Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about Conscious Enlyghtment with ZofiaRennea Morales

April 05, 2022 Season 2 Episode 30
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Conscious Enlyghtment with ZofiaRennea Morales
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Being an alchemist in your life.

Your hero’s journey.

No one knows what your unique journey is, but  there are people along our paths that can guide us in our direction and assist us along the way.

Award winning global strategist and former biophysicist, ZofiaRennea Morales, had it all- a high powered career, loving husband, gorgeous properties, adventure, good friends, you name it. She was living the dream until her fast-paced life screeched to a halt and left her in pieces. Brought to the edge of death by undiagnosed chronic Lyme Disease, and left bankrupt in every area of her life. 

Desperate for a miracle, Zofia cried her most heartfelt prayer "I will do anything to get better".  This single prayer triggered an unanticipated kundalini awakening; a spiritual activation which unlocked Zofia’s gifts as an intuitive, healer, and mystic changing her life completely.

ZofiaRennea Morales is now the Host of talk radio program Sovereign Self (Mondays at 4pm Pacific time Sovereignself.live) and the creator of the Conscious Enlyghtment Process, a transformation alchemist and teacher guiding clients to find the gold within their most painful life transitions, helping people from all backgrounds notice how life wraps the best gifts in the shittiest wrapping paper.

Zofia’s scientific and corporate background appeals to clients who appreciate the way she integrates a pragmatic woo and real life into her work. Seasoned with love and laughter, Zofia guides her clients through their own spiritual crises and onto their paths of passion and purpose with warmth, joy, tenderness and play. 

 Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1.  Dramatic life shifts

2.  Kundalini awakening

3. Embracing your psychic gifts when they flip on

4. The ego

5. Being involved fully in life

6. Discerning energy

7. Akashic records

8. What you really came to do

9. Superpower quiz

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Transformation. Being an alchemist in your life. Your hero's journey. No one knows what your unique journey is. But there are people along our paths can guide us in our direction and assist us along the way. My guests name today is ZophiaRennea Morales. Sophia is also called a sensible mystic. She's a transformational Alchemist and teacher who guides clients to find the gold within their most painful life transitions. Helping people from all backgrounds notice how to life wraps the best gifts in sometimes the shittiest wrapping paper. She's an award winning global strategist and former bio physicist. She has it she had it all a high powered career, loving husband, gorgeous property, adventure, good friends, you name it. She was living the dream until her fast paced life screech to a halt and left her in pieces right to the edge of death by undiagnosed chronic Lyme disease and was bankrupt in every area of her life. Desperate for a miracle she cried her most heartfelt prayer I will do anything to get better. This single prayer triggered an end, unanticipated kundalini awakening, a spiritual activation that unlocked her gifts as an intuitive healer and mystic which completely changed her life. Wow. Welcome Sophia. Yes, it's good to be here. I bet girl after all that man what kind of a wellness journey have you been on? Oh my goodness. I've been there done like all of it from conventional doctors to acupuncture to you name it. I've I've been there and tried it. And so your awakening? Obviously it took you to a whole new place where now you're assisting people in their awakenings and their journeys, correct. Absolutely. Absolutely. Because it's it can be really what I want to call it disconcerting when you've been a really rational minded muggle two plus two equals four, show me the proof kind of person. And all of a sudden, all these gifts turn on those unseen parts of us where it's like what do we do with all of this? Yeah, exactly. It's like all of a sudden, I'm knowing things about people in the grocery store, or I'm speaking in languages I've never learned to before, or I'm seeing things about the future and you start to wonder if you're not kind of losing it. So will you always spiritual or is it something I just literally that I mean that I know about Kundalini awakening? So were you always spiritual or this just kind of pop in here you are? Well, it was a little bit of both because when I was a child, I was very dialed in intuitively, and I was having prescient dreams and this kind of thing, but in the household I was raised in that was unacceptable. All of these things are of the devil quotes and, you know, prophets and healers and that kind of thing. That's all Old Testament stuff. None of that stuff happens anymore. That was what my household believed. And so it was not safe for me. And I was about eight or nine years old, and I decided I needed to shut it down and I shut down almost everything, with the exception of I'm a clear cognizance. So my knowing either the knowing was still safe, because I could kind of explain it away most of the time. I have a really good memory. I'm a voracious reader. And so if anyone ever questions how I knew, you know, fill in the blank, it's like, well, I must have read it somewhere. And so it wasn't until I was in my late teens, that I started to turn that off also, which was, I think, a request from my soul, because at that time, I saw the hand of God in everything. And I can remember one day i i had been exposed to the concept of atheists, and, you know, hopelessness and and that, and it seemed to me that it didn't make sense to me because I could so clearly see the hand of God moving things around and putting me where I needed to be and making things come together. That how could you not? i How could you not know that there is this divine loving presence that's out here working for our good and that everything that's showing it in your life is for your benefit, as much as might suck in the moment it is ultimately for your benefit. And so I can remember and that there's a certain feeling to these requests of the Divine. And I remember going I really don't understand and I would like to understand and all of the rest of my gifts started to shut off at that point, to the point that by the time I got to my awakening I had a full understanding of not being able to see the divine hand and that kind of thing. Right, right. And then spirits like Hello, it's time for your wake up call. Let's get the spiritual to buy for. Right right or like here here's a gift, open it up and you got them all. It's like, Oh, my goodness. Now what do I do? Right, so So how long ago was that, that you had that awakening? Let's see what year are we in? We're in 2022. So doing a little math on my fingers. been about eight years? Yeah. So since that time, and now how has it been to have uh, to, you know, really be like Soul led in what you're doing? It's awkward at times. Because you walk with a foot in both worlds. Just because my gifts have turned on and I've awakened I have realized that I had my priorities all backwards, does not mean that my critical thinking scientifically trained, logical, rational mind goes to sleep or sits down and is very quiet. i Right. And so we had to kind of keep those in balance, right? Yeah, it's always an interesting tension between the intuitive and then the monkey brain. That's gonna go Are you freaking kidding me already? Without a doubt, so do you have some practical tools that you use for yourself to keep the intuition alive and kicking in the midst of moving through life and the chaos that's going on? Oh, and that's always the challenge, right? It's easy when life is quiet. And the waters are calm, and you can get up in the morning and okay, I'm gonna have my meditation. I'm going to ask what is the most important thing I can do today? I'm going to do these foundational spiritual care things that we do for ourselves. But it's harder when you're in the middle of, you know, pneumonia and parents who fallen downstairs. That kind of thing, it becomes a whole lot more challenging. So, the first tool that I give myself is some grace. Because we are still human. We are still in the world of duality. And if I have not done my morning routine for three days or three months, or whatever it is, the first thing is to give myself love and grace and appreciation for the reasons why I made those choices. Because I am here to serve and part of that service. is caring for my aging parents who are needing more and more of that recently. Yeah, I totally get that. So the first thing i i do is i i Give myself a pass on the mental beating and remember that we are human to right. Yeah, absolutely. The other thing that I do that helps me when I'm in these modes of like, go go go get all the things done so you can be on the plane and be where you need to be hice spent a fair amount of time with my ego. Right. And ultimately, there's this objective to subsume the ego right. But