I right now physically? Where I'm in Iowa? Where are you? You're in New York. I'm in New York. I'm in Long Island and I want you to know that this is not happening. Because this is not showing up and coming through the screen. It's it's it's not coming through anything. I these connections that we're exploring right now are actually happening because we are already connected. I don't have to send this to you in Iowa. I don't have to send this to you in California or in in France or wherever you're tuning in to be a part of this experience. This is you just tuning into a connection that we are all sharing. So I'm now going to play I'm going to stretch NEMA, that rubber band we were just playing with so hold your hand in that same position, and I'm going to pretend that I'm stretching my that band is now connected to the center of my palm and I'm just gonna pull and stretch and stretch and stretch away from your palm. And you might notice that as I do that maybe the sensation changes a little bit. Maybe it doesn't Teresa, what do you notice when I do that? I'm noticing that well, it's definitely activated, I should say activate it. It feels that way. And I can feel like a string between us. I mean, isn't that fascinating? I mean, when everyone rest your hands, put your hands down at your side for a moment. This might feel like just a playful little exercise of just, you know, a metaphysical parlor trick, so to speak. But I'm going to tell you that this is more than just isn't that cool? Isn't that nice that we can experience that when we have these experiences and we bring our awareness to these connections. What we have found through cut through dozens of research studies around the world, looking at Reconnective Healing looking at what's taking place within us when we're having these interactions. We're discovering that fundamental shifts are taking place within us down to the level of our DNA we have there's been fascinating research studies with with human DNA and looking at how Reconnective Healing affects every aspect of our cellular makeup and beyond. And one of the things that we have discovered is that every living being gives off gives off something called bio photons as if they're, they're imperceptible to the human eye but they are measurable vibrations of light that come from all living beings. So when you hear someone saying that I'm that we're we're Lightworkers it is absolutely that it's scientific we are we are light beings we are and and that light emanates from every cell in our body. And what science has shown research has shown that as we step into more levels of vibrancy, that those bio photonic output becomes more intense, more harmonic more coherent. And they have discovered that Reconnective Healing experiences tend to amplify that biophotonic output so all those little adjustments that are taking place at the cellular level, are manifested in some of those experiences of our awareness such as the feeling of that swirling in our hands, that feeling of movement. It's all part of the experience. And so Reconnective Healing is really about stepping into this broader conscious awareness of our fullness as as being connected to everything and everyone and being in a state of awareness that when we do connect to that there lies opportunity for true healing a return to wholeness, Teresa, you asked about the personal reconnection, you know, so everything that we're talking about so far. Is is the is the art, the practice, the science, the the experience of Reconnective Healing, and that's kind of the umbrella category for this experience of stepping into this greater level of awareness and balance and harmony in our lives. And yes, it can be used to heal on every level emotionally physically, even in our spiritual awareness. Again, that was a huge shift for me with my spiritual awareness as I met Reconnective Healing, but there was another application of this Reconnective Healing awareness that as you brought out is that we now call it a personal reconnection. So what is the personal reconnection? It's an essence of a process of really stepping into an alignment and alignment of three very central critical, energetic systems that are a part of our human experience. One is the energetic structure of energy flow within the physical body, often described as like the acupuncture lines and points of the body. I mean, the Chinese medicine they knew this for 1000s of years that there was a structure and a flow of energy within the physical form that helped organize and keep it in harmony. But that's not the end of our energetic blueprint. We don't just exist within our bodies we know this, there is also a complementary parallel network of energy that exists within the Earth itself. The Earth is our home this is we have a relationship with the earth all the indigenous populations of the planet knew this. And they continue to remind us that that we have a very, very special relationship with this planet. It is our home and inside the planet, it is also organized energetically with a flow and a structure of energy. Finally, if you look outside of our physical body and the planet itself, you look into the stars in the heavens and you recognize you ever looked at the constellations in the night sky? There's an organization up there, it's not random. It's actually very structured and the entire universe is held together. The fabric of the universe is held together based on an energetic grid, a structure that allows an organized flow of energy to take place. Now, when we talk about the personal reconnection, which is this application that I want to describe, it's about