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Breath of Gold with Adrienne Rivera

August 16, 2022 Season 2 Episode 52
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Breath of Gold with Adrienne Rivera
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Where can your journey lead you? 
How often have you wished life was different? No matter where you are, honoring all that you have put together for yourself in this moment is important. 

Each day is as unique as you and my guest today has unfolded her unique journey and is ready to help you breath in the next step of yours.

Her name is Adrienne Rivera and in her business, Breath of Gold, she helps clients release energetic blocks and expanding their consciousness through breathwork. She also leads transformational retreats in nature all over the world. 

Adrienne is an intuitive business coach, breathwork guide, and certified CBT life coach. She is excited to help you create clarity on your purpose and create a thriving business that lights you up.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Releasing energetic blocks

2. Expand your consciousness

3. Breathing through breathwork

4. Back in alignment energetically

5. Circular connected breath

6. Breathing in inspiration

7. Creating love and abundance

8. Supporting business owners 

9. Oracle card deck

10. Peru trip

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Where can your journey lead you? How often have you wish life was different? No matter where you're at honoring all the put together for yourself in this moment is so important. Each day is as unique as you and my guest today has unfolded her unique journey and is ready to help you breathe in the next steps of yours. Her name is Adrianne Rivera, and in her business Breath of Gold. She helps clients release energetic blocks and expanding their consciousness through breathwork. She also leads transformational retreats in nature all over the world. Adrienne is an intuitive business coach breathwork guide and certified C B. D T. Life Coach. She's excited to help you create clarity on your purpose and create a thriving business that lights you up. Welcome, Adrianne. Yes, thank you for having me. Well, so let's dive into breathwork because we breathe every day and I'm a big advocate of breath. Work and I would love for you to share your journey and the unfoldment that you found through breathwork Yes, so as all good things do breathwork found me. I wasn't looking for it. I didn't know I needed it and it blew my mind. It shifted the course of my life in so many ways. I will never forget the day that I stumbled upon a flyer for something called Spirit fest. I said that sounds interesting. And the whole thing was breathwork and nowhere on the flyer do I remember it saying breathwork and so when I went I'm like, Oh, this is probably just going to be like a meditation. I'm probably going to feel really calm. And it was completely different than meditation. It totally was out of this world. I had visions, I felt euphoric. I felt so much pleasure in my body. The first session was full of pleasure and in that moment, I realized everything that I've been looking for outside myself for pleasure for comfort is actually within myself. And I can access that through presence, intention, awareness and breathwork like breathwork is the portal that connects us to it all. I know for myself sometimes in the past and also in the in the current. It can be challenging to have gratitude to have presence and whenever I feel myself veering off track, I just go back to breathwork and they're like okay, back in alignment. Let's go back out there. So it's really powerful stuff. I was immediately hooked. After that first session, I found as many sessions as I could. And the second one, the third one, the fourth 1/5 One like they were all so different. I did not have the euphoric experience that I had the first time every single time sometimes it was processing deep grief sometimes it was a lot of tears that I shed past injuries flaring up that I could feel healing cell by cell and my whole body transforming and to this day, every single breathwork journey that I've had has had a different theme, a different message a different physical sensation in the body. And that's what keeps me coming back. For more. It's this novel experience where you know, you're gonna get something good, but you don't know what it's gonna be like. It's like, imagine if there was an ice cream shop where all the flavors were different every day and there were flavors you've never heard of. That's like kinda like what breathwork is. And you're doing the same breathing technique, and yet, you get so many different results. And the motto is, whatever you need is what you'll get. And so set your intention and then surrender this or something better for the highest good of all. Awesome, and so yeah, I found because I've done different variations. What type of breath work Did you are you have you studied or is it like a blend? Yes. So it is circular connected breath. So similar to Holotropic shorter, not three hours, but one. One hour of deep breathing and it is powerful. It drops us into an altered state of consciousness. We get clarity. It's great for releasing trauma, for gaining insights. And really what I've discovered is that it's great for business ideas. So most people that come to me are business owners, coaches healers that are looking to grow a business and they want to do it with their intuition. They want to do it with clarity. They want to feel like their energy is in it. They don't want to just