Enthusiastically Spiritual

2 Year Anniversary Episode hosted by Tom Shantz

June 07, 2022 Season 2 Episode 40
Enthusiastically Spiritual
2 Year Anniversary Episode hosted by Tom Shantz
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Do you love what you do?

Does what you do inspire more enthusiasm in your life?

For me, I would say yes to both of those questions.

In the past two years there have been so many changes in my life. There have been so many changes in the world.

But the one constant that I have embraced is this podcast.

Yes, it has been two years since I started this podcast while I was in isolation staying in a VRBO out in O'Connell, NSW near Bathurst.

In this episode I invited my spiritual partner and husband Tom to ask me about the last two years podcasting and he we had a fun time recording it together.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Following those hunches, insights and impressions from spirit.

2. The collective energy that we all are a part of.

3. Personal team of spiritual helpers.

4. Stepping stones to the next opportunity.

5. Coaching session to find your spiritual thrust.

6. Only be involved in what my heart is 100% behind.

7. Understanding situations where I had spiritual backing.

8. Amazing guests and what they brought to my podcast.

9. 4 psychic perceptions we all have.

10. What it takes to create a podcast: blood, sweat & tears. 

If you are interested in sharing your spiritual awakening, mystical experiences, NDE, or any other spiritual experience please feel free to send me an email at teresa@tntspiritworks.com. I would love to hear from you and maybe even share your amazing story.

