Enthusiastically Spiritual

Accessing Ease & Joy with Daniela Sulek

July 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 45
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Accessing Ease & Joy with Daniela Sulek
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At this moment in your life what if you rethink everything you have been taught who you are?

What if you let go of the constant self-improvement and control to have everything turn out a certain way?

These may be daunting questions and in the day to day grind called life but accessing a new unfamiliar road and putting your car in drive may be just what is needed to help you to the next step in your life.

My guest today is Daniela Sulek.

Juggling life for years led Daniela Sulek to hit a wall. Her entire way of life and being changed when what she now calls “humaning” led to her developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child, and almost cost her life. With her “play your way through life” philosophy, she now helps renowned yet unfulfilled leaders move into the permanent state of ease, joy, and passion. By transcending from the conditioned human to the consciousness of their true self, they shift into effortlessly creating by being, instead of creating by doing.

Daniela works with the world’s most talented executives and entrepreneurs. She helps renowned leaders shift into a permanent state of higher consciousness, so they can experience the ease, joy, and fun of life. By transcending from creating by doing to creating by being, they are no longer bound by the conditioned mind, time, or space. They create experiences they desire. They also create a massive impact by effortless action they take from the unconditioned state of their true self. About 1% of the world’s population functions primarily at this level of consciousness.

Daniela sees through the illusion of the rigid physical reality and ridicule of the human conditioning. She uses the fluidity of high consciousness to shift into a desired experience, thus constantly pushing the boundaries of logic and what’s possible.

Her thirst for truth naturally brought her on a journey of experiencing the self beyond the mind, body, and physical reality. She has brought a leading-edge concept of applied neurophysiology, energy medicine, quantum physics, metaphysics and higher logic into her daily life creating massive physical, mental, and emotional shifts for herself and her clients.
Daniela is lauded by her clients and network of industry peers for her wisdom, passion, and joy.

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you have been taught who you are? What have you let go of the constant self improvement and control to have everything turned out a certain way? These may be daunting questions and in our day to day grind called life, but accessing a new unfamiliar road and putting your car and drive maybe just what is needed to help you to the next step in your life. My guest today is Daniela Sulak. Juggling life for years led Daniella to hit a wall. Her entire way of life changed when what she now calls human being led her to developing serious illnesses while pregnant with her third child and almost cost her her life. With her play your way through life philosophy she now helps renowned yet unfulfilled leaders move into the permanent state of ease, joy and passion by transcending from the conditioned human to the conditioning of their true self. They shift into effortlessly creating by being instead of creating by doing let's join the conversation now. Let's join the conversation. Welcome Daniela. Thank you for having me, Teresa. I'm so excited. You're here today and I want to really dive into what you call humanizing. And I'd like you to share with the listeners how it led you down a path of serious illness. All right, absolutely. So the word human being is something I came up with in my know when sharing my message, and it really is about being in the mind being really as a are living and being as a conditioned human who thinks that they need to survive and they need to do everything in order to survive and do a lot of action and really just fight for survival throughout the life. So then human is really just action, action, action. Go go go manipulating, controlling, we think it's normal. It's really the pushing and forcing through life. And so it's, it's what 99% of population is doing and what is considering consider normal in our society. And, and it's wrong. It's it's, it's a way of life, but it's not why we were why we came here, and that's that's why I'm sharing my message because I did that. And then I realized at one point, this is not why I came here. There is no way I came here to Earth to suffer and just work. It didn't didn't make sense to me even though I was so in logic and my it's like it doesn't make sense. And that started my journey of metaphysical and literally beyond the mind experiences to understand who I am. I'm with you. 100% Because I too have been that. I mean today I'm much more relaxed about everything but for years, especially when I had children and family and it was going from one thing to another and then trying to keep up with everything and everybody and I think it's interesting to the place we're at right now with the collective energies and where we're at as far as humans on the on the earth is that even in the midst of all we've been through in the last couple of years and that huge opening, there is still so much we've now gone into a different dimension of of striving of being better than other people and being seen and heard and it's it's daunting also. So how have you found for you and your clients, especially where they're at in what we've all been through and moving forward with the with all of that so because it's pretty big. It's a big deal, that striving and that you know, continual pressure of I need to be seen and be on Instagram and Facebook and all these