Enthusiastically Spiritual

Owning Your Shit with Krystal Jakosky

August 23, 2022 Teresa Shantz Season 2 Episode 53
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Owning Your Shit with Krystal Jakosky
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Have you looked around lately and notice that there are more and more people showing up authentically in the world. These people are speaking their truths, and sharing with others how to tune into their own inner voice and create a life they love.

My guest today is one of those souls.

Krystal Jakosky is a teacher and writer based in Colorado helping people "own their shit" and take ownership of their own lives. Krystal knows what it means to be a survivor. In her popular "My Five Fundamental Truths" blog post, she opens up about some of the challenges she has overcome: from mental, verbal, and emotional abuse to rape and generational religious bonds, Krystal has worked to heal the wounds of the past through time, patience, self-ownership, and humility.

Krystal teaches online and in-person classes, meets with clients in individual sessions, and hosts "Breathe In, Breathe Out: a Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation Podcast." As a public speaker, Krystal gives her audience tangible tips, tactics, and tools to become their own magic pill. Through personal stories and hard truths, Krystal gives her listeners a healthy push in the right direction and motivates them to step into a more authentic, fulfilling life.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Growing up with organized religion

2. Hearing supportive voices in your head

3. Spiritual Guidance

4. Soul essence vibration

5. Insights, hunches and impressions

6. Feel past loved ones

7. Putting intentions behind the action

8. Pulses of the body/earth 

9. Breathe in, breathe out podcast

10. Intro To You course

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more and more people showing up authentically in the world? These people are speaking their truth and helping others tune into their own inner voice and how to create a life they absolutely love. My guest today is one of those souls. Her name is Krystal Jakosky. She's a teacher and writer based in Colorado helping people own their shit and take ownership of their own lives. Krystal knows what it means to be a survivor. And her popular my five fundamental truths blogpost she opens up about some of the challenges she has overcome from mental verbal and emotional abuse to rape and generational religious bonds. Krystal has worked to heal the wounds of the past through time, patience, self ownership and humility. Krystal teaches online and in person classes meet with clients in individual sessions and hosts Breathe in, Breathe out a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast. As a public speaker crystal gives her audience tangible tips, tactics and tools to become their own magic. Pill. Their personal stories and hard truths crystal gives your listeners a healthy push in the right direction and motivates them to step into into a more authentic, fulfilling life. Let's join the conversation now. Oh, thank you for having me Teresa. I'm excited to be here. Well, you know, I think it's time to get real and I love your owning your shit. So let's get real. Because you know what? It's like that time of the of life. I mean, like, right now we're in a auspicious period. There's lots going on. And yeah, it's like get real or get off the pot is what I like to say. Yeah, I absolutely same thing. Let's own it. Let's figure it out. And let's move forward. Let's move on. Yeah, without a doubt. And I mean, as we know, to like we're the only ones that can do for ourselves. And no one can do it for us. So I'd like you to talk a little bit about your life and how you came to your spiritual journey and moving into sharing your beautiful juicy lifestyle and what you do out in the world with people so can you share a little bit about that? Absolutely. I'll condense a long story. I was raised in a family that was deeply religious with a capital R very organized religion and it it it informed every decision that we made and so growing up, I lived by those rules, and I got married by those rules and followed what was expected of me and got married. But I think I was too young because I was only 18 and I followed I was the dutiful wife. And the mother and I was the owner of the home and I helped I had a job and support it in so many different ways and not very long into the marriage. I was married for married for 14 years. And during one particular rough moment, I remember I was really upset I was sobbing. And I heard this voice say it's okay. You're not alone. This is temporary. We're with you. And it blew me away in that moment because I had always thought of one spirit of one holy comforter that would take care of us. I had never thought that a larger contingency of angels would be there watching over me. And I was a little freaked out and my hearing voices. I learned how to listen to that voice immediately. And it never steered me wrong. It always told me no, this is the path that you need to go so that was the beginning of my separation kind of from the religion and the move into spirituality and through listening to them and understanding. Take this path and not that path. And if you take this path things will be easier trusting in that higher guidance, that divine being made it so that I started also recognizing where I was screwing up where I was contributing to things in my life and where I needed to own it and shift it to something different and to improve where I was at. So it meant I had to own the fact that I was really young and I