Enthusiastically Spiritual

Expanding Your Psychic Perceptions

May 20, 2022 Season 2 Episode 37
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Expanding Your Psychic Perceptions
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Change is constant.

How to get through things constantly changing? What if there was something in your life that never changed? What would that look like?

It looks like the Spiritual part of your journey.

That part that you brought in with you when you were born. Are working with while you are here and will take with you when you leave.

Understanding how to work with the Spiritual part is a whole other ball game.

In this episode I invited my partner Tom Shantz with TNT Spiritworks to come on and share how working with the Spiritual part of life can be a game changer.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Changes in life

2. The Prophetic gift

3. Balancing your head/heart, conscious/unconscious

4. The Intuitive gift

5. Feeling into your gifts

6. Expanding how you communicate in the world

7. The Visionary gift

8. Aligning with your spiritual helpers

9. Energy discernment

10. Ways to support the spiritual part of your journey.

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In the midst of all the changes we're going through every single day, while we're here on the planet, having our journeys, the thing that's constant is change. There's always something going on, there always will be something going on. And if you look back and into the past, there always was things going on. So the thing I really like to emphasize in this podcast episode is the fact that the one constant that you can be absolutely sure of will never ever change in your whole existence of being here on the planet, having a human experience is the fact that you have a spiritual part of your life that you came in with, you can work with your whole lifetime, and you'll exit with so today I am excited to have back my business partner Tom Shantz, with TNT Spiritworks, we are going to be talking about the spiritual part of your life, about expanding your psychic perceptions, and how to communicate with them, and giving you some steps that are really key to moving forward, and understanding and how to embrace that beautiful change that happens every day. And how to work with your spiritual part of your life. So welcome, Tom. Thank you, Teresa. Great to be here. Well, so let's talk about psychic perceptions, and that spiritual part of our lives, because there's a lot out there going around about being psychic. Having all these weird things happen, these mystical things, these abilities to you know, have dreams and, and see things in our mind's eye. But I really want to talk about making spirituality practical, which is one of our big mottos, right? I mean, we'd like to talk about that. Because, yeah, sure, we can all have fun with our psychic abilities, but we all work at them every day. And most people don't understand how to work with them, and how to communicate with other people around them, as well as their spiritual team. So I'd like to dive into the different aspects of them, and how to work with them in our daily life. So would you like to start with sharing about the four gifts? Yeah, well, what I would like to tell you about is how we're all naturally psychic. And we all have so what does that mean? For me, it's that ability to receive hunches, impressions, and to really, you know, know where I fit, have the inner security and inner direction, particularly in, you know, the times we're living in where many of the illusions we have about how things are and how things operate, you know, are kind of shifting and changing. And as you shared earlier, there's always been challenges, you know, I'm old enough that I've lived through quite a few. And one thing that's really helped me stay kind of on an even keel through all those rough seas is being able to work with my naturally psychic abilities or my natural intuition. So one of the things that we help people become aware of is the fact that they not only have one type of intuition, but they actually have four types. And we refer to them as types of perception. So we all have these four types. And we have one main one. And we have these four types in a specific order. So, for example, my main naturally psychic perception is the gift of vision. We call it a gift because it's a spiritual gift. In other words, it's, it's an ability of my soul. And as a soul, you know, I'm energy. And what that really means is I can't be created or destroyed I have always been, I always will be. And of course, you know, I'm here on planet Earth to experience the game of life and to learn and grow spiritually. So the gifts that I been given, you might say, to go through life in a positive way and to feeling secure are these four types of perception that we talked about? And so let's start with what they are because we have these four types and we all have all four of them with ns. So we call like comments, and we call them gifts. So it's the gift of Prophecy, the gift of Vision, the gift of Intuition and the gift of Feeling. And within these, like Tom mentioned, one of them is the primary way that we work with communicating in our lives. And for myself, it's a gift of being an Intuitive that Claireaudient gift. And so besides having these psychic abilities, which is funny, because recently, I ran into someone who was talking about how