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Becoming More Me with Theresa Lear Levine

June 14, 2022 Season 2 Episode 41
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Becoming More Me with Theresa Lear Levine
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In the midst of massive changes constantly going on around us and in the world life at times seems daunting, a wee bit overwhelming and as a sensitive soul hard to manuever. Even though each day has its up and downs  One of the things that I am continually grateful  for are those who have signed up to show up and share what they have put together for themselves and be of service to others who are challenged by life and the world today. 

If you have found yourself in a place where you are searching for your value, worth, being seen in a world full of perfectionism, stressed out and needing to find more balance within so that it can show up on the outside, then you are going to enjoy this episode.

My guest is Theresa Lear Levine she is a Certified EFT Master Practitioner and the Founder of Becoming More Me, LLC. She enjoys assisting women in reclaiming their power, ditching perfectionism, letting go of controlling tendencies, ending self sabotage and procrastination, recognizing their true value and worth, and realizing their visualizations and dreams in real life by taking action. 

Theresa struggles as a successful mompreneur with trauma, ADHD and high functioning anxiety escalated into chaos, stuckness and self doubt and led her on a journey to regain inner peace, confidence and self love. 

She learned effective ways to get unstuck and release pain, self sabotage and unwanted feelings with processes that cultivated desired emotions and created a totally different outcome that previously seemed impossible to attain. 

She has helped female entrepreneurs and moms to work on their mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health for over 25 years with an evolving blend of Energy Psychology, Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as EFT Tapping), and Chakra Strategies. 

Her methods empower the effective release of anxiety, distractions, trauma and limiting patterns so that her clients can get present, feel happier and be more fulfilled as they align their values and vision for the future with the actions they take in their business and daily life! 

She lives near Washington, DC with her husband Jeff, their 4 boys and 2 yellow labs and is also the host of the Becoming More Me Podcast.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques

