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The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson

July 07, 2022 Season 2 Episode 46
Enthusiastically Spiritual
The Magic of Surrender with Kute Blackson
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How easy is it for you to surrender and allow the universe to take its course? 

For myself I have been “unconsciously” doing this my whole life, but in the last 15+ years have been working on “consciously” doing it. 

My guest today has traveled far and wide on his quest of the magic of surrendering and is here to share all about it.

His name is Kute Blackson and he is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher. He speaks at countless events he organizes around the world as well as at outside events including A-Fest, YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization), and EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organization). He is a member of the Transformational Leadership Council, a select group of one hundred of the world’s foremost authorities in the personal development industry. Winner of the 2019 Unity New Thought Walden Award, Blackson is widely considered a next generation leader in the field of personal development. His mission is simple: To awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life’s purpose.

 Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Replace Hate/Love & Fear/Kindness

2. Overcomplicated life

3. Meeting others where they are

4. Embracing "real" Spirituality

5. Traveling to expand oneself

6. Trip to India

7. Everyday miracles

8. Living life and not following others

9. Magic of surrender

10. Upcoming summit with well renowned spiritual leaders

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Know how easy is it for you to surrender and allow the universe to take its course. For myself? I've been unconsciously doing this my whole life. But in the last 15 plus years I've been working on consciously doing it. My guest today has traveled far and wide on his quest of the magic of surrendering and is here to share all about it. His name is Kute Blackson. He is a beloved inspirational speaker and transformational teacher. He speaks at countless events he organizes around the world as well as at outdoor events including A-Fest YPO (Young Presidents Organization) and EO (Entrepreneurs' Organization). He is a member of the transformational leadership council, a select group of 100 of the world's foremost authorities in the personal development industry. Winner of the 2019 Unity New Thought Walden Award. Blackson is widely considered a next generation leader in the field of personal development His mission is simple to awaken and inspire people across the planet to access inner freedom, live authentically and fulfill their true life's purpose. Let's join the conversation now. Excellent. Welcome Kute. I'm so excited your here today. Thanks for having me. Well, you know, I feel that the world needs some inspiration and I think you are the perfect gentleman to help us with that. Is that correct? I definitely intend to be you definitely intend. So recently I was on Instagram and I was checking out some of your recent videos and I love the one that you talked about replacing hate with kindness, fear with love. And you had some beautiful simplicity's of how to kind of move in the world these days and like maybe someone needs a smile or some kind of you know, indication of everything's gonna be okay. I love that. Yeah, yeah, look, I think there's so many ways we can all make a difference. Sometimes we look for our purpose in these huge ways. We have to save the world. We have to write this book we have to nothing wrong with that, by the way. liftable this huge company, we're going to save the whales feed all children. And I think in many ways, we sometimes miss the simple opportunities that are right in front of us and we don't realize that just being a good person being kind, responding with love being a bit more compassionate, giving someone the benefit of the doubt just a smile in the grocery, sometimes people say I have nothing to give, I'm like, Well, you might be broke. You might be this you might be that but you could smile. And you know, sometimes we don't realize the impact of a simple gesture of kindness and we often don't realize what other people are going through and everything. They've been through everything they're going through right now. And the simple gesture can have such a huge impact and ripples, not just in their life, but in their friends and their family and their spouses and their children. And so I think we can all do a little bit every day doesn't have to be a lot and if and I always say if anyone's wondering how can they can live more of their purpose. I just see respond to the need in the moment. If you just simply respond to the need in the moment and you show up and then you keep showing up you keep showing up your purpose is often revealed but I think kindness is free and it doesn't cost us any more to be kind. And that and I will also say that when we're kind and when we respond with loving. We don't just do it for the other person. We actually benefit because ultimately when you die and you feel better when you smile, you feel better and so to meet kindness is a win win no matter what. Totally agreed. I have a good example of that. So recently, I was on a plane on Delta. Had a cancellation I went on another airline called Spirit, which is kind of a low budget airline was just a quick quick thing. This lady is lady sat down next to me and she was in a weird place. I didn't know what was going on, but she was actually intoxicated because she was having a hard time flying. But she I was talking to her and we're just kind of conversing and she was very telling me things like she told me that her daughter recently or not well about two years ago was murdered. Then the partner was murdered and she was going through all this stuff and that's part of