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Mastering Change with Steven Twohig

August 09, 2022 Season 2 Episode 51
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Mastering Change with Steven Twohig
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Within spirituality there is a great emphasis on ascension, stepping into the next dimension and moving more into your light body. There are so many people on the planet right now helping this process. But have you ever looked at what some spiritual leaders are doing and say “I don’t feel that” or how about “I am in a shit place and can’t go there?” If so, you are not alone. 

As we move through our human experiences there are areas of our being that many don’t want to look at. Those areas often stay dormant until a tragedy or what some may even call a “dark night of the soul ”happens.  My guest today has traveled there himself and through his years of deep inner work is here to shine some light on how to access your true potential and embrace the changes that life throws your way.

His name is Steven Twohig. Steven is what he would refer to as a guide and agent of change. A normal guy who has committed to mastering the art of change. 

He has helped thousands of business leaders to be more productive, strategic, and successful. He has over 2 decades of study and facilitation, 100’s of face-to-face interventions, 20 years of raw feedback from superstar mentors, and over 1000 hours of training directly under the world’s leading life\business strategist Tony Robbins. 

Steven’s passion and life goal is to create a world where everyone reaches their true potential through strategic intervention and planning.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Shadow work

2. Mastering the art of change

3. Human development field

4. Ascension process

5. Diving deep into family dynamics

6. Survival based life

7. Worked with Tony Robbins

8. Suffering is sacred in shadow work

9. Looking back at my younger self

10. The key to salvation

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great emphasis on ascension, stepping into the next dimension and moving more into your light body. There are so many people on the planet right now helping this process. But have you ever looked at what some of the spiritual leaders are doing and say, "I don't feel that" or "how about I am in a shit place and I just can't go there?" If so you are not alone. As we move through our human experiences, there are areas of our being that many don't want to look at. Those areas often stay dormant until say a tragedy or what some may even call a dark night of the soul happens. My guest today has traveled there himself and through his years of deep inner work is here to shine some light on how to access your true potential and embrace the changes that life throws your way. His name is Steven Twohig. Steven is what we would refer to as a guide an agent of change in normal guy who has committed to mastering the art of change. He has helped 1000s of business leaders to be more productive, strategic and successful. He has over two decades of study and facilitation. Hundreds of face to face interventions 20 years of raw feedback from superstar mentors, and over 1000 hours of training directly under the world's leading life business strategist, Tony Robbins. Stevens passion and life goal is to create a world where everyone reaches their true potential through strategic intervention and planning. Welcome, Steven. Hey, thank you very much Teresa. Really glad to be on here. Awesome. Me too. I'm super stoked and I want to first start with an Instagram quote that you had on you put on recently from Carl Jung. That said, "one does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. The ladder procedure however is disagreeable and therefore not popular." Yep, yep. The doing a lot of work in the human development field. And when we do this work, we talk about touching the light go into the talked about that ascension process. I think the ascension what I found through my work is that ascension process naturally happens when we're able to tether or we're able to cut the tethers to the things that are holding us, keeping us from ascending. Many times we think it's about ascending but what it's really about is what's what is the resistance what keeps you from that ascension? What keeps you in suffering what keeps you locked up and that's you know, that's shadow. Definitely and I found for myself and I kind of wanted to dive in a little bit but whenever I do an interview or sharing it's ironic how things happen right before and then it comes on so I'm like yesterday i well my mom recently moved to work back to Iowa where I'm at and all this stuff is coming up about like you know, mirroring seeing like, you know, parts of her that I have within me, family dynamics, how all that comes in has really shaped me and how I've not really gone there yet. So yesterday I was working with someone just like a discovery call and and it all started coming up. Like the things that I disliked about the family disliked about my mom and who she is and how she grew up and in her journey which is you know her journey but it really had me diving into holy crap man I need to look at this because if I don't look this is how I'm gonna move to the next placement the next stone that of my journey. So then you come on today I'm like, Oh, snap, Shadow Work. Here we go, Steven. Yeah, well, it's interesting because there are no accidents. The first first thing you learn is there are no accidents and shadow work. Like when we do a we do a shadow ceremony. We do these 3d intensives we bring people in and we dive down in. I've had situations one lady, she stepped up. Her mother had abandoned her. And, you know, she's like, I just want I want my mom to hear me. And like what was your mom? No, she will never hear me. She'll never be able to hear me but that's what I really that's what she was yearning for. And my wife who does my work with me, she comes up and she's whispering in my ear. And she's like, Bonnie is really triggered and looked over and I'm like, there's this lady here and she's just sobbing profusely I'm like we'll take her outside, stager down get her get her crown and get her present. You're back into the now because she's in a scenario right now. You don't understand it. She abandoned her daughter. There's no way so we you know we step up and we do this process where they get to clear with each other and so there's you can see the it's like change you can literally see these the weight just coming they're starting to stand taller or they're you'll see skin color change you'll see eye color change you'll see all sudden go from I worked with a young boy we took him from his when he first walked in the room his his skin was gray like literally gray. He'd watched his dad blow his head off. And so like we went from that and now it's like you see him it's like two different two different people. There are no