Enthusiastically Spiritual

The Millionist Clairvoyant Coach with Maiken Larsen

September 20, 2022 Season 2 Episode 57
Enthusiastically Spiritual
The Millionist Clairvoyant Coach with Maiken Larsen
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Where are you with your service in the world. Are you fulfilled or still looking for fulfillment? What if you used your clairvoyant abilities to help you with that? My guest this week has done that for herself and is here to inspire you to do that too. 

Her name is MAIKEN LARSEN and she is the Clairvoyant Millionist Coach. She supports her clients through helping them identify and put together their true souls mission by accessing their clairvoyant abilities to do it. After moving through life and reinventing herself she has personally walked her talk and is here to give you some insights into how you too can elevate your business to be successful and create the impact that your soul is truly calling for.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Honoring your unique strengths

2. Growing up Clairvoyant

3. Anxiety attacks

4. Depression and suicidal thoughts

5. Stress Coach

6. Working as a team

7. Strengths of having a coach to support you along the way

8. Following the path that others have already walked

9. The universe giving you only what you can handle

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Where are you with your service in the world? Are you fulfilled or are you still looking for that inner fulfillment? What if you use your clairvoyant abilities to help you with that? My guest today has done that for herself and is here to inspire you to do just that. Her name is Maiken Larsen, and she is the Clairvoyant Millionaires Coach. She supports her clients and helping them identify and put together their true souls mission by accessing their clairvoyant abilities to do it. After moving through life and reinventing herself, she has personally walked her talk and is here to give you some insights into how you can also elevate your business and be successful and create the impact that your soul is truly calling for. welcome Maiken. Thank you so much. It sounds just crazy with that intro. I'm just like, is that me? Girl, that's you. So thank you. I'm so excited. You're here today because I want to talk a little bit about how we connected which was on social media. So I don't know exactly how it all came together. But I saw you and what you're offering and who you are and your energy. I was like, That girl is going somewhere I want on that train. I want on it now. And I even wore my red. My red sequins talk today to go like I'm on I'm on board. Making let's do this. Crazy. I love it. It gave me goosebumps and I freaking love that I can do that with just my energy and who I am so thank you for that. Once again, a huge intro. I love it. I'm so glad make it well, let's talk about you and your journey because you've watched you walk your talk. You're like Hello, I'm strong. I'm here and let's do this. So I would love to you to share with listeners about your journey and how you move through wherever you move through your journey to get to where you want to be this enthusiastic coach. Yeah, sure. Thank you. So I will try to keep it short. But you know, it's a long story when it's your whole life. So apparently, we are all born with these clairvoyant skills. And as a child, I will not go for long, don't worry, but as a child, I didn't know what it was. So I was freaking scared of it. Looking back at it. I think I was one big anxious attack. I didn't even know what that were back then. But having all the skills and abilities don't know how to handle with seeing ghosts. I thought I was insane. So I didn't share it with anyone. I just kept my mouth shut out. And in one way or another, I just shut it all down. And of course moving along with that in the teenage years. I actually got very, very depressed because I felt like I felt wrong. I felt like the outsider like the black sheep. In the school in the family. I didn't feel like I belong I have a loving family. No worries about it, but I still felt something is off here. So as a teenager I'm begin cutting myself I'm begin having these suicidal thoughts. And of course I were stubborn as hell. So I didn't want any help on it. And when I didn't took care of it, it actually dragged along in my adult life. So I underserved with service. It looks like I work good because I went from the little little chubby kid to the young adult who actually became an entrepreneur. And it felt like okay, I'm succeeding here. Everything is good. But then I just got ran out with stress. And when you get stressed that depression pops right back at you. So once again, I was just laying in my bed, feeling depressed as hell and thought wow. Is this is this really it? And of course it wasn't. I had the right there. I had the choice saying, all right. If this is it, then I'm done. Or I could do something else. I could make something else out of this. So I actually got my first awakening I went to a therapist who unconsciously started my awakening journey knowing Okay, I got the skills I can do something about it. Long story short, I started as a coach, I started as a stress coach, but I was still struggling. Something was still not uncovered from the surface. So lucky. Three times the first time I was just like, hitting the wall. I said to myself, Okay, this is fucking enough. Now I know my skills. I can do something about it. And it's I'm on a double mission. It's not only for me, it's for me to coach people developing their carbine skills. And when I took that leap, when I said to myself is all or nothing either I'm done here for good or else I take the investment needed for me because I know my skills but I don't know how to get out there. So I did a investment I didn't have. But I said to myself, Okay, so I might as well try I have nothing to lose. I'm gonna service I might as well just go all in. And that investment were the best thing I ever did in my life because that made the turn and I'm quite sure everyone know how it feels when you just like, it feels scary as hell but it's somehow I just know this is this isn't on the cup term. So that one investment just make it all turn around. And if it weren't for that, I'm not sure I would have been here today. So I know it's my soul and we'll talk and say you got to do something about it and I just