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Welcome, everybody. I'm Tom Shantz. And today I'm interviewing my lovely partner, Teresa Shantz. And we're talking to you from the middle of the country here in the heartland in Winterset, Iowa. Today, we want to celebrate Teresa's second anniversary of her podcast, Enthusiastically Spiritual. And on this day, we're starting my inaugural podcast of The Spiritual Executive. So we thought we'd switch roles and give me a chance to find out some more about Teresa that I don't already know and maybe some of you out there, don't know. But in line with a spiritual executive. A little bit of background you want to say hello, first Teresa. Hello, Teresa. Hello, everybody. So we've been together for five years I've known her for five years coming up on five years, and in this life anyway. And I have to tell you something about Teresa in that her enthusiasm, that enthusiasm that she shows in her podcast. That's absolutely real. That's what she's like 24/7. And it's wonderful to work with her. So that's not something she just talks about. She actually lives it and it's spreads like crazy when you're around her. So, Teresa, let's go back in time a couple years ago. We were at this time of the year we were two years ago, we were in Bathurst in Australia, sort of in the middle of New South Wales. And we were at a lovely little spot, a VRBO type spot within the hills in the countryside and there was a view of the lake and all of a sudden COVID had really taken hold. You know, it wasn't going to be some passing. At first we thought maybe would be something that passes in a few weeks. It had been around since March. It was already May and one morning you came up to me this is more or less how I remember it. Or one day and you said I'm starting a podcast. So I wanted to ask you from that spiritual executive point of view, how did you first receive that inspiration? How did that come to mind for you? Well, you know, I would say it would be like a lot of the inspiration that comes to me it just shows up in it's been this way my whole life and throughout my whole life being sensitive. I didn't really know how to work with it. But when things come in, especially like creating a podcast, you know, going somewhere in some direction. I just follow it. And so like when that came in that insight to start a podcast, I knew nothing about podcasting. I mean I listened to one or two but um I just had no idea what it all entailed. I had no idea what you know how to do it, but all I know is spirit was like, Okay, you need to create a podcast. And well when the spirits you know, back to me like that, and I feel that energy. I'm on board so that's kind of how it all started is just really the the the enthusiasm and the excitement that I have for what spirit is opening up for me and I just kind of step into the roles of whatever it might be, you know, especially doing a podcast so that's really how it all started. So, and I guess a little bit of background, we were doing some talks in Australia, and at some metaphysical type fairs and festivals and we were putting on some programs for folks that have worked with some of the tools and techniques that we've been working with for years. That I've been working with for years. And now I want to ask you this when you talk about spirit, what are you talking about? When I'm talking about spirit, I'm talking about that soul essence that I am the soul essence that everyone is and that collective energy force that really we all come from so we're all one energy for us, but we're obviously broken out into unique individuals unique vibrations that have unique experiences, but for spirit, we're all one so that's what I'm talking about when I mentioned spirit and who we each are so and so who are you receiving messages from? Well, for myself, I have a personal team of spiritual helpers. So my guidance or spiritual helpers I like to call them is my personal team who are working to back me love back and support me my whole journey. And so they they have mastered what they've they were here on planet Earth before they've mastered what I'm here currently doing. And that's why I've had selected them to help me on my journey. So I'll tell you I have a couple of different unique ones. One is actually a gentleman who has in his last incarnation, he was actually an African. He was in South Africa, and he was a politician. And he started working with me a couple years ago in helping me speak and helped me get out and really, you know, get my come across well and come across, you know, at a different way that I had been coming across previously. So he backs me in that way and I feel a real surge of energy around him when I'm doing something and speaking with people because he really has that that, you know, strong stance and he was a real strong soul and had a strong presence when he was here. Another one of my guidance is a guy who was actually in Italy and he was a chef. And ironically enough, I have felt him when I'm in the kitchen, but there's a real jovial real fun, real love for creating food for what I'm doing in the kitchen and also for moving that out into what I'm doing with other people and into my life. So I now have some female guides. I have other people too that work with me but that's primarily the, the guidance I have and I work with is my team of spiritual helpers. Okay, so would you say that some of the work you're doing now, is this something you came to do or is there something for you spiritually in doing this work? I mean, how have you found yourself in these opportunities? Well, for myself, I have found that each opportunity is like a stepping stone to what's the next opportunity. So yes, right now what I'm doing is for my soul's growth, and sharing the way I'm sharing and also sharing other people and what their services are in the world and what they're here to offer the world. It really just lights me up and it really also gives me that that what I call a win win win situation and feeling like a win for me, a win for them and a win for spirit. So definitely everything I'm doing in my life no matter if it even like is you know going to the store or going to get a massage or going through this net. It's all a piece of what I'm here to do and my purpose and so I don't discount anything I do because everything is really a part and a piece of of my personal journey. So yeah, definitely doing this podcast. It's been an amazing two years oh so much growth and so much expansion and so much awareness of myself and who I am and how to come across with with my guests on as well as with the