accidents and shadow work. There are not now the first axiom though, Theresa the first rule of shadow work is we lie to ourselves first. And so what's happening is my my hallucination I make up Theresa is that this this energy that you're having with your mom, it's not something that now it's come up. When we say it's come up, it's always been playing like a record player in the background. running in the background. It's just now that mom is here in Iowa Now it's right in front your face. Right? The mind what it does is it makes the mistake of thinking because now I'm feeling these emotions that before I was able to shut down in the shadow. Now that I'm able to feel them It must be because of this. The mind creates meaning it's its job the first primary think about when your mind comes online. Your mind comes online and just says meaning purpose and every every in every area like what is this color mean? What is the sound mean? What is this? Like? It's just it's a deep level meaning and you're taking in meaning from every every angle women you guys take everything in once men do it one at a time, like masculine feminine energy, right? We operate a little bit differently and I'm not saying that man or woman I'm talking masculine feminine energy right? But you take it all in one go What does this mean? Well 3.5 million years the human mind has been upgrading in you the skull that is Teresa that the bubble that is that we labeled as Teresa started 3.5 million years ago and came out and then and then in one human human like person and then they had a baby and then and then a baby and then a baby and then a baby and all that at every moment like right now you're you're right now your mind. Just in your head. Just go Hello. There she was right. She that person has been chattering in your ear for 3.5 million years. Just chattering making meaning. And most of that time was survival based. Like we were food. On a good day. You might get a couple extra berries to share with your mom on a bad day. Game over. Thanks for playing right so then the mind got hijacked for survival. So we went from meaning to survival. Our secondary deep BIOS level in our DNA, right because the DNA stores this and then a new baby comes online and activates all that understanding and over over upgrade upgrade upgrade new baby upgrade upgrade to the Teresa that we are now. So the second layer is survival. And then the third layer is efficiency. Now the efficiency thing is an interesting concept because we have this thing called the default mode network, which is when you're working with psychedelics, you see it playing his day when you're working with shadow work. You see a player's day, Tony, when they come back from would come back from this 10 of these $10,000 events and I'd be working with them. You would see it playing this day where all of a sudden all the opportunities, everything cracks open. It's like oh, and then over time it slows down. Well what happened is the default mode network is the way that when you're driving home from work, and you like to all of a sudden just arrive in your parking lot. Like how did I get here? Thank you default mode network, right? The default mode network is that cruise control because the mind it takes 20 was a 20 to 25% of all your caloric intake goes to process thought, that's a lot. It's the most energy intensive organ that we have is our brain. And so to compensate, then to allow us to continue to evolve in this very complex world that we live in. We've created this default the mind created this default mode network is like a ram drive so it's like it throws you into this automatic process. It's like a bunch of zip files that you have of every every meaning that you've made. And so you go this is what that means and whether it's true or not. Doesn't matter. It's all story, right? Doesn't matter what the suffering never sits in the detail. Suffering always sits in the story where you go, this is what that means. And then your mind says good and then always pushes to the mechanical. It wants to create that meaning and then make it automated so that you stand on top of that meaning so that your conscious mind can go okay now what? Now what and it's constantly this bubble constantly rising up into deeper and deeper levels of consciousness. But that default mode network doesn't know the difference between what you're telling yourself and that's a lie in the truth. So if you tell yourself I'm not good enough, and then a part of you comes online that's trying to fight against that. That whole process gets loaded into the default mode network then becomes unconscious, and then it filters out your view of reality so that you have to see through that process that that filter of life, right and what happened was mom came back and when mom came back, it's kind of like, you know what happens if if you have a record that what happens if you're in a house that has recovered our frigerator that just didn't seem that it just hummed? Yes, but what happens after a while but that home, you don't hear it. You don't hear it. So you have the suffering with mom the stories that you've created with mom that are still playing in the background. In that in that it just just playing like records playing and you've you've numbed yourself to them. And that's what you're in now all of a sudden now you can hear the music. It's like Mom, you're triggering me know, that record was always playing. It's just now you've been given the opportunity. I always tell people, that when you find yourself in suffering, we at shadow work we believe suffering is sacred. Because it's in the moments of suffering that I'm able to go back into that story and go wait a minute. That's not true. If I don't come up against something that is abrasive, something that tests that story. Then I'm gonna continue to act out of that story unconsciously and not even know that I'm suffering through it. So your mom's doing your favor. She's waking you up? Oh, without a doubt. And I know that's why she's here. And one of many reasons you know, but Yeah, and like the timing is perfect in the summer I you know, I have just I've kind of like given a lot of space for myself. And you know, awareness that I just need to really work with this. And then that will also work with my daughters who, at the moment are not talking to me or five daughters. Do you have two daughters, two daughters, and how old are they? 26 and 28. So they're full grown. And remember what it was like for you when you were 26 and 28. Dealing with your mom, right? Because that's important to note. Right? And so let's go to a moment when because we don't think in time we think in moments many times when we we think time time sets the belief level these what we call I call it I call your personal codecs. This is if we break down a scenario in your mind. Identity drives narrative narrative gels into story stored and hardens into belief belief, then defines your emotion which then dictates your decision, which