was following somebody else's rules getting into this marriage and that I had been a submissive person but my true nature my authentic being was vivacious and full of life and excited to just be out there and experience every little thing that I could possibly experience. So these fantastic spirit guides helped nurture me through that and I found theater and I became more of a light and more of an a self owning I have value. I have purpose as a human being and more than just as a wife and a mother but just I get to be more and whatever that more is is exciting and wonderful. And I learned a lot of things I had to own a lot of things I had to recognize that blaming other people really was not getting me those benefits or those answers or results that I was hoping for blaming you and hoping that I would it just doesn't work. And yet understanding myself and seeing where I could make different choices or going back and healing those childhood traumas made me such a better person and I was way more compassionate to everyone recognizing that and owning my shit is how I came to understanding and people would be attracted to me and say I don't know what it is, but I feel like I need to learn something from you. And so that's where I started just teaching people what I had learned. And it's just grown from there. So that's brought me to here where I get to continue sharing that. That is so exciting. And so that resonance of your beautiful essence, which to me I like to say is enthusiasm because that's my big thing is you know full of enthusiasm, and that's our soul essence but I mean we can obviously just all kinds of names for it. But yeah, what a beautiful story of your team showing up like that and just giving you those insights and you trusting that Yeah, I think that's a big key is a lot of people don't trust that inner voice and they get scared and they they or they fear it or and that's a lot of you know the religion some of the religion things also other concepts and beliefs we have out in the world that you're crazy if you listen to things so that was really brave of you at that young age to trust what you were really picking up from your guides and you're in your higher self. Yeah, the thing is that it's it's quieter and it's one seemingly voice however you see it or feel it you know, it might be literally an emotion or a feeling and you might hear it, you might see it. However you receive that it's kind of quiet at first compared to the external world that is coming in and it usually takes a huge shift in life to make you start listening, and once you start listening, you still have that choice. Do I want to keep listening to it? Or do I want to keep listening to this other cacophony of voices that has been informing all of your decisions up to this point. So you have the ability and yet it's so quiet, and we all just need to keep exercising that muscle, if you will, will and tuning in, hey. Because it'll never tell you something negative and it's never gonna steer you wrong. It has your best interests and it's I mean, they love you, they are here to fully support you. So listening to that takes practice and the more practice you get at it, the louder they are and the more often you tune in and then you just know that you're on the right path and you are so much more confident and solid and authentic in yourself in your relationships with others. And it's so just beautiful to watch somebody start to come into that experience and that new knowledge. I love when you say that that is no it's that um, well, it's hunches, insights and impressions is what I call it. And they are so they can be so subtle like this morning. I was working with my guides and I was my husband I cleanse every morning we're cleansing together setting energy for the day and I looked up and well I did some I do Tarot in the morning and I do my cards and stuff. So spirit was really giving me the insights of you know, really take notice of when we're gonna give you some impressions today or some sites or whatever and we were doing our cleansing I look up and there's this butterfly on the window and one of its wings was kids not crystal like gold. I mean, I'm filled with chills I say that and I was like, I was like ah, it's what is that? It's like those impressions and dislike or insights hunches but they are very subtle and it's just being aware that okay, I got spirits got my back I got the message. So yeah, I love the way you say that impressions, insights and hunches because it does it comes in all of those different forms and you never know like when you see the same animal over and over again and whatnot. It's yeah, it's really cool. So I love that. Um, so talk to me a little bit about how you help others tune into their own inner voice. I'd love to share some of that because everyone has different ways they do it. Yeah, well, the first thing i i always tell people when they come to me and they say how do I stop listening to it as I tell them to ask themselves if it's their own voice or a different voice? Because our own voice like I said earlier is going to be positive and the other voices are not going to be and it's creating a superhighway to know and listen to that positive stuff. We have to shift the the mantra and the just the old beliefs we have to shift what's already there, into which isn't necessarily ours. It's been gifted to us through society and the people that we grew up with and the people that taught us whether it was kids at school or your parents or religious leaders, so sorry, hold on. I just lost track of where I was at. Shifting the stories we tell ourselves is I think one of the biggest first steps because telling ourselves something