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Emerging Triumphant through Uncertainty with Eliana Gilad

July 19, 2022 Teresa Shantz Season 2 Episode 48
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Emerging Triumphant through Uncertainty with Eliana Gilad
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Using your voice is so important. You may find speaking your truth and truly being heard challenging.

But today we live in a world where there are so many opportunities to be heard. So many ways to share what your soul is ready to share. It can be so empowering to Listen to your true voice and have the ability and power to shine can break limiting barriers and help you step into your own leadership, which will open the doors to a world of new possibilities. 

My guest today has made sound and finding your voice part of her life’s mission. 

Healing voice mentor, author and therapeutic singing pioneer,  founder of the Find Your True Voice program, Eliana Gilad helps heart centered entrepreneurs and healing professionals  embody their own unique voice and confidently express their truth from the inside out.

Having lived through 3 wars and social unrest in the middle east, Eliana knows how to thrive through uncertainty. As member of the Levite tribe (both mother and father’s side) and direct descendent of the prophetess Miriam, she developed a medically proven healing voice system and over the last 20+ years which revives the ancient healing feminine voice traditions of pre-biblical near-east.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Journey through following your inner calling

2. Showing up through adversities

3. Healing through your voice

4. Miriam, the prophetess

5. Time to reconnect to our humanity

6. Overcoming inner fears and stepping into your inner abilities

7. Voices of Eden

8. Ancient wisdom behind feminine powers

9. Breaking barriers to become your own inner leader

10. Book, Thrive through Uncertainty Emerge Triumphant

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Using your voice is so important, you may sometimes find speaking your truth and truly being heard very challenging. But today we live in a world where there are so many opportunities to be heard. There's so many ways to share what your soul is ready to share. It can be empowering to listen to your true voice and have the ability and power to shine, which can break limiting barriers and help you step into your own leadership which believe it or not, will open the doors to a world of new possibilities. My guest today has made sound and finding her voice part of her life's mission, healing voice mentor, author and therapeutic singer pioneer founder of the find your true voice program. Eliana Gilad helps heart centered entrepreneurs and healing professionals embody their own unique voice and confidently express their truth from the inside out. Having lived through three wars and social unrest in the Middle East. Ileana knows how to thrive through uncertainty. As a member of the Levite tribe, both mother and father side and direct descendant of the prophetess. Miriam has she has developed a medically proven healing voice system and over the last 20 plus years, which revives the ancient healing feminine boys traditions of the pre biblical Near East. Let's join the conversation now. Welcome, Eliana. I'm so happy to hear today. Thank you. I'm I'm delighted and thriving through uncertainty today. I don't know what you're talking about with uncertainty. Are you talking about the world? And we'll all we're going through? Yes. Are going through and then Don't you notice that there are days where? Well, I'm just going to be really honest. Last night, I was ill last night, and I didn't know whether I would even show up today. I debated do I you know, do I call? Or is this? You know, is this an opportunity to really show up and drive through? And I feel you I am so doing that? Because isn't that really the crux? Because everything is uncertain. And it's like these may feel like two by fours at times, you know, and you've got I have a really full day today and I'm on this tour with several it's like and I'm so looking forward to it. And then are feeling not so good. I don't get ill either. So you know, it's it's something that but I also know that everything is a spiritual issue and my body doesn't get sick because I always know whatever's coming up is just, uh, you know, so Alright, so what's the opportunity here? Where are you now? What's the lesson here? So I never I don't get to it doesn't move me too much and maybe very really painful. Okay, I love not talking in here. I'm sitting in my kitchen, because in my and so that's what I mean by thriving through uncertainty. You know, up until up until a few minutes ago. I was stupid. Do I really? Do I need to get back then? No, no, no, no, that's like, that's the opportunity is like who's showing up? Right? Driving through uncertainty. Yes, yes. Yes, exactly. And so let's talk about your beautiful book, which is a new and a half version of Miriam secret called thrive through uncertainty. Emerge triumphant, your