then causes the action. This is this what I call the seven Influence Points to any scenario that you run into. So we don't think in time we think in moments time sits at the belief layer, right? It's a lie time is not real. And I'm going to show you that hopefully here on this call. You're gonna go with fucking it isn't real, right? It's just not and how could it be, but we believe it is. But we don't think in time we think in moments. Like, think of when you get up. There's moments that you had Mandalas of time, and we store those moments in story. This is what that meant. Right. Now one of the archetypes of story. One of the things I find amazing is if you go in, you know if this Don't point to God, I don't know what does every story that's ever been told. Joseph Campbell calls it the monomyth there's this hero's journey, there's a certain arc that we have been embedded in our brains to tell us how to make meaning how to tell a story. And every single person since the beginning of time has been given the same groove. Well, you can bet that if I shadow ceremony, we ping that groove and down you go and you go right into the pain point. So that being said, we don't take a time we think in moments tell me of a moment when you found yourself in suffering around your mom. Well, going back to when I was like 26 and 28 and I was recently we want to really I want everything you see this is important Shadow Work. Shadow Work is elusive. And you'll use a lot of people practicing shadow work. And they go down into this talk to me about when you were I don't care about that. What about Yeah, I care about is how is that impacting you? I want there to be real. Again, I come from a different world. I want to be real world impact. So tell me a time when you were in the suffering state. Recently. Um, I guess it was whenever she was conversing with people that really bring a lot of crap into her life. And it just it just stirred up in me like, like, you know, why does she go there? I mean, why Why can't she get? She was talking to people that yeah, like close relatives. And they just aren't, you know, they're just crap. They just bring on more and more shit into talking to you about talking to those people or were you watching her talk to those people in this moment? You were feeling the suffering what was going on? Yes. She was telling me about what they were talking about in her other conversation. And what did that make you how did that make you feel? Um, it made me felt I felt like oh, you know, like I just want to go just just slap her and just say you know what, why are you gonna get a bit uncomfortable? So you know, Teresa, this is gonna get a bit uncomfortable. I know I don't have any other way to go. There's no way to operate course. So there she was telling you and you were making them and I just remember telling myself that why is she you know, why is she indulging in that why does she go there? She go there. Why is she indulging? And then hear yourself saying that feel yourself on the phone as you're hearing that? And the feeling was if we give you mad, sad glad. Scared shape. What's the feeling that you're feeling? Why is she going there? I guess you know, shame, shame. Shame. Shame is an interesting, interesting feeling because it's a feeling of disconnect. it right or wrong. When we when we think of shame it's an instant I feel disconnected. And then the right or wrong piece. Like if you take a baby and you tell the baby No, they don't know right or wrong yet. You see them they go into what's called a shame response to look down in a way you'll see them go into the shame response before they even know what's right or wrong. So this is this is both this shame sits below are right wrong. We add that on later. So you're feeling shame. Breathe, feel what it felt like your mom telling this to you and Mom, why is she Why is he indulging is the is the word? Is that the words you were using in your head? Why is she indulging? Definitely you're getting there okay, and you're feeling this shame? Where do you feel shame in your body? I would say solar plexus breathe in your solar plexus feel that and what do you feel down there? Is there is there a shape? Yeah, it's actually like, it looks like a pentagon. Pentagon breathe into that pentagon. And if it had a color what would it what would it be see my mom? Why is she indulging fill her indulging? There's this gray pentagon. And this gray Pentagon if you gave it a voice sound What would this gray Pentagon sound like? It'd be like so there's you feel this pressure? There's almost like a resistance like I'm fighting through something to get somewhere. So breathe. And if you gave this a sound this shame, what does it say? Really give it like say What are you saying to me and your mind say What are you saying to me? What is this shame? Saying? It's making you feel it saying? You can be so empowered. Why are you going to your mind? That's your bullshit. That's the mind. That's the mind notice that see that? Why are you going there? So there's a part of you that feels like you're being weighted down and then your mind goes, Why are you going there? What it's trying to do is it's trying to write you see that minds trying to do what the mind does, which is trying to write you but we want to feel that poll. We want to notice how you want to resist feeling that shame pull down. What does that pull down saying to you? Breathe into it. Feel that again? Why is she indulging you see the danger that's coming feel the impending Armageddon that her indulging is going to bring on and I feel shame and the shame is telling me what well, it's telling me that this is just a pit of despair, pit of despair, breathe, feel that pit of despair. Write this and feel that pit of despair. And when's the first time you can remember feeling this pit of despair? Oh my god, like when I was a little kid. How old were you? I see probably three or four. I was three or four. So let's go with three threes are good. So go look at three see three in your eye. And when was the first time the three felt this pit of despair. I remember this. The there's a saying I like to use there was this one time when there was one time when I was away. And it my dad was drinking and my mom was upset and there was a lot of chaotic energy. Like I felt stirred up inside and I didn't know what I was feeling but I definitely was was not in a good place. So there's a stirring going on inside you you can see Mom and Dad drinking they're fighting. And I and notice here's that word indulge all of a sudden starts to make plenty of sense doesn't it? Like what the fuck is going on here? And you're trying three is trying to figure it out. And at three years old mom and dad are died. Like mom and dad or god it's three years old. There's no other way to see it. But mom and dad being God at three years old. So I just remember three years old I remember thinking to myself how could How can I get the fuck out of here? How can I get the fuck out here? You'll