Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about Inner Healing with Chiron Yeng

March 24, 2022 Season 2 Episode 29
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Inner Healing with Chiron Yeng
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If you can think back to your first few cycles of life, how were they? 

Who raised you? 

How did the environment support the spiritual part of your being? 

How many concepts and beliefs did you pick up from those who raised you and the environment? 

How often did you believe what you were told as a child?

When my guest today was a child he was told he would be medicated his whole life for an autoimmune skin condition. 

Simple pleasures of life such as enjoying a shower, a desired meal, or a goodnight’s rest were not available for him. He was helpless and he needed people to take care for him constantly. 

At 16, he woke up to the truth that his health is his responsibility and set forth on a journey of self-healing. He sought out master healers and mentors of personal and planetary healing from diverse traditions, globally. After 15 years, not only did he recover, he also became more empowered in his energy, creativity, and leadership. He tapped into his greatest human potential.

His name is Chiron Yeng and his journey of self-healing led him to create a signature system, LifeQuest. Using his certifications in Evolutionary Astrology, Nature Connected Coaching, the LifeLine Technique, he now supports people from all around the world to heal in deep and profound ways.

He helps purpose driven entrepreneurs, creators, and healers who are suffering with burnout, overwhelming stress, and imbalanced lifestyle to thrive in their health and energy, tap into greater creativity, and love the work they do while enjoying the simple pleasures of Life.

This is Chiron’s journey and his second visit sharing on Enthusiastically Spiritual and I am honored to have him back to share more.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Auto Immune Disease

2. Self-healing

3. Birth Trauma

4. Lack of affection affects the soul

5. Deep distrust of the world

6. Ayahuasca ceremony

7. Dr. Andrew Weil

8. Symptoms are the messengers

9. Dr. Darren Weissman 

10. Upcoming Astrological transits

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Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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(Cont.) Enthusiastic about Inner Healing with Chiron Yeng