listeners who are amazing around them around the globe listening to this podcast and getting the insights for them so it's really just a Yeah, just a stepping stone I guess that's kind of a long way to get back to your question Tom but it all it all is part of my journey for sure. So you can I guess it sounds like that your your spiritual helpers or your spiritual guides there. They really move in when you're doing your thing when you're living your thrust in life. By the way, what is your spiritual thrust? What's your theme? Well, my spiritual thrust is lifetime is the follow through of my heart's desires. And I found that out a couple of years ago because Tom and I actually offer a coaching session which we can share with you through your guidance and our guidance, what your unique spiritual thrust is this lifetime. And when I found out what mine was, it resonated with me to my core and I realized that this is something the follow through my heart's desire that I've done my whole life. And the things that were not within my heart and not something I needed to be really working on or I had that joy in that enthusiasm behind it. I am not 100% on board I shouldn't be I have not shouldn't be but I it's not beneficial to my soul to be doing certain things if my if I'm not moving from my heart and what I'm doing so learning and understanding and feeling my spiritual thrusts has just amplified, really my whole journey, especially with looking back when I wasn't in a spiritual, maybe consciousness or awareness, but that ability to really still embrace that even though I didn't know really what it was all about. So it sounds like you're giving your your spiritual helpers a lot of opportunity as well, to help you through the opportunities that you've decided that you've been attracted to. That's what I hear you saying, Oh, without a doubt, Tom. And what I want to also emphasize to is the fact that you know, I've never I never really realized I had a personal team of spiritual helpers but I've always had help my whole life and I mean, there were times when I got in predicaments situations where I could have I could have checked out or I had major problems happen or accidents and I realized looking back at law those that my god, my personal team really backed me and were really there to support me as I went through different situations because and so looking back, it's exciting to know that Yeah, I mean, each of us has has a team. And even if we don't specifically understand it, or understand, you know, I'm like I know more now specifically about my unique team. But if you don't, it's okay because just know that you have backing you have a team that love backs and supports you. And that was exciting to me, because I have always felt this throughout my whole life. And I just didn't know how to really work with it in the same way I do these days or how to embrace the fact that my God, I've got this team that's working with me that I've never and I'm never alone. It's super exciting. I found that when I'm in the right place at the right time, and that opportunity that I'm involved with is there's something for me to grow spiritually there. It seems like doors open and whereas other things that I think I might want to do, they just never seem to come to fruition. Or they don't. Or for example, I'm I'm working with what others want for me rather than what I truly feel like I want you know, then that's when things don't seem to fall into place. But if it's if that really working from my thrust which is to be happy and free if there's if that energy that feeling is flowing through that opportunity, I find the doors do open and my guidance can be of the greatest service to me. And fact, the feeling I get is that they're like supremely happy and chomping at the bit to help me in those areas that I've really come to, you know, learn and grow from some of these things so that we choose can be kind of challenging, yet fulfilling. I mean, sometimes I find there's that the fulfillment that comes with that challenge and when it comes to your podcast when you receive that inspiration, how did it kind of evolve for you? How does how does your podcast taken? Its its form? Well, when I started the podcast, like you said, we were in Australia, we were doing some Mind Body Spirit festivals and we really had just started embracing TNT spirit works.com and our business, so I wasn't really out there doing too much not having very many clients because we were really just getting things started. So this podcast for myself when I started I was just sharing personal stories of how I'm I'm a super sensitive soul, having these really strange bizarre sometimes, you know, mystical experiences throughout my life. So bringing those forth in in the course the many morsel bites I always talked about, and then it started developing into well, you know, I'd love to share other people I'd love to share other's journeys and what they're going through and also the services that other people provide that others might resonate with, because, you know, as I mean, we're all a big community of really spiritual souls out in the world sharing and being an expression of who we are so it's exciting to share one another. One thing that came to me about being a spiritual leader or whatever you want to call me wayshower is that in spiritual work, there's no competition. We're all out there in our uniqueness. There's billions of people we're trying to connect with and you know, work with and help really evolve and understand what they're working with spiritually. So doing that through my podcast has been so for myself, it's been so in love and obviously it's made my enthusiasm skyrocket, but it's been so fulfilling. It's been so rewarding. It's been so yeah, it's filled me up completely. And the fact that you know, there are listeners around the world that listened to it, and you know, gather something from it because they keep listening. So that excites me too. And that really just fills me up inside. And that joy because I just love to share my stories as well as share other stories and and services in the world of what other people are doing. So, to give us a perspective, when you you had never done anything like this before had you know never and I mean to me you seem like a natural at it. You know you you're you're very good at it. What of what have been some of those highlights that you've had so far? I mean, what what are some of the things that have really brought you some joy, or that sense of fulfillment and accomplishment even if you didn't have so much joy that day? Okay, you know, the thing that comes to