what you're talking about. Like you don't know what journeys people are going through and what their what their you know, and so she was can't deal with it and she had a hard time but just interacting with her just giving her some you know, just some, you know smiles and comfort back and forth. I felt it made a difference even though she was a little intoxicated, but it was it was definitely you know, an eye opener to me that oh gosh, you know, you just don't know what people are going through as they're walking around the planet. You really don't know I think to me, that is real spirituality. Be and I think real spirituality is not just reading holy texts. Real spirituality is not just going to the Himalayas or going to a church or temple or great by the way. real spirituality is not just meditating and praying. I think more spirituality is really how you live your life. I had this this this situation. Many years ago, when I went to India for the first time. I had all of these ideas about being kind of enlightened you know, and Ghandi is in the Mother Teresa was from India, at least helped the poor in India. So I had these visions of being kind of like Mother Teresa and making a difference and I was privileged to meet a man called Dwarka Ji he at the time he was 80 years old. He just recently died. So he was you know, almost 100 When he died, and he at the time he was like a Mother Teresa kind of figure would take the poorest kids from the poorest state in India and feed them and clothe them and you know, started orphanages and 300 schools and just taught some of the poorest kids in India, and I got to go to his orphanage was called an ashram and there were about three or 400 kids in this Ashram and I got to be there with the intention that I was going to help them and be the Good Samaritan and I went there and these are kids he finds on the street. These are kids he finds in the trash. These are kids he finds living with dogs and cats. I mean it's it's it's it's heartbreaking and it's very humbling. And I've got to like spend two weeks with these kids serving them, living with them cleaning and trying to teach them and educate them. And just being with them in their daily life thinking I was making a difference. And after about two weeks, I was so exhausted. I was so frustrated because these kids weren't responsive. You know, they they weren't socialized. They didn't grow up with love. And so they were just they just had this sort of social challenges. And so after two weeks, I was so frustrated I want to do our Kochi. Beautiful, wise man and I said in his orphanage was literally right next to a temple called the Mahabodhi temple, where the Bodhi tree is where the Buddha gotten light. So all of a very holy place. And I said to him, You know what, I'm a little tired. I'm going to go and meditate by the Mahabodhi temple by the Bodhi tree. I'll be back in like two weeks I'm going to go meditate, clear my mind. And this man looked at me in the eyes and he said, Cool, it's it's beautiful that you go meditate by the temples. I'm not saying don't do it. But he said while you're meditating, just make sure that your heart doesn't turn to stone. Because right around you, if you look around, these last two weeks, right around you are living Buddhists and living Christ's that are simply waiting to be loved waiting to be worshipped, waiting to be served. So just look around and I think for me, I never really never forgot that that really stuck with me. You know that every moment of our lives is an opportunity to live love even in a small way to make a difference even in a small way. And so I think if if, look, I think if we all do a little bit or even if we're just like, half a percent more compassion, half a percent, it doesn't have to be a lot but if I do 1% And you do want to say and then she does 1% He doesn't, if we all do a little bit more, even if it's just like, you know, think there's so much divisiveness or seeming divisiveness in our world today. You live in America, Iowa. I'm in Los Angeles. America has just been an interesting place the last few years and some left right extremes and racism and you know, just like riots and it's just been a interesting time. And I think there's so much divisiveness that and polarization one side makes the other side wrong. The other side makes the other side well, no one is understanding each other. And so I think even if we just seek to do our part, but trying to understand the other, the other the other perspective, the other person, those that we don't agree with why other than, you know, getting rid of them rather than shunning them or judging them just sitting down and say, hey, help me understand your perspective. And I think even that can make a huge difference to healing a divide may like a contribution to peace. Because to me, peace isn't just acceptance or sameness. Peace is the inclusion of diversity, and I think the inclusion of diversity is really harmony, the ability to be with differences and so I think even one one way we can make a difference is just to sit understand people, whether it's those that have opposing opinions, or whether it's you know, your spouse many times we get into conflicts because like no, I'm right. No, you're right. No, I'm right. No, you listen to me. No, I've listened to and no one's really just listening to each other. And I think as human beings, we all just want to be heard and felt and seen and understood. And I think so many, so much of the conflicts would dissolve. Not that we would agree but would dissolve just because we feel understood. And so we can all we can all do our part. I 100% agree with you. And back to you going over it was it India is where you are at India. Yes, yes. So I went to Lombok and Bali, right when 20 right in the beginning of 2020. I was in Australia and we got stuck over there or we kind of stayed over there versus come back to America but we went to Lombok and barley and mostly in Lombok. I mean, I saw a lot of