different, you know, arenas now. That's that's absolutely true. And that's such a great question and see everything stems from kind of, we have this to two states when we can be and we are either in the mind state or condition state and there's there is everything in terms of the mind of a belief system, our habits how we see the world or our conditioning, it's 1000 years of conditioning and then we have our natural state, which is very it's very rare right now only few people are really functioning the state and it's a high consciousness state of our true self and we do not identify ourselves with the mind. And when I say we the mind is we do not identify ourselves with a personality with who I am. I am Daniela, I am a coach. I am I have this race. I have this religion. I have this upbringing. I have this culture. It's like it's something I recognize, but I am not attached to it. So those are two different states. So we are either in the mind or ego personality, with everything what we know of ourselves, or we are completely free. And the mind is very tricky to to keep us in that illusion of the personality it has created over the years since we were born. So first phase is that we strive and force and work work work and it usually looks like in a corporate environment. or building a business and taking care of kids try and controlling everything. And then the next step is when we kind of awaken but it's kind of false awakening, but we we come to the spiritual path. And now we know we know things and now the mind takes the same achievement and goals and it's like it's out there because the mind predicts everything out there and creates a different kind of personality. I'm a spiritual person. I do this I do that I am a coach. And now we enter a different kind of realm of competition. It's still with the mind. It's still from the mind. It's still from the ego. It's still from the identity. I am not valid until I am heard being heard. I am not valid until I am recognized. I am not valid until someone pays attention to me. It's very tricky, and people can can ask, okay, so well, but okay, you show up on Facebook real sharp, and it's not about the action it's really so when I work with my client, that's the it's really fundamental to understanding that it's not about the action, it's about your energy, when you are completely so when we are in the mind, we are attached to the outcome we are attached to the work we are doing. We identify with the work we are doing. We are proud of the work. We want to change people. And that's the energy of neat and survival I need to be recognized. I am this personality. And if if something is wrong, I literally will not survive. quote unquote, that's the threat of the ego and the mind and the true self or the high consciousness is an unnatural state is when I'm being asked, I speak when there is a message that needs to go through me be expressed through me. I put it out there, but I am completely detached from that message and how the message will be taken. So when people like it, they're supposed to like it, because it's resonate if they don't they are not supposed to because they are on the part of journey when they are not resonating with the message. And that's not my job to control. So I don't need to show up every day on the social media. I don't have a plan. I I leave completely unstructured into micro and there is a white Sunday morning or Sunday evening. My calendar for the really like rest of the year. There may be two or three events for the next week. There is nothing like happens and fails. It and that is kind of complete trust. I'm not a doer of the action. I am alive and I respond to life because live knows what needs to be happening. So it's a very it's it's a huge difference. But it's a huge difference in energy. So looking at two people there may be two same actions, but the energy is very different and hence results are very different. Very different. Wow. So lately I've been all about like just being yeah and spirits but for myself has been saying you know like give give myself space. In the midst of you know, I do have things I've got interviews on Thursdays on this day I release things and I have things I've got to do for online in my business and but it really I love what you're saying because I can resonate with that so much about just Allah and I do do that. But I do have a schedule of certain things too. But, you know, having that ability to really give that space. And I feel that people are at a point right now where they're honestly like slike searching for this they're searching for how do I do this? How do I how can I just be in the midst of life and all in all the craziness and I know you have a really cool philosophy that I want to talk about. Now Daniela is you call it play your way through life. So how do you do this? And just play your way. You just You just don't take life seriously, that the philosophy is really how we see the world when we abandon the illusion. So when you see the reality, through the illusion of the mind alive is a very serious business. It is it is a fight for survival. Right? All that conditioning. I need to pay my mortgage. I need to have money for the mortgage. I need to have money for my kids for the school for this vacation and we built over a life around that we have work we go to work or we have business we do the business. We see ourselves as a separate from life. So there is this life that is given and there is this me and I need to fit in and kind of force and make my way through it to to make something happen and to you know until the day I die I need to control and manipulate it. When we abandoned the illusion and we and it's the mind is the ego it's the lower consciousness and this has nothing when I talk about consciousness, it has nothing to do with how intelligent a person is, by the way, because I work with very smart individuals. But the the high consciousness is