mind, first off is the fact that when I when I meet someone, no matter where they're at, I see myself in them. So because I really feel like we're mirrors to one another. So like I've had a couple of guests over the last couple years that were or our well renowned and we're on a you know, maybe I might say their their business has been really gangbusters and they're doing more out in the world and they're Yeah, well renowned man how to call people that were on The Secret and which is if anyone knows what The Secret was, that was a really well received book and it went into a movie and it was you know, gangbusters everyone's about manifesting in the secret and, and when a couple of those people have come on my podcast, you know, as I'm interviewing them and they're sharing their stories, I'm really feeling inside of myself. How I have a piece of what they're sharing in the world so so it's really given me that kind of boost in knowing that wow, these people were all mirrors to one another and the fact that maybe I'm just you know, a a podcaster at the moment and sharing some spiritual things out in the world, but I have that within me. I have that ability to go out move out in the world and really make a difference and really share with others like I am seeing other people share too. So that to me is number one thing that's really excited me and in my heart and my soul is that I have what these other people have in them too. And maybe I haven't gotten there yet, because maybe my journey is still unfolding and expanding. But I have that in myself. And that's what I really want my listeners to feel to within them is that no matter where they're at, they have that within them too. And they can access different variations, different on you know, aspects of themselves, because I feel we're multifaceted. We've got all kinds of different, you know, pieces to our puzzle, but knowing that that within what they're listening to and what that person is shared about, yeah, they have that in them too. So that is another part of the excitement of sharing and having guests on that are unique and also have a lot to offer the world. We all do. So you know to give people a perspective. I mean, you just started out. You decided to make it a podcast. And because you'd like to listen to things. And so can you talk a little bit about that? What your first spiritual gift is and how you operate? Sure. So we all have four gifts in us and I've talked about this several times on the podcast. One is your gift of prophecy, gift of vision, gift of intuition and gift of the feeling. And one of those is a key way that each of us communicates and also receive messages from our guidance. So my number one way is I'm Claireaudience are what we call and when our work is I'm an intuitive. So through that ability of clear hearing, I get that from my insight from my guidance every single day through sometimes words come straight in like the other morning I woke up and was thinking about something and I heard you know, that's too much like I needed to hear that today. So that was perfect. Then there are days when I get up and I hear a song and I'm like, Oh, I really needed to hear that today. So that Claire audience aspect of my gifts and that being my first psychic perception we'd like to call them that you know doing a podcast is like right up that alley of listening of you know, being being heard through the clairaudient through my you know, my speech that relating and my throat chakra that that area. So really it you know, it all make sense as to how this kind of came into form for myself and what what I made up with and how I work with that those psychic perceptions. Cool. Now, what were some of the highlights, I mean, who are some of the and what has really brought you some joy in this situation? Well, like I mentioned earlier, I mean, some of the guests have had, that we're actually you know some people that want the secret I've interviewed Karen Salmansohn who has been around for decades doing some really big, amazing inspirational work in the world. I mean, I've had a lot of people I can't think of you know, like all the names that come to me now. But the people that have been on I guess I'll say that each one has added to my journey each one has had a uniqueness has had even though a lot of them have been authors but they're all different variations of authors like I've recently had Amy Idelstein on who you know, did a trek in the Himalayas when back in the 80s. And her journey was so powerful and so inspiring. And just the variation of of her coming on and sharing that and then what she's doing in Philadelphia right now with the inner city kids and helping them tune in to how to meditate and how to understand how to you know, be grounded and, and the shift aspects of them when they're these are teenagers. When they're, you know, having challenges in their in the community or with other teens or age they they're able to really you know, stay calm and understand how to kind of work through it. So some of those things, some of the ways that people are showing up in the world and what they're doing just just inspires me with that enthusiasm to keep going and keep sharing because there's so many people in the world doing so many amazing things. So when it comes to your format now I mean, you started with an idea. And how many episodes have you put out at this stage? Oh, I don't know, Tom, these are quotes. These are. These are statistics on I'm not good with statistics. But um, I mean like right now, I don't know what am I at 44 for season two and I don't know I did over 100 Some for season one, I don't know, maybe close to 175 or 200. Because when I started I was doing it twice a week because I was gangbusters. Not a lot going on. And then I'm like wait a minute. This is this is if anyone out there has a podcast they know it's it takes some work. It takes some blood sweat and tears to do a podcast. It's not. It's not just you know, one hour thing a week? No, it's It's time consuming. So I curtailed it back to one a week. And I've been doing that since I think I did twice a week probably the first four to six months and then I started doing once a week so yeah, so now it's you know, I don't Yeah, so that's some statistics for maybe 175 200 episodes not for really for sure. Wow, that's that's pretty productive. You know, so we were at a fair in Iowa. Recently, weekend or so. ago. And what was one of the highlights that you had from that fare? Oh, um, somebody asked me this. Okay. So we're at a fair, and there's lots of people walking by and you know, I'm sharing Hi, I'm Teresa and I've got