go to a business coach to say build my business for me. They want to say like what is it that wants to be built through me and to really have that spiritual connection and so it's really fun. It's the fun way to do business in my opinion. It's amazing for clarity, and it feels like it's so hard to explain, but it's like, you get whatever you're ready for and yet you can see so far ahead. The names of the programs that you want to launch come through the name, the description comes through. Sometimes I'll even do breathwork with the journal next to me because like I have to write this down word for word. This is amazing. What is this? Not always does business advice come through the ether and the portal of breathwork. But really whatever you need, you know inner child healing has come through for myself and my clients. One of my favorite clients that I ever hold held space for was actually someone who I met on a cruise and I let her in my cruise cabin. And in that one session, she was able to get to about 20 years like the bottom of a 20 year eating disorder in one session. And she was able to get to the root cause of that and how beautiful that was. I'll never forget that and just how we met and doing it in a cruise cabin and that huge transformation. That was really phenomenal. Yeah, I think that's the coolest part about breathwork is that we'll a everyone can do it. So everyone can access it. And it does meet each person where they're at at the moment. They're they're going through the breathwork session. Mm hmm. Yes, exactly. And there's so many types of breathwork too. I know a lot of my friends prefer like three part breathwork which is something that I also teach that is a part of our breathwork certification program that I have for people wanting to become breathwork facilitators, they can learn all the styles, including three part but my main focus is circular connected. That was the one that I found first. It's my first love. It feels the best in my body. And it gives me the best results. Awesome. Yeah, when you're going back to the Holotropic so the first time I had a breathwork session was Holotropic. It was with this German young little German lady who was I don't know maybe in her 70s So like an hour and a half an hour afterwards. I'm like cool, I'm done. She goes no lay down longer. Oh girl. I was like why? I mean, I went through the whole thing but and it didn't obviously didn't scare me away from breathwork because it was damn powerful. But I to agree with you like an hour session is just like beautiful. It's like the perfect length of time. But there are people out there that like you know the Holotropic you know the it's just not my thing. It's too long. Yeah. Yeah, yeah, we can really get the benefits in circular connected and it's just as powerful and I personally believe that three hours isn't as realistic. I wish it was, but sometimes it could get too intense to like one hour is really the sweet spot I found and even shorter, like 15 minutes that's without a doubt. Yeah, and I found to that might what was coming me and when I was doing it is that you know, whenever this whole topic was really crazy it was in the 70s 80s or whatever. Maybe it was even earlier than that. I don't even know actual dates. But the ones I know that did it were much older. And so now things are speeding up and so like you know to have the time I mean I really am serious like you know the time to sit there and devote three hours to going into process is like oh hell no, I can get to that like 4550 minutes or I can meet me where I'm at and I can get through it quicker than three hours on the damn ground. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, sometimes less is more. Definitely. So I know that you do the beautiful breath work but you also have recently created a beautiful Oracle deck. And I'd like you to talk a little bit about how you came upon creating this because it's profound. Yes, so like all good things. They just come. I knew that I wanted to create a breathwork Oracle deck. It wasn't something that I'd ever seen out there a breathwork themed Oracle deck. And I remember all of the names came through one day actually, while I was on a zoom call. I was in this leadership coaching program and then all of a sudden, the speaker's voice drowned into the distance and it was like the universe just came down. I started typing everything away. And then from there, I went into the process of finding the world's best graphic designer, and I work with one graphic designer at first and we got like halfway through and then it fell through for the better because it wasn't it wasn't the vibe it wasn't that that we needed. And so then I manifested the perfect designer. And this is the breath of gold Oracle deck. So I'm holding it up here. You can see it if you're on the YouTube. Yeah, standing up and this is me in the Black Rock Desert knee. I thought it was you and I found that I'm like that's super cool to be on the front of your Oracle deck. I love that as Yes, yes, I'd love to pull a card if you Yeah, like that would be awesome. Definitely. Yes. So each card reminds us to connect to our breath in a different way. So some of the examples of the cards are breathing connection breathing community, breathe in love, breathe and relationships, breathe and focus presents all the ways of being that we get to remember. So what I have pulled here is card number 18 Breathe in inspiration. Hmm beautiful and want to just do want to just describe what it looks like for those that aren't watching YouTube. Yes. So it is a beautiful picture of a beautiful