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From Scarcity to Prosperity with Leo Energy

July 26, 2022 Season 2 Episode 49
Enthusiastically Spiritual
From Scarcity to Prosperity with Leo Energy
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Every July I have my solar return. It is when my Leo sun comes back around and I am able to celebrate another year.

This July I had the pleasure of having a soul brother named Chiron Yeng come to visit me in Iowa. He is also a Leo and while he was here we took some time and shared some great insights on the Leo energies, what is going on right now in the cosmos and much more.

At 16, Chiron woke up to the truth that his health is his responsibility and set forth on a journey of self-healing. He sought out master healers and mentors of personal and planetary healing from diverse traditions, globally. After 15 years, not only did he recover, he also became more empowered in his energy, creativity, and leadership. He tapped into his greatest human potential.

His name is Chiron Yeng and his journey of self-healing led him to create a signature system, LifeQuest. Using his certifications in Evolutionary Astrology, Nature Connected Coaching, the LifeLine Technique, he now supports people from all around the world to heal in deep and profound ways.

He helps purpose driven entrepreneurs, creators, and healers who are suffering with burnout, overwhelming stress, and imbalanced lifestyle to thrive in their health and energy, tap into greater creativity, and love the work they do while enjoying the simple pleasures of Life.

This is Chiron’s journey and his third visit sharing on Enthusiastically Spiritual and I am honored to have him back to share more.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Leo Energy