they don't work with their spiritual part, and I don't, I don't work with that, I don't know all about it, which I get that I get that people don't know about it. But the fact is, is that every single person on the planet, whether or not they recognize it or not, are working with these abilities. So being able to have this sort of like orientation is kind of what common are giving you an orientation to what these perceptions are, and how to expand them and understand them in a greater way than just the psychic abilities. So I want to talk a little bit first about the gift of prophecy. And I know, Tom, that you've had people in your life Well, one thing I'll mention is that once you understand about these four gifts, you'll start recognizing them and other people, you'll start recognizing things people say that might be not saying it is, but might be their first or second gift in their gift order. And so that's a big aspect of expanding your psychic perception is really understanding not even about yourself, but about those around you. So I know over time, and back in a while my way back in Australia, Tom worked with a gentleman that had a specific gift that Tom recognized as he was working with him. So would you like to dive a little bit into that gift? Tom? Sure. Well, in business, you know, I noticed that I was a consultant. And I, there was a major corporate company, you know, multinational that I used to do consulting work for. And every once in a while he'd hire from me for some special projects. And it was typically in the Human Resources area. So he mentioned to me, you know, vaguely about what we were going to talk about. And as a consultant, you know, my job was, I thought to go in there and be prepared as to how we would, you know, go about this project. And one of the things that I noticed was that he would, he would, when I mentioned, okay, I this is the situation, this is how I think we can attack it, or handle it. And he said, he would start completing my sentences for me. And he, before I could even get my explanation of my approach out, he, you know, he would share it back with me. And at first is kind of a nerve me because, you know, I'm a consultant, I was paid well to do this consulting work. And I'm supposed to, I bought back in that time, you know, that I'm supposed to come in with these answers. And in fact, I realized that his first gift was the gift of prophecy. And I checked it with my guidance. And that's one of the benefits of becoming aware of being naturally psychic is you can work more with your spiritual helpers, or your spiritual guides, and make that practical in any situation, you know, and the idea is really just to feel more secure in everything that I do, and to be more successful at being of service. So they told me that his first gift did they confirm that it was the gift of prophecy. And people who have that gift of prophecy first as their main gift in their gift order, often will complete your sentences, and they just know things. And they'll say things like, I know. So rather than get annoyed that he was completing my sentences, I just accepted the fact that he's a prophetic, I just have to get some of it out. And he's already got the the idea. So, as a visionary who wanted to share with him the whole picture, it was important that I learned to relax with him and the way that he operated. So, which come brings us to a point you know, knowing these four types of perception that we have, not only are they natural types of intuition or psychic abilities, and we can talk about that a little bit, in a little bit. They also say a lot about how people communicate to other people. So and also a lot about their personality. So when we, when we refer to getting impressions or input from the universe or the higher source, whatever you want to call that or a higher self You know, that's your inner communication system, how you perceive things. When it comes to communicating and working with others, we have that outer communication system. And that's how we're seen by others. And also, you might say, I like to say, the special gift or talent that we have when we're working with a team. So, for example, a person who's high in the gift of prophecy or has that gift first, you know, they often make outstanding executives, because they have a sense for the future, you know, they almost have a prophetic sense of what's coming. And when you're around them, you know, I noticed when they're in balance, when they're relaxed, it's easy to feel very secure, and actually live in the now rather than live in the future, because it's having that sense of security about what's ahead for themselves and for others. In fact, as executives in or working with the team, they can see where they just know who's who's could, the potential and people and how they can evolve. And so they have a sense of knowing how to put them in the right place, which is what makes them an outstanding executive. And people with the gift division, like myself first, you know, we're often real good communicators, we smile all the time. And the way we're perceived is sunshiny and positive. And when we're in balance, and how we look is really important to us. Because we see everything, you know, we experience life, you might say, as a movie, almost like in pictures. So when we're in balance, you know, we can see how everybody fits together. And I used to think everybody could do that. I thought that was