woman who has like a cloud over her eyes and she has flowers in her hair and the universe is behind her and there are swirls of magical galaxies all around her and it's like she's becoming encompassed into an idea that's bigger than her. That's part of the universe and she's really going within that's how I interpret the the cloud over the eyes of like going within which is a lot of what I feel when I do breath work. So in the guidebook, which I wrote, I will read our description it says how can you change your perspective? To see life working for you? How good can it get? Allow yourself to stay in the energy of inspiration by planning and executing new projects, be the leader and embrace your greatness. This is your reminder that you have influence in your upcoming projects and goals. Lean into radical authenticity. Know that inspiration is created within you. There is nothing on the outside for you. You are powerful and respected. Embrace art and creativity to find deeper inspiration. Hmm I can feel it in my heart that feels lovely. Thank you for sharing that Adrienne. That's beautiful. Yes. Thank you so much. I love that one. And how many cards are in that deck? Is it a 7867 67? Cool, very nice. Yeah, that's what came through. Yeah, I'll show a few of the other cards because the art is really some of the best art I've ever seen on any of the oracle decks. So it really was powerful to find the right designer beautiful so all the people listening on one of the podcast channels, make sure that you go to the YouTube and check out what these look like because they are beautiful and so powerful. Yes. And one of the cards actually is also featured on the front of the breath of gold journal, which is a new release as well. Yeah. Really awesome stuff. I created both of those last year and this year, I launched the journal so so the journal journal just accompanies it. Is that what it does? Oh, it's not intended for it to be used together. Both are awesome tools. The breath of gold journal is a 12 week course and includes morning journaling and evening journaling and so the tool the two most powerful tools that I've ever had in my life in my spiritual journey are journaling and breath work breath work first and then journaling second, because journaling is another way that we can channel and get clarity and I did a course back in the day called the artists way, which some people here may have heard about with Julia Cameron. She teaches mourning pages. And that is a beautiful process. And that was my introduction to journaling. And I remember reading somewhere that she writes that, you know, when you write about three pages, it's like your brain dumping for a page and a half and then the second page and a half. It's like God is writing through your pen and whatever you didn't think you knew will come through. So that's really profound to find clarity as well. And the goal of intuitive writing or mourning pages or brain something, whatever you want to call it is just to keep the pen moving. And if you don't know what to write, right, I don't know what to write this is interesting. I wonder what's going to come through and then boom, it comes through. So that journal is already out. Is that Is it on Amazon? Yes. It's on Amazon. Yes. Okay. There's also a 12 week course that I guide people through we're in week two of the first round right now at the time of this recording doing it. Yeah, so it's a combination of the intuitive journaling, the brain dumping as well as different themes each week. So the end of that card description that I just read was about creativity. This week. We're on week two creativity and commitment. So Wow. Perfect. Yeah. So is that something live you're doing? Or is that something? Are you doing it like sporadically in the quarters? Or how are you? Are you just trying it out? Let me know because I'm like I want in on that one. Yes, I know. It's really fun. We're in week two. So if you still want to join you can join a little late but I'll probably be doing another one. Once this one ends it's awesome. The group is amazing. We just had our second call this week and the group has created so much like I believe that anything that we do, like especially breathwork and journaling when we can do it in a community and see other people winning and support each other then it's like we skyrocket even further. So it's like rapid speed on our success. Oh, I love it so much. That's awesome. Yes, yeah. Let's talk a little bit about you. I know you've got a breathwork retreat coming up in Peru to want to talk about that and that's coming up in December. Of 2022. Yes, so the Peru retreat is my baby it is. It is the thing that was birthed through me so strongly. Last year, I had the idea to do it. And I remember emailing different places that I could have it I knew the vision was to have it in the Amazon. That is the most magical place that I have ever been to. And so much of what I teach is abundance, which is having everything that we need within our breath, everything that we need already in our life, calling in more knowing that in our relationships, our love is just going to grow for one another every single day and like that's really what abundance is like I'm an abundance teacher at the core and in the Amazon we have an abundance of everything we could ever need. You know it like the shamans there they teach us on these nature walks that you know this tree is used for sunscreen and this tree is used for when your stomach hurts and all the plants there can heal and treat any illness like it is just a medicinal toolkit that exists and