2. Meaningful and purposeful life

3. Expressing the potential in yourself

4. Near death experience in Boulder

5. Astrology transits

6. Birth chart

7. Cultivating the seeds of life

8. Being a miracle

9. 2020 transit

10. Scarcity to Prosperity Living Webinar

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of enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa and man I'm super stoked today because I have a beautiful soul brother. In the house that we have today. In our beautiful room here. We're going to be talking about astrology. We are both Leo's and Chiron is in the house and Chiron is a Human Potential Coach, a Transformational Leader and of Movement Practitioner and this is actually Chiron third time being on Enthusiastically Spiritual. So I am so excited. He's all the way from Malaysia here in the house to share with us today. So welcome Chiron Hi, Teresa. Thank you for having me. Thank you for hosting me has been a wonderful experience. It sure has. I mean, especially that this is coming up to our birthday week. We're both Leo's Yeah, I think we only two days apart. I'm on July 26. And you are July 28. Yep. Very close. Just different years, different years. Yeah. So we're, we want to talk a bit today about the Leo energy that's going to be emerging coming in in the next couple of weeks and and how we can support the listeners and all of you out there who are maybe have Leo in your chart or maybe don't but we're all going to be embracing this powerful energy so wanted to definitely tap into that today. Yeah, so I guess I'll talk a little bit about what Leo is all about rain sounds great. And now I'll tell you what my Leo is all about. I mean, as an Evolutionary Astrology, we look into not just how the sign manifests itself or express itself, but also why is this part and parcel of the 12 Zodiac you know, every Zodiac has a role has purpose as an evolutionary purpose behind the expression that it gives the reason why we use the way Leo's are meaning that you know why they are they can be so confident or stubborn even about their views and points in their creative expression. So we know Leo is here to show that life is meaningful life is purposeful and intentional. And personally, I always have that affinity to express the greatest potential that is living inside of me. This This felt sense within me that feels like you know, there's something bigger, more meaningful than just the mundane things which is all about you know, inspiring people. To become the best version of themselves. I think that's what I live for, actually. Yeah, and for myself, being a Leo, I have really come in with this strength and this inner power that I have really unfolded throughout my life. So I guess that's what are the challenges that come in with the different family and the different environments I grew up in and then they're obviously not Leos but so myself being that strong, like fierce for like you said, like that stubborn sometimes. And I'm sure my mom would probably say, yeah, that's Teresa, especially when I was younger, but I you know, I came in with that potential and that leadership ability within me as a Leo and wanting to really step into that and embracing that unfolding that as I've gone throughout my journey has been, it's been empowering and then like you mentioned Leo and the creativity and offering that out into the world and sharing that energy with others and helping them also rise up to their potential. Feels like really what I've come to do this lifetime. Oh, yeah, definitely. I feel you can give off also the vibe of being obnoxious or narcissistic. So here's the feeling that I get you know, that if we are wounded, any signs or any zodiacs can go really, you know, to the negative side of things. So the negative side of Leo is that they want to be in control. They want their voice to be seen to be heard to be acknowledged. But the thing is, if you really truly know their acknowledgement, then you don't have to sit from outside and that's when you know when you can seek within for the power within the is living inside of you that leadership within that, you know, you're worthy. You're enough you need other things to prove that hey, you need that you are seen and heard. Then truly know Leo's not about taking the spotlight is about giving people spotlight. So the true essence of you know, of Leo starts to show up. And to me that's leadership because leadership is all about inspiring people to move with you towards the direction that hey, life. is purposeful. You know, I always think about Leo always think about liking. Yeah, that's my favorite cartoon when I was a kid. Yeah, not surprised, right. And the they talk about something about the circle of life. So the reason why I brought this up is because Leo's leadership is about serving, serving words serving the power of life rather than their own agenda. I think that's the highest spiritual expression of the I feel that totally my being I love that so much. Yeah. And so this being Leo season and moving into the energy of this because right now as we're taping this we're in where the cancer sun. Oh, yeah. So in two days, or day and a half by now we're going to be moving into this Leo energy. So I'd like to talk a little bit about some of the transits that are coming up in the next two weeks and then beyond because we're in a really a unique energy right now of you know, I know a lot of people cuz I just got back from a Expo this past weekend. A lot of people were like, you know, what am I doing? Where am I going? Really kind of that feeling of just kind of transformational, but yet ungrounded in a certain way. Yeah. So I'd love you to share a couple of the big trends that are coming up the next few weeks into, you know, moving into the future. Gotcha. To talk about the future we got to bring in the context of the past over the last couple of weeks before in July, especially in the beginning of July. As you said, you know cancer Sun is transiting cancer along with mercury and it was just a weekend ago the sun Mercury was in conjunction. Right and while all that is happening is opposing Pluto. So the last two weeks there's a lot of like us people dying or freak accident people discovering that they have health issues and and to work on it. I think when Pluto transits any planet, especially the Sun and Mercury is like, hey, you know, watch out for your health. Watch out for where you're going. And personally, I have my own near death experience myself, right. I was basically down the border to the white water tubing in Boulder Creek. I was in Boulder. And basically I was on the float and then the tube just flipped over a couple of times, because there's this undercurrent and they just pulled me in. I was underwater for a while