like, wood, isn't that obvious, but the more I work with people in business, and in other situations, I found that it's not obvious to everybody. And we're great at communicating all the facets of a project and how people fit so they can see how they fit within the bigger picture. And then that helps them feel more secure. So, but from a psychic point of view, the gift of vision is having that clairvoyant or clear seeing part. So you know, in the extreme, it could be remote viewing. In other words, in my mind's eye, if I tune into a specific location, and I'm spiritually cleansed and relaxed, I can literally get impressions and see what's happening there. Now, some people have developed those kinds of skills, you know, through practice, and just really becoming aware of them. And becoming aware of how it's always there, you know, and really hone those skills. But what we're doing initially with folks is we're giving them an orientation to their type of perception. And, you know, today we see this in psychological terms, you know, people talk about psychometric profiles and so forth. And they talk a lot about people's personality, but what we're doing is really helping people discern what they came in with as a soul, and what their spiritual gifts are. And you might say that even, and how they communicate spiritually, and so it's the first part of learning how to communicate in the spirit form, you might say. So out there in the universe, that's how we perceive images. We have a visionary part. That's how we have inner knowings. That's how we have we have feelings, as you mentioned, the feeling gift for people experience, feelings. And, of course, the intuitive part, which is that clear audience or clear hearing part, and it sounds and words have a lot of meaning. Yeah, so let's talk a little bit about those two gifts, because you really mentioned prophetic and you've mentioned visionary. So let's go into the intuitive gift, and also the feeling gifts. So my first gift is being an intuitive, or the gift of intuition, or that Claireaudience aspect, where I have clear hearing from my guidance or from you know, spirit. And so in looking at the other percept perceptions of the gift of intuition. I am very directed. I'm very frank and honest, when I'm imbalanced, I can be very I just need the facts. I'm very compact with what I'm doing. I can move through things very quickly. If I'm out of balance, I may be a slave driver. I want to I may be a control freak. So all these components of imbalance and out of balance are aspects to each of the gifts. It's just understanding how to say imbalance with them. And also recognizing these and other people like we're talking about, you know, with Tom saying how probiotics are really can make can be great executives if they are imbalanced, same as in being an intuitive for myself is when I'm imbalanced, I can really lift up people more than they recognize, because I have that energy in me of being like just directed and a great a really a born leader. So then there's the gift of feeling, which might some people may say is maybe that empathic part of you, where you really are super sensitive. Feelers are, can be massage therapists, they work with their hands, a can walk into a room, and depending upon what mood they're in, where they're at, they can either lift the room up, or they can bring the room down, they can cut you like a knife, if they're out of balance, and they really want to just kind of slam you. So there's all kinds of aspects to all of the gifts, we want to share with you more about the gifts of the gift of intuition, or the gift of feeling, Tom. Well, you covered intuition pretty well. But yes, like you said, they're very frank and honest, factual. They, they're really direct to the point, they don't like long winded conversations, they like to get to the soundbite, you know, very pithy, you know, they like to put things in pithy terms, people with the gift of feeling, on the other hand, they like a lot of detail. And they have a special ability to work with the details as well. And when you talk about working with their hands, often they have a, you know, a real talent and being manually, you know, exteriors and movement and that, you know, that kind of thing, when they're in their feelings, they're powerhouses of energy, they can they have a healing, uplifting vibration. And really, as people go through life, you know, it's really all about how we feel. And no matter what's going on, it's how am I feeling at this time, that really makes my experience of life. So feelers in a way we'd like to say habit, may we call them feelers or people who work with the gift of healing first, from the spiritual perspective, and from that is they can work with spiritual healing or laying on the hands because they have a lot of energy, positive healing energy. So we all have these strengths, and we all have these talents. You know, it's like tools in our toolkit that I can pick my feeling part, I can work with my feeling part when I'm in, you know, doing detailed work, or just repetitive work and just get into the feeling of it. We all love that feeling of accomplishment. And I can get into my intuitive part, and my natural born leader part, when I'm working with other people, and maybe leading a team. And, you know, so that that's there for me to use, but my special talent will be more in that visionary, getting the picture, thinking and pictures, seeing the