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Spiritual Soul Connections with Kirti Sharma

June 27, 2022 Season 2 Episode 43
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Spiritual Soul Connections with Kirti Sharma
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As we all walk through our journey called life I believe there are many times when we have a soul connection with others on our path. Someone we might have known in another lifetime. Maybe we have come together in relationship, to work on karmic stuff together, or perhaps someone who you just meet up with for a moment. I believe that my guest today is a soul connection of mine.

Kirti helps people to take small steps to transform their lives from minor or major anxiety, loneliness, confusion, and sadness issues to live a peaceful and happy life.

She is an International Intuitive Counsellor for the past 15+ yrs and is a Co-Author of #1 International Best-Selling My Journey My Journal and Creating Your Legacy.

She has a Master in Counseling Psychology, Certified Reiki GrandMaster [since 2006], Certified Realm Reader, Master NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, Hypnotist, Crystal, aroma and color practitioner.

In addition to this, she is an Intuitive Tarot Card Reader, Angels Reader, Meditation Coach, Channel of Codes of Light, Psychic and Medium.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Energy Alchemist

2. NLP

3. Awareness that everything is energy

4. Connecting to spirit for guidance

5. Soul Connections Summit

6. Tarot spreads

7. YouTube card sessions

8. Things speeding up

9. Healing Mother Earth

10. Supporting one another on our journeys

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Welcome to enthusiastically spiritual. I'm your host Teresa Shantz. I am an enthusiastic soul passionate about the spiritual part of life. Spirituality today is like an indulgent dessert buffet filled to the brim with unique offerings and services from amazing souls around the world. Join me in chowing down on some many more supplies to satisfy your spiritual Sweet Tooth starting now. As we all walk through our journey called life, I believe there are many times when we have soul connections with others that we meet along the way, perhaps is someone you might have known in their lifetime. And what did you come together to do? Well, maybe you've come together and to be in a relationship, maybe to work on karmic stuff together, or perhaps someone who you just meet up with for a moment in time. I believe that my guest today is a soul connection of mine. Her name is Kirti Sharma. Kirti is an Energy Alchemist who helps people take small steps to transform their lives from minor or major anxiety, loneliness, confusion and sadness issues, to live a peaceful and happy life. She is an international intuitive counselor for the last 15 years plus and is co author of number one international best selling my journey, my journal, and creating your legacy. In this episode, we are going to discuss soul connections, and how to access support for your journey. Those who may meet along the way. Let's join the conversation now. Welcome, Kirti, I'm so excited on this amazing, auspicious Solstice day that you are with me and we're sharing this beautiful talk and sharing today. So welcome. Yay, thank you so much for taking in introducing them into this podcast. Wonderful. So I know I started with basically talking about how we're all connected. And you know, sometimes we connect with karmically we connect in relationships we connect to do work together. And I really believe that the connection you and I have is definitely you know, it's like that time when it comes to us like it's the perfect time right now for us to come together to do this work in this beautiful Soul Connecting Summit, which we're going to talk about in a little while. But I just believe that it's you know, there's no, there's no coincidences. It's all a beautiful timing. Do you believe that also? Yes, yes. I have been following you and I have been watching you. And suddenly when I decided to do this summit, I just say why not ask her just go ask her. And that's how I asked you viewed I believe in that perfect deal. I shared you too. Yeah, on this. And sometimes we see people and then like, it's a little bit down the road like, oh, that's why I need to connect with that person or so beautiful. So I'm so glad we're here today. I want to first talk about you being an Energy Alchemist. So I'd love for you to share with my listeners what energy Alchemist is clarity. Even I found and I searched or Google that term later on. A few years later, actually, I have done so many things. Like I do tarot card reading, intuitive healing so many things. And not only healing things, but actually hypnosis, NLP, neuro linguistic programming, and all those things to help people. So one day I was asking during meditation, dear God helped me out what do I call myself? I can't. Every time I introduce myself, I can't say Hi, I'm Katie Sharma. I'm a life coach. I'm a tarot card reader and this that that. So I was silent for a few moments. And then I heard Energy Alchemist. I was like, what is