2.  Simple practices to use every day

3. Unblocking trapped energy in the body

4.  Peeling back the layers

5. Accessing the meridian lines of the body

6. Bringing all 4 bodies back into balance

7. Relieving stress in the body

8. Spirituality evolving as we do

9. Shifting what no longer serves me

10. Becoming More Me podcast 

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and in the world, life often times seems daunting, a wee bit overwhelming and as a sensitive soul sometimes really hard to maneuver. Even though each things I'm continually grateful for are those who have signed up to show up and share what they put together for themselves, and be of service to others who are challenged by life and the world today. If you have found yourself in a place where you are searching for your value, your worth, maybe being seen in the world full of perfectionism. Perhaps a little stressed out and needing to find more balance within so that it can show up on the outside. Then you are going to love this episode. My guest today is Teresa Lear Levine. She is a certified EFT Master Practitioner, and the founder of Becoming More Me LLC. She enjoys assisting women in reclaiming their power, ditching perfectionism, letting go of controlling tendencies, ending self sabotage and procrastination, recognizing their true value and worth and realizing their visualizations and dreams in real life by taking action. So hey, let's join the conversation now. Thank you. So much for having me, Teresa. You're so welcome. Well, I want to really start with lately I've been traveling a lot and I before I traveled I really noticed the state of the world the collective energies how much is just brewing and stewing and fear anxiety all this stuff out in the world and I really want is to start with how can we help people with that because you have an amazing service you offer through EFT, and I love for you to share a bit of what EFT is and how that can work with helping people in this crazy state that everyone seems to kind of be in right now. Oh my goodness, there's, there's so much there. So EFT is Emotional Freedom Techniques. And it's been around in its formation that people will know it has now since the 90s. But it's based in ancient Chinese practices that are 1000s of years old as well as combined with modern psychotherapy and things like that. So what the most important thing to understand about EFT is that we have this lifeforce that runs through us on meridian system in our body, it's invisible, but still very much there. And when something gets blocked in our energy system, our life force is essentially blocked and that's where all of our DIS ease whether it's physical or mental, past present anxieties about the future. What have you comes from blockages in our energy. And with Emotional Freedom Techniques, we get to unblock the energy by tapping lightly on these different meridian points of our body. While we're holding the thoughts about or talking about the thing that is challenging us bothering us what have you. And through doing that miraculous shifts happen and people just feel so much different. So much so that I know the first time I tried it, I was like, What even is this like what is happening to me? This is crazy. And it was after I kind of came to terms with the fact that it's completely scientific. This isn't like some weird woowoo practice or anything fun to combine with spirituality and all things Woo. But once I kind of realized the logic and the rationality of it it was something that I just really needed to learn and understand better because it made such shifts and changes in me in places in ways that I felt so stuck and disconnected and just stagnant for so many years. You know, you can you can know a lot but if you don't know how to take action or change something, it doesn't really matter what you know, and for me, Emotional Freedom Techniques, were able to bring my knowledge together with the real action and change that I wanted to see happen in my life and make it happen. So when you found EFT were you at a state where you like were looking for it or I mean, where where are you at with in your journey when you found EFT? Well, I have pretty robust toolbox of different things that I like to use to feel better or whatever whether it was meditation or Homeopathics or supplements. Or, you know, visualizations or what have you. I have a lot of knowledge, a lot of books read and understandings of things. But I was also a mom of several children and didn't really have time to do all the things and you know probably wouldn't have even if I did, so when I found EFT and realized that it was it could literally be used to treat anything you can feel physical or emotional, past, present future and make a real impact sometimes down to our very genetics like with epigenetics and everything. You can literally change your genes with EFT I was wowed and like okay, cool. So I actually don't need any of these other things. I like them and I can mix them in and blend them with EFT but I can literally just use this one modality and if I wanted to, I could throw out everything else in my toolbox and still be able to make the kind of progress and change that I want in my life that was really intriguing to me. So that's that's kind of where I was I was a little overwhelmed by all of the tools in my toolbox and this simplified things for me and allowed me to be able to make progress and decide what I wanted. To keep and what I wanted to get rid of. And so what I'm understanding too, is that EFT really helps like all your bodies, the mind, the body, the spiritual, the emotional, the Is that correct? All four bodies get to come together with us as much as we want them to and I know I mean with this being Enthusiastically Spiritual, then that being kind of your your main focus. It's amazing for increasing our spirituality and to be able to lean into that. I know, for so many people, our spirituality evolves as we do, and there can be all different stuff that's wrapped up in that there can be fears of disappointing people as we change. There can be just the fear of the unknown of going from one belief or thought process into another, so many