and I felt like I was going to drop right there was this past life memory minnows in the water that I might have drowned before. And personally, I think I miss understood the force of nature. Because it looked like nothing from the outside the water looks like what's supposed to be and build a creek is not even deep, you know? So and I was thankful that I have a life west to slight or no if I was able to get out of that little suction Whirlpool that that was sucking me in. Yeah, interestingly a friend of mine before we went into the activity, he saw a moth being eaten alive by a book. Whoa, all right. major transformation. Yeah, Mafia is really symbolic, you know, animal insect that talks about death and rebirth. And then again, bird eating and talking about the prey and Predator relationship. with nature. And that reminded me that how nature even though it's so you know, is unforgiving? Life is unforgiving. But yeah, at the same time, it's beautiful. And is this a miracle? Right so I felt that, wow, that experience reminded me about the miracle of life. And I think as a leader and for me, my personal mission is to share that remind people about that the love for life, even though there's suffering and there's pain in the world. It is still a beautiful world. I totally agree. And I think that's that will be a major key to bring a debate you're bringing forth now is the fact that even if the world is in chaos and constant change, which it's always change, right? Change is constant that embracing some of these bigger energies that are coming up and really seeing where your energies at and how you how it can help you and assist you on your way. And that's a lot of what I found through astrology for myself. Yeah, and especially understanding my birth chart and the potential that I had through when I came in. So birth chart, if you're unfamiliar with it, it's basically a chart that shows the actual time the date and where you came in at on the planet. And it has so much juicy knowledge in it for really it's like a map of my life. And so throughout that map, it shows me like you know, what my potential is, what I what I brought, what I'm here to learn what I brought in from the past. There's all kinds of different aspects to it, but for myself in understanding what my birth chart is, and especially being a Leo son, is that the potential there is really great for me to embrace my birth chart and then to move forward with what I've come to experience. And so I absolutely love astrology and I love the fact that there is this beautiful tool that we can all access and understand in certain ways because it's really dynamic. And there's all kinds of like you do evolutionary astrology, there's shamanic astrology, there's Vedic Astrology. There's all kinds of unique ways to really embrace this birth chart. But I want to really talk a little bit about the uniqueness of how the each person the soul of what they've come in to do and how this birth chart really showcases what that potential is and how they've come in to really shine the most you know the most that they can with throughout their life. Yeah. No matter what method we use, to self discovery itself. I think the most important thing is really to inquire within right, and not take answers from someone else. Sure. They can give as a guide as a reference. But at the end of the day, it's it's our relationship with who we are so I just want to point out that you know, if you're a Leo and if you're not sharing your voice, your creative projects, then you're missing out a lot in life. I used to be afraid of my voice and I used to be afraid of what I write and if people are gonna judge it. I used to be afraid of leading and directing and mentoring coaching and stay I'm actually doing all of it. Yeah, so so I can see how you know how Leo's when they are not shining? They can be really frustrated from within, and sometimes that can really turn things upside down. Right. And along with that, you know, this potential thing that we talked about this birth chart. Birth Chart is basically a snapshot of your birth. Right? How the sky look like when you were born. And we the reason why it's we use this to see as a reference as a map is because we go through the basically the principles of as above and so below, right nature is a powerful reflector. It's a it's a mirror to our innermost consciousness. So I see I definitely do see astrology as the study of nature, the study of seen in the unseen in the connection between the both of it, so the potential is like a seed, right? There's this fun word found within when I was just researching about potential is and Teleki right, Intel and Teleki Okay, so it what it means is basically, how an acorn you know, the test destination or the destiny of acorn is to be an oak tree are the destination of the caterpillars to be a butterfly. I think as humans Our destination is to be as close to God as possible. And, I mean, that is just referred, you know, been describing a lot of aliveness not just in the Western culture, but also the Eastern culture is to be able to express your divinity within the earthly realm. So the thing is that because we humans are all different and we are all unique, and there's so many different souls coming up with different levels of consciousness differently. You know, maturity just like there is a toddler child, teenager and adult souls and we are all working on different lessons. So the potential is unique from person to person, and I think everybody has its own destiny, though own gifts and talents, like you say, and I guess this is why I'm passionate. About what I'm doing. As human potential coach and facilitating transformational leadership is really, in the backdrop of that is really helping people to recognize their potential. Cultivate the seed, and allow it to flourish because my belief, and this is just my personal opinion, is that if every single person actually 100% fully committed to your dreams to your potential, I think this world will be a better place, more harmonious place where we are just experiencing the sharing of gifts. Ya for yourself, I mean, your journey because clearly, you know you've done a 360 with your journey from coming when you were younger and having lots of autoimmune issues and skin problems, things like that. And so I was funny because this morning, I was taking a walk outside and I was really tuning into how when I came in, like Yeah, like I'm a spark and that that seed and in the uniqueness that I brought into my life and how each person's potential and that uniqueness and and what my soul has come to do is what no other soul on the whole planet has come to do. Exactly. And that I mean, that's like, that's like the bigger the macro the bigger picture, right? Yeah. I