that mean? I didn't know the meaning of that. Even at that moment. I didn't know the meaning of Alchemist, who is an alchemist, I heard that they turned metal into gold. That's all I knew. So I stayed, I relaxed. And I say If angels of God or whoever brought that into my mind, they must have a reason. So after a few days, I again, I mean, I meditate every day. So after a few days, I again got that glimpse that my powers are to tap into the energies of my clients and people around me, or even the buildings and things Even though even if I have this cup with me, I can tap into its energy. So I can tap into the energy and I can change it, I can transform it. So when I, whenever I used to connect to my clients, I used to tap into the energies and bring on the easy to follow steps so that they can implement in their life. So that's how I knew that hermit energy Alchemist. And it was not easy to accept that term. Even during a five day challenge, or something, one of those goes I must say, our I lost the word, one of the coaches talking about not to keep words or not to talk, introduce yourself with the words that people cannot relate with. And she knows me. And she used that term that I heard somewhere there's a people there's a person who called herself energy Alchemist, and you should not use that term. If I was like, if I can't use that term, what is the meaning of angels and God or universe telling me that I'm an Energy Alchemist. So I went low. I didn't use it. But later on, I took out my sword and said, I will use it no matter what happens, no matter who connects to me or not, I will use it. So this is the whole story behind the energy I was saying. And I love the fact that spirit gave it to you. So that sounds like that's like key, like, you know, no matter what everyone else says, Hey, I got that from spirit. So that is what I am at this moment, right? Because I feel that every moment we're someone new, we're transforming by the energy Alchemist is that constant transformation. And being an energetic being, I love that clarity that so fits with you. And one thing I love about you too, is you are so the My word enthusiastic, like you're bubbly, you're enthusiastic. And I see that when you come forth in everything you do and working with clients. And that is an energy that people, I think hold back on, and they refrain from often. So I want to talk about your enthusiasm, how do you keep the enthusiasm going everyday clarity for you. For me, it is natural. I there was a time when I was depressed and all I still used to keep my smile just like this. So broad ear to ear. But yes, I try to fit in the word where they say when you grow up, and your age grows up, you need to behave in a certain way. And when I was studying psychology recently, I realized that am I metta, something that I can smile almost all the time. So then I keep working on myself. And I realize that this is my energy type. I'm ugly, I'm a child, like, I need to embrace it, I need to be enthusiastic almost all the time. I love that energy. And that's how I connect to people more easily. That's how I even can connect to little children easily super easy. That's my gift. And I am going to give it away. Even if I'm going to I'm going to turn to 38 years this month, and I am not going to give it away. Do not but you are clearly resonating it in everything you're doing. And that's a positive resonance. And that's what people will be attracted to you for. And I love that because I too am very enthusiastic, maybe not every single moment of the day, but a lot of the time. And that's just who I am, too. So that maybe that's our soul connection here tea as we both are just enthusiastic soul excited about being here. And so let's talk a little bit about the soul connections also. So I know that you've got a beautiful Summit coming up. This is a second annual Soul Connection Summit. And let's talk about how you created this summit. It is again the downloading or the channeling from the universe. Last year, I stepped into the summit thing I didn't know much about but I wanted to try it because I love connecting with people and I wanted to bring something for the world. So last year, the basis of the summit was to talk about when you are starting on your spiritual journey. Now, I gave up that idea of doing the summit because it is a lot of work. I won't lie. But this year when I left my job last year, I got that ID that I need to do another summit But I wasn't ready, no matter what happens, I am not ready. I keep saying that to universe. And that Monday I was meditating and I got, you need to do it. Whoever comes to it, no matter even if there are one or two people, you need to do it. So that is how it downloaded in the name came later after the main theme for the summit was to connect to all those people who are walking on to spiritual journey. But there is a timeframe there, there is darkness, there is confusion. You can't see there is a pause from universe there is no next step, there is no ascension. And suddenly you sit down and say, God give me something, I need to work on something on my soul. And that is what we are dealing here. We have eight speakers, including