different and allowing ourselves to believe that it's okay to listen to something different something kinder, something gentler and more nourishing. Because we often have this I'm not good enough or I'm not supposed to receive that or I can't have this or I can't have that. Well, why can't you whose voices telling you that you can't have that? Because your higher self or the powers that be the spirit itself is going to say yes, yes and give me more help me out. Or, or they're going to veer you off on a different path. If it's not maybe the the way that you know that the most supportive way for you Yeah, I believe that too. Yeah. Yeah. Through those hard times, that's where you check in. I mean, good times to absolutely 100% I check in and I say thank you, because without you, I wouldn't be here. And yet. Those really hard times when we're venting to other people and looking for their guidance. They don't have your experience. They don't know what you're going through and they can not ever fully know what you're going through because you were born and raised by different people than they were you lived in a different place in a different home. So checking into the spirit that's there is actually they know what you've been through. They've been with you the whole time and come rain or shine. They're still there and can just nudge you beautifully. Yeah, I like what I'm going to go back a little bit to earlier when you mentioned how some people they have to come into like a conflict or cancer or an illness or you know, a major accident of some type where it like jolts them and then they come into this ability to tune in or listen or because there's really no other options. I mean, it's almost like Spirit gives him this like, look here. This is you know, like, hitting the brick wall right here. So it's like and that's unfortunate that, you know, these beautiful spiritual guides are with us our whole life. We contract to come in with them and, you know, they do give us those hunches, insights and impressions. But sometimes a lot of times it's having to get this big place people's lives where it's like, oh man now I now they have this recognition of something out inside of them versus the outside that's really affected them. Yeah, my husband and I talked about it as a like a Ferris Wheel. Okay, we're going to do one more go around. Are you going to get off the Ferris wheel now and start letting it know Okay, let's let's do that again. All right. Now you're gonna hit a bottom again, are you ready to come out and and at some point we say, I'm kind of done with this ride. I've seen how it goes. So I'm gonna get off and start shifting into something different and yet choosing to get off in and of itself is the beginning of self ownership. It's the beginning of acknowledging that I want something better, and I deserve something better. So I'm gonna get off the Ferris Wheel. Definitely. And I think these days too, that there are so many people who look outside of themselves and and outside of ourselves is not supporting what we need and that for the inside of ourselves. So it's that recognition to that, okay, look, we've gone down this path, especially the last couple of years where that is clearly not working for me and that's not working for me. So what do I have left? What you have left is inside of you as this beautiful inner voice and like you said, spiritual guidance that can assist you every every moment of your life versus the outside forces which are not working for us to our benefit really, from what I can see and maybe some people it's okay for them. But the listeners of this podcast, I can tell you, we understand it's not working for us. No, not at all. I tell people that your relationship with others is literally a mirror of the relationship that you have with yourself. So if you are at conflict with somebody else, okay, let's look inside. Where are you at conflict with yourself what is really actually going on and how do you need to deal with that so that you can move forward? Everything looks in everything reflects what's inside, look at that mirror and say, Do I really like what I see? Or how can I improve it? How can I make it a little bit better and it's all that internal? Yeah, we all have it. We are free single one of us has it in fact, every healer that you know still has it even though they are working towards helping you and helping you shift. We all still have stuff that we are working through because it's an onion you are constantly you know you have seven layers of skin plus everything else was there. To get to the inside. There's so many layers. So every one of us still has layers that we can get through so that we can understand better how we react in our relationships, and why we react in our relationships and how can we communicate and shift the narrative that's been going on? Yeah, I always like to say that for myself until my last breath, I'll be I'm working on something is what I'm here to do. And in looking at that mirror aspect of it. If you look at the you know what's been going on the last two, two and a half years in the whole world, that is a big indication of a lot of people have some conflict going on inside right crystal? i That's an understatement. I think it's I think, well, I mean, it's an understatement and yet it's so very much the truth. My my my thing, what I tell people, one of my taglines is literally we need to own our shit. And the thing about that tagline is everybody will say, Oh, yeah, everybody else needs to own their shit. But they're not recognizing that they themselves. mirror that. And it's funny. Because it's the ones who are so emphatically insistent on everyone else are the