How can I get the fuck out of here this feeling of I need to almost like I need to run. But where am I? Going to fucking go? Well, I did a story stories, Stephen that I did pack up to leave when I had my brother with me. And I went to the edge of the street, turned around and came back and mom watched us walk that way. I went to the end of the street and I got to the end of the street go to the end of the street. Why did you turn around and walk back because I didn't know what to do feel that. I didn't know what to do. Didn't know where to go feel that complete, hopeless and helpless. I have to go back to the situation where they're indulging. Feel that right there and from right then right then a split came online. Some party you came online that said it was going to take care of you. And from then on how did that three year old girl. See that little girl in your mind's eye walking back making the decision that she's going to have to keep herself safe that she's going to have to and notice how now you've you've created a wedge between you and the rest of the world right there in that moment. See that little See that little girl in that moment? What did that little girl need? Most of all, what did she yearn for? safety, safety and what does safety have meant to her? What would it have meant to her if she was safe? Well, safety would have given her a feeling that everything's okay and then of love. She would have finally been loved. And would that would have would that have meant to her that I'm lovable? Definitely see that. Actually, not just from but in from a subjective experience. You're doing great work by the way, subjective experience now sitting in this space of of having to go back to this place of wanting to run have the indulgence feel around how uncomfortable it feels to want to run but nowhere to go feel what it feels like to be trapped in this space you feel it? Feel around IT tech check your pockets know what it feels like to be stuck here. Now fast forward and see in a timeline all the way through to where you're at now. And look at all the times that this frame of reference this scenario overlapped your experience of reality unconsciously. You didn't even know it was there. But here's that three year old girl presenting herself again, not knowing where to run feeling like she was confused, not knowing how she was gonna survive all this stuff. I'm not lovable. Am I lovable? And how do you Teresa in in your life? How do you react out of that when she comes online? Well, I do look for ways to escape. You look for ways to escape. And notice how there's a part of you because you're looking for a way to escape. Notice there's a part of you that has to feel trapped. Because what we do is that little girl in that moment in time it was like your consciousness like kind of when you go to work out and you go to work out when you work out you kind of get a knot in your back. The mind does the same thing. Everything is fractal everything is a represent the physical body, mental body, spirit body. So like this is all fractal all the way up. It's all fractal and so if that happens in the body, well crap it would have to happen in the mind. It wouldn't make perfect sense. And what happened was in that moment, you said in your body went in your mind went and you tightened right there in that moment and said and it's like you put a flag in your consciousness that said don't worry three. That show it'll never happen again. And isn't true party you came online and you were your belief, a belief enters a room before you do. So your belief that you could be trapped your belief that you may have to run your belief that this is all going on all the beliefs that three year old picked up back there walks into the room and you set it down and you go How could this happen? And every relationship gets filtered. Go to your business. Go to your personal life. Go to your health. Go to your finances every area of your life because the mind loves patterns. So this thing was so painful for her at three that every area of our life has been every area of your life has been filtered by this fear of having to run right and we are like sailors at sea with no navigation equipment. Up until now, right? We've had no navigation equipment and so what we do if I'm a sailor and I'm and I'm and I'm sailing along the coast of Florida, right and I will I ever get away from the coast if I don't know how to navigate if I don't have any navigation equipment. No, I'm gonna stay close enough to see the edge because if I get away from it better to deal with the demon you know than to raise the demon that you don't and so use the mind goes don't go left. Don't go right. Stay right fucking here. That's the minds job is to keep you safe. Thank you mind for doing what you need to do and you are not the mind. Again in your mind. Go Hello. something up there said hello, right. And you heard something up there. Say hello. Right. So now for a second. Hold your breath. Now breathe. Breathe, breathe deep breaths, deep breaths. Great. Notice that what happens once you start breathing and you can take control of the breath. But then as soon as you forget that you are no longer responsible for breathing, the body goes Don't worry, the mind goes Don't worry. We got this. And it just takes charge, don't it? The thoughts are the same way. It just goes. And you either control your mind or it controls you. How do we do that? Well first we've got to see where the flag is the first step to any any integration any innovation any insight comes first. Innovation or investment without insight is a waste of resources. First I got to know first I got to see it. I got to know that you got to know that part of you is clear. Back there at three years old. And you got to know right where she is. Is because in shadow work if you miss by an inch you miss by a mile. It's like well, I had this feeling of not being good enough. Yeah, great. We all have that. Specifically though. Well, when I was three years old, there's my flag. Ah I see your flag now. Right? So let's not but here's the thing my I believe that great now you know where that comes from? Doesn't help you it does it now gives you clarity and that in itself as flour because we shine the flashlight in there. But now what we want to do is we want to close I call it closing the circuit. Because you've got this neuron that's firing. I would be willing to bet Teresa that you probably wasn't the last time that you experienced that. And I would be willing to bet that little girl yearned for something and that little girl prayed for something prayed and prayed and prayed for something and what and she was praying for love. And she was praying for what was she praying for most of all. Just security just to feel safe, just to feel safe and just to feel security because that would mean that she was loved in her mind. That's the vehicle to get the love, safety and security of you. Notice how for you as a mother, mother bear safety