layers to our evolving spirituality and each one of those can be worked on in amazing ways using EFT Wow. Yeah, so I've known people that have like dabbled in it. But you that this is primarily what you do in your business correct. It is the main modality I do mixed with a lot of other things. I love chakra work. I love visualization. I do a lot of talk therapy based things but I know that this modality is probably the most powerful I've ever encountered. So therefore I do showcase it over other things most of the time. And that's what I like about spirituality too, and just really searching in life because there's so many different variations of things you can try. And then just really tapping into and find that one thing that is like okay, this is it for me. And then you know bringing that into your service and bringing that into the world with how it helped you and how it helped your life is a game changer in my book because then you know you're obviously enthusiastic about what you're doing and how you're bringing that forward. Absolutely and I know that so many of the women that I work with and brave men are they're overwhelmed by their toolbox too. And they don't know what they need to do to feel differently than how they feel currently and having somebody to work with and guide that knows like okay, we don't need any of that right now. We just need this like just lean in here. Focus on this. And I know everything's gonna be okay is sometimes the assurance and the understanding that people need and that's kind of where I come from when when I'm when I'm helping people and it makes a huge difference. I know that I wish I had somebody to take me kind of by the hand figuratively and help me in that way when I was trying to sort through the quagmire of different things that I was exploring. I always like to say kiss it's keep it simple, keep it spiritually simple. There you go. There are so many things out there in the world and it doesn't have to be complex. It really can be very simple, a simple technique. So I'd like to, for you to talk a bit about how EFT How do you do it? Okay, sure. So EFT is literally they call it tapping for a reason because we're literally tapping on different parts of our body. And usually we start on what we call the karate chop point, which is the side of our hand, and we just tap there lately. Well, we set up the intention for what we're going to be doing in what we call a round of EFT. Now, I will say it's so much easier to see it and that's why I know I've talked to you before and invited you after this. What Theresa and I are going to do is we're going to tap on whatever the thing is that feels right at the moment. We're going to tap and then you're going to be able to send me an email Theresa Theresa Lear levine.com and just put enthusiastically spiritual as a subject line. If you want to say hi to me or drop me a line. I love hearing from you. But if that's all you do is put that subject line in there, I'm going to know what to send you and I'm going to make sure that you get this exclusive tapping round which means that you can actually see how it's done. See what kind of shifts and changes it helps you to make and get a real immersive idea of what EFT is, but we start on that side of our hand point, the karate chop point. And we set everything up and then we go through the main points which were determined to kind of be the combination of points that can treat anything. We have tons of meridian points on our body more than just the ones I'm going to go over. But this combination is like it's the perfect combination to work on whatever you need to work on. So it's the top of your head. It's the eyebrow point where your eyeball starts kind of in towards your nose. It's the side of the eye, under the eye, kind of just following that eye bone and your skull all the way around the eye and then under your nose, under your bottom lip, your collarbone and then under your arm really like about four inches down from the actual armpit where like a bra would wrap around the body on the side. So those are the main points and you go through those points, tapping each of them at least five to seven times. I tend to find that as you're talking about things, you'll be there a little longer anyway as you either think of what you want to say or focus on the issue or just say the words and you're tapping and talking and going through those points three times and you're kind of measuring what's changing for you. So you always want to pick something that she's going to be the intention of your round. So maybe it's a physical pain that you have that you're working on, like let's say a headache, so you would assess how that headache feels before you start scale of zero to 10 you would write that down. So important seems super simple. Like I'll just remember what I was when I'm done. But sometimes the shifts are so big. I was just working with him this morning. You started out at a and a seven and a half and after one round and five minutes she was literally a zero. And we can talk ourselves out of believing that we have that much power or that we are capable of managing our energy that efficiently. And I don't want anybody to miss out on the empowering aspects of such a cool modality. So you write that down and then you do the tapping. And then you come back to that same kind of question. How's that? How's my headache feeling now what am I noticing and then reassess. You might have a shift of one or two points you might go all the way down the scale like my client did this morning. But either way, the thing to notice is what's coming up now or what still left. So let's say you started at a seven and now you're at a four well what's making up that for what what do I still have going on and then that will be the next thing that you tap on. And the idea is that once you get that resistance lowered a bit, that then you can start flipping to some of the positive aspects that maybe you're willing to allow in. So maybe when you're tapping and it's a higher number, you're just staying on the negative aspects of that headache. You're just talking about, you know, Oh, my head feels horrible. It's in my temples. I just