that's a much longer process and you don't have to wait for your ego to go away to have some peace with your ego. And so several years back, I got to know it. I gave it its own name because my ego is not me. Okay. And her name is Simone because she's very critical and so I named her after the the one on one of these reality shows Simon Cowell. Yeah, or whatever his last name is. So anyway, Simone, and I sat down and I had a conversation with Simone. That went something like you're you've been doing a really diligent job trying to protect me because I recognize that's what you're trying to do. Super diligent job and in appreciation because you've had literally no days off. I would like to give you a vacation and she said, Will you be okay? I said, yeah, oh, we'll be fine. You're not going to be gone. You know, forever. I'll be fine while you're away, okay. And she disappeared for a week. That hyper critical nagging you're not good enough voice completely disappeared for a week. And I went, Wow, this is awesome. How peaceful is it without this voice nagging at me the whole time? And then she came back from vacation. Exactly. When we Oh, boy. I like you could take at least two weeks. No, no, no, I'm too concerned about you. There's no way I could go for two weeks. Give me a second. I gotta clear my throat. So she came back. And I'm like, oh, right now what do I do with her? Because she's back and she's doing all this stuff, again, that she was doing before she left. And you know, it's a little upsetting and irritating after she's gone and gone and you've had this wonderful peaceful moment, right. And so I sat and I thought about it and I decided I was going to work with her the same way I would work with a really enthusiastic but untrained employee because her intentions are good, right? Her intentions are to keep me safe and to make sure that no nothing terrible happens to me. And so I decided it was time to modify her job description. And I got out my pen and paper and I went okay, what what seems to be her guiding principles, right and it's keep you safe at all costs. Which is why when you step out to do something different, it gets noisy in there. And I decided that she needed a different Prime Directive, which was ZofiaRenee has health and happiness. Okay, you can keep me physically safe, you can still give me feedback, but I have to be happy at the same time that this is going on. So you can't beat me up the way you've been beating me up. And so we actually I actually sat down had a conversation with her the same way you would with an employee. How do you think it's going? Do you think there are any places that things could change or be different, okay, and I heard her out. Before I sat down and said, and we're going to change your job distribution sweetheart. We're going to put you in the basement job. The mailroom? No, no, you would never put her in the mailroom. Why would you put your most enthusiastic employee in the mailroom? Exactly. Why not? Yeah, somewhere good, right. You want her someplace? So she's gonna do good. She'd be a wonderful receptionist. She's also a really good coach was she has the new job description and she understands the things that make you unhappy. I mean, you know how to work with it. Yes, yes. And it's a process. It's not like I had one sit down, and we were all good and glorious, right. I was like, here's the new objective. Wow, I've never taken this on before. I'm like, well, let's test drive it right. And then we'd sit down a few days later, it'd be like okay, I can see the changes that you're making. But there's still a few things right. And so continuing to cycle back with her and teach her to be nicer to me. Well, I think that's an important part about our spiritual part and being an empath is the fact that you know, it's not it's a continual process of unfoldment until the really the last breath we take, I mean, we're here to learn and grow. We're not here to like be into Iraq and be meditating for 24,000 you know, hours a day. No, it's like, we're here to be immersed in what we're doing and enjoying life and part of that is being human. Yeah. And part of it is also getting some space. Right there. A lot of people are like, I just want to run away from my life. There's, you know, so many things impinging on me and whatever. But the problem is you take yourself with you. And so at least three quarters of the noise goes with you. As well as if you try to take yourself out of someone go somewhere else. You just recreate it again. Yeah, with different people with different faces. actly. Yes, in the same chairs. Right. There you mentioned empaths and Empath was one thing that turned on Super strongly for me when I went through my awakening. And not just, there are several varieties of empaths. There's physical and there's emotional and there's all kinds of permutations on that depending on who you talk to. And I seem to have all of them. And so it got really, really loud in my experience. Suddenly, when I could feel everybody's backaches as I'm walking through the grocery store, and I've I really feel for empaths who've been in this soup all their life because mine was turned down quite a bit before most of my life and then it turned on. But one of the tools that I learned you asked for tools was to learn how to tune in specifically to people and tune specific people out. And it's something that you can actually learn to do. It's easier to start with like one person, not the collective. Yeah, don't go to the gym or Walmart on Black Friday and try and do this for the first time. I started with my husband, because it was just him and I in the in the condo. And we shared a wall with another couple so I wait for them to leave. And then I would like turn him up and turn him down and turn him up and turn him down until I got pretty good at it. And the other thing that that helps me with is it helps me understand what's mine because if I turn him all the way down and I still have a headache, that's my headache. I call that discernment. What's me what's not me? Exactly? Exactly in discernment is a neat gift to figure out and I think that's another one of these ongoing process things it's like okay, I'm pretty good at discerning what's mine or not mine physically but I'm not so good at it emotionally for example. It's one of these things that the competency is not always universal. Yeah, for sure. And I know to like being an empath for those that have been awake their whole life or like you or I you know, middle the life or whatever. It's understanding that how do I let me see almost I think I lost my train of thought was gonna say here, um, we'll keep going. It'll come back, it'll come back. Well, one of the things that I have to watch myself with, especially in the circumstances I'm having right now around my parents health. Healing is part of my mission. And not the first Lifetime I'm doing this. But what we learn as healers in these older lives, there was a form of healing that we did which was taking on the other person's thing, and then clearing it out of our own system. And the first few healings I did were in that category, and it's still something I will attempt to do unconsciously. So when I'm engaging with for example, my father as he's recovering from pneumonia, I have to be very clear about that there is a