and security were there was no way you were getting to the point to where it was too much. Of course because that's the that's the flag that you planted. Of course it's gonna go if it didn't go overboard, that would mean you were really fucked up. You know what I mean? Like that's normal. Like Wait a minute, that's normal, that is normal. The mind should have done that. If the mind didn't do that. I would have thought like when you get to shadow work, you get down underneath and it's like, well, of course you did what you did. Like, how could you not do what you did your mind was? There was the way you were programmed. That was the only way you were gonna see out. Right. So So you prayed for security for safety. Let me ask you a question. I mean, I've flown around the world. I've done this work. In every every place I can imagine. I've worked with homeless I've worked with the wealthiest people like that you can imagine literally everything every guy spent two years working with the homeless in Colorado. I've worked with the addiction field I've worked with like everything, I believe. I believe that that our suffering is sacred. I believe that when we are brought to these moments were brought to these moments for a reason. I believe that there are no accidents in shadow work and I believe that that little girl prayed for somebody. And I believe you are the medicine. You've done all this work with psychedelics, and it's all brought me every single guru. Every single teaching that's ever been worth anything has always said you are the medicine. So, Teresa, you like to go to parties you like groups of people and stuff like that, like live events. So you walk into a party and all your friends are there II are you doing people talking people clap and you're and it's like Pat, in the far corner of the room. You see this woman this man this entity, this dog this whatever who needs love? Who needs security? Is it true that you've got to radar? Hills? Yes. I don't even ask him Brian there, Steven hills. Notice how I lead you to that. Typically I try not to lead you to it. But after 10,000 of these things, you get real. It gets obvious. I know it's there. There's a superpower that came online for you to where you can see it. I know that because when I was three years old, I was locked in a basement. And I lived in that basement until I was 40 years old. And so now I know when somebody feels trapped. I can spot it like you Hold on Come here a minute and I can go down to that level because I operate I've done the work at that level. Right. So you tell me of a time when again tell me of a time when when this sacred party what we're looking for is a moment where you brought love you brought safe you could see that they felt like they weren't loved. You can see where they felt like they weren't safe. And you said I need to engage and you engaged in through the engagement itself. You saw that they got that they were loved. And you saw they were grateful that you were there. And there was this transmission of knowing in that moment. Like you were able to say thank you God for allowing me to be here in this moment for this situation like you could feel yourself channeling purpose. There was this one time when there was one time when a friend was having issues with her husband and she came to me to my house to stay there for a little while. And while all this was going on, and I I assisted her through it. Okay, and there was a moment when you when she got it and you saw that she got it in that moment you so tell me I just remember looking tell me what what you were gonna take me back to let's load that we think and what we store in holograms. So when a load that hologram up in time so that we can feel we want to go in. Mark Gaffney would say in the face of it, we want to feel it right. So I remember where you were when when she got it. Were you inside or were you outside? Inside? Was a daytime or nighttime. It was nighttime. It was nighttime. So there was this one night and were you in the kitchen in the living room. Are you in the bedroom? Where were you at? We were in the bedroom. I remember we were sitting in the bedroom, it was nighttime. And we were talking and I remember saying something. And I remember saying that, you know, you'll get through this that. You know I'm here for you. And you looked at her and there was a mom when she got it what was the look like see her go back to the moment reload the moment where you see her getting it where the where the flower opens up. Explain to me what you're seeing. I'm seeing her crying. And then I'm seeing I'm seeing her heart open up and like like she's like lit up more because of the fact that I'm there with the saram really um you know seeing her and and yeah on purpose Yeah, I'm there working with her Jacqueline that level that no one else would at that moment. Nobody else could you were you were the reason and in that moment you saw you were the reason that she was there you were able to it wasn't coming coming from you. It wasn't coming to you. It was coming through you. There was some channeling this purpose coming through you and in that moment she got it and I just remember feeling I just remember feeling relieved myself. Breathe feel what it felt like to be relieved. Now feel what it felt like to be on purpose. Now feel what it felt like to acknowledge the fact that you were right where you needed to be doing right what you need to do that the universe had conspired that there are no accidents that I'm right where I need to be breathed. What does that feel like that relief that what is the feeling you're getting now below the relief? Love, love feel that love feel what it feels like the love you're transmitting love to the soul and love was and now there was this this biofeedback of love going back and forth was like it was swelling. And where do you feel that love and your body and my heart and your heart like feel that in your chest feel what it feels like to be the channel to be to be the this is coming through and it's activated and it's working? And it's and it's in your chest? And what's the color? Pink, pink, interesting, and it has a shape? What shape is it for that shape? It's a big circle. Big circle. Is it a circle or is it a sphere? It's a circle. It's a circle. Interesting. Breathe into that circle feel that circle? Feel it now is it a circle or is it a portal? It's a portal? Hmm, feel that and I know she started smiling guys feel that and now notice how old that portal is? Notice that it's not a portal but uh, well yeah. This right here what you're finding right here is what I owe people over and over tell me they're trying to fill this empty space. This is what they're filling they don't know they're it's not supposed to come in IT stuff is supposed to come out of it. And so now there's this love coming out this portal coming out and what sound if it had a sound? What sound would this make? Ah. It definitely feels like a release, right? Yes. And if it had