want to close my eyes and go to sleep. It feels so angry. It's bubbling in my head like you're describing all the things and feelings and going through it and just letting the negative out because we can't get to a feeling of being genuinely positive until we do and once you feel that enough of a shift, then you can start allowing some some positive some light to come in. You know, I'm open to the idea that I might actually be able to make this headache go away. Or I'm open to the idea that my afternoon is not going to be me and this headache or whatever it feels in alignment to you affirmations are are a weird thing for people you know, you don't want to make too big of a jump or it doesn't feel aligned. But you can keep making those little steps and get to the big jump. You just got to see what aligns with you as you do it. Now as you're tapping your cortisol levels are going down, that's your stress hormones. And as that happens, you're able to have more oxytocin and good feeling stuff kind of flood into your body and feel better. Now this means that not only is your headache probably going to go away if you're tapping on it properly, but other things are going to feel better. You're going to be less stressed out generally, EFT has a really cool phenomenon known as borrowed benefits, which means that you can literally be tapping on one thing and fixing something else at the same time without any focus or attention on it and it's really cool for practitioners to because EFT practitioners tend to be more lively more excited about their work and everything else because as I'm helping someone I'm also getting help for myself without even putting any focus on me whereas a lot of times, talk therapists or people that do other modalities feel drained at the end of a work day, and they need to do a lot more to fill their cup than if you're working with a modality like this that is really producing the highest good for all and there's a lot of spiritual aspects of that too. I think so. It's pretty cool. Definitely and I know you work a lot with women, but I'll, I'll share that when I traveled. A lot of people that I saw who were fearful and anxious. were kids and were teenagers. They were the ones that had on the mass that you could feel the fear still in them and so have you taught this to your children? Well, they know it, but do they do it? I don't know. You know, nobody's nobody wants to do it. Mom's doing like I am not cool in her eyes. I might have like the keys to the kingdom and be able to teach them things that could massively change the trajectory of their emotional lives. But that doesn't mean that they're going to like pick up the keys and run with it. So I prefer to just lead by example they know if I'm if I'm having a day and things are getting a little off course for me or I might my temper is coming out or something like that, but they're likely going to see me pause and either start tapping right there in front of them. Or excuse myself, say I'm gonna go I'm going to tap in to see what I can, what I can change here in the present moment so that this doesn't go downhill from here, and that I'm going to regulate myself and through giving them an emotionally available mom and those tools and showing them the difference that it makes in my life and the ways that I become more proud of myself and the way that I show up. I think they'll get it when they need it. You know I wasn't we're not always ready for things when they show up for us I've known about EFT for much longer than I chose to adopt it and run with it. You know but when when the student is ready the teacher appears and you know if that teacher is going to be mom for them, it may take a little longer. Yeah, I totally agree with you and I think to that being that just that wayshower so I guess what I'm asking is like for the clients to I mean clients and go home and go hey to their kids or their loved ones, you know, I've got this routine now or maybe you might want to try this or just but by doing it ourselves we do resonate that energy out amongst amongst others that live with us and our environment affirm. It's an amazing technique for kids. It's amazing for Fears it's amazing for phobias. It's awesome for all the things that kids are dealing with today and all of the disconnection and everything else. It's amazing for all of that. And I would totally recommend that if you're a parent with kids that are having that kind of thing. Sure, try to introduce them to it but worst case scenario, introduce it to yourself because it's gonna allow you to process what they're going through in a better way and at the end of the day, all we ever have control over is ourselves and how we perceive things, process things and choose to believe in things. So if we can, if we can feel better about the situation, then it's going to improve it for everyone. I totally agree. And so what about someone that comes to you that might be skeptical about you know, like, maybe where you kind of you might have been kind of skeptical too at first like what the hell is this right? Yeah, exactly. So how do you work with someone like that or what would you kind of share with them about trying EFT? Well, I think the best thing to do is to start with something tangible. So that headache example that we were just talking about, or maybe some other physical pain, or something where you're going to know in the moment that you've made a difference. I think that's kind of the best thing to do. Because the skeptics what's missing is the belief so whatever you can do to increase that belief quickly is going to reduce the skepticism. So something tangible can be a good place to start. But also maybe even just trying to understand the science behind it and that there's this isn't some made up thing it works and that they don't actually have to believe in it. For it to work. So they can bring their skeptical self into a tapping round, do it and still experience change. And that can make a huge difference in lowering the skepticism, which is honestly just another form of resistance. You know, I mean, heck, you can even just tap on even though I'm so skeptical about this method, I love accept and forgive