things over there too. And it's it's interesting when people go to those other countries which are really Third World and experienced and see how others live and see the blessings and what the bountiful and plentiful, you know, harvest we have in this country that to me would really help people understand to make peace with people to love to come together as a community and as one when we're like you said we're so definitely you know, on either or we're not in the middle. Yes. And so that to me, too is so important to me. I wish mostly I wish people could go and experience that because I mean, this is really weird, cute, but like even these days, I swear when I go into Costco, I go oh my god, look at this. I mean, I'm like filled with chills. Walking through Costco going and do this people will do they recognize the bounty that's here. Look at all I mean, you know, it's all stuff and a lot of its food or whatever, but it's just like we are so blessed beyond belief compared to a lot of places on the planet. Yeah, absolutely. No, absolutely. So it's Yeah, so it's that it's also that soul searching which I think a lot of people right now are are stepping into because of the fact that there's no control outside. They're really lacking that and so, I want to talk a little bit about soul searching and following your dreams versus following the dreams of others. And I want to talk and have you express a little bit about your journey, and your dad's journey and his vision and how you broke off and you came into who you really were as a soul and what you're here to do. So would you mind sharing a bit of that journey? Yeah, look, I was born in Ghana, West Africa. My father should have gone and my mother's Japanese. I grew up in London, and now the US the last 20 Some years and so I feel like a citizen of the world. So as a soul, I feel very blessed in that way to have different experiences but as a young boy, I always felt people's feelings and emotions very deeply. I felt people suffering very deeply. And there was always a part of me that wanted to alleviate suffering in some way. I didn't know what it would look like I didn't know what form it would take but I just felt people and so I remember maybe around age 6 or 7 I was lost in the crowd in Ghana, West Africa, and I saw this crippled woman so I grew up in a very, shall we say, unusual environment, right where I see this group of woman crawling on the floor and she picks up the sand that this man walks on wipes it on her face and stands up. And so week after week, I grew up seeing blind people see and deaf people here and people stand up out of wheelchairs and say man who's Sanchi picked up to look at a person in a wheelchair and say you're not six stand up, and he would put his hands on them. Talk about a miracle. And so grew up around miracles. And miracles seem very ordinary to me very normal. I didn't think anything special or extraordinary about it, I think which was a blessing. Because I grew up without a sense of limitations. I grew up with a sense that anything is possible. And this man was my father and he built 300 churches in Ghana, West Africa. Hundreds of 1000s of followers. He bought a huge church in in London, about 5000 people. And my father was an interesting, interesting person in that he was the type of person that it was always like my way or my way you choose and so when I'm a J, he throws me to the audience one Sunday and he says my son is going to speak and give give the talk for for the day. And that's when my speaking career began at age 14. I was ordained as a minister given the mandate to take over my father spiritual organization. And that was interesting because when it was announced, like unbeknownst to me, it was announced I was there and complete shock and on one level. Yeah, I want to help people but on another level, I knew that this wasn't my path. I knew that this the church or religion in the way that I that I saw it wasn't really my soul's expression in this lifetime. And so I was too afraid to speak my truth. I was too afraid to tell my father my fear was if I spoke my truth to my father, I would be outcast. I'd lose. I'd be abandoned that would lose the relationship or lose his love. And so for four years, I said nothing. And I think many of us we allow fear, to hijack us. We allow fear to limit us and to hold us back and stop us from doing what we are truly here to do. And I said nothing for four years and took me about four years to muster up the courage to to have that conversation. Basically, I turned 18 And I felt my soul calling me in a different direction. I wanted to go to the field of self help write books, I started reading the self help books on my father's bookshelf, people like Louise Hay and Deepak Chopra and Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson. And so I thought, wow, there's a whole nother way of inspiring people. This is what I want to do. And I felt my soul calling and it didn't make sense to my mind because I think sometimes what your soul guides you to do, doesn't always make sense to your logic, but there is a deeper intelligence and a deeper guidance, you know, and I think when we truly follow our souls, we will always, at least in my experience, we will always end up in the right place at the right time doing the right thing even though the route that we take may not be the one we most expect. And so, here I was feeling this calling yet this conflict as I looked into my future that the path that was laid out for me, the expected path by society and my father. And I realized I could be successful by everyone else's standards. But if I didn't have myself, if I didn't have my truth, if I didn't have my soul, if I didn't have my own integrity, it was just the pain of self betrayal was so strong, the pain of self betrayal was so painful, that it just it just, I just felt like I didn't have a choice other than to leave. And I felt like if I followed this path, it was a form of soul suicide that if