a voice what would be the message for all the listeners for me for you for the world? What is the message that this portal has for us? Yes, you've got this breathe feel what that feels like yes, you've got this. Feel that yes, you've got this. And if we gave this party you a nickname. When does a dog become a family pet when you give it a name? You teach it to come when they call if we gave this party you a nickname? What could we call her? Happy, happy, breathe into happy feel what it feels like to be happy feel what it feels like to be the channel of happy feel what it feels like to be the purpose of happy to know that you can then know that you have it in you breathe and feel allow this this this pink portal to fully encompass your every being Are you there happy? Yes, happy fully online. Yes, happy now. Look down at that three year old girl. See that three year old girl in your eyes. You see that three year old girl? Yes. Is she in the house or is she at at the at the edge of the yard where she at? Yeah, we're outside. We're outside. Does she see you? Yes, looking at me. Does she recognize you? Yes, she does. And what's the look on her face? Love, love feel that and what does this three year old girl? See the three year old girl remember what she was thinking? You know this three year old girl better than anybody happy? What does she need to know what has she been yearning and waiting for you to tell her all this time that she has this inside of her? Yes. See that? And now and now step into the three year old girl and see this powerful woman looking at you telling you and so this lady seems to know me better than anybody knows me. There's something about her that is very recognizable that seems familiar at a very deep level and allow that you have this inside of you allow that message to load down into whatever fucking lie she picked up. In that moment. Allow her to see the truth of who she is. And now step back into happy see this is this three taking it out in? Yes. Yes. Yes. And what more does three need? Nothing. She's enveloped with it. She's enveloped with it. So pick her up. Give her a hug. Have you ever had one of those those children hugs where it's like the whole universe is hugging you? Yes. So feel what that feels like as you hug this three year old little girl that's inside of you all the time. Hug her and then give her that love that same sending love that you sent to that woman now send to this three year old little girl and feel that energy that love come online and the connection being made. Now step into three and give happy the hug. Give it to her like a three year old only a three year old little girl can give a hug like this. And now step into happy and feel that hug feel the connection that these two these two identities are now forming the relationship that they're now forming feel three year old finally able to let go because she sees that my prayer has been answered and then allow these two identities to mold into the Theresia that we are now and allow these two to come together and whatever comes up comes up. Allow your mind to just wander. Notice where your mind goes. Isn't that interesting? When you're ready, come back to the room. Open your eyes. Look at me. How are you? Oh wonderful, wonderful feel. It felt empowering. It felt complete. Like I feel there's a part of me now that feels more complete than I then when we first started. Kind of. Do you see how that three year old girl is played out in your life? Oh God. Yes, Steven so many times so many places. It's added out and now you have a back door because what happens is, you don't know that you're in it. The root word of human being in Arabic is to forget, we forget that we're in it. We don't know that we're in it. So now you know so the next time you feel I call it a condensed state we only have really I think it's three but I only know i've only identified two we have compressed and we have expansive I think there's neutral as well. But I haven't again it's neutral. So it's it's hard to see right. And so the compressed dates are what I'm worried about when you feel yourself in a compression which with mom go back and check that wasn't it a compression? Yeah. Now notice when you're on the phone with Mom, why is she indulging? Now notice check around in your pockets was that that three year old girl See, there's time is not real. Not really not really real. It's how we make sense of what's going on. There's part of you that still that three year old girl so now you have this other you happy that can come online. When you see Mom indulging, you can bring happy online and go I got you I got you three come here come here sit on my lap let's have a conversation you're not driving the bus and happy can come online happy knows that you have everything in you happy knows that everything's gonna be okay happy knows happy knows have happy brings it. Happy brings the love and you can engage you have a back door now that again the key here is in theater because we can talk about it all day long. But the next time you're in theater with mom, noticing what comes up. What's What's that? Ooh, there's that for me. It's the base when I was three years old. My mother My stepmother physically tortured me she pulled all my hair out. She starved me She beat me she she would lock me in the basement and she she pulled me out before Dad Come on say say anything. I'll kill you and your sister both apparently I look like my mom. This went on for length of time. Well, pre verbal three years old. I didn't really have the words for it. There's no way to explain that and when my mom finally got me got got out well the prevalent thought time was just don't say anything. Right so now I'm three years old and I feel like at any moment any one of you people because again, mom is God. And so anytime you any of you could lock me in the basement. Now fast forward and I'm 40 years old and I'm not in a basement. I'm in Florida and talking to my wife about taxes. But some part of me feels like she's trying to trap me. And I don't know why. Because that that record player is playing and again my belief would enter the relationship before I would do and I would walk in Okay, who here who here could trap me who can I get away from? Like I would I would size everything up and I would never get too far away from that feeling of being trapped for fear of being lost in see and ended up running right back into being trapped again. Which is what your three year old little girl was doing? And oh, by the way, that's exactly what she should have done. Right like how could she do anything but that that's her body shadow work? Yeah. So then we would go to shadow integration, which is I would invite you over the next couple of weeks to spend time very specific focus sacred time where maybe you play some music, color, draw, you load up happy, right? You load up. I call it your sacred identity. You load up happy and they go okay, happy. Let's have a talk and you go down into that