myself and see where it goes in a tapping round. So there's a lot of ways it really just depends on how willing the skeptic is to try and you know, what they want to get out of? It was one, as you mentioned, that I think about like my acupuncturist. So it's the same type of thing working with the meridians, puts in the needles, and it just works. I don't need to know how it works. It just works because it's working with the meridians where say someone goes to a doctor on the whole other realm, the medical, you know, the Western medical aspect takes a pill they give you and it might work. It might not work but it's kind of like that to like what you do to your body or what you put in your body. You don't really know what the outcomes going to be. But this is something that's safe. This is something that's not going to affect your chemical imbalance, like some medications, some other things you might put in your body might do. So that's to me what the exciting part of it is, is the fact that this is really something that's not going to alter you in any fashion whatsoever. Yes, I know everything you said is true but you have take does have the power to alter as well either way, but like literally down to our genetics, right so I mean, yeah, there could be some major alterations, but they're going to be positive. So yeah, that's I guess that's what I should have said is but unlike a medicine, which may alter you in a negative way, no, we may have side effects. This is different. Absolutely. There's no traumatizing effect of this technique, which is honestly why it's probably the it definitely is and scientifically proven to be the best technique for trauma and traumatic experiences because it's so gentle, but yet so effective. And yeah, you're not going to hurt yourself with this. You know, I like to joke though, because when I was going through my certification, I got a little overzealous tapping on a past issue that I had and I did give myself a black eye. So but it was I wasn't like being hard on myself or anything. I think they just spent a lot more time tapping and like a 24 hour period than one maybe would normally and you know it's it's gentle tissue and stuff in those areas. So it is what it is it's a humorous story. No harm was done. I worked through the issues in the black I was fine in a few days. So there you go. It'll it'll cure to self worked itself out over time, right? Yeah. Oh, good. All right, well, so tell me and share with the listeners about how they can work with you. Through EFT? Yeah, absolutely. Um, you know, I have my website, Theresa levine.com. You can go check out what I do over there. I always welcome messages never feel like you can't reach out to me personally, I read my emails when you send something to Theresa Theresa living.com and I'm happy to hear from people and to to meet with people. I do breakthrough sessions when they're available and they're not on a waitlist and you can actually hop on a call with me for you know, 20 minutes and we can talk about your life and how this all applies to you. Because I think that's the biggest thing that's missing for people is not understanding. Okay, so there's this thing and it makes stuff better and I might not feel stuck or I can work on my spirituality but why how for me in my situation in my life, does this matter? Or what difference would it make? And that's why I really like to meet with people on a personal level because if we're gonna be working together, that's important, you know, I'm gonna at least give you some of me so that you know if you want more of me, and I would also suggest going to Teresa's free. gift.com It's th e r e s a s free gift.com and have a really nice ebook there that will help you to assess your own emotional freedom with a quiz. There's some really cool like five minute exercises that you can do to kind of get to the bottom of things. And also a lot of my video tapping rounds are in there. So if there's something particular that you're dealing with, you can probably find around that you can just press play on and do along with me and see what shifts and changes for you. Awesome, and I will definitely have all of that in the show notes and talk a little bit Theresa about your podcast as I know you have a lovely podcast also. Thank you so much. I appreciate that. Yeah, becoming more me is my podcast and it's coming up on its one year anniversary. I can't believe it. That's awesome. Isn't it? It's so cool. And I've loved it. And I just I'm so glad I started because it was kind of like ripping off a band aid for me where I was like, I don't know where this is going. But I felt that calling and as somebody who's done a lot of work to develop my intuition and to trust myself in greater ways. I knew I just needed to begin and that the right things would fall into place and it's led to, you know, creating this podcast that I love and also being a guest on so many different other podcasts and realizing that this is just a form of it's a form of communication that I absolutely adore. I love getting to talk with other people and to share and it's a love it. So I'm so glad that I did it and my podcast itself is really it's a lot like a name. It's becoming more me it's my own stories that can kind of reflect how the work that I've done is showing up in my life and also guests that come on and talk about the ways that they're becoming more of who they want to be and showing up in the world more of how they want to and I love it. So you know anybody who's interested, definitely tune in. I always appreciate, you know, new listeners. Awesome, and I will obviously have that in the show notes too and I know for someone that's been doing podcasts, mine's coming up on two years this coming June. Yeah. And I have learned like heaps and heaps and bounds. I mean, like, it's crazy how much I've learned from that first beginning of what, you know, what am I doing with a podcast, but uh, same with you guys to do it, started it and then just kind of you know, florist from there, but it's been an amazing journey. Super fun. Definitely. It's like I always say when I'm working with people, you know, everything you have, everything you need is already