ones who could really use the most help in that aspect of things. I know it's off putting I know that some people really don't like the phrase and yet, you probably don't like it because you have some to deal with in the first place. We all the world is so I just I pray for all of us to heal. I pray that there are enough of us seeking enlightenment and seeking a new way of being that we can create that shift to just improve the state all over the place because it is so sad. And there's so many people suffering and there's just so much conflict that breaks your heart. Just to spend time recognizing what's out there, the pain and the challenges and the discord. I completely agree with you and I think too that's that's a part of my thing is like I'm so sensitive that I pick up on the collective and the energies and so each day it's like okay, what is today like, oh crap, or are you okay? I feel better today. So it is but I do also believe that there's that there's that balance, you know, coming back into neutrality, but we are on this plan to learn and grow and that is part of it is you know, the dark in the light the you know, the shadow the not shadow or whatever however you want to say it. So I mean it's if you look back in history, there's always been always been something going on. Yeah. Always always and yet, coming into so what you're talking about how there's so much conflict and all the humans that are on this if you stop and you give yourself some compassion and you give yourself some understanding, recognizing that these things happened to you and you want to heal from that. You're going to love yourself, be kinder to yourself, but that also radiates easily out to every other person around you, which then radiates out to other people. One person shifting one pillar person changing and owning ripples. It's those ripples in a pond that completely change and transform. So many other things. Just starting with 100% agree with you again, Crystal. Yeah, and I do believe that we, I mean, I don't believe in death. So I believe that, you know, whatever we are we're just in the process. Right? But I do believe that that it's going to I mean, we're we're coming into obviously the you know, the Age of Aquarius, a whole new shift. That's why there are so many souls on the planet right now. Because we're like, we want to get in here and be a part of this. Yeah, that's another thing too, is that you know, there's no coincidence that how many is it 8 billion or I don't know how many people are on the planet right now. Like the most ever? Yeah, cuz we're all like yeah, this is it. We're here and let's get this thing going. Right let's let's dance a little dance. Let's get some joy. And yeah, move. Oh, yeah. And let's own our shit, right? Because there's a lot going on and you know not only this lifetime to but back previous lifetimes. We have just layers upon layers of our own soul stuff, generational stuff of things that I mean. It's all just peeling away right now. And I think that's part of, of the intensity also is that we are just gangbusters releasing stuff right now. Yeah, that generational thing. Some people really don't believe in it. And yet, I had a very personal experience where I was transposing some of my grandmother's journals. And I used to get really dizzy at the top of a staircase like so dizzy, I would grab on to a railing to stop myself from falling and I would have to take a second to compose myself before I could walk down the stairs. As I transpose my grandmother's journals, I found that she had fallen down the stairs when she was pregnant. So I sat down in meditation with my grandma, and I checked in and I was like, hey, you know, I'd really rather not have this let's have a chit chat. I haven't had a dizzy spell at the top of the stairs since I recognized that it wasn't from me. It was from ancestral issues. And now I healed that. It's amazing when you stop and recognize when you ask that question. Of Is this mine? Or is it someone else's? How you can really peel those layers back you can really shed a whole bunch of that. I don't need to carry that anymore. It's It's not mine. That was inherited. But do I really have to keep it Do I need to put that on the shelf and carry it through life with me or as an inheritance can I say thank you. No, thank you. Yeah, and as sensitive souls and energetic beings, whatever you want to say about all of us, that discernment of what's me and what's not me is crucial. I mean, because so many people have no idea that the aches, the pains the you know, in the midst of you know, even like all the voices we hear every day a lot of that is not us. It it pops in at different times and but again, even the like you said with you know, the having vertigo or you know, almost falling it's like that, wasn't you? That was something that you know, Grandma experience and the energy was still around you. And so yeah, I mean, to me, that part of our spiritual aspect of our being is so crucial with understanding and it's also hard for people to understand that unless you've had the kind of experience like you and I have a lot to do with you know, understanding that that's not me. What the hell is coming at me right now. That's not me. Yeah, like, can we just turn that radio off? Let's just yeah, let's turn the knob, turn the button, shut it off so that we're not listening to all that because we don't need all of that. I often bubble up. I'm like, This is my little shell. I'm gonna bubble up and put a couple of colors on it and let the world be out there and only good stuff come in because there is there's just so much that sensitive beings, intuitive beings can feel and take on and it can really