separation between me as a caregiver and him as the experiencer of this dis ease in his body. And that I can clear that dis ease without taking it into myself. If he's amenable to clearing that dis ease. Now, my parents are quite aged, they're getting to the point where at some point, their soul is going to go, No, I need to hold on to this one. Right. And so it's very important to recognize when those moments arrive, when you're invited in and when you're not. Yeah, definitely. And that's all to me, that's about my own, you know, how am I going to work with someone else, but it's up to me on how I do that. Because, you know, like, like you said, the tools I mean, we have these tools and we can understand how to discern not discern you know, what's me what's not me, but, but I can also have some people just allow everything in. And then well, and we've been told that that service and it's actually not service to the person who's providing the service. Exam is not a win win. It's a win lose. Exactly. Yes. And I know and oftentimes, oftentimes it's a lose lose. Now I know a lot of people out there go whoa, wait a second. No, oftentimes it's a lose lose because there are reasons we bring experiences into our lives. And when you go in and you clear out somebody is experienced before they're done with it. They lose just the same way you're losing. Exactly. Yeah. Cuz they may need that experience. It's like saying, you know, taking away someone's crutch, when they might need that crutch until they have something else put in place for themselves. You want till they will the muscles up in their gimpy leg or whatever it is they they need. That if you take it too soon, they'll they'll call in something else. So instead of using a walking stick, maybe they'll have a walker the next time you see them. Yeah, exactly. And I remember what I was gonna say a little bit ago. It's about the energies that we're in now. And so like being empathic, being open being awake, and the energies are lifting and the energies are moving up and up and up. And so it's really figuring out how to work with those energies as they expand and we have everyone's opening up no matter how much people recognize that they're picking up those impression hunches and insights all day long. Like some of us really recognize that and others don't. But the energy is just shifting so so quickly and so dramatically that being an empathic like you said it, you know, for those that have been impacted their whole life and some that haven't. It's it's a big it's a big nut to work to work with. While we're here. Yeah. It really is. It can be an extremely useful tool. Okay, as a healer being an empath is like, oh, yeah, you know exactly what's going on and precisely where, especially with like the physical empathy, but the downside and there's always kind of a given a take in this world of duality. The downside is, you have to be cautious how you connect, how much you connect when you connect, and that you disconnect when you're done and clear out anything that lingers. Exactly. So let's talk a little bit about your conscious enlightenment process that you take people through. I do I have a conscious enlightenment process and it's, its foundation is the soul contract you created when you came into live this life. It's a form of Akashic Record work. It's not the typical Akashic Record work, which is all let's go see how many lives we've lived. And you know, what we brought forward from that which is great, and it has its healing places. But I start with what did we plan for this one? Because that informs everything else. And it may be such a thing if you've gotten partway through your contract, that what you need is a contract renegotiation, because we're really ambitious when we lay these things out. You know, we're kind of on a high we've we've just finished the other life. We're looking at all the the wins and triumphs, and it's like alright, let's raise the bar, and then we get down here and we remember how dense this place is. And holy crap, I chose all that. Yeah, why did I dump all this on my plate? And so sometimes it's important to renegotiate and to say okay, I will keep this this is sufficiently challenging for me at this time, but this is too much. And so we'll put that one to the side. And let's start with something that's a little bit more manageable. Right, right. And so that's what you help one is like a one on one process. Correct. It's a one on one process that I go through with people and it's it's completely bespoke to whatever your experience is. And so, you know, there are different experiences you can have in this world. There are books that are amazing guides. There are group events that are fabulous and that open you up in a lot of ways but every now and again, you'll get something that just doesn't fit in somebody else's pattern. And I'm a good place to arrive when it's not responding the way it ought to respond to that's, that's the most common thing with my clients when they show up. It's like I've got this problem. It hasn't responded to any of the medical interventions we've done. I've done all kinds of clearing and emotional work around it. I've looked at all the different things and nothing's freaking working. That's a sign you need to come talk to me. I go, I'm resonating. I'm coming Zofia? Yes. That's me. How do I reach you? Exactly that I found you and you're here and that's back to that. You know, your hero's journey, finding the alchemy that works for you and really connecting with people. So tell the listeners a little ways that they can connect with you to work with there are two amazing ways you can connect with me. The first it offers you an opportunity to learn a little bit more about who you are and what spiritual aspects you brought forward. It's called My superpower quiz and you can get that at superpower quiz.us. And it takes just a minute or two to go through and answer the questions and it gives you a nice little report at the end. It also puts you on my email list so you can hear about you know what's going on and the things that are doing. So that's kind of a nice, gentle way into my world. If you, however, are in a space where it's like I need me some zoafia right now. Yeah, and sometimes we're in that place, you can go to book zofia coffeechat.com That's B Oh, okay. Zofiacoffeechat.com and that will get you a 20 minute conversation with me and we can look at what your situation is and what can be done about it. Beautiful and I will have those in the show notes so everyone can go there they can take their quiz. If you want to have a quick chat with Sophia you can so I have all that for them in the show notes. Beautiful. That always makes it so much simpler. without rambling for your pen and paper is like can I rewind, rewind? Quite Oh no. Yeah, no it's good. Show Notes are good. Sophia. It has been such a pleasure. Thank you for taking time out today for sharing with my listeners and all the beautiful, sensible, Mystic Alchemist and teaching you're doing in the world for these beautiful souls who are showing up and needing some support. All right, thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure. And thank you for what you're doing to get the information out in the world.

(Cont.) Enthusiastic about Conscious Enlyghtment with ZofiaRennea Morales