it's amazing. And that's kind of what I feel about breathwork like there's a breath work. There's pranayama for like calming down releasing stress, better sleep like there's a breathwork for everything just like there's a plant in the Amazon for everything. So what's interesting about this brew retreat is that I almost didn't do it. I almost didn't do it at all. And I remember about a year ago actually this this time middle of summer, I did a breathwork journey because I wanted to get clarity on this and so my one on one breathwork mentor led me through like you know maybe I shouldn't do this, it would be so much easier to just launch other online courses that I have worked well in the past and I mean, those are good too. Like it just seems like a lot like we just had COVID We're still kind of in it. What if they changed the rules like I had all the reasons not to do it. And I'll never forget that breathwork session because the vision came through stronger than any vision that has ever come through me and I saw the people there. I saw the vision I was crying. I was cracked open. And the message was this is not for the money. This is for the fulfillment of the people. This is for the people you get to bring this to the people don't worry about the money. This is what you're called to do. And so the energy completely pivoted and I didn't really see it as like a business plan type thing. I saw it as a a, like a community that wanted to be built and a place that I already had, you know, everything was good to go like I had the place that had the company. It was like you know reasonable in terms of like, okay, I can see how I can make this work with pricing and everything. And I that was the moment where I'm like, you know, I'm going to do this and I fully committed. I paid the tour company and all the things I'm like, Okay, now I paid the universal follow me to clients and that is always how it works. So that retreat last year was one of the most powerful experiences that even I have ever been to and I was the facilitator. It's like what again? Yeah, so you did it last December too. Oh, yeah. Oh my gosh. Again, yes, it was so powerful. And so it was centered a lot around masterminding where everyone comes and they support someone on a presenting issue that they're having in their life and it's powerful because I believe that we are actively manifesting the perfect people for us. To be there. So someone may offer an experience in a way that lands differently than let's say I could even offer them and that's totally what I found and the results afterwards. were incredible. And I have eight weeks of like following up with people on Zoom to integrate and see okay, how are you taking the mastermind and actually doing something with it which I love and I haven't really seen many retreats do that it's like you build this community and then boom, you're gone and and a lot of people don't talk about post retreat depression, but it can be a real thing if you don't have community. Yeah, so that is really powerful. I'm huge on community. It's one of my core values. So that Amazon retreat is in December. This will be the second one we'll see about perhaps doing it every December. I love it that much. I see it growing. I see where it's headed. It's It's my baby. It's the best thing ever. Awesome. Yeah. Oh my garbage that we had down there are incredible. One used to be a shaman and then the other one is from a local tribe down there. They speak even another language than Spanish and so we really got to know them. One of the nights they teach us or they talked to us about like stories of the jungle, which is a really cool experience. Like one of the tour guides has seen a mermaid and he talked about that and like other creatures that live in the Amazon kind of similar to the legends that we have here of Bigfoot. So wow, some really cool stuff really cool stuff. So we do breathwork there masterminding. It's a leadership treat retreat. So becoming the leader of your life and using spirituality using community using masterminding all of these tools to be the leader of your life and experience abundance. I mean what better place to experience breathwork for abundance then in the Amazon so it doesn't get any doubt. And I'll definitely have the link in the show notes so people can go in and look at that because I looked at it before we got on I was like oh my gosh, this looks amazing. Yes, it is incredible. A trip of a lifetime. And there is like a little mini Wi Fi room. But it's kind of far enough that like a lot of people don't even use it. I think that's one of the beautiful parts to have like really disconnecting to reconnect. You start to remember things about yourself that you forgot when you were drowning in emails after emails and your everyday life until you get home and go God I have 10,000 emails. Delete, delete, delete. That's when you hire me as your business coach and I teach you how to delegate. Oh, there you go. Okay, yes, there we go. Very key, right. Yes, of course. Awesome. Well, it's been wonderful having you on today Adrienne, and I just I'm super excited about offering these to my listeners and sharing you with them and letting them get to know you and I know you also are going to be offering a free breathwork session then the link. Yes, yes, that is breath of gold.com/sunday-breathwork and you can come to one of our Sunday breathwork classes for free. Awesome, awesome. Awesome. Well, thank you so much again, and I can't wait for my listeners to get all this cool information and get in touch with you. Yes. Thank you so much for having me.