very low density of fear and conditioning. So nothing to do with how smart we are. And the end the difference between the low consciousness of the mind and a high consciousness of our true self is that we realize that we are life and we don't need to do anything to survive. We are being supported. And so playing our way through life is when we realize who we are, we are multi dimensional energetic beings. We do not perceive ourselves as such because the mind creates an illusion of this physical reality as being real. It's an illusion, just like a rainbow. It's an illusion. If someone wants to know more about it, it just I just released the podcast episode where it is I think it's episode 10. It's called cosmic collision podcast. And I explained how the how the reality that illusion is created. When we realize that it's illusion, why would we Why would we take it seriously? If you know that something doesn't exist? Why would you try to control it and change it? You only do if you if you think that it's real. If you know it's not real you you play and it and then like shows you because it requires a trust and the mind doesn't have a trust so the trust comes naturally with the shift into the higher consciousness. Then literally you just play you do what you like doing. You don't do anything you don't like doing anything. You don't want to do it you drop. So even going back to you mentioned your own example that you want to your spirit encourages you to be more being into being but you still have things on your calendar. I will challenge you and you know I will give you homework if you're open to it is look at that. And just look at this and this schedule. Isn't this task on my calendar. From which state is it coming from is it coming from the state of I really want to do it feel inspired? I really want to do it and I'm completely lost in the activity when I do it. Or is it coming from I need to do it because my coach says because business my business coach says because internet says I should because well I don't know. I was just told that I need to do it. And you will see you will see the energy. Right. Like yes really going back. Kids. Kids are we naturally are born in high consciousness we are that's our natural state. And we are then conditioned into the low consciousness right with all the beliefs. So look at the kids. You have a three or four year old saying I'm going to doing that. And the mom who is already conditioned apparently, but you should be doing that the because I said so or because the room needs to be clean. Who said who said where's the room? Where is the rule? Show me the rule that when you come to this earth you signed and there is the rule and the one of the rules is your role. Your role needs to be clean. What because then I'm unless of the person because then I am not valid because then my parents won't love me see how like we can like we live on everything is belief system. Everything is conditioning every single thing we as an as our natural state. We are without condition. That's the unconditional love we come from. That's how children as children's we are born. What does it mean on condition that we are unconditioned that we are the unconditional love. It means that we are valid just because we are there is nothing we need to do. We don't need to work. We don't need to prove ourselves. We don't need to show others that we know something that we are smart that we have to tell visitor that's all ego that's all mine fighting for survival. We are it we are whole and so if your whole and if you know that you're fully supporting, would you want to do I don't know whatever I want to do. I just play some playing for you. Teresa may be different than for me. For me. It's baking. I love flowers, gardening, walking, swimming, skiing, playing with my kids. anything creative. You know what I mean for You? It's different, but also playing means showing I'm on this podcast because I just love this. I'm not convincing everyone I'm just kind of like, I don't know, this is me being without controlling or trying to achieve something. So playing it's it's like there is no work. There's no need to do this. I do what I want to do when I need to do it. Well, it's so funny, Daniela because as you're as you're talking, all I'm seeing is like layers of the onion coming off coming off because I know those first seven years which I call the cycle of feelings is weird just pure like you said we're pure play were pure just involved and then all the concepts and beliefs just start layering on from mom and dad the environment also things we brought in with us some of those a little bit but mostly from the people that you were here with, on our having our human experience with. So whenever you bring up this this topic, especially on children I just get I kind of get sad because I think of like when I didn't know any better and the things that I said to my kids and the you know the pressure I put on or you know it really makes I mean there's no good or bad really and I mean I just did the best I could with what I had at that moment. And that's important thing that I keep in mind for myself. It's like even though it does give me a little bit of sadness to think about how I how I interacted with my kids and I remember years ago I looked back at a video you know we took tons of videos our kids I mean, I think half their friggin life was on a video camera, you know? And I remember my daughter was trying to touch the the plugin and I was like Danielle No, and I remember I swatted her hand and I mean it like I was like, Oh my gosh, listen to how I came across and what I said to my child and it just start again it's just one of those layer things of like, okay, that's just what where I was at and what I experienced and I did the best I could as a mom as a really what I call it kind of call an unconscious mom, I didn't know anything about who I was as a soul, that I have guidance