Enthusiastically Spiritual

Embracing Midlife Awakening with Jennifer Arthurton

July 12, 2022 Season 2 Episode 47
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Embracing Midlife Awakening with Jennifer Arthurton
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Show Notes

Where are you at in the cycles of life?

Are you at the beginning and working on discovering who you are, what you want in life and exploring all the options that life offers?

Or maybe you're a midlife point somewhere near 50. That point inside of us when things start to percolate, and sometimes it leads to inner as well as outer massive changes happening.

Wherever you're at in your cycle. It's important to understand what you're learning, embracing the present moment and how you are showing up for you during that cycle.

I'm excited today because my guest is going to inspire you to get excited about the mid life cycle. No matter where you're at. You will love the energy, enthusiasm and wisdom that my guest is here to share with us today.

Her name is Jennifer Arthurton and she's the creator and founder of Old Chicks Know Shit. Its' community and podcast have the same name designed to inspire and support midlife women in chasing their dreams and creating their kick ass next chapter.

In addition, Jennifer is an empowerment coach, podcast coach, writer and speaker. Having made her midlife course corrections. She is a passionate advocate of the inherent power and knowledge that women possess at a time when they often feel overlooked and doubt themselves the most.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. What midlife looks like

2. What to call this time frame? Midlife Crisis or awakening?

3. Unsatisfied with where you are in life

4. Investing in life

5. Honoring your journey

6. Old Chicks Know Shit Podcast

7. Recognizing the time frame from midlife to the end

8. What the "perfect" woman looks like

9. Supporting the younger cycles to embrace the midlife cycle

10. Supportive Mastermind Community

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