be traumatic and challenging to live a normal life when you've got so many other people coming in and pushing you in this direction or pushing you in that direction and knowing that it's not yours and you can stop carrying it is it's a huge gift. I mean, it's really just, it's an amazing transformative gift to be able to drop it without a doubt. And as you mentioned that with you know, the being sensitive again, it's also not only the energy of you know others that may have passed or you know other beings or whatever, but also like all the the 5g stuff and the other energy that you know that comes in on us too like we are it's bombardment complete bombardment of our of our energy system. And, and a lot of people don't understand that either. So it's really it's that acknowledgement and that understanding of how sensitive we are as beings and how to work with that energy. So do you have a practice that you use to keep yourself besides your bubble? Is there something else to keep cleanser, Bubbles, good crystal don't get me wrong, but just wonder. So whatever you can do, I say go for it. Right, whatever works for you. Yeah. You know, I, I'm constantly in some constantly might be a big word, but I believe meditation is it takes many different forms. Many different ways of doing it because you can do a walk or you're walking or riding a bike or chopping vegetables or working in the woodshop meditation is whatever helps you tune out the world and tune into yourself. And I find myself doing those kinds of things more and more because I want to let the world go. I want to release all of that so that I can come back into my center and that's when I'm better able to hear those beautiful guides. It's when I'm better able to be inspired on how to help somebody or how like what I need to write as far as my musings and journaling and whatnot. So mine is literally and I say meditation. That's not I'm not sitting in Lotus Pose. I am not sitting in Lotus Pose. What I am doing is putting in doing is putting an intention behind my actions and saying for right now I want to let everything go while I'm doing this activity. So there's an intention and a purpose behind why I'm taking some methodical, quiet time. So I think that's my biggest thing. Is just that and it's not stopping. It's it's not stopping. It's literally I might go for a walk tune out so that I can tune in. You know, I love that crystal because so many people when they think of spirituality or meditation is like yeah, the lotus and you'd sit there for hours. Hell's now, like sometimes being in the shower, you know, or even just taking a rest. I mean, there's all kinds of ways to go into that state and and access it for it. And I think that's the exciting part because each person can make it their own. It's that intention like you mentioned. And you know, and just for myself lately, it's just been about being present. Yeah, like what I'm doing I'm right here I'm not I'm talking to you. I'm in this podcast. I'm not focused on oh my god, the phone and I gotta make dinner and Allah. No, I'm being present. And that to me is one of my meditative states because then I can access guidance and, and all kinds of things can just kind of flow versus, you know, really not having that. That yeah, mindfulness meditation that everything I do, so I'm totally with you. I'm down on that crystal. For two peas in a pod Yeah. Amen. Yeah, I absolutely agree. Yeah, yeah. Because I think that's a part of like, even like religion like people get so set in rules and set in ways that oh my if I'm not if I'm not meditating 35 an hour every day. I'm not spiritual. Please make it your own. Stop making rules. Stop making excuses. Stop avoiding it. It is. I tell people it's it's literally self care. Like if you don't take care of yourself, then there's nothing left. You can't do anymore and meditation in and of itself gives you that break meditation. And like we're saying, meditation, mindfulness being present in the moment, whatever you're doing that has that intention and that purpose behind it to give yourself a little bit more and fill your cup a little bit more so that you can deal with the external world and everything that's coming at you to it. Yeah, take that moment and put yourself higher on that priority list because that's how we're going to get through this. That's how we're going to survive, loving ourselves, honoring ourselves and our needs. And then it like I said, spreads to everyone else. It just opens up magnitudes of shifting and changing beauty. Definitely. And what comes me to is in being that change because the image I had as you were talking about that as I went I'm out and about I see so many young people who are on their phones, you know, texting or walking and they run into you. They're so disconnected. I mean, like, in you know, this is the upcoming generation like Hello, Howard. You know, how are they going to connect and of course, it's all their journey and I you know, a lot of that's none of my business but just noticing that, as adults and as are whoever's listening because I do have some young people that listen to this podcast also, that you know, being mindful and just and walking and being aware and it can make such a difference in their own you know, who they are as a soul and how they get places. And other direction and working with their guidance and versus being on the phone all the time. And just this just disconnecting. Yeah, and that's recently, I came across a post and it literally said, Are you relaxing, or are you dissociating? And when you're on your phone and you're doing that stuff, are you relaxing and enjoying what's going on? Or are you disconnecting from everything