let go and just follow the flow. So fast forward. Not even a year later, I got from 1 million Danish promise in depth to them 4 million in plus and then again in a million plus and not even a year is gone by so it's not even to brag, but it's only to tell that regardless where you're from regardless how you feel you can do it. You can do it. too. I'm just a human being. And if I can do it, they can do it. So I think that was very short, where I come from where I'm currently at and that might also think for some of us where I'm going oh, there's so many pieces in that make it let me let me pick a couple of things here. I want to I just want to address first I want to thank you for sharing so your your journey and how you started because Tom and I've been doing a lot of expos metaphysical psychic Fairs and things and I cannot tell you how many people are in that position. They have all these gifts and they're so psychic and they're seeing things and they're feeling things and and and they don't know what to do with it. I mean, they're really at a place where I mean I there was some people like this one lady girl this past weekend who like she could tap out because she doesn't know what to do with it all. And so you know, overcoming that and I think especially nowadays, where we're at right now as a collective energy, there's so much support. There's so many people who like you and like me to have walked being spirit and you know, sensitives not knowing what the hell to do with it to where like later in life and then now we have these abilities and these ways to support people on their path is so empowering. That's one piece. And I other thing I really want to say to you is that the big key is you invested in yourself. You believed in yourself, even if maybe at that moment you didn't exactly but your soul was like making girl you have so much to offer. This world don't get you know, and look how far you've come, girl. We've got to do this. Exactly, exactly. And I'm so glad that you see these terms of it. And I was also just like, Yeah, I'm not done here, because I saw that every time I had this feeling okay it might as well just be over a in a boys just told me. You're not done. You're really not done. You've done a big estimation here. Even though you might feel it. I won't let you so for somehow I just felt the support and that was enough for me to trust him. Alrighty then. Then I gotta invest and do something about it to pull myself out of this. Even though I'm a coach. I need a coach to even though I'm traveling I need a clairvoyant to because we ask help us as the souls we are. We are so so good. At spotting others helping others giving the good questions, but it's blurry when we look at ourselves. We need someone else to see our blind spots. So now I got three coaches just to follow along in the speed that I'm in. That lovely and it's funny because this morning when I was tuning into it and I was eating my breakfast I had somebody came to me about your conversation today and I wrote down success as a mindset finding others who have mastered that and then follow them. And that's exactly what you're talking about. Like Spirit wrote, I wrote that down. I'm like, yes, yes. Yes making because others have are out there have been a little before us or have done what we're you know, stepping into fucking follow them. Like let's get on board people like you know, I mean, there's such strength in that. That is so true. We are just front runners and so many other needs us so even though we might some days think oh what What can I offer? I don't know anything? Yes, you got so many gifts, and people freaking meet you. And you're gonna laugh I'm gonna send you a video I just did. This afternoon talking exactly about that. So it's snowing sink right now. Oh, I'm so filled with chills girl. You know. I love when everything kind of comes together like that. Right? Yeah. So you put together so much for yourself and your journey and you're, you know walking your talk. So let's talk a little bit about what you offer your clients and people who are ready to say, You know what, Megan, I'm ready to work with you because your dynamic and let's talk a little about that and your offerings. Oh, that's cool, because actually, I'm, as you know, maybe, maybe not. I educate coaches in this client level. So for me specific, I saw that I needed the spiritual piece, freedom get together with the business piece. So it's not either it's both because in that infinity of sync, it just clicks it just makes sense. When you can make a soul alignment business. All of a sudden, it's easy. It's not the struggle and you don't have to follow different weights. It's all in one. So that's the education and I also got a bundle because I saw for myself and my clients that once you're done once you know your skills both for yourself and for your clients, and you have built the first million in your business, you're freaking ready to expand. So the healer expansion is to keep ship make sure that we keep this alignment that once you are going to grow your business is gonna grow too. So with the healing, knowing the energy boundaries, knowing how to heal yourself and your clients. Oh man. It just takes a whole nother curve and I freaking love to see it. So actually, that's what I offer right now, because I also got a force this is growth and what I see here is that you don't know what you don't know. So the group dynamic of getting each other's questions answered. Playing mind blowing. But anyways, I also got this one on one coaching of course because I love this connection and this personal development, but I have a waitlist for it because people see that that they understand this that they just have to follow the person who have already just walk the steps that they want to walk and they also see where I'm going from there just want to follow so I kind of whitelist if you want info for the one on one. So that goes back to that train I'm on right like the making train like I'm on board as soon as I saw you and what you offer and I'm like, and the energy you come across it's it's amazing. Yeah, it's contagious. Girl you gotta go in. Well, that is so exciting, Megan and I'm so excited to share you with my listeners to share your, you know your offerings and I'll have all that in the links as far as how they can connect with you and get on that waiting list. And I want to talk before