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Freedom Within with TNT Spiritworks

August 30, 2022 Season 2 Episode 54
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Freedom Within with TNT Spiritworks
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Gathering that feeling of inner freedom for yourself can be challenging.

There are so many outer influences trying to keep you from feeling that inner freedom.

One key is finding others in the world who have walked the path and then seeing how they arrived at that feeling of inner freedom.  I know just the person who is a perfect example of feeling happy and free inside and that is my partner Tom Shantz with TNT Spiritworks.

Tom has been on his spiritual path most of his life. He synchronistically found The Wayshowers College when he was in his late teens. Through this exploration he was able to work with his personal team of spiritual helpers and understand his naturally psychic perceptions most of his life. As he wove his way through his life he has been able to guide and support others on their path to inner freedom.

Tom earned a degree in Electrical Engineering, served as an FBI Agent, and provided management consultancy services to corporate clients. 

He has traveled to the UK, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand with his work.  He is an experienced and certified Spiritual Educator and Consultant in many facets of spiritual consultations, development courses, and programs developed by the Wayshowers College.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Outer influences affecting you

2. Spiritual thrust

3. Universal truths

4. Your soul essence

5. Unfolding your inner gifts

6. Wayshowers College

7. Energy Pattern Calendar(Map)

8. Regrouping energy

9. Personal team of spiritual helpers

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Hi! Iā€™m Teresa. I am a highly trained, certified Spiritual Educator and Consultant who helps people in their personal and spiritual development. My husband Tom and I started TNT SpiritWorks a few years back to do just that- help people along their spiritual journey. We love working with clients ā€“ helping them to tap into their inner guidance system on a daily basis, create a healthy balance between thought and feeling ā€“ and discover a stronger connection between their inner and outer communication system. Unlock ways to make the spiritual part of life practical. Connect with us at TNT SpiritWorks today!