you. And I'm so thankful for you being here. And we have eight speakers who are touching on different modalities of divination, like one is talking about Kundalini Yoga, one is talking about iron VEDA. So these everyone is talking about different things. You can if you're watching this summit, you can choose any one of them and keep learning about it. Even if you learn. I mean, if you are already working on with Kundalini Yoga, you might learn a few new things from our speakers, of course, and there is one question that I am asking everyone, what you need to do during that phase, what they did during this phase. So you are going to learn through this thing with a different speakers who have all those experiences who have gone through all that. And that is why I'm bringing in this summit for everyone, for everyone, even if you're studying this is going to help you. So then, therefore, oh, that's a great reason. And I hear you about the that things are time consuming and that things take a lot of energy because the same with my podcast like I'm not getting a lot back right now. But I am energetically and I am from spirit and I keep passing every so often. Do I keep doing this? Yes. Do I keep doing this? Yes. So there's clearly just like the summit there's some there's obviously backing from spirit there's clearly a bigger picture as to why this needs to come out. Especially right now Kirti because I know it's coming out the first weekend in July. But there is a huge timeframe like I'm filled with chills I say this for the next three months. I don't do astrology I don't know if you dabble in astrology, but I listen to a lot of it and the next three months to me are really about new beginnings and about tapping into you know how you want the future to look and it's a real serious time frame with being able to step into that new energy of however it looks however it's you know, creating for each person. So to me it's a very auspicious time to do this beautiful Summit. And I think it's a great day also because today is the the solstice so down in this in the northern is winter up here is this summer solstice. So I would love for you to if you wouldn't mind maybe drawing a couple of cards for today and this beautiful energy that we're working with and this upcoming semester just kind of I don't know how whatever you want to you know draw cards for but it feels like a good time to add some energy from from the universe and your beautiful channeled guide as guidance from your you know, tarot set there. Yes, sure. I draw some cards. Those might be the perfect ones. The ones that jump out, right, they're always the perfect ones. Oh my god, I keep doing this. During my three sessions. I do free on YouTube. So let's dive in. Although I connected to the cards this morning, and I don't know why but exactly. The theme is just coming out of these cards. So let's connect to the energies right now and see what is coming out. Oh, partnerships. Okay, let's see one more card. I have can you see beautiful, two of cups, cups, that is partnership there is eight of cups and there is three of swords. So I will take them down and I will let you know what I can feel do about this time. This is the perfect time actually we stepped into this new energy this new earth in 2000 and 21 Everything has started fastening things, so many changes are coming up to us everything is just like what is going on this is so speedy. So if I connect to these three cards, it says that this is the perfect time to deal with your heartbreaks to deal with what happened in your past. And you are working with a partnership where you have an idea, someone to help you out to come out of that. And this is going to take you into the light into a new way, even if it means that you're walking alone. Like when we walk onto the spiritual path. The first thing is what I felt is why am I walking all alone? Why not my, my family, my mother, my sister are working with me. So these three cards shine out beautifully that when you work with someone who already have that kind of experience what we are doing right now, right? So you are going to move out of this heartbreak is thing where you are going to heal yourself and the world around, then we heal ourselves, we heal fast well leading generations and upcoming 12 generations. So I love that idea. Yesterday we were doing I actually been shown to talk about this that yesterday we were channeling energy to Mother Earth. And there is a card if I can find it. What happened was yes, what happened was me and my friend were channeling the energy into Earth. And I sent energy to heal all the curses related to Earth, Mother Earth or property related issues for past 2000 years. And then after it I felt like this, I touched my belly and I felt that with the new art can this is what is going on into the world right now. We are birthing into a new reality and everything is changing nobody you are an astrologer or not. But you are going through all of this you are you need to wake up. So let's tap into the energies of this summit. And let's check out what tasks need to take say right now. Say I am doing this patiently for ladies. And the first card is