getting us to reconnect and align these three very important aspects of our humanity, our physical form, the energy that we get from this earth that we're a part of, and the energy throughout the universe and bringing these three energetic systems into alignment allows an incredible expansion of our life experience because when we're truly connected to all that is and all and that, that that supportive network of energy inter interchange, we can then live and our lives and walk on a path that allows us to really expand and evolve in our journey allows us to walk forward in our lives with support support energetically from from all of these systems, both our physical form, and oh, and these and these seemingly external energetic systems that are not so external. And we bring this into an alignment through a very systematic process. That's known as the personal reconnection. It's a two day process. It's simply two sessions that take place on two separate days. And in that process, we as facilitators are bringing our attention and our awareness to these very specific lines and points that not only flow through our bodies but extend out into everywhere, the the Earth, the universe, and when we have this experience, as many have over the over the over the many years that it's been offered people tend to see dramatic acceleration in their in the expansion of their life progress and their journey. So it's not just about coming back into balance and harmony where you are right now. It's about looking at the big picture of the life journey and, and I look at for example, me me opening up the holistic center for soulful living on Long Island. That was a part of my personal reconnection journey and that I began to have more clarity and awareness of what I wanted to accomplish in this lifetime. What I wanted to bring forth in this lifetime, knowing that I was going to be a part of this team of teaching Reconnective Healing. I believe it all came from this clarity that I had when I really stepped into that, that deeper connection so that as I experienced my life, I have that support around me to kind of live the life that I really came here to experience and and so it's so these are two just beautiful applications of this new awareness and, and it's and I feel like it's such a gift to be able to not only share it with people so that they can experience it in their lives, but to empower people to recognize that they can also share it with others. And that's where my that's where my focus has been lately is really, you know, finding more and more opportunities for people to discover that Reconnective Healing is not for just some of us it's it's it's part of our human experience that we can offer this expansion in our lives and share it with others and, and the Teresa This is why I'm so appreciative that you know, that you give people like me and so many others the opportunity to share what they've come here to share because this you know, we're part of a very, very important community and that's a community of like minded individuals that want to experience expansion and spiritual growth. And development and and I love in this concept of being enthusiastically spiritual because I was never enthusiastic about spirituality. Before I now Rob you so are now oh my god, you're like the poster boy of enthusiastic Lee spiritual I love it. So yeah. So there's two different aspects. There's the healing part with, you know, the Reconnective Healing then there's the reconnection. Let's talk about your event you have coming up in the called The Catalyst weekend. That's coming up soon. It is coming up. I'm so excited. I mean, this is this is what I was talking about before being in the room where it happened. These are the events that I live for, because this is when I get to witness the evolution and transformation of people that are walking into a room and saying, what's this going to be like? What am I going to what am I going to discover about myself and about, you know, my potential and my possibilities and then I get to watch as those lights come on, and they recognize that everyone in the room including themselves, holds this capacity and actually realizes and recognizes it. So so we hold these events several times throughout the year and our next event is happening. In the beautiful Oceanside town of Virginia Beach. We actually reserved a hotel right on the water. So just we can be surrounded by nature as we have this experience. It's November 12, and 13th. And it's called the catalyst weekend because it is transformative. It's transformative in our own lives and it's transformative in what you are able to bring forth as you leave. And here's the here's the best part of it, is that you know when you think about being on a healing journey, in the sense of learning how to become a healing facilitator or just wanting to experience your own healing transformation. Often when we think about that endeavor, we think about the concept of a journey, meaning like, Oh, this is gonna be years worth of study and years worth of exploration, and maybe I'll get there one day. Well, here's the beautiful thing about Reconnective Healing is it's so natural to who we are, that it only takes a few days to step into a true awareness that mastery lies with him. It's, it's not something that we have to kind of toil at to reach a level of where eventually there's no such thing as a master Reconnective Healing practitioner Reconnective Healing reveals to everyone who chooses to bring it into their lives that the mastery is already there. It's already within you, you don't become a master, it reveals it becomes a