that I you know, that I yeah, that we're all energy. I knew nothing of that I just really kind of move through where I was at and that's where people that's what we all do, but for the listeners of this podcast that may be our you know, that are clearly awake and that are clearly at a place of understanding in a bigger variety and a bigger expansion of who they are as a soul and how to work with especially children and really anyone in our lives because, you know, I I'm sure we can do that to anybody, right? I mean, it's not just, you know, trying to control our kids or trying to you know, put our concepts onto our children and how it's just it's a it's really a big that's a big topic and it's really a very deep topic that like I said for myself, I can feel it in my soul of, you know how I used to be and then how I am today and there's still aspects of me in there but I feel like you know, I've grown and I've expanded and I've definitely come into a new me, but looking back at it's like, oh man, just that perspective of how I how I was as a mom especially. Yes, yes. And you brought up a very good point and I want since since you started this topic I want to explain because there may be a lot of guilt coming with it for and I feel that guilt from you right now and for you know it may arise for anyone else listening to this. I was I wasn't that mom. I was stressed. I was in my head and you know, thinking that the work is the most important and didn't have time for my kids and controlling them. Yes. The you won't be surprised by the way people work with fear and with anxiety and releasing stress, but as a humanity as a as a humans. Fear is not our main problem and main challenge is guilt. So I would I would first I would say to everyone who has a guilt just drop it, because wild fear can be easily transformed like 123 Within seconds we can transform any fear. That is or any anxiety in the moment. Guilt to the guilt there is unworthiness attached there is guilt is on an emotional security is very much lower than fear. It's literally underneath it's, it's on the bottom. So, work with your guilt. You know, reach out to any coach that can do that, but recognize the guilt. I'm talking to audience and everyone who needs that, but also realizing that and this can help to drop the guilt is that we didn't come here with a manual and as you said we are souls we are multi dimensional beings. And we can perceive different realities but also and different dimension. But we came here to this physical experience to have experience to have experienced this is why for example, going back to play your way through life philosophy. It's not about doing something it's not about achieving something. It's not about getting somewhere. It's about experience so the mind does and achieves and thrives to achieve this soul experiences. So whether it experience baking or playing with my kids or swimming or just walking it's an experience, but I can experience also depression and I can experience also anxiety, it's still an experience if we are attached to that and everything that is wrong. And I should not be doing that. Then we are stuck and we anchor ourselves in that reality which we don't want. And you know working with couples I worked with women who had suicidal thoughts depression, very, very severe anxiety, panic attack. And one thing I told them like feeling sad or depression is not a problem. Your perception of depression that you should not have a depression is a problem. The moment you relax in your sadness, you're free. You're liberated. So that's one thing so literally look at your life as because you're still going into the past. I was that the mom and I did that pass exists only on the level of mine. The same as with the future and that's why it creates anxiety or guilt or resentment about the when talking about the past or anxiety about the future. So realizing, shifting into higher consciousness and from the mind and dropping the mind. We don't go into the past because we are not that person anymore. Why would you you know what you are not the person when you were 17 your and your data guy and you did something you know stupid whatever we did you would not drag it to your i don't know I'm 47 what I wouldn't drag it here because that person why would even you know what I mean? Oh completely. So but it's the guilt like so it's all about the emotions just drop it you are not that person. And that's the difference between living in the mind with we attach ourselves and we bring our whole personality the whole ego the whole belief system throughout our lives and and the moment we wake up, it kicks in and the mind creates the personality and we are back into emotions, emotions of guilt, anxiety and all those negative emotions. As a consciousness we wake up fully now. Present. There is no I can tell you I can barely remember the past. I can't I cannot tap into the emotions of past when people asked me well how did it feel? I cannot because I'm not that person anymore. So as a high consciousness as your true self in our natural state, we will leave only in the prison. That's why your spirit guides wants you to be more in the being because when you are in the being you're in the present, you are not planning for future back to the kids. You know the kids didn't plan day. Like Dick can be on the playground fighting for a toy. And then with someone and the next minute they're laughing and smiling together. Adults would hold grudges for the rest of their lives. He did this to me the kids don't do it because there's a high consciousness. They they live in a present day cannot tap into the past. They don't drag the past into the present. They are fully like and so that's the only state when we actually truly live in the present. So hence being and when you're in the present. It's by the way, is the most amazing and fastest way to drop the emotions. Because if you're in the present you don't