emerging triumph and says I was like, Thank you, God. Yeah, absolutely. No matter how I'm truly feeling inside, I am emerging triumphant. Well, you know what, but it is triumphant. Because right now I feel you know, my tummy is in you know, it's very raw. But so, you know, that's like so little compared to I'm not You're focusing on my stomach. Right? Right. And what do you do? You know when? Yeah, what do you do when they two by four plans do just crawl back into bed? Which I was absolutely considering? And now that I'm sitting here, it's like, no way. My go back into bed? Is it comfortable in my lobby that comfortable today? No. But are you always comfortable? No, you're gonna wait until everything is Lavida comfortable to you take action on whatever your heart is guiding you to write? No. For that, that's not gonna come? Yes, definitely. So this is a beautiful book. I've read through it. And I want to talk about some pieces in it. Of course. Yes, yes. Yes, of course, I would like to talk a little about your journey and how you found your voice, and especially the piece on what you did in Paris. So would you care to share a little bit about your journey? On the trains? Yes. All right. Well, this this this long, the all of these interviews that I'm doing, you know, this podcast, is it what I'm learning from this. And guys, we were just speaking before, you know, before we press the press Record button, this is train 2.0. That's what I'm learning through this. I was a wet so the question is, how did you find your voice? Yes. How did you find your voice? So bottom line singing on the inner city trains of France after having been a CBS broadcaster, then I got the CBS broadcasting jobs, same way that I ended up singing on the trains. And frankly, guys, the singing on the trains impressed me more, and in a way amazing to broadcast the Olympics for you know, to 60 million viewers in, you know, one take, never having done that before. But I'll tell you, when your voice says go do something, and you follow it. And it makes absolutely no sense. And I'm not going to tell that. Well, the story is also in the first TED Talk. Also watch that. But actually, I do want to tell more of the story here. What What about the story? Was it that you are like what, there are many different directions? I could go with this? I think what what intrigued me about the story is the fact that you kept showing up that you went you were there you showed up kind of like today you emerge triumphant. Yeah. Um, so Alright, so I'll give like the little dots, you know, along the way. So, so there was the CBS stuff. And it was way great. And but I again found myself working for a living. And during those Olympic Games, I prayed to use my voice for a higher purpose. A year later. At New Years, I Okay, God, I've learned my lessons in life. Ah, this is it again. Like right now, God, I've learned my lessons. I don't need two by fours anymore. I'm consciously showing up happily showing up in the two by fours. If two by fours is the way fine, you know, but but I want to say here we're historically speaking right now, right here right now this day, and you are all witness to it. If you're watching this, it's 30 years later of that initial it was an things are so much easier. Even with the world falling apart. They are so much easier for me because I don't I do show up. And I don't take you know, whether it's throwing up, it's in pardon my French so you know, I'm here to not be politically correct. It's not to make a statement. It's just to be who I am because our voices really make a difference. And, um, I was, again, you know, working for a living and since I was a little girl, I knew that I had a role that each one of us does, and that part of the game of life is to discover what that is and to share it and took me 30 years till the train now and each time excuse me I'm just hold on I just modeled right now what I did to do notice I couldn't speak because so I just practice these tools is not about the singing i. And that's what I learned singing on the train, how to show up no matter what's going on. In fact, in my first TED talk, I blacked out. It's like, I'm a CBS broadcaster for God's sake, I still blacked out, I knew what to say. So don't for a minute think that if you've got something that is pointing to you from inside and calling you, but you don't know what it is, and you're terrified. You, you're so pushed to do it. I don't mean pushed, like you're pushing yourself. It's it's calling you trust that because it's right. Like the voice said, well, so the voice said, Go sing on, on the inner city of Paris. That's, you know, I got to this point, at the end of the year, I think God, I've learned my lessons of life really well. But like, through a lot of pain through a lot of, you know, a lot of angst. And so my New Year's resolution is I don't think I wrote this year's resolution is I'm going to learn my lessons in life easily. And then I got that next week, I got kicked out of my apartment. And I remember saying, Okay, I will if this is a test, I will take this test. But you have to