picture. And, but when I'm out of balance, as a visionary, I might get stuck in my picture, instead of what's truly happening out around me. And so it's important, you know, you brought up this being imbalanced and out of balance, and really what we're talking about there is just a balance between our, our feelings, our true feelings, and our intellectual nature. And in, you know, it's often been referred to as the head is our intellectual nature and the heart is our feeling nature. So, or, in psychological terms, they might say, conscious and subconscious, you know, for the feelings, conscious for the intellect, subconscious for the feelings, and we need both parts, you know, we need the intellect to understand and you know, learn how to speak languages or do math and know that that stop sign means stop when you when you pull up to it. But we also need that feeling part, which is that part that's the true our true feelings, that feel one with all that feel part of things. So when we have a thought for every feeling, and a feeling for every thought, we say we're in balance, and true feelings are different than emotions, which are like feelings we've been taught to feel or where we are expressing ourselves. So when a visionary is in balance, you know, he's happy, he feels free. He's got things nice and neat around him. He sees his picture but he respects the perspective of other people. When visionaries out of balance, and or under pressure is another way of saying it, you know, they'll feel under pressure, then they think they have the picture for everybody. And so when you get to know what your first gift is, you know, through that types of perception profile where we give you that orientation to it, you can start discovering, you know, these talents you have when you're in balance, and these tendencies that are not so good tendencies when you're out of balance. And as you were saying, you know, you can start to recognize them in the people around you. And, you know, for me, if it just helps me accept people a little bit easier, and keeps me a little bit more relaxed, in certain situations, the better. Because we know we need that. I totally agree. And that's where I was going to go back to is how I started this podcast by saying, you know, change is constant. And we're all going through so much right now. And that this part of us, the spiritual aspect, part of us is something we can work with every single day. So if the listeners might be saying, so why are they sharing all this with me and about change, but understanding how to work with yourself, your spiritual part of your world, and then understanding how other people do also is such a game changer. And I know that's a word that's kind of thrown out there a lot. But it really is for myself, when I understood these different aspects of my spiritual part, the psychic perceptions, and how I come across how I work with myself, and then how I work with others. And even like you said, what today with like, you know, out in the world, what's going on, it's, it helps me understand other people's, okay, so I see someone and they're doing something and I'm like, oh, okay, well, that tendency is something maybe that, say, an intuitive might might do and like, okay, so I understand I understand a little more about that person, where they're coming from, and, and can really relate to kind of the changes that I'm going through and how, like you said, how to get through it, and how to make it to their side where each and every day, we're going to be going through a lot of changes, and so understanding for and starting with yourself, and how you work with your spiritual part. And not only that, but let's talk a little bit about our spiritual helpers and our energy because that's the other kind of like, I want to say trifecta. It's like the psychic perceptions, our energy and our spiritual helpers. So let's talk a little bit about our team of personal spiritual helpers, Tom, and I know you've been working with yours, most of your life since you've been young. So we'd like to share a little bit about that. Sure, I love sharing about spiritual helpers. And, you know, they've been referred to as angels or messengers of God, or Divine Messengers, and all the, you know, Eastern religions, and the Western cultures talk about, essentially messengers of God, and for what that means, to me is just messengers of that bigger picture, or of my higher self. And sometimes they're referred to as the ancestors in some indigenous cultures and so forth. But there's a recognition that there's spiritual guidance that's actually outside of myself. And you know, with Planet Earth being a big school where we learn and grow. I know often, you know, we'll all say, Well, what the heck am I doing here? You know, what, what is there to learn out of all this mess. And really, once you turn into your guidance and get that fellowship, or that communication going, they can, they can help you avoid the pitfalls coming up. And they can help you be more in the right place at the right time. And just see the positive of what you're learning, while you're going through that experience, because we're all learning something now, wouldn't you like to know what some of those troubles you're going through? Or helping you with? You know, so? Or how do you switch that energy? I know that when I work with my guidance, and I think going through an experience where I didn't really enjoy it, or felt like