three year old girl and you bring the two up and you might start crying you know, learn from ayahuasca, it's purging. We Hindus at the at the emotion level, they call them samskaras. We have an emotional, we have this situation and we tighten up and when we do that blocks of emotion get loaded in your body. And now we have these samskaras loaded in our body pockets of emotion that need to be released. So you start going into these three articles, and all of a sudden that energy is going to start coming you might start giggling you might start shaking. I've seen shaking. I've seen laughing I've seen bawling obviously, coughing. A lot of times when I'm doing Shadow Work purging is the thing even with no medicine, like ayahuasca, you really do a lot of purging with shadow work. Sometimes I'm a puker. So like, I'll start coughing. Next thing you know, it's like give me a bucket. And for some reason that process of energetically releasing threw up like that gives my it's like the it's kind of like the Running Start my mind needs to release wherever it is because like you said that three year old was holding on back there that feeling like I need to leave home but I can't get out of here. Where am I gonna fucking go? Right and then you feel trapped. And then when I feel trapped well you know what I like? I don't I'm not going to be trapped in no way shape. Or form and I'm going to get close to it. And then you lie to yourself about that feeling. Because your ego doesn't want to feel it anymore. And so the unconscious mind goes, I bet you you'll never have to deal with that again. And then you're feeling it and then it's coming out sideways and so you're experiencing it without even knowing that you're experiencing it. And the reason why is because I think the mind is trying to write itself. It throws its called projection. It throws it out into the world so that I can assess it again, I can get another I get another run at it kind of thing. Right? And you've noticed the way the universe works. It's it's the beatings will continue until morale improves, like the universe keeps bringing the lesson to you over and over and over again until you pick it up. That's projection it's happening. That 95 National Science Foundation says 95% of our thoughts are repetitive. This is because you only have two types of thoughts. You have the thought that you think and then you have the thought that you've already thunk. Most of the world is thinking thoughts they've already thought they're listening to echoes of thoughts. And they're based upon like your three year old little girl. So they're all everybody around here that you see is asleep at the wheel trying to solve their suffering, and it's time that the stopped this is I believe what's causing this is the only way that we're going to get any transformation in our world. 100% believe you and well obviously I believe you but and also it's interesting how things do come around again like because this has obviously come up the last couple years I've been doing my own work, but it's gotten deeper each time but and then deeper but with you it's like accessing that feeling. That is really what also just kind of I can go right there with that feeling part. And I so how do you work with clients? I know there's a lot of people that are disconnected are not only to like who they are as a soul but also you know their body and I'm assuming certain only certain people come and do this work with you or have you found that there's all kinds of people well I'm working on stuff Steven I'm it's not like you know what's deep and it's not I mean, I'm working with a guy, I got a client he's got 150 employees, multi million dollar business, and his CFO has a feeling as though he's not being the CEO has to be the everything's not fair. And because everything's not fair. Everything's got to be fair. If it's not fair, he goes into his shadow. And the CFO has now bought he's hired a CFO that it's like watching this this family dynamic at play in business because the business is just a bunch of people. Right? And so first off, it depends I can go there's more ways one the skin. You've done this for 22 years, there's more ways than one to do shadow work. Like I went in, because that was my question I went in when I worked for Tony is like I wanted to see if shadow work would work in business. If the same things that I was using that I just used with you were committed and they absolutely do 90% of strategies fail because not because it's because you were running these look but you were setting yourself up for failure from work go and you didn't even know it. Right. And what I do is we look around the corner and go what's going to happen? Oh didn't see that. There. Notice that and then everything unravels. Right and then they can they can take advantage of so it works everywhere. But yes, it's shadow work is they got one client's like I thought this was devil worshipping every time you because he came to me for business help. And it's like well, you start talking about shadow work and I thought you were talking about devil worshipping it the mind the ego is by very nature, going to resist or put some kind of a dark connotation on this because it doesn't want you to feel that right? It doesn't want you to end and that's the it's like it's like the thread we're gonna go right I don't want to care. I don't care what your story is. I don't care a lot of times so maybe gone well because like no I'm not I don't need to hear the story. Come back to what Say that again. Fuck you say it again. Fuck you. And they say the third time and all of a sudden, something shoots open. It's like all of a sudden they're feeling the full effect of whatever it is that they've been trying to. The story is about running from it. Right. My job is to continue to bring them right to to the now. Right right to the this is I think again, I think this is the path to enlightenment. Right? You can't you can't get you can't get there by imagining I'm okay you're okay. We're okay like that. Programming the unconscious mind with affirmations, affirmations only they are effective but they operate at the narrative at the plot in the plot is just one of seven Influence Points. And if you've got something loaded back there, like what you had loaded back there and you don't deal with it. You're gonna come back and you're going to deal with it one way or the other. Again, like you said, the lesson keeps coming up. And so it's like, Well, okay, why don't Is it? Is it coming up? Because I haven't solved the problem. No, it's coming up because my mind is throwing the same scenario over and over again, trying to correct data, that it has a judgment, some kind of meaning that it's made that's causing suffering. Right, because it wants to push everything down to mechanical and if you think about it, I think we're gonna go I'm gonna go a little bit into the woowoo. Here, Teresa. When you go down in you start you start getting into the very quantum, the quantum