mean, if you think in a perspective, we're just a speck of dust from the perspective of the universe, but the same time, our existence is more likely than finding a needle in a desert. That's a crazy. So in a desert, here's the thing like, we are a miracle. You're a miracle. I'm a miracle, we are miracle. But the problem today is that we lose perspective when we have all these human issues that I don't want to say is insignificant, like my problems, time problems, attention problems, health problems. I wouldn't say that it's insignificant, but the thing is, this problems are here to stimulate our evolutionary growth is to stimulate the seed to grow. Right? If there's no pressure, there's no stress in life, the seed wouldn't grow. Right. Which is what I believe all this last 2020 on was about really, yeah, I mean, we have a grand transiting 2020 where Pluto and Saturn, you know, has a huge party with the outer planets, six planets in Capricorn, we basically and you're all forced to really reflect on the theme of death and impermanence to really see like what other old ways that needs to change I mean, the end of the day, death is not about the end of things but change. transition transition. We never die. As a soul. We never die. Yeah, it's just moving from one one form to another form. Yeah, I mean to support that theory, right. We are energy manage beings. And basically, the science energy cannot be created or destroyed. So it can only change from one form to another. Yeah, I just want to support that, that that understanding to the language of science. Yeah. Yeah, that's really good. And so realizing the potential that we all have within us, and how to access that energy and how to really do what you came to do in the midst of outside influences, trying to control outside influences, trying to, you know, really put up all these barriers of insecurity and anxiety and fear and not really wanting, I mean, there's obviously forces here that don't want us to step into our greatness and understand the fact that we can get our own answers. We've got our own team of inner guidance, we've really got this ability and potential to really expand and do what we've come to do. So to me, that's also a big part of where we're at right now is really gathering for ourselves the truths that the universal truths working with tools and techniques of in spirituality and astrology, and even like, you know, your lifeline technique you've you've worked with, to really help our journeys along is that to me, I mean, like, you know, I've worked with you for you know, for a year and a half now or so it's been a while. It's been a while. And so, and that's where I just have found these beautiful souls that have come to and showed up at the right timing for myself. And that's really why I love sharing people and love doing these podcasts is because I give a variety pack of tools and techniques that if you resonate with that, and resonate with, you know, with Chiron and what he's offering, that he's got beautiful support for where you're at, in meeting you, and that's, to me a real key with it's like a key in the door for each soul and each person is like, okay, you know, hey, I've got my key. Now let me turn this and let me open the door to the next step because to me, it never ends to my last breath. So I'm constantly trance transforming and shifting and so um, it's so interesting that you mentioned the key because my Chiron the planet, the asteroid or you know, it's a hybrid the glyph is a key because it really looks like a key. And I do see that, you know, I've been searching for keys on my life. And I think why I'm on this path is because there's so little references in the world on how to be authentic on how to be able to listen for insights rather than getting answers. I think there's a difference between insights and answers. The Insight is something that you recognize from within and then that is a one degree shift, to change the way you see the world and when you change the way you see the world. Your choices change. And when your choice change, you manifest different things and you experience different things. I think we trap ourselves again and again, is because we think we want something but actually there's another force that is within us that is holding us back from getting that. So no matter how many answers we get from books, from teachers, from mentors from in the end of the day, we have to take responsibility for our own life. Right, and really discover. So the problem is that I don't think we lack information. I don't think we lacked even, you know, I don't think we lack money. I don't think we like time I believe we like all this given our attention or energy. I think we lacked the ability to change to make choices that helps that chain helps us change, because we can have all the money, time, energy, everything that you want in the world. Yet, we can still live in scarcity. We can still live in poverty, you can still live in this state where we are so unfulfilled and frustrated. And so I'd love to to segue into that with you because you've created a beautiful webinar coming up soon called scarcity to prosperity living webinar. And I think that's especially right now in this United States where you know, in a recession we've got everything is inflation's out, you know, skyrocketed. A lot of people are really suffering because the money isn't going as far as it was. But yet, like you're just saying now, I mean, the the prosperity and the ability to create, you know, abundance in our lives, whether it be for our food or for the monetary abundance. It's there. It's just how to access that. Yeah, totally. Let's just start by defining what prosperity is. I think we have misunderstood what it means to prosper. Or be prosperous. So prosperity is not about abundance, even though it's related to abundance, right? Prosperity, if you look up the word in the etymology all the way to the 14th century Latin, right? It means to align our actions with our outcomes. Right so that things meet with our expectations of wishes and hopes and inspiration. What he means is an action that is aligned right to to the base that is living within and so the desire is in within ourselves. So we can have all the resources I called them wellbeing, currency, right time, energy, attention, money, your well being currency, things that you use to invest right you don't just invest money, you invest your energy your time. So we can have abundance of all this but if we don't make right choices, or choices that align to our innermost desire or values, we still live in scarcity because the outcome of what we want is not aligned to our desire. So what I teach you or I speak in this webinar is a one hour webinar with a 15 minutes q&a