prove to me that you exist without a shadow of a doubt. And I will do it once more. And I promise. If you do, I will then share this with others. And that's why I'm here. Now I'm sharing with the others and say, Okay, so I'm not taking any more work just because you because you have to be realistic, you know, you have to know and react again to the fear like there's none enough and there's no God and you can't trust it. Bottom line. So if the bell rings, I'll say yes. And if it doesn't, I'll say no. And I said no, no, no enough times that I didn't eat for two days. But I had this monthly Metro pass so I could, I could travel and I heard about this spiritual support group for creativity. Oh, that's a good idea. Like an I was not a singer. I was a marketing communications person, you know? I don't know. Like intuition said there'll be some inspiration there. So I train station to the meeting place I remember everybody's supposed to share something and I didn't have anything to share. And I remember the Hebrew spirit that's Hebrew spiritual for my Hebrew school days, as a child, I thought it by you know, by need to push comes to shove, I'll sing that but I'm gonna sit in the corner and just imbibe inspiration. And so I get there and they sitting in this big circle, and it came to my turn, and I sang that song. And I shared I haven't eaten in two days. And don't offer me jobs because then I'm like, do or die. This is do or die. Yeah, and this man comes up to me. He goes, your voice speaks you have work to do with your voice. So tomorrow morning, and he puts his hand in his pocket and he writes these two train stations. He goes, tomorrow morning, 8am He was very precise because you go to don't feel a show. You get on that train and you sing that song. And you know, that's what I'm like, Are you nuts? Only the bell rang inside and the other voice goes on a spiritual, you know, it's like you're willing, you know you're willing to eat air on the spiritual path, but you're not willing to follow through, which is why I'm showing up today instead of combat it, which makes total sense. And as I'm speaking and I'm telling this story, the stomachache, is that mean? It's like I'm seeing. So glad I showed up. Yes, definitely. So, so they're going on the train and is like, what are the thing back in middle of a thing? Am I hopeless? What do they says? What do they think about me? Like, self centered fear, caring about what other people think about me. And that was the whole thing is that that experience in the doors close, it's like, getting on there are you nuts. But at the last minute, I find myself like super woman pushing open and getting on the train. And everybody's sitting there with a paper and book. And you know, it's before the days of internet. So nobody's on a cell phone and I say bread, no, good morning on a small song to start off the day on the right foot, and I start singing the super spiritual, and then watch. This focus in the room, you can cut with a knife at the end, because they're waiting for me to bus. They're waiting for me to ask for money. And I'm like, God, so I'll answer me now. Right now on the spot, or I will die on the spot choice is yours, like, then be busting. And what came out of my mouth was I'm not here to ask you for money, if I'm here to ask you for anything is that you do something kind for yourself today. And if you really will, then I've really, I've really contributed. And I found myself looking up and down the aisle like a good California and going, I was done. So ridiculous. It's like not not acceptable to establish eye contact. And in public notes, everybody keeps their little space. And I had, I didn't bring a purse I had no had, I had no pockets and I was wearing kind of a walk. Just similar from this. And I made this, like I took the fabric and I made a pocket because they just pushed money into my hands. And then at the end of that week, I was offered a very cushy, stable corporate job, you know, would have been very comfortable, and very safe. But if I took that job, if I if I accepted it, then I would have to start singing on the trains. And, you know, during that during that week, which was excruciating. Because it was really hard. It was really hard. It's like living in another country is not the same as being a tourist and our American ideas of what things are, those are our ideas. It's not the reality of what, uh, places. So it was really, it was tough. And I'm so glad that I had the courage to turn the job down. Because what I realized during that week, is I did get my answer that that my role is to provide people with a moment to stop, you know, only stop long enough. And listen inside that we can receive the answer to any question we have 24/7 And then if we dare trust what we're hearing and act on that. And then we express what that is. That leads us to the confidence of just being who we are and good happens from that. And they you know, and so singing the spirituals that was the tool, the point wasn't the music, it was showing up and then singing and all these crazy what are you crazy? Have you gone bonkers? Well, they