field of it. It's all consciousness. Everything here is consciousness. It's just been pushed down to the mechanical. Well, how would creation if everything was consciousness, and we were the point of that consciousness because that's what we are. And we were pushing everything down. How would it make sure that what it was pushing down would work? Well, it would have to have some way of checking of checking its math, so to speak. And what's happening for you when it keeps coming up, is that you're checking that the mind is trying to fix itself, trying to break its way through to the next, the next layer of the onion so that you can get down to the truth of it. Which is your God having a Teresa experience. Exactly. Yeah. Wow. Well, where do I go with this now? Well, so damn, Steven. That was awesome. Um, well, I guess you know, in the world today, as we know there's been so much broken open and there's so much change constantly going on. So I believe in this work. It's great. I applaud you for all you've put together and for all the work you've done over the last several decades and it's amazing, Steven, so I'm, thank you so much for today and I want to talk a little bit about what you offer clients. I know you have this is going to be released in August. I know you have an event in July, but I know you have probably events that come up sporadically, correct? Yep. Would you talk a little bit about your offerings? Yeah. So first off, I've got several so I have an app. There's an app that's in creation, it's in constant folding. Right now if you go to if you go to mastering change.com So mastering ma s t e r i n g change in other words, that's what we need to master we need to master the art of change is really what this is about. Go that's my main website and you can download the app The app is free. I offer a there's several different ways to work with me from a from a live event standpoint, that's for people that like I need to I need, I need to I need an intervention. I need an intervention now and I'm willing to do the work like don't come to this door not expecting to do this is not a sit down with a pad and paper and learn about the shadow because some things can't be learned they have to be earned. Right? You earned that connection that you just made you earned that that now it's now it's if you see neurons being made in your mind, now you got to strengthen it right? But you've earned that you people want to come to it. We pull out the carpet. We do the work. Well. I've seen one lady she pulled out nine years old. Her mother sold her off she said I can remember getting in the pickup truck. And you know, like oh my like I've seen one gentleman. His best friend saved him from an underwater and he ended up drowning. So in essence I killed my best friend. Like I've seen these traumatic just Holy Cow come out on the carpet. So we will go there. Right and you'll uncover your purpose. You will uncover your mission you'll uncover this is why this happens. You're gonna go through the cave into the shadow but we're trying to get to is that well inside of you that you touched on that. That portal. That is always it's been there longer than you've been here. And so we want to connect people to their true essence so many times our axis monies. So we have that coming up. We do that about every quarter. But we can only take a very limited number of people because it's such a it's it's a lot of work. It's very difficult to get there. And so we've take a limited number of people and we have a people group of guides that comes with a shadow tribe. So if you go to the shadow tribe.com You get into a Facebook group. And these people have spent last couple years they've you know my students have been learning this process and we've built a community where you know it's not about Steven like the other thing is is that I'm there's nothing trapped. I'm not a guru I'm not I'm not a therapist, I'm not a counselor, I'm just a guy who's bumped his head I'm call me healed healer, call me whatever you want. There. I put on my pants one foot at a time. And so I have a tribe of people. So because a lot of times shame. Shame is not only do I think I've done something wrong but I think that you think not only do I think I'm bad, but I think that you think that I'm bad. So pulling that out in tribe and then going oh, you still love me. The healing effect is profound. So I've got a group of people called the shadow tribe where we do these live events. pick those up again mastering change. I have an app that you can download. If you just want to. And I've got an intro to shadow work that I'm going to be offering on that. But I have a 30 day Mental Cleanse group that really works at the narrative level at the plot. And that group. It's 30 days and you download the app and once a day you'll have a have a colon that you'll focus on and then you come in and you'll check in once a week with with a group of people and then I'm there to help kind of shift you so that I can get you underneath the code and it's all about getting you under so that you can go oh, that's what that is. We call on the weekend. We call it the weekend. A while people go wow wow like I would have never Wow kind of thing right? And then of course I do have one on one coaching. I also have I have students that do coaching as well. So if I need to get you to somebody else or maybe because working with me is I'm trying to move away from I want to work with groups up I want to get this out. And we need to get this out. So you want to come work with me. You want to come train with me you want to come do some stuff on the app, you want to come do a live event. You know you just want to come to the website and just stare at nothing do that like definitely do that. Change will happen, right? Yes. During that mastering that website. Change is happening. Here's the thing. What happened in 100 years is happening in 10. Now what happened in 10 years is now happening in one they're calling it the velocity of change is sped up where change has become a constant. The co founder of Google said that we were going to get as much new information by 2015. It was going to double at the rate of every second used to be from it would take us from Jesus until Hitler for data to double. Now it's doubling, double, double double. That's how fast the world is moving and so now as as a species, the illiterate of our age is not going to be the person that can't read or write illiterate or of our age is going to be the person that can't learn, unlearn and then relearn again. And that's what this is. This is not a learning this is an unlearning. Right? Right. Right totally makes sense. Awesome, Steven. Well, what a powerful sharing today again, thank you so much for coming on. I'll have all the information in the show notes of how people can get in touch with you and mastering change.com And thank you so much. That was wonderful. Thank you. That was beautiful work, Teresa, beautiful work. Thank you very much..