think about the past and what you did with a kid and how you were not a good mom or whatever you you know what whatever we did, because when we do that, we are in our mind and we we are in the past but in the present, you don't have those thoughts. It's a complete liberation from the mind just being and you live and you take any action from this state. Not from the planning not from the fixing the past. No just from now. Well, if what you said I mean, I don't know about people out there listeners but I feel a healing from just what you said. So that really resonates with me and what my guidance has been working on me lately with is that just being present and really just yeah, just being in the now because I totally resonate with that. So I was thinking about a lot of my son my listeners are younger people too and how inspiring this can be to have this knowledge of how to shift things and how to work with you know where they're at. And when they come into having kids or when they come into relationships or whatever it looks like for each listener. Is that is really the key thing is having that awareness. Yes, I believe because that's that's where it starts add that awareness that oh, you know, if that even comes in, right because I mean sometimes it may not come and people are like it's all good and nowadays people are we're at a such a different resonance of energy as a collective that things are flying off the you know, off the shelves every day. It's so we're not holding on to as much if we if we are in this state of just being and understanding where we are as an energetic being and our soul and what we're here to really work on. So that was so very inspiring. Daniela, thank you so much there is and when you mentioned the the global events and everything. I believe that everything what is happening in the world and you said the two different are many different kinds of directions and kind of splitting prisons. Those are all happening for us as a humanity to understand that what we've been doing and how we've been living and who we perceive ourselves to be for really truly centuries. is not working, is not working. If it was working. We wouldn't have wars we wouldn't have global warming. We wouldn't have violence. We wouldn't have viruses, we wouldn't have cancer, we'll have depression, young you know, young suicide rates we would not so it's not working. And it's really forcing us into looking at, okay, so if that's not working, what is what is the truth? And it's this is the truth. And I believe that your listeners are those who who have this resonance and who are looking for the truth. And you mentioned the younger generation. Absolutely. I have kids and I see the difference. I see the difference. I see how they perceive the world how they don't understand, don't understand. People don't understand adults. Why would they do this? And then I remember I was like that indicate as a kid, I didn't understand it out. Well, and then I was conditioned so um, so that's fantastic. And I also, you know, I also made I just recently met a 26 year old and he had amazing spiritual experiences. And he's trying to navigate his life his quote unquote, normal life for grad school and everything with this being and spiritual experiences in kundalini awakening. So, more and more, I think it's it's is the rebirth. And what we need to do is to understand who we are because there will be things happening on the planet that we need to be able to manage and we cannot manage it the old way we cannot manage it with action, or forcing or manipulation. We have to manage it with our energy. That's how I change the world. Because as I say, first thing to my clients, when I work with them, there is no one out there. There is nothing and no one out there. Everything is a projection. It's a hologram. Why would you change hologram you change you? And I think this is the message we need to get. We need to understand who we truly are, then we can change the world as a humanity I am filled with chills and I love what you just said Daniela. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. Yes. And I agree that I also believe that we are at a auspicious time on the planet that we and there's no there's no coincidence as to why there's how many people on like, what 8 billion people on the planet right now the most ever? Like we're all here right now doing this doing the work we're doing showing up and being in the right place at the right time for our souls growth. So it's a magical time with like you said, there will always be stuff going on the planet. This is not like you know, like tomorrow it's all over. No, no, it's constant like it's up and down and up and down. And that's part of what we're here to embrace is how to move through these things with grace and ease and, and how to move through these things with more peace and more, you know, ability to really understand who we are and you know, some things you mentioned is orgasmic joy and burning passion every day so you know those kinds of aspects in and that's really back to the soul essence because I'm I'm about you know, my soul is absolutely enthusiastic to be here right now. So and how did you know access that deep peace like this orgasmic joy, the burning passion all that within me and bringing forth in what I do is really is my day to day journey? And that's what I'm here to do. Yes, yes. That's an that's that's a wonderful and this is, this is it and you play because you're so plays your soul doesn't improve itself. Your soul doesn't prove its worth or I need to do it. There is no annual result or I need to publish a book. No, I don't need to publish a book. Maybe it will or maybe not. But I don't want to if I don't want to I want you know what I mean? It's not what the world tells you. And this is this is the play this is your soul wants to play any way it wants to For someone it's a creative artwork for someone is this spiritual