session at the end, which is all about understanding choice management, the core principles of it. And how if you can focus on choice management instead of time energy and money management, right. Things can shift so prosperity is something is trainable. It's workable, because it's a state of mind state of being and when you work with that, coming align yourself to prosperity. Abundance is just an outcome. So one thing that I really teach here is that you can't control things you cannot control. We say that again. You cannot control things you cannot control. Okay, so what I mean by this is that your external circumstances like time energy, money abundance, it's not within your control their outcomes, because you can do everything right in the world. You can work hard, you can get the right strategy you can do your social media posts and stuff. You might not get success, it's not within your control. So don't spend your time controlling it. Instead, create a conducive environment which is all about creating, you know the environment of prosperity. Then you're inviting abundance, then you're inviting more time, more energy, more money, and how do you create a conducive environment with your choice management? Because here's the thing that's conscious choice and unconscious choice, conscious choice, it's your desire to achieve a certain dreams. And that whole person in the state of living right. That same time, there's unconscious choices, and this is the resistance that is prioritizing safety. Coffin you know what is the known that is holding you back from getting there? So if you can really be aware of your conscious unconscious choices, that's when you start managing your choices. That's when you can be intentional. So the core teaching to this is to make conscious and intentional choices. And that's also meaning that it comes back to the person and they have to really be working from their core from within from within. Insights, not one suggestion advices other people say to you because that can work for them, not necessarily for you. It could be a reference point, but they're not necessarily the theme, the keys or the the shortcut to get to where you need to go. The end of the day, you got to put the work, you got to be vulnerable. You got to feel safe. To have success. You got to feel safe money and feel safe, the more time because there's always something competing against your innermost desire. You usually expectations from your relationships and family and your community and your society. Beliefs then outside outside pressures and totally Yeah, and this is why we hold ourselves back and we self sabotage, we don't choose the thing we want to choose. We say maybe yeah, I want to do this, but we procrastinate. All these are just parts of yours. yourself where there's unprocessed emotions, that makes you feel like you don't want to do it. And you wonder why. And I feel too like since what all we've been through and really like the egg Brook breaking open is that people this is where it's all coming to you. I mean, we all have to come back to you know, who am I as a soul? What do I really want? What do I really desire and moving from that, that core essence of ourselves forward? Yeah, and that's the Leo principle. Right? I like it back to the Leo. That is basically leadership and leadership starts with you starts with making choices have been what is inspiring with leadership is people who affirm with the choices, even though it's wrong Yeah, so here's the thing, right? There's no I think there's no wrong right choices depending on which perspective and which stance you take. Something's right, something's wrong. So basically, it's polarity. Right? Right, right and wrong with polarity. Whatever stance you take whatever perspective you take, makes things right, amazing. Wrong. So I often say to people, there's no wrong or right choices, but choices that gives you the same and choices that move you forward and change. Or, like the choices that we've had were like, you know, this is what the what the whole scenario looks like now so you have to the choice is this or that? Yeah. I think today we suffer something called Choice paralysis. Feel this a lot in the States because we have a lot of options. Latok we think the more choices we have, the more freedom we get. Actually, the more choices we get, the more not free we are, right. Yeah. So having a certain level of structure boundaries, which is really the core principles of choice management. So have to drop real boundaries. Something that I share with you with something called Radical yes and radical No, right. It's not a 10 out of 10. Yes. is usually a no. Right. That means there's something that you're holding back, you know, or you're doing it because you fulfilling certain expectations. Right. So this is where we have to be brutally honest with ourselves. What the heck are we doing, right? Is this align to our true values? true desire? Yeah, that's a big step. But that's where we're at people were we are in that energy right now. Yeah, we are. Yeah. Towards the end of July. We are in that energy. Yeah, coming back to what was before this whole transformation of this reflective time, especially in cancer. It's really about really understanding what the really one what makes you feel safe and comfortable. And now entering July we don't just get santenay to be alright, we have Mercury's which which also is all about logistics and management and discernment. How you get your information. This is actually the sign of Leo. And what's special about the end of July is connection between Mars, Uranus and the North Node in Taurus, all in the same degree and 18th degree Taurus. That's going to happen the 31st of July. Wow. And the thing is with astrology things doesn't nothing happens on that day itself. Yeah, happens this timeframe, right a couple of weeks before a couple and you will remember a couple of weeks forward after the reverse of July. And the theme here is really to me when I look at it, it's all about taking the leap of faith, right? If you don't make any choices, you stay stuck forever. Like if you make choices, sure you might fail. But hey, you might see. Right so do we want to choose to see in a way where I'm going to be choices and I'm going to feel anyway or am I going to make choices and I'm going to find ways to succeed? I think perspective matters. And that's the Uranus piece. But there's also the Satrapies right which is all about feedback, reality check and the essence of Saturn squaring Mars is really about right action. Right? You don't know what's right until you get the outcome and feedback which is all about Saturn. From your actions. So I think we are in a time where it's ripe for experimentation. And don't think make