within you. And it's just a matter of learning how to access it and really polish it up and bring it out in beautiful ways and podcasting has been no different. You know, I already had what I needed inside of me I just needed to start releasing it and letting it come out and and sharing with others, which is I'd love your podcast title becoming more me that's exciting. I mean, that's what we're all doing. We're all unfolding each and every day. So evolution, evolution, change, change, change. So well, Theresa, this has been so much fun. I really appreciate you coming on today and share with my listeners. Oh, thank you so much, Teresa. It's been a pleasure and I love what you do. I love your show and all the variety of ways that you're teaching us all about spirituality and options and acceptance and everything else. That's beautiful. Thank you so much. Okay, that was Yeah, absolutely. You get everything you wanted. I definitely did. Yep. Very cool. All right. So I was thinking this morning about about just spirituality and kind of like the way that people evolve with it and I thought that might be kind of a fun thing to tap on. Just kind of supporting that releasing blocks to it and accepting more miracles more you know, good things coming into our lives and that kind of thing. So that's kind of where I was. I was thinking maybe we would go Yeah, that sounds great. Just a second here. But you're going to introduce it and and kind of lead me through it. Is that what you're gonna do? Yeah. So and I'll just you know, have my my assistant will just cut this part and it'll be it'll be the free gift. So all right. Here we go. Hey, everybody, thank you so much for requesting this exclusive tapping round that Theresa and I are going to do to explore EFT further. And with the podcast about spirituality. I thought that it'd be a lot of fun to touch on the evolution of that because I know that there can be fears and blocks as we evolve. There can be resistance to receiving miracles there can be just it's the unfamiliar and we are naturally predisposed to protecting ourselves from that. So I think finding ways that we can let more of that in could be a lot of fun today. So the first thing that we do when we're doing a tapping round is assess how we feel about that. So Teresa when you think about like your evolution spiritually and how you feel about you know, evolving more and allowing more amazing things to happen in your life on a scale of zero to 10 How do you feel as far as your resistance to that with 10 being like super resistance, like I'm not going to allow any more miracles change or you know, whatever and zero bid like bring it all I would say maybe like a three. Okay, great. Awesome. And wherever you are on the scale, just know it's just a number some people struggle with that. And you know, if you do just pick a five and just know that that's a starting point. It doesn't have to represent anything in particular, but it does help you know, when we're done if you've moved in one direction or another and how much so that's really the value of it. Don't get hung up on it. So what we're going to do with basically like follow the leader, and you're just going to tap with me and repeat after me and we're going to move through the different points and we're just going to see what comes up. So just as we're doing this everyone should be tuned in to whatever they do feel resistance about with their spirituality. And if you feel the need and you're you know, listening to this recording and you want to change wording or make things more specific to your particular issues or challenges, feel free to do that and make it your own. It's important and we will just get started now even though it makes absolutely no difference, you know, and you can even some people like to do like this and I think kind of in a spiritual realm is kind of nice to kind of feel that energy kind of coming back at you almost it's like a almost like a reflecting, but you can either either or so even though I have some resistance to my evolving spirituality. You're just gonna repeat after me, even though I have some resistance, my evolving spirituality. I love accept and forgive myself. I love accept and forgive even though there's resistance to new miracles showing up in my life. Even though there's some resistance a new miracle showing up in my life. I honor the feeling and accept myself anyway. I honor the feeling and accept myself anyway. Even though I sometimes feel like I'm waiting for someone to give me permission to evolve. Even though I sometimes feel like I'm waiting for someone to give me permission to evolve. I love accept and forgive myself. I love accept and forgive myself. Now we're gonna start going through the points also tapping and talking. Gosh, I don't know what I would do if new miracle started popping up in my life. Gosh, I don't know what I would do if new miracle started popping up in my life. It kind of freaks me out. It kind of freaks me out and yet here I am, and I'm a miracle. And yet here I am and I'm a miracle. So maybe it shouldn't be so weird. So maybe it shouldn't be so weird. But I think I may be blocking them from happening in my life. But I think I may be blocking them from happening in my life. Feeling like I need greater permission to evolve. Feeling like I need greater permission to evolve or open up to the idea of miracles. Or open up to the idea of miracles. I know that my inner saboteur I know that my inner saboteur, my inner protector. My inner protector is just trying to keep me safe. is just trying to keep me safe. And I thank it for doing that. And I thank it for doing that. Because maybe I just wasn't ready until now. Maybe I wasn't just ready until now. And I forgive myself for that. And I forgive myself for that. Or any feelings I might have that are negative, or any feelings that I might have that are negative about not feeling ready sooner, about not feeling ready sooner. I open up to being more accepting and I open up to being more accepting of these miracles coming into my life of these miracles coming into my life it's possible I may not have even noticed all the good things that were happening in my life earlier. It's