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episode of Enthusiastically Spiritual. I'm your host Teresa. So I have invited Tom from TNT SpiritWorks to join me today on this episode. Welcome, Tom. Thank you, Teresa. And today we want to talk about freedom. We want to talk about inner freedom because there's a lot going on every day of our lives and a lot especially in the last couple years been going on but a lot of things have been going on to make people feel not free. And some of those things are which I'm going to share but you might obviously have your own experience with these Hello the pandemic isolation, financial issues, business issues, all kinds of personal interactions with relationships, all kinds of things around us and outside of us to make us not feel free. So in this episode, I want to give you along with Tom a bigger spiritual picture, and some techniques and some tools that you can work with to help you gain that inner freedom and that feeling so one of the main reasons why I invited Tom because Tom has a beautiful spiritual thrust that is about freedom. So I'd love Tom to share what his spiritual thrust is and his vibration this lifetime and what why that result revolves around freedom. Well, my spiritual thrust is to be happy and free. And so the areas that I'm going to grow most in, that's the it's it's part of my solution. In other words, whatever I'm involved with, it's important that I feel I'm tuning into that vibration of to be happy and free and sometimes it's a challenge with what's going on around me. But I found that the tools and techniques that we share with other folks and some of these tools we're going to talk about today, you know, have helped me stay in the present, stay in that flow of that energy and often the things that seemed like a big deal, really, at the end of the day, they're not such a big deal when I can maintain that feeling of freedom that's within my thrust. Right. I totally agree with you. And also, I want to talk a little bit about some of the universal truths. That we work with in our in our TNT Spirit works and actually, you know, just universal truth period. So there are five main keys that we work with and would you like to share those Tom? Well, the first one is that you are energy or soul. The second one is you're here to learn and grow. The third is you have spiritual helpers or guides to help you with that. Those spiritual lessons that you've come to learn. And what that means to me is you know, I've, I've come to turn my experience into wisdom. So it's experiencing things and as opposed to just thinking about them. The next one is that I have a spiritual thrust while I'm here. And the final one is that as a soul, I am free. And that's the one word and that's the one we're working on today as I am free because that feels to me like the one that people are most challenged with, even though some people might not understand about their vibration or spiritual thrust and whatever, but the freedom is such a big deal because when we're not feeling free inside because that's where it starts that it starts with that the inside of us with those outer influences that affect us, then we don't feel free and so especially like I said, with your thrust being you know, happy and free it's it's a big component of of what you're here to feel as well as all the other people on the planet because that's one of our main universal truths is I am free. Yes, and we help people unfold their spiritual gifts. And these can be referred to as psychic sensitivities or psychic abilities. You know, I like to say that we're all naturally psychic. And there's actually four types of avenues of this communication or the way that we've received impressions. You might say there's four types of intuition. So that's one way once I become aware of that and people become aware more of how they're picking up impressions all the time. They can, you know, move towards more more growth in life. In other words, what's growth to me is really just finding solutions to maintain that positive feeling of being happy and free and being a positive influence in my environment and enjoying life from that positive perspective. You are a poster child that Tom and I think that's why I mean what you know for takes one to know one Teresa, but relationships in myself that's what I always noticed is that I know I've talked about this before in other podcasts, how we're all mirrors to one another or mirrors to what I need. To learn from something. So Tom is a really great poster child of a poster boy poster man of being happy and free. So let's dive into a little bit more about that feeling of freedom. So for myself, that feeling of freedom really has come from getting a bigger spiritual picture of my life as a soul and working with some of the tools that I've accessed through the Wayshowers College which is where Tom and I are accredited and we do a lot of our work and our workshops and etc. come from the Wayshowers college. So one of the beautiful tools that I have been using for many years now and Todd's been using for quite a bit longer since he's worked with the way shorts collars long college longer than I have is a an amazing energy pattern, calendar or map that we work with just about every single day. So I'd like to dive into that a little bit because that map and that calendar has given me such freedom in in understanding what I'm feeling every day energetically because I'm a very sensitive soul. So let's let's talk a little bit about that Tom, because you have been working with this for quite a while quite a few years. Well, it's it's a guide it's a guide to when to do certain things where the energy is at or when one another way of saying it might be to when am I going to have the most backing, you know, to accomplish a certain thing. And right now, as we're doing this podcast, we're in what we call regrouping energy. So this is a time to kind of consolidate, gain insights from what I've been doing in recent times. And and sometimes these insights you know, can really be helpful in in maintaining that sense of freedom. And that, you know, there is a purpose there is something I'm learning from what I'm doing, and solutions can come to the fore. But it's not a time for trying to get tons accomplished. It's more of a time of kicking back regrouping just like the word sounds like and figuring out you know, or really feeling where do I want to go from here? Yes, and it is interesting that we are doing this and regrouping energy as now we're we're kind of regrouping about things that we work with it make that has helped me and helped you really feel that more spiritual freedom within because like I said earlier, that's really where that the freedom starts is within ourselves. So if I'm not feeling free inside, I'm not going to be I'm not gonna be able to work with the feeling of freedom because the outside influences are going to be affecting me more. So this calendar like Tom mentioned, today's regrouping energy. It has seven different types of energy bands that come onto the planet and as a collective. We all work with every single day. And this counter starts in September to the end of August of August. That's our spiritual