I lie to myself now in order to get love from my father, I would have to lie to myself for the rest of my life, and that I couldn't deal with and so I had that conversation and I left everything behind my father and I we didn't speak for about two years, and that was really difficult and really challenging, but I knew that in my soul, this was true and it was aligned and I was on the right path and cut a long story short, I ended up winning a green card in the green card lottery to come to the US and won the green card came to the US. When I found many of the teachers and mentors, the authors that I had read about and study but some of them learn from many of them. And that took me on a whole nother journey. I ended up years later traveling to walking the Camino in northern Spain and under kilometers traveling to Thailand, studying with monks, Israel rabbis. Ended up in India. And that's when in my time in India, that things really opened and shifted and healed and transformed. And it was like I cracked open to another, another dimension of understanding who I am and what my purpose was. And so that was really profound. And I came back to America and began working with people for one on one just really in a small room one on one and then over the years, it just expanded and grew. People came from around the world and you know, hundreds 1000s of people seminars and and to books today and so that's a bit of the journey, but I really believe that our soul is always guiding us. Sometimes the guidance is, it's not always loud, like a loud siren bell that we hear. Sometimes the guidance is very gentle. Sometimes the guidance is just a subtle sense that something's off and we don't listen to you know, and that's why I think when we get stuck, and I think one of the things that keeps us stuck as human beings blocked from going to that next level are all of the ways that we lie to ourselves, as human beings. Many times we lie to ourselves, we don't even know that we're lying. to ourselves. We think that what we feel is what we feel we think that who we are is who we are, but we don't realize that we're conditioned and programmed and so we lie to ourselves. We stay in relationships that we know. Not quite right. We're not in love. We work jobs where we are compromising our integrity. That's not the true expression of our purpose and wonder why we're not happy. And so I just invite people to ask a few questions like, there is no transformation of freedom without truth. And so I would just ask everyone listening to ask themselves number one, what lies am I telling myself? Just what lies am I telling myself and just to be with that question, and authentically, honestly sit with that question. You have to want the truth more than you want. What you have, you have to want the truth more than you want what you think you want. And so it can be scary sometimes because we're afraid of the consequences. And so sometimes the self protective ego mechanism that we locked inside of it in moments, we sometimes play this game of confusion and we we create a smokescreen of confusion like I don't really know what I what I want. I don't really know what my purpose is. I don't really know what my truth is when deep down we know but sometimes the confusion is the sort of safety mechanism that that kind of prevents us from taking action on what we know. So I would just invite people to acknowledge the truth like what lies am I telling myself but also take the pressure off of yourself from having to take action when you take the pressure off of yourself and having to take action that can just help you relax and free you up knowing that well, okay, I don't I don't have to leave my relationship, but just just just acknowledge, I'm not in love. Don't have to leave. You don't have to do anything. But just by getting in touch with the truth. That begins a process of transformation inside but I hate my job. You'd have to leave because that can seem scary. So we resist but just acknowledging I hate my job and just feel that and the last question is simply just acknowledging like, what is the cost of lying to myself what in terms of the pain allowing yourself to acknowledge the pain many times we keep ourselves stuck? Because we don't acknowledge the pain when we lie to ourselves. It's painful when we lie to ourselves. It's meant to be painful to me the pain is actually not bad. The pain is a sign. The pain is feedback. The pain is simply giving us feedback that we're not in alignment, that pain is giving us feedback that we're not that we're out of integrity in some way. It's giving us the opportunity to acknowledge it to course correct. But I think what what we tend to do as human beings is we distract ourselves. We drink it away, drag it away, sex it away, smoking away social media that would meditate it away just so we don't feel the truth. But I think if we're just willing to begin by saying okay, this is painful, the pain is here for a reason. But what is the message of this pain? What is this pain telling me? What what what lies am I telling myself and just to feel the pain? Like let it burn because that also begins a process inside. Wow. Yeah. And that kind of comes back to full circle like with your dad and if you did not leave that situation. I mean, your soul was like, I need to move on. I need to move out. I need to go out and explore and I think that's where a lot of people have a hard time is is that surrendering? So let's talk a little bit about surrendering because you have a beautiful new book out called the magic of surrender. Yes. And that's a very powerful word. Surrender plus trust equals magic. I know that's one of your equations. So I'd love for you to share a little bit about surrendering and how important that is. Yeah, this is funny. It wasn't the book I thought I was going to write. In fact, I wanted to write a few other different books. And I was kind of coming up with all sorts of ideas about the book. I thought I was going to write