say all that stuff, you know, and the terror and, and I ended up I did that every day for a year, six days a week. 12 trains, amazing things happen. They're amazing stories, which is why I'm telling this one now. Because I also when I would tell people what was happening to me, like amazing things. And oh my god, that's a book that's a movie. You've got it right that I go well, I one day, I will, you know the right time in the right place. I will. And the other thing was to use media for constructive purposes. And that's why I'm doing this tour now. And that's why I'm telling these stories. So ask for that. And so thank you for asking that. And I ended up earning more money singing on the trades than I would have in the cushy, comfortable corporate job, but I never once asked for it. Just following following that lead yet, and you know, the key and the key is that I was willing to receive it. You have to be willing to receive. Definitely. Yeah, cuz if you're not willing to receive, I mean, anything can be in front of you, and you're, you're gonna miss it, you're not going to have that come, it may come in ways that are so different than what be than what we expect. Definitely. So that was an experience clearly. And then fast forward. And talk a little bit about Miriam, the prophet is Miriam, and how that all showed up in your life. And that's a big part of the book. So I'd love you to share a bit about her. Main prophetess Miriam is the older sister of Moses, who hardly anyone knows who she is, because her power and her leadership is not seen. Right now in modern times, we may say, oh, women aren't respected when we know we have to be shown and you know, I grew up during the women's booklet, burn your bra. Which is just the flipside of the same. Miriam, when you really know your worth, why do you have to prove anything? And Miriam being a prophet is I mean, in those days, the you know, the prophets in the provinces, they were the leaders of society, they were the ones who the leaders, you know, who would who we today, you know, our leader, ilk, you know, those kinds of people, they would go to the prophets and provinces. And they would go to sacred sites and temples, they would avail themselves of special applications of voice and rhythm that would bypass the cognitive mind and bring them into higher mind. And, and I you know, how I see it, Miriam would have been an adept. It's like, during those times in the temple of HUD Hall of Hopper, it's like, you see these drums in the background, you know, you see in hieroglyphics, also in ancient Egypt, and in ancient Israel, you see, musicians with drums and with cymbals and shakers, and it wasn't Lonnie, that performed, it wasn't performance, it's a whole other paradigm that we don't. And they held that they held the whole power of the cosmos in their hands. And I'm she, you know, thank you, Miriam. Miriam is guiding me in No, it's not a percentage. But I'm a member of the Levite tribe. I was born into the Levite tribe, I'm both my mother and my dad's side. So I'm a direct descendant 1000s of years. Now, no one in my I mean, I know because my family said that at some point, and I was just, you know, I just accepted that and. And her her way, is really important, especially in this gap time, and I've devoted my life and my career to the resurgence of this kind of feel. Part of me wants to when I say that, because it's not I decided to blah, blah, blah, it's one day at a time to showing up like I'm showing up right now is that you don't have to have it all figured out. And, you know, that's what I'm so so grateful for. And, you know, she was also there's a, you know, there and this approach this Voices of Eden approach, it doesn't have anything to do with religion, nor nor a dogma nor a mindset, or a because all of those things are, those are cognitive constructs. The voices of Eden is based on the knowledge that we already are, what we seek, we're right where we are. And, you know, I learned, you know, how about just stopping to look in the wrong direction, where we're not out there. And, you know, when we do stop and connect inside we'll find the answer to any, you know, to anything because that's where I'm always is. And she's a prime. I can't think of, you know, any better example of feminine leadership that's appropriate and so relevant to what we are living today, in a word going through tantamount, you know what, in that period of the Hebrews leaving Egypt, you know, those parting seas and in the desert for 40 years, that desert, even 40 years is like what we're going through now, you know, into this new and new era, we don't know what we're going into, and we're living in these really, you know, contracting times, but birth, that's what birth is like, it's bloody, it's messy, it's painful, and, and then out, you know, the result of it is just a whole new reality and wonderful things. And I continue to experience that day by day through, you know, through availing myself of listening one moment at a time. There's no answer below. Here's the five steps follow these and I have the proven system. No, it's