possible I may not even have noticed the good things that were happening in my life earlier. I might have even unknowingly blocked things from happening. I might have even unknowingly blocked things from happening and I may have prevented my own spiritual expansion. And I may have prevented my own spiritual expansion. But it feels safe to grow now, but it feels safe to grow now. clearing any blocks, clearing any blocks down to a cellular level down to a cellular level and through my subconscious and through my subconscious that tells me that I should be blocking any of my growth that tells me I should be blocking any of my growth. Or that worry that I might disappoint or anger someone by evolving or that worry that I may disappoint or anger someone born before evolving. Letting go of these limiting beliefs letting go of these limiting beliefs and conditioned fears and conditioned fears. I don't need to worry about my growth creating losses. I don't need to worry about my growth creating losses I can choose for this to be a positive experience that will only have gains. I can choose to make this a positive experience to only have gains. And let go of these feelings that are no longer serving me and let go of these feelings that are no longer serving me. It is safe to do so. It is safe to do so. I choose to make my spiritual experience positive. I choose to make my spiritual experience positive and to lighten up and to lighten up. Literally Lighten up, literally lighten up allowing miracles into my life doesn't have to be such a stretch. Allowing miracles into my life doesn't have to be such a stretch because I let go of all of these limiting beliefs as I let go of all of these limiting beliefs feel safe, excited and joyful and feel safe, excited and joyful. I am ready to receive all of the positive benefits I am ready to receive all of the positive benefits of my spiritual growth and exploration of my spiritual growth and exploration. And I welcome it fully. And I welcome it fully with my mind, body and spirit. With my mind, body and spirit. All right want you to take a nice deep breath in through your nose. Exhale out through your mouth. Feel free to stretch sometimes people want to yawn when an hour all of that is just energy moving blockages and releasing. Just kind of I like to roll my shoulders or stretch or whatever when I'm done with around and then just kind of come really into your body and into feeling what's going on and see where you feel like you are on that scale with you know the resistance or the fear about the changes that may come up as you evolve spiritually. So when you think about that scale again, Teresa, where do you feel like you are zero? That is that's so awesome. I'm so proud of you for being able to be a zero because so many people rate things and they're they're never willing to let it all go, you know? And that really it's a testament to work that you've already done and things that you've already processed to be able to just say poop none, no resistance, bring on bring on the miraculous, wonderful spiritual change into my life and allow it to change me however it may and that's beautiful. So for any of you that you know, were somewhere else on the scale and maybe maybe only shifted two or three points and you still have a little ways to go. Now is the time to ask yourself what's left. You know, if you're four or five, six, still, whatever it might be, what is that composed of for you what is left that is making up that number that you're still holding on to and then from there, you know, maybe jot down some things or you know, shoot me an email. I love hearing from people when they do these things. You know, tell me where you started and where you ended and what's left for you. And then create your own tapping round to move forward with those things that are left knowing that each round is going to get you closer to the root of that and closer to experiencing that zero or whatever feels comfortable to you to get you to that point where you're like I'm good with this I don't need to work on it anymore. Which is often something that comes up when you're doing EFT especially really bothersome things finally, you're just like, I don't even need to talk about this anymore. Like this is this is boring me like like, Can we move on? And that's it, you know, like you're done. You're no longer affected by it. So thank you all for trying this along with us. And I hope that this brings about some awesome positive and miraculous change in your life and on your path of spiritual development and growth. Thank you so much to resize. So appreciate it. All right, cool. That's that's all I need. So I will I will clip that out. And I will I'll send that to people when they email me. So awesome. And they will they will love seeing you do that with me because they know you and they love you and they will love seeing you know you experienced that so it'll be a great gift for them. Thank you so much. I so appreciate it and take care of yourself and let's stay connected. Definitely. Yeah, absolutely. And please, if there's anything I can ever do to support you further or what have you please let me know I already shared the referral system that I had with you, didn't I? Yes. And I'm going to be working on it soon because I just got back into town yesterday. It's wonderful though. When I was first introduced to the idea took me like months to like get my shit together. It probably only took me like 10 minutes honestly but mental process around like doing this thing that felt really monumental. The good thing is if you do it like mine, it's a Google Doc and your first draft is just one of many you'll change it it will evolve with you and you don't need to worry about it. But getting it out there is sometimes the hard thing for all of us. Whenever you're ready, send it to me and then we can set up like a little like 20 minute coffee chat or something. And we can talk about like real ways that we can support each other based on what both of us are looking for. Sounds great, Teresa, thank you so much. Have a wonderful, thank you. All right, take care. Take care. Bye bye

(Cont.) Becoming More Me with Theresa Lear Levine