the book I thought would sell the book I thought people would want but it just didn't feel right in my gut. You know, and I think that's the importance of truly acknowledging and being in alignment with your soul that is part of surrender and so the only thing that was true for me was this concept, this thought of surrender. So I had to surrender to the book about being so about surrender, and just be truly open. And so I think, you know, in our culture today, we have this idea or we have this misconception that to surrender is weak. That surrender was passive, that if you surrender is giving up waving the white flag that if you surrender, you are going to you're going to be left behind, you're going to be a victim. You're going to be a doormat, you're going to you won't manifest your goals, your dreams, your desires, you're going to get less than and I'm actually saying no, that's a that's a misconception around surrender. To me surrender is the most powerful thing that you can do surrender is the real secret to manifestation is the key to your next level is the password to freedom through surrendering true authentic surrendering. What if you didn't get less, but you've got more like more than you could even imagine with your conscious mind more than you could even intend for yourself? And I think that's the magic like beyond your wildest dreams. If you look at many of the best things in our lives that have happened we didn't plan that. They just they just happened in the process of living life itself. Like wow, meeting your spouse moving at location, you know, going here going there and meeting one's best friend. It was just happening you didn't just right negotiate. I'm gonna meet my spouse and Starbucks today at 4pm it just kind of unfolded. Wow, what a lovely surprise, right? And I think that's life. That's how life unfolds. And so I think surrender is when we take the limitations off of life. Surrender is when we let go of trying to control every single thing about our life, when we stop trying to control every single little thing. And we were open under control is an illusion because we're really not as in control as we thought we were. I think if the last If we learned anything the last couple of years have shown us this surrender is that master addiction the ego tries to control everything because we have this feeling like if we can control everything about everything, then we're going to be safe. And so this is what our ego self thinks and the egos job is to keep us safe and protect us from pain from getting hurt like we were hurt when we were kids and also to reinforce its existence. So surrender is to let go of control. The illusion of control surrender is to stop trying to force and manipulate life to fit our limited idea of what we think it should be. Surrender it sometimes we just tried to make that relationship be something that it's not and it doesn't fit and it doesn't work and then it ends up, you know, blowing up 10 years later, and it was never aligned. It was never true. Surrender is when we give up the idea of who we think we should be, and the life we think we should be living so that we can be truly available. To the life that is authentically seeking to express through us the life that is authentically ours the life that is true the life that is real. And so, you know, in the old paradigm, we have tended to ask the question, what do I want? What do I want when you get clear on what you want? And I say yes, you can. To me, this is the ego based model. For manifesting one's life you can manifest that way. But it will often lead to a limited life or limited manifestation. To me the real question to ask when we're living surrender is it's a different question. It's more of an open question and infinite question. The question becomes, what is it that life is seeking to express to me? What is it that life is seeking to manifest for me? What is it that my soul is seeking to express what is the deepest impulse from within me that is seeking to manifest that is seeking to create that is seeking joy and just allowing yourself to listen to that feel better tuned to that fine tune there? And as we catch the vision that is arising from the depth of our soul, and we've kept it's like catching the wave to catch the vision you catch that? Wow, this that for me? It was like the book like surrender, but my mind was like, no, we want to write about this. But this is where the wave is going. No, but the wave shouldn't be going over here, but it's actually going here. So when we can catch that vision for what our soul is seeking to become and express, then we can align our personality, our mind our thoughts, our feelings, our ego, in alignment with that deep true authentic expression, authentic impulse, that's and then go into action. And so surrender. Just want to make clear doesn't mean non action sitting there doing nothing waiting for the universe. It means feeling aligning. Sometimes you might when you catch that vision or that purpose, you might work harder than you've ever worked, but it will be in alignment with life alignment with the universe and I think what life can manifest through us is way more than what we can manifest on our own. And so you take action 100% But you let go of attachment also. And I think that's the key is full action, in surrender, giving everything but not being attached. And I think in so many ways, we get so attached to the outcome of our actions that we don't realize that we end up limiting life. And so when we surrender, we're not limiting life we're allowing, we're allowing life to lead us we're allowing life to show us and perhaps you go in a direction, and you're meant to go in that direction, but maybe the outcome was not the outcome that you thought it was going to be but when you're attached, you're not able to like course correct in flow with where the universe is going. And I think that's where we ended up limiting life. So so when there is availability, its openness, and