not a proven. I mean, actually, I do have a proven system, but it's from the other way around. I went because people need to have their proven systems. You know, in the modern world, it's like, the home gets inculcated who has ever taught you enough, so you don't hear enough and you've got your answers inside. And listen, y'all now, you know, how are seen that? Zero, you know, no one. So I like, in order to trust Well, to be able to, I like to be of service, you know, like, what is this thing? How is it? And when the wars came in Israel, you know, I've never lived through a war before. You know, you know, you want your, it's like now you know, it's like, you want to test your mettle. It's not when things are fine. It's when all pocket is hitting the fan. And my voice told me to go to the 5050 Israeli Palestinian Hospital in my area, and suggest to him music projects. Like, what I'm not a doctor, it was like the next, you know, next thing of the train thing. And I didn't go for a long while because I was too scared. And too uncomfortable. And I didn't want to meet my embarrassment, my secret insecurity and shame. What, but I don't know how hold my hand do it for me. Right? Do it for me, and then I'll show up. Definitely, you know, but I did show up in the end, just like war raged on what else was I going to do? Because I one thing was really clear. I knew if I'm reacting, then I'm just contributing to the problem, maybe in a more politically spiritually correct way. But no, that's me contributing my part, or I could show up as me and be part of the solution. And that I did go and it resulted in a I won't go into the whole story, but you know, similar things in all these tests, right. But it resulted in a test and that test resulted in a three year fully funded research medical research project. I am I am the founder of it and I am not a doctor. This is a full circle to because as we were like later, I was asked to write research and talk and they would put letters after my name I want to make sure she's the doctor. No, you know, he's legit legit because it's not politically correct. It's like you know I'm nothing wrong with those things, but in a way they kill us off. Because it teaches us that we're not enough. And we don't have the answer and that is absolute bull Hui. We do. And then we keep raping ourselves day in, day out but not believing in ourselves. And it's not the degree. It's the faith. It's the listening to it's the connecting to that power and acting from it. And, and I was terrified that in fact, I remember saving emails, no, oh my God one day in the future that 10 years 21 day, somebody's gonna ask me about this. I was like, Oh my God, they're gonna sue me because I'm not a doctor. Like I wrote emails going, what are these letters because I don't have a, you know, I'm not a doctor, I don't have a degree in this. And they never answered. Which told me something, you know, that they were trying to bring forward, their, you know, their agenda, and God bless, really, I've really respect them. You know, so who knows, you know, maybe that was their way of covering their, you know, covering, you know, covering what they needed to cover so that they can succeed to allow this, you know, new things to come through. Because if we're going to move forward, if we have new things to come through, we have to be willing to break through the ways we've been doing it and stop leaning on that crutch, because it's a crutch, and it's a killer. And actually, I know that my stuff, you know, my last night, like, I'm feeling the same thing again. And we were just talking about it before we press record here like that. We don't know yet. We're in this middle part. And Miriam's, Miriam's power is thriving in the gap. It's my power, I know how to thrive in the gap. So living through those three wars and displacement and social unrest in the Middle East for 20 plus years, served me so well, for these times, I'm so grateful. And you can really thrive. whether, you know, whether it's a war you're dealing with, whether it's a war in your home, or the biggest war inside with yourself, that's the real war of solve. We're not going to solve the things outside by outside we're going to solve them by solving our wars with ourselves first. And that's that's the full circle of this. And Miriam, her role was like as a midwife, you know, through all of this, and they sent her away you know, and they think she in Texas, like she dares speak her truth and then God punishes her she gets sent off to the leper colony you know, she's ostracizes like our human that's like, talking about message of, you know, a message that was being sent. It wasn't about man woman it's it's a message of who's in charge. If you're alright, who is in charge? Who's in charge of your life? Is it this here? Or is it this here Yeah, I mean, I totally resonate with that big time and definitely the gap that we're in and being what comes me as being comfortable in the uncomfortable of not knowing what's next. Oh, yeah, I look so if you're listening to this podcast, and you're receiving something from