five, seven of swords and five of swords, there is too much negativity that we are needing we are healing, but there is the queen of Pentacles if you can, if I can explain it, it is like you are going through that span of time which I have not already talking about. The energies are being driven out of you. There is only negative energies, there are only all those trauma things and you're not able to see this, I don't know if you can see, you are not able to see that there is a happy reality behind the scenes that are going on. And after the summit, you're going to be just like this. Awesome. feeling awesome. And energy energies are going to change you immensely. So this is beautiful. This is a beautiful card spread for this summit. I love it. Thank you so much for asking me to do this. It feels wonderful. And I think the key thing that popped into me especially with the first spread you did was the fact that people have to can realize they're not alone. wherever they're at in their journey. I mean, well, we've been so alone these last couple years and the control and you know, being put into isolation is like, so that's one thing and then on our journey and we come, you know, come open and open up and realize, Okay, well I'm having these experiences, these psychic abilities, these, you know, insights and hunches and impressions all day, and I don't know what to do with them and who am I and, and like you say with the people that are gonna be speaking at the summit, there'll be really backing and supporting and different aspects because I really believe we have to be well rounded and the body mind spirit. It's not just all about spiritual, it's the whole you know, I gotta keep my physical body realm good so I can so the spirit can you know, energy can flow through me and etc, etc, and eat good foods. So really having those beautiful supportive souls that are going to be in this summit and sharing and they're also going to be offering different gifts to correct yes, yes, everyone has is a little gift for you. Either it is a PDF, or they're able to you can even even talk to them. There is a discovery call, everything is on the summit, whenever you I mean, the day you are going to get into the summit, all those videos will be there. And there is a gift, which you can click and download or talk to them. Wherever we see. Beautiful, beautiful. Well, it you know, it seems like I said, again, really an auspicious time a beautiful opportunity to come together and like you had the pregnant hard. It's interesting, because the last couple of weeks, I've been in like this contraction. So the last few years, I've had a real big one, especially last couple months, I've had a big expansion. And I know, you know, when you expand and there's also that contraction of almost like going through the birth canal. So it's interesting that you had that, that come up yesterday, because I've felt myself have felt that, you know, for my whole being I'm being contracted, getting ready to rebirth into, you know, the new next version of me which I believe every day I get up, it's a new version of me because I'm new. So and I'm very grateful to be here every single day. So I just it's so exciting to talk to care t because you're so passionate. And this ability to help guide others to come together and to unite is is really a beautiful gift for the world. So I thank you so much for being on today for sharing this and all the information for the soul connection Summit, we're going to be in the show notes. So there'll be there'll be a link in there that people can click on they can, you know, book their seat, and go ahead and make sure they're at that event and it is July 2 And third, correct? Yes, yes, yes, I will send the time. The first email people will get is about the exact time according to I'm in, I'm in India, and I decided to note down for different time zones so that they can even if you want ours from somewhere else, you can go and check that out. But there will be timing from ISD, PST, ESD and C E SD. So that it is easier for you to check the time. Beautiful. And of course I can access those videos the whole weekend. Correct? Yes, yes. Awesome. Yeah, it is for second and third and on the fold. For 24 hours after 3/3 of July. Beautiful, beautiful. Well, thank you again Kirti for coming on today sharing with my listeners, your amazing enthusiasm. You're obviously a gift for gift for doing tarot and for channeling beautiful energy. And I'm super excited to be a part of the soul connection Summit coming the weekend of July 2 and third. So that's super exciting. So thank you so much, cutie thank you so much. Thank you, wherever you're at in the world. I thank you so much for listening in to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual, please remember to hit subscribe button so you don't miss any of the upcoming episodes that are released every Tuesday. If you've not supported this podcast yet and would like to support this podcast and future episodes of this podcast. Please go to the show notes and consider hitting buy me a coffee, I would appreciate it so very much. And also just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.