this podcast and one girl came up to me and she was maybe for 20. She said, Ah, I listened to you. I listened to your podcast all the time. And I'm like, Oh my God, you do, I'm so excited. What do you like about it goes I just like, I like your voice. And I and I like what you say and I get little nuggets out of each episode. So it was so exciting. I mean, I was like blown away that I to meet someone that actually listens to my podcasts besides, maybe, you know, some friends I have or family or whatever. But that was a super highlight for myself. And you mentioned that you've got people that listen to you all over the world now. Yeah, and I haven't really from the beginning there's been someone in France that's listened to almost every episode. I've got people in Africa and Asia, in Australia, in Canada, Mexico, South America. I mean, it really is amazing that there are people all over the world that are are listening and I'm so honored and grateful that for that opportunity to to share what I'm sharing and to have people tune in and listen. So where do you go from here? What What are your plans for the next year? Well, my plans for the next year are to keep it going and there's something in me that absolutely loves people stories, and I would love to have more bring on some guests that were really just people who have experiences that are maybe mystical or maybe you know like, oh my gosh, this happened to me and this is the direction my life took. So I would like to invite that into the episodes is instead of just having a lot of people come on who are sharing their amazing services and their amazing abilities and their stories. I would like some more just regular people sharing so to all my listeners out there if there's anyone that's interested in sharing something that maybe shifted their life in a profound way that or help them take a new perspective on their life. That was you know, spiritually based, maybe something that happened in whatever realm that is for spirituality I would love love, love to start sharing some more really, stories like that and just and just bringing forth more of a I guess I you know, I love documentaries. So and I love and I love, you know hearing what, how people get to where they're at from where they came, so that would be something I would like to really invite in for the next year. And for it listeners out there and people who would like to perhaps share a piece of their journey and a piece of their story that just you know is from their heart. So yeah, So as a spiritual entrepreneur what would you say? Are the keys for the creative process? And what are the indicators that you really know you're in the flow of the of your right track? So some keys. Some big keys for myself is trust. And trusting what I'm picking up on and trusting what I'm sensing and feeling every single day. That's one huge key for myself because as a very sensitive soul. I get insights through you know, like those four perceptions. So I'd have just I have knowings I have that click clear audience I can hear things occasionally I have visions of things, and a biggie as I feel a lot. So trusting in what you're picking up trusting in those those hunches, insights and impressions. I would say that would be key the other thing is no you're not alone. Believe in the fact that there are that everyone is an energy. You know a soul in a in a physical body that we're all energy that everyone is having these dis psychic perceptions happen all the time. Now whether or not they believe in them or trust them, that's their thing, but it trusting and believing is really, really, really key for having the type of for being here and for understanding what you're going through because that's a big part of what I another key is regrouping, what you're going through and understanding at whatever level it is for you. What you're going through what you're learning from your experiences, and how to move forward because once you've regrouped something, you move to the next level you move to the next opportunity in life and so really being able to trust to believe trust and to regroup and understand what you're learning are some big keys I feel and what was the other question, Tom? Because there was a second part. I think that was bad. Oh, how do you really know when you're in the flow? Oh, how do you know? For myself when I'm in the flow with my guidance and with my life and what I'm coming out to do next everything flows with grace and ease. Now I'm not saying I don't have challenges, and I'm not saying that I don't have what I call processing times where you know, I'm in a state or I'm in a mood or I you know, and not happy? No, I go through that too. All the time, because I'm learning and growing and I'm having a human experience. But, but being able to, to just when I when I feel that flow and I'm moving moving here and there and things are falling into place. That's when I know that I'm in the flow of spirit and that I'm being backed and I'm, you know, moving forward and whatever it is I needed to do. While Theresa it's been great to share with you as a part of Enthusiastically Spiritual, you certainly helped me recognize when I could be a bit more enthusiastic and just really tune into that enthusiasm for what I came to do just by being yourself and being around. Thank you for allowing me to have the first inaugural spiritual executive podcast and to interview one of my favorite spiritual executives, Teresa Shantz. And basically, I love your thrust. It works well with my thrust. And I look forward to sharing more with you over the years and and I look forward to sharing more with your audience. Great. Thank you so much, Tom. And I just want to say a big thank you to all my listeners to everyone out there who has listened to one or more episodes I thank you so much for my heart. It means a world to me to know that there are other people and other like minded souls out there in the world who are needing to connect with their guidance, understand what they're going through spiritually, and to have that bigger picture for their life and their journey. So, a huge thank you to all my listeners. And if you like this podcast or like this YouTube video, please make sure that you subscribe. It comes out every week. And I'm really grateful for your patronage. And if you also love this episode, please also check out the show notes. There is a link up to buy me a coffee and support this episode and the future episodes that are coming out. And also just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey good baby.

(Cont.) 2 Year Anniversary Episode hosted by Tom Shantz