it, that's making you feel it. Oh, God, I'm not a screw up. It's not all lost. I can trust okay, because you turret you. You pressed click, you took the time for yourself. If I would have called in cancel with Teresa, you wouldn't have heard that. You wouldn't have received that Well, you wouldn't have you had to first say yes to yourself to you know, click on the link because Elia man Teresa clicked on the link, you can click on the link. Definitely, you know, it's that's really how it works. It's like a pebble in the pond and then there's a ripple effect. So, you know, when you the problem is, we are so habituated to react in you know, with the way things are going today it's like just everyday the sake the stakes seem to be higher, you know, higher and higher and higher. which stirs up? Absolutely do they stir us up? So we don't have control over what gets stirred up, but we have absolute control over how we respond. And we can thrive through uncertainty and emerge triumphant, right? Yeah. Is that what it's about? That's what it's about. It's about. And that's what this whole approach is about. Like, when you're when you're meeting the the you can you can be present, you know, learning how to be at ease with yourself, even when bombs are dropping, whatever kinds of bombs they are. Yes, definitely agree. Well, your book is beautiful. And you know, what, I think it's a timely time for this to come out. Is that the good way to say it timely time, it really is. I mean, it's a beautiful way of showing people, uh, you know, how to emerge triumphant in so much going on. And, you know, I mean, there's always something going on, but, but finding right now, at this moment in time, like you're talking about, it's so important that that we're speaking these words are showing up. And we are helping others that are listening, watching. Know that they too, can emerge triumphant, through all the uncertainty of what each of us are going through, because, like you, I too, I have days when I'm down and out. So it comes in it goes, it fluctuates all the time. And I'm sure a lot of the listeners and watchers are, can relate to that, too, because we're human in these human moments. And there's beauty and it's a beautiful gift that we're being given is that we're being given a gift of reconnecting to our humanity. And that with the, you know, with the beautiful advancements that we have made in the last two 3000 years that, you know, brought us this the science and the technology, that now the one of the huge gifts of what we're going through is to reconnect to our humanity to our vulnerability, a vulnerability isn't our weaknesses, our strengths? Imagine what happens when you you know, when you're just bopping along, we're all human beings, right? And, and we're perfectly imperfect. The goal is not to be perfect, that's the ticket to hell. Because that's not real. That's an image. And I'm so grateful for what we're going through from that aspect. Because that image thing, why do we have wars? Why do we have drug problems? Why are people killing themselves? Either because they don't know that they're enough. It's very living according to the image and not being who we are. And also outside forces that are maybe giving us false realities of who we are, or what to be or how to follow me or the control thing. Right. And, you know, like Eleanor Roosevelt so poignantly said, another wonderful leader is Yeah, but no one can. No one can bring me down unless I agree to it. Love that? I don't agree. Don't bring me down. I'm not agreeing to that. You Eliana. It's been such a pleasure having you on today. I'm so grateful you showed up. I'm so grateful for your new book, that the link and all the information and ways to get a hold of you will be in the show notes so everyone can can go get the beautiful book and also find out what you have coming up. Do you have any events coming up? You want to share? Well, I have a free workshop that the book of like you say evidently is very timely, because it It reached number one best seller in six categories in uniform. Yeah, in follow up to that I've made a free workshop, that so that people can experience gaining their clarity with whatever uncertainty, it's specifically geared to these times. And so I'm very excited about that. And you can, you know, on the on the book page, you can on voices.com forward slash book, there's a little bar up on top, you know what you can avail yourself of? Great, I'll have that in the show notes too. But thank you so much, again for showing up being here today. Thank you, wherever you're at in the world, I think You so much for listening in to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual. Please remember to hit subscribe button, so you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes that are released every Tuesday. If you've not supported this podcast yet and would like to support this podcast and future episodes of this podcast, please go to the show notes and consider hitting buy me a coffee, I would appreciate it so very much. And also, just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.