else? Well, it's funny because sometimes when we're watching TV at night, to relax, which another meditative way, sometimes my if I'm watching something I like my husband will be scrolling on his phone and I'm like, I just kind of look over and like damn, because you know, he's going fast. I'm like, How are you even like connecting with anything? Because so it's so weird. I mean, we're living into such a different I mean, because you're obviously perhaps my age where, you know, we didn't have these phones. We were younger. We didn't have computers. I mean, not to say it and I love it all. Don't get me wrong, because this if we didn't have this stuff, you and I wouldn't be talking right now. I wouldn't be connecting people around the world. It's a beautiful thing. Technology is amazing. But it's very disconnecting in certain ways. Yeah. After apologize, I have a tickle in my throat and it's okay. I totally get it. I had laryngitis this week and grow. I was like, I'm gonna get through these podcasts and I have been fine but I have a little still a little hoarseness and my I'm like, no, no, it's not going to happen. So I get the tickle in a big way. Yeah, so I apologize. That's totally okay. Being Human. Hello. Hello. Hello. Yeah, well, let's talk a little bit about some of the things you offer because you have some beautiful offers. One is your intro to you course I'd love for you to share with the listeners about that. I this this course was absolutely inspired and I it when I had the first idea it flowed out so quickly that I was really kind of blown away with the intensity in the intro to you, of course is literally a way people can tune into their higher self, but it also introduces you to your other bodies. You have your spiritual body which is the overriding let me take the information in and it also introduces you to your mental body, your physical body that you're living in, and your emotional body which we many of us have been so disconnected to so it takes you through these guided meditations and these journaling is to help you connect to those. But not only connecting to those recognizing what kind of self care each one of them needs to help keep them in alignment and when one of them's out of alignment. What do you do to help adjust it because they all need something different so the intro to your course was literally built to help people connect back into their true being and where they're at and what they need and how they can meet those needs. Because we're not telepathic yet. Nobody can meet your needs. If you don't know what they are. You I mean if you don't know they don't know it doesn't work that way. So it helps you get more in tune with yourself your higher power and recognizing how you can make your existence your life and your connection so much better. And so that's one of my I mean it's I love it. It's fantastic and beautiful and we'll give all your viewers a 10% off or your listeners a 10% off thing because I just I really feel like it needs to be out there and the more people can connect and tune in, the more just the more calm kindness that we will have an the better we will able to be able to spread that and give that gift and that compassion definitely definitely agree with you. Yeah, yeah. And you also have other a couple other things you connecting with your sacred poles. Oh my gosh. I'd love you to share a little about that. Every one of us is subjected to pulses and rhythms around us. So there's the earth and there is all the seasons that are there. We have hormonal pulses which whether you're sis women or sis men or regular it does not matter who you are, you have these hormonal changes and shifts within us. And we also have these cycles and pulses through work through family life, kids going to school and being out for summer, sleep and wake cycles. The thing is we are often going through them and completely unaware of how we're being affected by them. And if we would stop, check in understand, number one, what it is and number two where we're at in that rhythm and cycle it's back to that Ferris Wheel. It's going up and around right? And you're going to have downtimes and then you're going to have up times are absolutely fabulous. If we tune into that pulse, if we tune into that rhythm, then we know when the down is going to come and we can prepare for that we know when our periods of spinning our wheels and not really being very productive are going to be present and we'll be able to prepare for that. We're going to understand when our periods of massive activity are going to be there. We're going to know when we should ask for a raise at work because our confidence is high and we're feeling fabulous instead of the low where you don't like your job you're complaining about your boss you're annoyed with this co worker that coworker so sacred pulse is all about tuning into that rhythm and tuning into where you're at so that you can then smooth out the ups and downs, prepare for the downs, prepare for the ups and life is a lot easier because you're ready for that shift from one being to another and it's transformative. It's fantastic and helps you understand that your partner. It's not that they're rejecting you right now. They're just in part of their pulse where you need a little more knee time and a little less snuggling, you know, it. Understanding mine and understanding my husband's mine is a 35 day cycle and my husband's is a three month cycle. And understanding that means that when we both come to that down part of the Ferris wheel, we can prepare and say Oh, so this is the week where I want to go into a hole and this is the week where you want like friends and people around and you