not making any choices sitting on a fence is going to take us anywhere and know that failure is not a bad thing. Failure is just feedback of what not to do. Right. Right. So that you can discover what to do. Right? Like the things that I shared today. I didn't just come out of it out of nowhere and feeling that it's going to work. I don't I don't know if what I say today is going to work but at least from my own experience, you know, having feedback of the feedback of the feedback from different clients from my own personal experiences. It's gonna work. Yeah, that's the that's the grind of the setter. Right right to keep testing things. Yeah, for myself feels like it's a time where like, like helping fire I'm going forward like and I'm just going to try it. It's so funny because obviously gonna be like, I almost feel inside like I just wanted to this is really radical, but like shaved my head. I just take it all off. And then I'm like, Oh, I'm not It's not like a Britney Spears moment. Like, it's not one like that. But like, that's what I feel like like inside of me. It's like, okay, I'm not holding back anymore. It's time to go for it and it's time to get it on. Yeah, yeah. Especially when Jupiter is in Aries is really about redefining who you are your sense of identity, a sense of self, and also redefining the meaning behind your actions. I think when there is a purpose when there is a strong meaning behind what you do it, it drives that energy forward, right. It's this feeling of I'll do whatever it takes, because it's meaningful to me because there's some level of conviction behind. Now, here's the thing right? The end of July, Jupiter is also turning retrograde. And for those of you who don't know what retrograde means, it's like the planet is appearing to look to move backwards from the perspective of Earth. And symbolically is means a time to really reflect in what I just said, you know, your meaning behind your actions. But you kind of re evaluate your meaning if you don't take any action if you don't make any choices, because there's no feedback. There's no information to show you if it's going to be a yes for you or not for you. If you live in a land of maybes you know, that's that's the land where you'll get stuck forever. So there's there is need for a little bit of courage here. You know, to just do it, just show up, take the launching pad, move forward. And this what this is what this energy is from now to the end of July, and in the beginning of August as well. I think it'll be a chance in August at the first or second week of others to religious see the fruits of your effort. I think you'll be more surprised with the outcome than you think you expect. Yeah, and I think the key for me too, is just taking action. Like not sitting on the fence and oh well I'll wait and see it's like okay, well, and it's what I'm gonna do to like if I'm guided to do this or that I'm going to embrace that and like you said try it and see if it works if not, yeah, because the biggest mistake is not doing anything at all right using anything, right if you choose, you know, you try to choose everything you end up choosing nothing at all right? Well if you end up choosing nothing, nothing's gonna happen. You don't even know if your thoughts, your ideas, your maybes is going to work. Exactly. So at least you should fail. You know, hope you succeed, but at least if you fail, you have a reference point is actually to progress. Yeah, right. I mean, how many of the great inventions today is made out of failures? Like all like, do all the above? Yeah, yeah. And that's what it means to be a leader right to have that courage. And I think transformational leadership is really moving from fear based leader which is all about dominating, which is control to a place of being fully transparent. vulnerable, even honorable is the greatest power to be a leader. Right? Yeah. Like you don't know if it's gonna work but you make that choice and they react who's gonna follow you because if it works great, if it doesn't, hey, let's, let's figure it out. Right? I think to have that courage to live the kind of life that is that way because leaders don't start in a group starts with the individual. It starts with making your your choices that you want to align to your greatest desire. And if you can just lead your life that way. I think great things will happen. I think that's a leader right? Yeah, yeah, that's a leader lead. Lead, and then others and then you're really making setting an example for others to lead. Yeah. I mean, going back to the whole miracle of life thing. I just imagined this, that I don't think the universe when they're making stars I don't think they know what they're doing. No, I think that's probably one of those. Let's try this maybe that maybe, and that's the biggest fallacy I feel or myth that is living in the world is that we think that people got their shit. We think that people know what you're doing. I don't think the President I don't think like leaders, spiritual teachers know anything right of what they're doing. Yeah. They just share what they have experienced and tried their best. And maybe that's enough. Yeah, I think it is probably enough. Yeah. It's Stop. Stop preparing. Stop being ready all the time, because you never ready. Yeah, you get ready as you go. Well, Karen, this has been so fun. And I want to in this a little bit with talking about the scarcity of prosperity living webinar. I know it's the first weekend in August Yeah, it's on the fifth and sixth, fifth and sixth American time. It is yeah. It's at state is eight o'clock mountain mountain. Yeah. All this will be in the show notes at 8pm. Yeah, it's going to be an hour long. Okay, and we 15 minutes extra for q&a. If you miss the fifth, then there'll be again, another one on the sixth the same webinar, so choose one. In the registration form, you get into a Google form where you can just choose which one you want to attend. Right. And I'll have to abandon the link in the show notes for sure. Yeah. And they'll send an email zoom link that's on it. 24 hours before the event. Great. Great. So I'll just end this by saying happy birthday. Happy birthday to you to me, your new year be prosperous and full of courage and strength from the Leo energies. Definitely. And I thank you so much for coming all the way from Malaysia and and being here today and sharing with my beautiful listeners all this amazing information about your birth chart about the Leo energies, some of the trends that's coming up some of the big transitions shifts, and how to go from scarcity to prosperity. Yeah, make better choices. Not better but intentional and conscious choices. Without a doubt. Yeah. If you can master that you can master anything in life. Boo. Yah,