we go on to talk a little bit about creating the impact that your soul truly is calling for. So this is something I'd like for you to share about because to me like we're at this place collectively like it's all about freedom. It's all about what what what I'm here to do as a soul and let's do it. So would you like to share a little bit about creating the impact that your soul truly is calling for? Oh, yes. If I can take Yeah, sure. I will take my take off if I can say it that way. Sometimes. I get very thankful ish because I maintain and when I speak English, it's just like, collapsing in we're doing great making you go. I hope you understand why else you know where I'm at afterwards. I'm always loving to connect in the DA DM and see what is the soul on the other end. So that is also a part of doing this soul creation. Of really when you first understand your abilities when you understand your soul mission. I look I look behind the person I have some kind of ability both to be the fortune teller but also to see the pure so what is your mission on earth? How old are you? What time do you have personally I'm a fairy also. And this is my last time on Earth. That is why it's going the way it is right now because my soul have learned to listen and I'm ready to teach it. So that's my sole mission. And when you find that impact when you truly understand it, you are without a doubt you just know it. You get this to just like okay, okay, I get it. But you got to have as I see, that's why I'm here. You gotta have the right support to it because it's also shoots and scary and when you are a sensitive so I know you want your assess me. It's also kind of overwhelming. And Jeff, that being information. Really, can I have a laugh? I'm not sure. Yes, you can. And I'm here to support you all the way because I know that when we are who we are. When we have the the baggage the large everything we have learned from the past. It feels heavy, but the universe only give it to the souls who can handle it. And with that meaning attached, it means that you will fucking strong as hell and you are meant to be strong for yourself but for a big community. And I love this shift that we're doing right now because a lot of souls are waking up to understanding this. So it's getting, it's getting easier and more needed than ever that we develop the skills that we get more coaches out there and we get coaches to live well after rains and they're passionate, because that's the way it should be. We're not supposed to be strong or we're not supposed to be in lack. But for somehow we just gotta re reconnect or on the other way if you know just cut the cords and say okay, I learned my lessons and this is the new way. So stepping into this new identity of my dreaming becoming my reality. Does that make sense? 100% Definitely. And I love it to talk about the timing right now because there's no coincidence that we are all here right now during this time or for help. Of what you know what we're going through what's coming because we're not It's not over right? Like I mean, I believe it's never over till my final breath. So I'm in constant change the whole time I'm here but but as far as a collective Yeah, it's intense and yeah, there's struggles and yeah, you know, there's people that are not in good places being victims and whatever you know, cards are that they're playing and have been playing for lifetimes. Hello. But now it's it's such an amazing time to be here. I mean, I'm super stoked that we're all here right now making because yeah, this is an amazing time and amazing opportunity for people to just be enthusiastic to step forward to to bring out those gifts and and assist one another as a community as a collective community. And finding there are your apprentices that you're here to work with, which is what you're clearly doing, you know, people who are drawn to you, and it's an amazing time so I don't buy into that bullshit of, you know, like, Oh, this is the worst time of the planet. Are you kidding me? Hello, look back. I mean, I mean, look back even a history even like, in the 60s 70s. I mean, like, like when I came in was was 1968 a hellacious year in America. Like so many bad things were happening Vietnam War people were, you know, Martin Luther King Jr. died. I mean, there's so much but it's like I came in going this time, which I know you did to make it like, and so now we are here to support people. And I'm just so stoked to know you and I'm so stoked that you're here to support people on this mission because it's, it's on I mean, I today being you know, the September 1, I like it's on making it's on. Are you feeling me? I am so billing you. And I'm so thrilled that we can have this together and I'm here to actually that I dare to step up my game and say, Here I am, and I'm going global I am going with me because as you say, it is what it is you decide what to focus on. Do you focus on what media tells you in the news and all of the bad stuff? Or do you focus on where you actually want to go? Because we know where focus goes energy flows. And it's yeah, it's easier said than done, but it is a choice. It really is. So what I see here is that we just do what we want to do, despite of life and the universe falls in love with stubborn souls. So thank God for being stubborn. Right? Hells yeah, girl. Without a doubt, we'll make it it has been so wonderful having you on today. I wanted to get you on, you know, this enthusiastic podcast and just share your enthusiasm for helping others so would you like to leave with one final comment on on the you know how to support from from your soul because you're a powerful soul? Oh, that's it. I can leave one comment because I can go on forever. But I can say whoever is listening to this having this fear and doubt just do it anyway, because action overrules any fear. And if you have a dream, it's meant for you because we're all unique souls. I'm getting goosebumps. We are all unique souls, and only you have the dream the way you have and so it's meant for you. It's meant for you to outlive in this life. So remember that we only have one life right now. What do you want to learn from it? What do you want to take from it? What is the impact that you want to change the world with for the better? Huh? I'm filled with chills to make it and oh, thank you so much again for coming on today and sharing. Thank you so much for letting me.