calendar New Year. And each day each month, it has a different variation of what what, what patterns are working with. And so looking ahead with me and using this tool for myself has given me the ability to go okay, so upcoming this weekend, we're going to a metaphysical fair and in Iowa, and that day we're going to be there is in direction energy. And so when that energy I know that, wow, I can really accomplish what I need to and feel free knowing that the direction I'm going to be working with people and helping them move towards is being is being backed by the universe because that's direction energy. So that's for myself. It's given me such inner freedom in knowing what I'm working with energetically because, like Tom mentioned, the first you know, universal truth is I'm a soul. And as a soul, I'm energy and I can feel I can pick up I can, you know, everywhere I go I can, you know embrace energy and so I really need to have that inner freedom for myself. And this calendar map has given me that freedom on a whole new level. Being that I am a very sensitive person like probably most of these most of you listeners are. So we'd like to share a little more about that, Tom. Well, you're absolutely right. And, you know, we also one of the major areas that we help people with is get a clear crystal clear communication with their spiritual guides. And these are unique spiritual helpers to you. You have a contract with them, and they're here to help you learn and grow in areas they've mastered. You can think of them as master souls or Ascended Masters or angels. And they have a higher vibration. They're more they're 100% Positive. And so they can see the bigger picture, and they know what you've come to be involved with. They're great because they never really make decisions for you, but they will help you see what's coming up on the road ahead. And the reason that I mentioned them is because it's a real powerful tool when you work with these calendars and you know your indirection energy it's a great time to get insights from your spiritual guidance about your direction and the direction that you're leading people. You know, it's it's a great time to recheck. I think I'm headed this way. What do I feel is really happening? What do I feel is going on? So that's what I wanted to tie in there, not only being aware of the bands of energy that we're working with, but the hints that we can get from our spiritual helpers or Spirit to live a more positive feel more successful and really be able to follow through on our longer term goals. I'm glad that you brought that forward because it is important to understand that we each have a personal team like you mentioned, that is unique to me that I contracted to come in and work with why myself because I've been talking to a lot of people lately. We've been talking about how this one what the mom passed away or some other people family members passed away and how they are they're around them and they you know, they they know they're there and they can feel them. But it's different than your personal team of of Ascendance, masters and personal team of you know, Spirit guidance that are backing loving and supporting you during your journey versus you know, I guess I'm trying to say is so discerning what's the difference? So how do I know that what you know what I'm working with or what I'm hearing from is my spiritual helpers versus my deceased father or brother who is also around me occasionally. So how to decide you know, to figure that out, and to then be able to have that inner freedom of understanding and discerning what I'm picking up on. So along with, you know, understanding and working with your personal team, it does help that they can back you during this time when like this weekend and direction energy. I can work alongside them and work with them and getting some keys, getting a deeper understanding of how to how to move through my day at the best possible way that I can and getting and working with other people on that beautiful direction energy. What do you know and getting back to that idea of freedom? When I work with my spiritual guidance, you know, it really helps me stay in that feeling of freedom because they let me know, you know, what's my business, what's not my business and where I begin an end you might say, in my relationships with people. So you know, there's times where I might think it's important that I try to save somebody, or maybe I should just ignore them. But, you know, that's kind of a reaction based on concepts rather than what do I feel is my opportunity and then I can always recheck with my guidance, you know, how much to share with someone because we're all here to learn and grow on ourselves. And we're all you know, powerful in our own right and everyone has their own spiritual guidance. So spiritually, it's important that we all learn how to really stand on our own two feet spiritually. So that and there the freedom comes from that and that I know that I can trust my guidance. I don't have to trust anyone else. But I know how far I can trust somebody if I'm working with my guidance, because my guidance is you'd like to say always have my back. And they're, they helped me see the positive in the beauty and everything that I'm involved with. So I've been making this practical for decades working with my guidance and all kinds of opportunities that I've had, you know, from being an engineer, an FBI agent, a businessman and you know, a father and a husband and a colleague and I find working with my guidance has really been keys to feeling that inner freedom. And as you'd like to share, you know, that inner enthusiasm for life because now behind every learning experience is an aha moment or a new discovery. For me to feel more secure, to feel happier to feel freer to feel more in charge. And I think what you're talking about is, you know what I hear you saying anyways, is less susceptible to the pressures in the environment and less susceptible to the bullshit sometimes that people feed me. I can always check with my guidance, you know, what's, what's a, because there's plenty to be involved with out there. Right? And one of the areas that my guidance helps me is well, what's my priority? What do I need to be involved with? You know, for my maximum unfoldment right and for that to with you know, for my What do I need to do for myself is that brings it back home to for my inner security and my inner freedom and accessing that in what works best for me. And so what brings to mind about that is the last couple years, there's been times where things have come up that we've had to make decisions about a yes or no are really black and white. So for myself, I've worked with my team of guidance. So is that the situation that I need to be involved in? Is that something that I need to do for myself to be, you know, to be involved in and so having that accessibility and understanding of how to work with my team really has given me that freedom of you know, I'm here to do what I'm here to do for myself. And then from there, I can work with others. And that's, I guess, something I really want to bring forward because a lot of people feel that you know, if Well, if you say I or me, it