work and coaching for someone it's I don't know just going to be an accountant but even that can be a play and not the hard work. But that's the realization that we need to realize the truth and see the truth, because we will each of us will let me do the thing. Humans called dying. We really realize that oh my gosh, it was all the play there are these actors and and it is just all the play. Right. And if we don't realize it now, we will come back. We will come back as and we will forget again. And again and again. Whether we realize it we do need to learn those lessons. So even when you said about the this stuff will be happening on earth, there will be there may be an open contact with etc ones like that. That will be a huge one. But again, or whatever might be happening, but again, knowing that it's my world I created Why would I change it? I cannot change the illusion so whatever. If I created it, then I relax into it. Because if I created it, then I wanted to experience it. My mind cannot and is not capable of understanding but my soul my higher consciousness knows. So I will be just responding. But I can literally relax into Yeah, even violence. Yeah, even the negative events happening because the negative events are only perception of the mind. As is positive for the soul experience for it from the soul perspective. It's an experience. So and the beauty is that if we do the work of clearing out our metaphysical body, where all the belief system is, or the belief systems are, the negative event will be less and less present in our life. And life is truly a bliss. There are no negative people there is no hate. It's just it's like you enter a different dimension you enter a different world and you start wondering, well, not wondering because you know whether, but there are no bad people. They are just good people, like I see all around me. Just bliss just angels in human form. I haven't seen bad stuff on the street like, I don't know, I am so impressed. So it's it's a different perspective. It's like when you believing the dream you're dreaming and that is a nightmare. It will be a nightmare. You need to wake up realizing that Oh, okay. I was just dreaming it. Yeah, and what's going on around you is a reflection of what what's going on inside of you. So you're clearly in that space where you're good. I mean, you know, like not to say I mean, you don't have things that come up and things you're going through because we do every day right being human but, but it's a reflection because I know people that have a lot of poo going on around them. And then they inside of them. They're not happy. They're on you know, with themselves what they've done and on and on and on the layers. It's all just a reflection, but this is it is a reflection because as I said when as as as a reality is a holographic holographic projection of the mind. Right? And so what Okay, so what it is predicted. So then we need to go into ever the different dimension and one dimension higher than physical isn't that a physical dimension and it's a real metaphysical body. And as the light travels through as the line to be to be our consciousness, through levels through the metaphysical body, IT projects on the physical experience into the physical dimension. What is endovasc metaphysical body, and this is all our belief system. So the rest of it, the pureness ignores it. It is it is still there. It exists. But in the physical experience, we do not have capability to tap into that because our frequency is lowered and unexpressed as what it is in our metaphysical body. So that's why I say whatever is in your reality, you cannot change because it's the illusion. Changing and clearing the metaphysical body will change your reality. I've seen it in my life. I've seen it in my clients lives. My in my friends life. It's it's natural process. That's how we were designed. That's how that is the structure of universe. So don't fight anything. Don't fight anything because if you find it, you're coming there. You're coming up from the lower energy of the mind. And literally being lost in the illusion and in the dream. I need to change something. Why would you change a dream just wake up. So we need to clear the body and how do you clear the body? We'll get up the mind, detox the mind. Just be don't be in the mind. Just be now that's where your power is. As a consciousness, that's where you truly exist. Once you're in the past or future in your thoughts. You do not exist. You are in the illusion you only exist in the present into being a from that state. That's a very powerful state. Where you move mountains, well, you don't move mountains, the mountains just stop appearing. They are not there. You know, the body balances itself. I had clients with cancer, cancer gun, third issues God, it's our natural state. If it's our natural state, there are no illnesses. There are no elements. There is no mental issues. There is nothing. You're just completely liberated. Being you live in the 3d human world. But you have a completely different experience as the rest of the people being in the now that is a great place to to end this Daniela because we've given a lot of beautiful insights and just awarenesses to the listeners today. And I thank you so much for coming on and sharing your wisdom and also, let's talk about how people can work with you and what you offer through your services. Um, whoever is ready will reach out to me in the now I trust that into now so I do not do any offers I do not do any promotions. very sparingly on social media, but people can find me on Facebook, Facebook and LinkedIn. But the best way to connect is to go on my website. So it's Danielasulek.com and there is a link there is a there is a page of work within yella and you can contact me and we can we can chat beautiful and I will have all that in the show notes so no worries. Thank you again Daniela Thank you Teresa. I thank you for having me.