I understood it, or you know, didn't see the purpose for it. Once I had that aha moment, from working with my guidance, then I can turn it into a million dollar learning experience. I mean, that's the feeling I have, it's like, now that I know that that's worth a million dollars, I get excited. It's just like any new skill or any new talent that you learn, whether it's in a sport or a musical instrument, you know, or learn some new math skill. You know, once I've learned that I'm excited to go use it. Any kind of form of training Well, how about getting excited and enthusiastic about life, about getting up every day and having that opportunity to know what you're learning and gaining from your involvement here? So spiritual helpers are real, you know, people experience them as chills when they're, if you're feeling really good or you see a beautiful sun Senator, I know I will hear music or I like to play the drums, you know, as an amateur drummer, and certain songs that I get, just get lots of chills, or somebody will share something with me at the right time and that I need to hear, and it uplifts my spirit, I'll get those, you know, goosebumps are quickening of the flashes of what it used to be referred to. So all that possible, you know, we have guidance, we have a thrust, we have hope we have a purpose here. So let's work with all this to make it practical. You know, I have ESP or psychic abilities through my spiritual gifts. That's what we call our types of perception. We can give you an orientation to that so you can get started on your journey, and uncovering for yourself how it works for you. And then we also have an orientation to spiritual communication, where you begin to utilize those gifts more to work with your spiritual helpers, or your spiritual guides, know when you're picking up messages from other people around you in your environment, and really begin to discern what's your energy? And what's something else outside of you. So it's a process, you know, and to me once I got introduced to these tools, and I began to use them, and I really opened up a whole new level of enthusiasm. You know that after I first found out how to communicate directly with my helpers, I literally felt like doing cartwheels down the street. I think I did. I was 18 or 19 years old. So I was game enough to do that back then. And anyway, it's it's been great sharing with you, Theresa, you know, we we also have some courses coming up. Did you want to mention that to the folks? Of course I do. But I first want to talk a little bit about spiritual helpers, because that was a game changer for me too. Because for years, I was doing all kinds of other spiritual workshops, events, all kinds of different things that I was involved in. I mean, I think I ate and digested try to digest almost everything, everything that came across my plate that was spiritual. And oftentimes there were energies, and there were other forces, or I guess to say, energies that affected me. And I had no idea until I came across this understanding that I have a personal team of spiritual helpers that work with me, then my personal team is here to help us will never tell me what to do, they won't, they won't, you know, push on me. I mean, I've literally have been around different forces of energy that were not my guidance. And looking back at situations I was in in different different scenarios. So understanding that and also understanding my energy, and how to work with my energy. Every single day, is also something that for myself has been life changing. Because as an energy being and being in the collective energies and with energies of the universe, and everything that I'm working with every single day, while I'm here, I need to know how to discern my energy. And so like you were talking about there's, we do have some, some personal sessions and coaching sessions that we help people move through and understand. First, the first one is about the forest psychic perceptions and getting the gift order that they work with this lifetime. And then the other one, yes, the one, there you go. And then the other one is about understanding how many guidance you brought in with you, where you know where your energy is, and also learning a two way technique of how to communicate with them. And these sessions, we do privately, we do over zoom, if you're in Iowa, we can do in person, but we can, um, the links will be in the show notes. And we would love to help share that with you and help you explore that spiritual part of yourself and really step into more of an empowerment more of understanding what you're picking up what you're feeling, and especially even the energy aspect that's on the second part, that Tom showed that profile. So those will be in the links again, to check out you can check out you can work with either Tom and I and those are there, short sessions. And then we are offering four unique courses coming up about each of the four different types of gifts, the different the gift, the prophecy, vision, intuition and feeling. And these three hour courses are are amazing. They're there. They're filled with with techniques with understanding working with other like minded people in the course. And there is a prerequisite for them these these sessions that we that Tom just mentioned and held up. We you do have to have those as a prerequisite because we have to understand how to work with your guidance and how to work with your energy