brings it to the ego and oh no, it's not. I mean, we're all getting that bigger spiritual picture as souls. We're all here and individually on our own journeys. We're here to interact with others. We've got our team of support, but really and then when you get that bigger picture and understand that for yourself, you need to take care of yourself first before you can work with anybody else. That is not ego that is not, you know, taking it to that level where people think oh, it's all about you and you and no, it's about inner freedom for yourself and for what you've come to do. Yeah, don't get me wrong. You know, I love helping people help themselves. And I love that old Chinese proverb if you feed a hungry man a fish today, they'll only be hungry tomorrow, but if you teach him how to fish, you'll be able to use his own resources. So when it comes to working with ESP or psychic abilities, and our sensitivity, I'd like to share that with people. And then I like to help them unfold that and then help them work with their own spiritual guides. So they become their own best psychic, they become their own best guru. And it's not to say that we don't need each other to share with once a while, because when we do share with each other, you know, every once in a while, somebody will say something like Oh, ah, and the penny drops for me. You know, there's a solution there. And then in other areas, I probably share some things when I'm sharing about my experience and what's coming to me that really help you know others unfold. So we need each other we need to share with each other and and when we work as a team, we can accomplish great things. So the real key in our environment today is just be aware of the divide and conquer you know, who's trying to divide me from me, and who's trying to get me to second guess what I feel and that's probably a big component to feeling free is really tuning into my true feelings. And that inner communication, that inner sensitivity unfold those four types of perception that we talked about. Prophecy, vision, intuition and feeling so that I can get clear messages from my guidance that I can perceive what's happening around me discern it more clearly. So that I know what's me what am I feeling? What's me, what's not me? What might be coming from the environment. So, you know, often we get upset about things that are happening in our environment and at the end of the day at at when that time periods over with I've, I've reflected back and I went, you know, none of that ever happened to me. And, you know, you know, I was fortunate because I didn't go through certain things that other people went through, and I've gone through other things that other people don't go through. So why get all upset and worried about something that's never going to really be something I lived through. But that's where my guidance can help me and, you know, really help people help themselves help me help myself. So they can't do it for me, but they can share their wisdom share their experience. Yeah, so all of this and what we're talking about today really are those you know, bigger, universal truths. And again, you know, you're a soul. You've got a team of guidance, you're here to learn and grow, you've got a spiritual thrust and you're free. So we also have a new tool that we just got excessive accessibility to which is wonderful from the Wayshowers college which are six free videos, and that's about spiritual freedom. So it's ironic that I think right now as a collective, this is a big deal. It's being able to feel and access that you know, your inner freedom and how and how to do that. So I want to make sure that all of you know that in our in the show notes are going to be the link to those six free videos that start with a lot of the really basics that we talked about today but really explain them in the in a big practical, which is what Tom and I are always about. You know, we love working and helping people step into their spiritual work and their spiritual life. But it's all about being practical. So you know, there's a time and place for everything but these videos are wonderful with helping you really get that bigger picture and expanding into a deeper version or deeper understanding of who you are as a soul, and how to work with your energy to feel spiritually free inside. Well, I love them because they really lay out an overview of the concepts and ideas that we've been working with. And it's really it's free from dogma. It's real clear, in fact, it's the clearest crystal clear sort of message I've ever seen. And it's not trying to prove anything to you, but it will give you an idea of some of the things that we we share with people. You know, one of the areas is the balance of thought and feeling goes into that it'll go into cycles of life, how every seven years we lived through certain cycles, and the difference between your true feelings and your emotions and the importance for having some idea of a spiritual direction for your life. So that, you know, you can move more directly towards what you'd like to achieve accomplish experience. And, you know, it's not a lot of intellectual ideas. It's really for us, it's getting involved in what you're feeling. But getting to know the difference between your true feelings, those universal feelings you have as a free soul, that everything's okay. That everything always has been okay. And that there is no death. And then how do you but how do you make sense out of this, you know, what it seems chaotic world. So those videos are a great start to for free, you know, give people an orientation to a lot of the topics that we talked about. Definitely. So, in that we you know, we hope we've given you guys a little bit of a bigger picture today for how to access your spiritual freedom, how to start accessing it if you are not feeling as free as you can feel, because I tell you, it feels great to feel free. And don't get me wrong. There are days when I have my challenges also but just having that bigger spiritual picture, working with this beautiful calendar map that we offer also which will be the link will be in the show notes so you can look more and deep into that and see if that resonates with you and how that might help you with your energy and moving forward. So we just wanted to come on today and really just share some tools and techniques. Just share that feeling of inner freedom for yourself and how to access some of these tools to help you on your journey. As Teresa often shares, you know, it's it's hard to feel enthusiastic about life if I don't feel free first. So let's get back to that feeling of inner freedom. The bigger picture of why I'm here and what I've come to do. And you know, the universe is really a very benevolent place. We've got a lot of help. The Spirit is here to back us in our opportunities and the Spirit is here to help heal. So if you want to be a part of that, have a look at those videos, have a look at the calendars, the energy pattern calendars that we share with people as well. And you'll be on the road to further spiritual growth development. And what that really means is feeling happier and freer thanks, Tom for joining me today. Thank you for letting us share