don't want any work and you and we don't really communicate really well. So maybe understanding that we can give each other compassion and say, All right, this too shall pass. We'll be able to move forward. So sacred pulses, it's so like, it's so simple. And yet it's so big when you recognize how much of your life is affected by these rhythms and cycles and pulses that are around you. And it Yeah, it's it's huge and simple at the same time. Oh, it sounds wonderful. It sounds like because I mean when I say that I think about like the moon cycles and you know this like what's the course effects the cycles of the tides and like you said, our cycles inside of us, you know, with our hormones and so Wow, but it sounds like you take it to a whole different you know, you take it even further which is really pretty pronounced. I was pretty it's amazing. It's really cool. Yeah. It's I love teaching it because I love watching that. That light go off in someone's head and say, Oh, that's what's been going on. So that's why I have a breakout because like I didn't realize it or that's why one day my hair is fantastic and the next day my hair sucks or when when people start connecting those dots and understanding that's why I want salads for one week but I want chicken the next week and I want beef the next week it's because so understanding those and then like your shopping changes and your exercise changes and the the meditations the self care that you do change and seeing the cycles and the rhythms of the people around you and the way that you can nurture each other and it's just like, you don't realize how much of your life like your sex life improves because now you know when you're going to be excited and when you're like not all that excited, but we could probably shift the square that way like it's it's mind boggling how much we are affected and yet how much we are totally oblivious to the idea. We used to live with seasons we used to live by the earth we used to eat what was in season that the bounty that Mother Earth was giving us like, we used to live with the moon. And we've gotten so far away from that that many people think that sacred pulses and rhythms and whatnot are a bunch of woowoo stuff and they don't want to talk about it because that doesn't exist. It very much does just take a step back and recognize it because whether it's within you or your work cycle or your family cycle, it's there. It is absolutely there we are all ebbing and flowing. And, and understanding how to work with that is a gift we could all stand to use. It sounds like and that's part of because what I like to say is making it practical. So there's all these spiritual, you know, techniques, tools, etc, etc. But making it practical is really important because then it's real and because it is real people. Yeah, right crystal. I mean, like the spiritual part of us is real. We all do have this guidance. We've got, you know, spiritual team around us. It's all real. It's just, you know, accessing it and understanding like you said about it about the sacred poles and yeah, so that's that's really neat. Being ready to tap into it. You know, it's again that that cycle, are you are you ready to get on on off now? Are you ready to check in now? Are you ready to understand it now so that things are smoother? One of my dear friends, she said I used to think I was manic depressive. She hadn't gone in she hadn't been diagnosed you hadn't anything but then she learned sacred poles and she said it was literally just I needed to understand that and then I was reacting to my husband and I was reacting to his which was increasing mine. Which just increased the whole up and down upheaval that I was going through in this whole rhythm cycle and understanding it shifted again. So yeah, when people are ready, they tune in and it's amazing. Yeah, but once you learn it can you then like if I learned it for myself, would I then be able to understand my husband or does he have to do it too or how does that work? No, I actually have people who do it for they do it for themselves because they want to know and after they've been doing it and they really have a rhythm for themselves. Then they start looking at their kids or they start looking at their partner and they start just kind of gently paying attention because even having a roundabout idea is going to give you such an illuminating insight into how partnership works. So no a lot of people do it for themselves. And then later, they think I'm going to apply this to other things mine I had been doing it for a long time. And then finally I thought I'm going to check it in on my husband and see but since his is a three month cycle, it's a lot longer to understand I happen to be administrating humans. So it was really easy. For me to figure out my cycle and yet my husband's was a much longer cycle. So figuring out that it was a three month cycle actually took, you know nine months to figure out because it was so much longer than mine. But I also know men who have found that they have a one month cycle and their partner does to wow interest. So so we're all unique. We're all different. I had one guy come in and he said I have a 24 hour cycle. I said, Okay, let's talk about that. It was fantastic. And it was so enlightening because he was like, because we all have a governing one right? We have we have the government one that really affects everything. But then we also have these little minute ones like our daily cycle, you get up and you go to work, you get up and you have breakfast or coffee and you go to work and you do this and that and the other and then you go and sleep again. That in and of itself is this cycle that we're living