mirror to reflect that that mastery is with him. So just so you know, the the arc of of training it actually there's two central components and then a third potential after that. The first is there's an online experience that we now offer that we call the portal, aptly named because it's your entry into this new awareness and the portal is, is about eight plus hours worth of content that you will be able to do on your own at your own time at your own leisure on on your phone, your computer, and it's broken up into different modules. And it's taught by Dr. Eric Pearl, the founder of Reconnective Healing and, and Jillian Fleer who's the head of insight and development for the reconnection organization. Jillian is also an very inspiring instructor herself and has been a partner with Eric in his teaching journey for his for many years now. So that portal experience you do on your own. You can do it as soon as tomorrow if you choose. And it takes you through some exercises, more exercise than what I just did with you today. But also teach takes you into a little bit more of the history, some of the science, some of the philosophy, and at the end of that experience. You are prepped and ready to come join us for the weekend. And that and that's the next step is the catalyst weekend, which I'm offering in Virginia Beach in November. Once you leave that weekend experience in Virginia Beach with me and my team. Oh and by the way, Dr. Pearl and Jillian Fleer are going to be joining us that week and I've invited them to be there and they have accepted my invitation. So it's also a really great opportunity to get a chance to interact with with him and But getting back to the training. Once you leave that weekend. I can guarantee you one thing and that is you will have full access to the Reconnective Healing experience. To share it with others to bring it into your life. And you will have that knowingness you will have had an opportunity to witness and experience what it's like to bring this into the world, bring it into your life and to share it. Now, if you decide that you want to practice this professionally, which I serendipitously decided I was going to do when I finished my training. You are actually eligible to practice professionally if it's the right fit for you. If this is something you want to do, we will we will give you the opportunity to accept the terms and conditions of being a professional what we call Foundational Practitioner of Reconnective Healing, and you can actually bring this forward professionally. We also offer a lot of other opportunities to help support you in that journey. As a matter of fact, I'm I'm teaching a practice development course that I just did. About an hour. Oh, that was yesterday, I guess yesterday. was my last course. But we teach it throughout the year for those who want a little support in getting their practice off the ground. And and so those are just other opportunities to kind of help you along the way if you decide to move forward professionally with this in your life. And then that personal reconnection that we talked about we actually have another weekend course for those wanting to learn how to facilitate that. That's that's another course that that we offer throughout the year. So but but I know Teresa that I wanted to give some some gifts to your listeners. And so there are two things that I want to make available to everyone that's listening to my voice right now. One is we've put together a an ebook regarding Reconnective Healing it's really beautifully done and and it really has tons of information about the topics that we've been discussing and and a lot more so if I believe my email contact will be available to read without a doubt that'll be in the show notes for sure. Rob so they can so if you email me and let me know that that you'd like to receive a copy of that, that ebook. I will actually absolutely send that right over to you. Plus that portal course that I mentioned that that eight plus hours of of learning content. I will be happy to give you the first hour for free. Just let me know that it's something you're interested in and I'll and I'll shoot you the information that you need to just sign up and and receive that and jump right in and begin your training experience and and your expansion but I you know, my most my most fervent goal in my life at this moment is to just open a door for people. I don't I don't pull people through the door. I don't push them through the door. I open it up and I say take a peek inside because it's really phenomenal and and I want people to have access to this and so, so thank you, Teresa for giving me the opportunity to share a little bit about what I have discovered. Oh Rob, it's been joyful. And I'll tell you what, as soon as I knew what you did, I'm like oh, because I love the reconnection and Reconnective Healing so much. So I'm so happy being here today. I'm glad that you shared with my listeners, you know a little bit of play a little play with the energy because I mean I'm so filled with it right now it's not even funny. So I just love it so much and I thank you for coming on and sharing today and I will have all the information how to get a hold of Rob, how to connect with him on Instagram Facebook email website. I'll be in the show notes. So if you guys are interested take advantage and like I said the catalyst weekend's coming up November and it will be I can tell you from experience phenomenal. It's a beautiful it's a beautiful community that we are growing and and I can't wait to I can't wait to meet you in Virginia Beach. So come join us. Thank you, Rob. Thanks, Teresa.