when we truly surrendered in an openness we're, we're open to the infinite possibilities of life. And that's when I think magic and miracles and synchronicities happen. Well, the interesting cue because I don't believe in coincidences, so there's no coincidence that the universe wanted you to create this book, the magic of surrender, where we're all at right now because it's really crucial in this timeframe to be able to step into that energy to be able to really access it. And I know there's another equation to use, it's control plus resistance equals suffering. Yeah. And that's where a lot of people are at right now. And they also those that are still at that level and where they're at which is okay because everyone's where they're at, you know, they feed off each other. So to be able to step into that energy of surrender, and you know what, honestly, it may not even be this lifetime for a lot of people. It may be another lifetime or two or three down the road, but it's there and the ability to to you know, to tap into that magic and that surrendering energy it's key. It's key for really moving forward like you're saying and just you know, accessing on limited opportunity, that spirit wants to really back us and the universe is like, Okay, if you surrender, here we go. Let's flow with this. We all want magic. You know, we when I ask people who wants more magic in their life, everyone says I want more magic. But then nobody wants to raise their hand. When it's time to surrender, because surrender is the password to the magic is the formula to the magic. There is no magic without surrender. You know, if you want big magic, you've got to surrender big and, and it's really about letting go of what's not aligned. Letting go of was no longer authentic, letting go of what's no longer vibrational match, letting go of the things the situation's, the experiences, the circumstances that people that are no longer in alignment with who you are today, because you've evolved because you've changed because you've expanded and what you're like the next level of our life requires the next level of us and the next level of us requires that we let go. But often as human beings we tend to hold on to what's not working at a self preservation comfort, familiarity, not realizing that the holding on is part of what is keeping us stuck is part of what is blocking our blessing. And so I think when we let go, we make space, we make space for the new we make space for the possibilities. The whole issue of a lack of trust in reverse and letting go is the affirmation of our trusted universe. And we really like saying to the universe I trust I'm available I'm open. And I think that's when that's when magic happens. Otherwise, we're just creating from our egos and our egos are conditioned by the past, which means what we create from the level of ego in the future will be another conditioned version of the past. Right? So let's talk about magic. And so you've got an amazing event coming up in July that we'd love for you to share with all Yeah, you know, I'm really passionate at this time. When I see and feel what the world is going through. I feel like the last few years as a humanity we've been put into a global surrender seminar as humanity. The universe is initiating us all as a consciousness into a new way of living. A new way of being more in harmony with life rather than ego driven, personal power base but soul based life based in flow. And so I feel like we're all in that process of of waking up right now to who we are and what we are and living in sync, you know, living in flow living in flow with that magic and so I really wanted to create a an experience and support people during this transition this this transition that is happening on planet Earth. I wanted to create an experience that would help guide people into a new way of living and creating and being a manifesting so I put together a free five day live virtual online event, something that people can do from home. If they can't make it live, they can watch the replays. I'm going to be teaching some of the foundational principles of surrender and guiding people through that because there's phases and the steps of surrender. But I also wanted to get some of my friends together to provide different perspectives because you know, different people we can hear things from different perspectives and angle so I'm bringing together folks that Neale Donald Walsch had conversations with God. John Gray men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, property Angeles, Martha Beck, who's been on Oprah Michael Beckwith of agape. Mike Dooley has been in the secret John Demartini area for Katherine Woodward, Thomas your wealth calling in the one and conscious uncoupling. Magcon met and many many more 20 folks that I've really asked from my heart to share the best of what they know about living surrender living one's purpose creating life in hub. Creating success in harmony with life and the flow in their souls. And so they're all coming on to share their knowledge in these masterclass sessions. And the good news is, it's free people can register for free invite your friends, www verse surrenders.com messenger. So when the summit boot camp register, we have submitted two seats and so get access to receive the blessings best July the 12th to the 19th the 19th because we have a bonus day on the 19th It's five days but there's a bonus day. That's why the 90 eautiful beautiful and I'll have that link in the show notes. So my all my listeners can go on and access that because that that's some dynamic besides could be in there. Hello. There's some dynamic, you know, people are going to be sharing that's amazing. Cool. Well, I want to thank you so much for coming on today. It has been wonderful, you're so inspirational and hey, we need to share as much as we can out in the world because like you said do our 1% 1% It all adds up. Thank you so much cute. That was wonderful. Awesome. Thank you.