and affects our lives our daily lives. If you don't get enough sleep, it's going to affect the rest of the cycle. We all have this governing one that dramatically affects everything else. So for me as a menstruating human and my hormonal cycle that was mine, my husband has a different one. So whatever it is that really feeds into your governing. You're subjected to other ones and yet the one that really overwhelms everything is the one that you really need to tune into. You can tune into the other ones as well. And that that can go down like deep rabbit hole. Oh my gosh. It's like so fascinated by this crystal I have to look into this more because I am super yeah, like I get this. I want to learn more about this. So yeah, yeah, definitely. It's it's just fantastic. It's it's so beautiful and it's a gift I just I love it. I love it. I can feel it. Like when I was checking everything out for today's session. I'm like sacred polls. And that's I mean, you know, I don't know how many people that you know, you do a podcast, they ask you about that. But I was like, I need to find out about that because that felt important. Yeah, no, it is and your audience is largely female. So they're gonna recognize that and I don't care if you are in menopause, or where if you're on birth control or whatnot. Every single human has this cycle does not matter. Gender or non gender conforming. Everyone has this, but understanding that changes everything it makes you feel like instead of your crazy. That makes like, Oh, yes, my sacred poles. It's just my poles. I see that my little crown is with me and I'm gonna sit down in the woods for a couple of days because that's where I need to be. I love it. I love it. Yeah, that's super cool. Yeah, I'm checking that out. Definitely. I wanna I want to know more about that. So and you also have a beautiful podcast, breathe in, breathe out a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast that I will definitely have in the show notes. Oh, thank you. Thank you. i Yeah, it's one of my favorite things to do on this whole planet. It started out with guided meditations and just talking about mindfulness ideas and thoughts that were coming up and inspirations that we had and we just recently started pulling additional guests on and to talk about different ways. That you can take care of yourself and different ways that you can tune in because my methods are not necessarily it for everyone. They want to hear from other people and be inspired by other people's experiences and maybe somebody is totally into tarot, which I had a lady on and she did a Tarot reading was fantastic. I loved it. And other people might be into the meditation or whatnot. So it's one of my favorite parts because I get to connect with not only my listeners, but that person like you and I right now we really get to just sit like we're in each other's living room and talk like old friends and really dive into some points that that are close to our hearts close to our souls and and how can we inspire other people? So yeah, it's fantastically fun. I feel your crystal I love it, too. Yeah, I get it. I totally I'm on board. I'm on board with that. If podcasting is amazing, definitely, yeah. Yeah, I agree. Well, Crystal, this has been so much fun. Thank you so much for coming on today and sharing with my listeners. Thank you so much for having me. This is I can't believe that this time has flown by and it was so easy. Breezy to chat with you. So thank you for having me on and thank you for letting me share a pleasure and I'll have all of the the 10 person offer the intro to you course in the show notes and all the links to your beautiful podcasts and and everything that we talked about. So my listeners and go into the show notes and get all that information from you. Thank you so much Teresa. Yeah, sacred poles. I'm all about that. I want to learn more. Yeah, I it's a it's it's, it's beautiful. What do you want to know what do you I'll just tell you right now what do you want to know? Well, me I want to know the process I want to figure out how what my pulse is and stuff like that so that we can cool it's yeah, I we put a pause on in person courses because of COVID and all that stuff, of course. So now we're just waiting to put new dates on for in person classes and it's like interview where it has 120 page workbook that goes with the whole thing. Yeah. It's it's just beautiful. The one guy that figured out he had a month long course our month long cycle and his husband. It was so inspiring. Those two are just so he was like, Oh, check this out. Check that out. And yeah, so you do him around boulder? I do. Awesome. Oh, yeah. That's only like eight hours from here. We had so calm that'd be so fun. Right? Yeah, the other I mean, we've talked about me traveling and doing them we're just waiting to have enough interest to travel to like a location whether that's Chicago or somewhere in California or whatnot. So eventually I'll travel but I'll keep you posted on when we throw a couple dates out there. Please do because I would definitely love to come and do that. That'd be super fun crystal. Yeah. Well, I'm so glad that everything worked out today. And I'm glad I didn't go oh, she's not coming click. Oh, you just make it so easy to chit chat with you. So thank you so much for just being you and sharing yourself and your podcast and your energy with me. I sincerely appreciate it. I appreciate you so much to Crystal and we will definitely connect and I will get you the information. But yeah, keep me posted on that sacred post. I would love to come. I will. Absolutely. All right. Take care of yourself and have a great evening. You too. Thanks. Bye bye bye.