a little bit before you work with the courses we're going to be offering but starting June we'll be offering every couple of weeks one of this course And each course even if it's not your initial gift, you work with that energy every single day. Like we mentioned earlier, we have all four of these gifts in us, their stuff that they're we work with them every single day. So understanding each one and more about it just helps unfold, and helps you understand more about the spiritual part of your existence. Is there anything you'd like to share about that time, I also wanted to share that, you know, if, if you are working with other spiritual modalities, it's really great to have that orientation to what your types of perception are, and also how to check and recheck with your spiritual helpers for your guides. Because then you'll know what's fits for you in that modality or what doesn't fit for you. And, you know, working with my guidance has a lot to do with me, being a positive person, and seeing the positive side of life, you know, the sunny side of life that the cups have full. And when I'm in that mode, I can really get clear answers that I might have about my direction or my timing. And, you know, so it's a really powerful tool. And also, if you're a spiritual leader, and you're working with other people, and you're working with healing with other people, it's really important to know when to allow the energy to flow when to cut the energy. And, you know, often today, and this wasn't the case 30 or 40 years ago, but often today, we'll hear from many folks who do other spiritual modalities or readings, so you know, that they're working with their helpers who work with other people's helpers, and that kind of thing. And it's really important that you know, how to have a crystal clear communication to truly be of service to others, there's a time to get involved and other's lives, and to save them from their drip tragedies, and there's times to let them go through it so they can learn and grow from it. And they don't have to keep repeating that. And your guidance, you know, can really help you if you're truly concerned about being of service, to have a crystal clear communication with your spiritual team of helpers. Is is paramount, really 100% agree with you. And also just understanding this beautiful spiritual part of yourself and how to embrace the different aspects. And for myself, I have never come across another program that we work with, because we work with the Wayshowers college and these beautiful coaching sessions that really emphasizes the psychic perceptions in the way that we do. So it's really unique. So it's like I started when I started this episode, I mentioned how, you know, there's the psychic part of these gifts. But then there's the other part two of how to communicate with them and how to really work with them in your daily life. And that is what will help you get through all the changes were going through day by day. So I'm so excited Tom to have you here today is there's one more thing you want to share that in working with your guidance, you know, once you can work with your guidance, then as you move into some of these courses that we're offering, you know, rather than us tell you how to interpret something, you can work more with your inner sensitivity and you'll explore that in your courses. So you start to find out how you already have it and we have experiential techniques, so that you can unfold them further you've always had these gifts but some you probably unfolded more than others. And that's what we can help you you know with on on your journey and then when you work with your guidance, you start to get that input for you personally rather than have someone tell you so as you shared you know your guidance will never make decisions for you. But boy can they certainly give you have bigger picture perspective you know when they're up here and they can see what's going on for you and they also know what you came to accomplish because that's the contract you have with them is to help you in certain areas. So that really you you learn and grow you feel more secure, you're happy and free you're following your heart's desire you're in the right place at the right time it's all to make it practical and have a more positive outcome you know and really live positively. Again 100% agree and all that information for my listeners will be in the show notes so you can check out the the personal coaching sessions that we're talking about an offering our upcoming courses starting in June and and seeing what we have going on to TNT Spirit works. So again, thank you so much, Tom, for coming on and sharing today. Thank you for letting me share. Thank you for listening in to another episode of enthusiastically spiritual, I appreciate each and every one of you. And I hope that you got some insights today for your journey and all the chain Yet we're all going through and how TNT Spirit works with Tom and I can help support you if you're looking for some direction in understanding and expanding your psychic perceptions, how to work deeper with your personal team of spiritual helpers, and understanding your energy and how to work with it every day. And again, all that information will be in the show notes, so please check it out. And until next week, just remember that life is too short to not be enthusiastic about your unique journey.

(Cont.) Expanding Your Psychic Perceptions