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Soul Wisdom through Sound with Gabriela J. Garbacz

April 12, 2022 Season 2 Episode 31
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Soul Wisdom through Sound with Gabriela J. Garbacz
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When we arrive back on the planet we forget who we are as a soul. 

Many of us spend most our lives trying to remember who we really are. 

It is when we ultimately make points of connection within ourselves that we then shift our perspectives and often times our journey.

That is what happened to my next guest.

Gabriela J. Garbacz is an energy healer, author and a vessel for highly evolved beings from other dimensional realms to connect with people on Earth. After an intense awakening experience, she received the sacred gift of healing through sound and is able to speak, sign and translate many of the multi-dimensional Light languages.

In 2012 Gabriela began to communicate with Star Beings and Ascended Masters. The Light beings guided Gabriela to remember who she is, where she is from and what her role is. The channelled conversations have been recorded over a period of seven years and resulted in three Soul Wisdom books: Remember Who You Are, Transmission of Light and Point of Connection.

Gabriela’s passion is to assist others on their journey of remembrance and return to love. She uses higher dimensional frequencies of sacred sounds and Light language in group and individual healing sessions to bring about healing, alignment, activation and transformation.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Sound healing

2. Light beings

3. Australia

4. Moving from the mind to the heart

5. Channelled book transmission

6. Light encoding

7. Helping humanity

8. Sound transmission

9. Accessing peace, joy, love, stillness and freedom

10. Calling everyone home

Find more through Gabriela's website and her YouTube Channel. Purchase her powerfully channeled Soul Wisdom books.

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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the planet, we forget who we are as a soul. Many of us spend most of our lives trying to remember who we really are. It is when we ultimately make points of connection within ourselves, that we then shift our perspectives and oftentimes our journeys. That is what happened to my guest today. Her name is Gabriela Garbacz. She is an energy healer, author and a vessel for highly evolved beings from other dimensional realms to connect with people on earth. After an intense awakening experience, she received the sacred gift of healing through sound and is able to speak, sign and translate many of the multi dimensional light languages. In 2012, Gabriela began to communicate with star beings and ascended masters. The Light Beings guided Gabriella to remember who she is, where she's from, and what her role is. The channeled conversations have been recorded over a period of seven years and resulted in three soul wisdom books. Remember who you are, transmission of light and point of connection. Gabriella, his passion is to assist others on their journey of remembrance, and return to love. She uses high dimensional frequencies of sacred sound and light language in group and individual healing sessions to bring about healing alignment, activation and transformation. Welcome, Gabriela. Thank you so much. I'm very happy to be here. And I love the introduction because that's exactly who I am. And what has happened. Thank you. Oh, you are so welcome. And so how I found you was through a soul sister in Melbourne, where you're at you're in Melbourne, Australia, and I resonated so completely with your work because I love sound healing. I'm very high in Clairaudience meaning clear hearing. So sounds, music. I do a lot of sound journeying in different places I live at and it just fills me up. So when I found you, I bought your books. I watched a few of your videos did some of the the transmissions and attended your 2-22-2022 transmission which was and still is powerful because I get to do it every day in my recording that you sent to me. So I love the fact that you're bringing through these frequencies and how they are how they affect myself and how I feel with them and how you are bringing this forth to others. So I would love for you to share a little bit about how you came into this work. Um, I've been on a spiritual journey for over 30 years. It first started with the mind. I got really interested in how the mind works. Learn about meditation. I was teaching meditation in Australia for 11 years. And then I was guided to go into the heart because there were there were emotions that needed to be looked at and healed. And I couldn't do that through the mind. So then the next 12 years actually spent working with emotions healing the past and that kind of opened the door into the soul and when that happened, the energy kind of found me that's the only way I can describe it. And I started to to work energetically and I loved it. It was like I found my my last friend I loved it. And then I went through I profound in the transformation in 2010. And then a whole new dimension opened up for me a year later I was activated started speaking light language. I used it with nature first didn't know how to do it what to do it but then started to use it in my clinic with with clients and then a year later 2012 I was meditating. And then I felt the presence I literally felt the presence in the room with me. And I was sitting next to a computer and energy kind of pulled me towards the keyboard as if I was going to type letters with my nose. Pump is on term. So I simply opened my eyes, open a document Word document, put my hands on the keyboard close my eyes again connected with the presence and I typed Hello. And I received an answer and we started a dialogue. The presence identified herself as a casa Mira that stopped being from elderberry. She told me that she's part of my family and she is here to help me to remember who I am, where I'm from and what my role is. She asked for 45 minutes of my time every day. And that's how the conversation started. And that's it that's what the books are right? Well, they were never intended to be books. They were simply conversations like we had now. I was very grateful for the assistance for for the presence in my life, everyday life. So every day I would connect to the light and spend 45 minutes there. And I simply recorded the conversations but I never thought that there will be shared with anyone because they very much like the conversation we are having now. It's just a conversation and then we can meet again and again and again. And it's totally fine. Here's in the process of me speaking with the light beings following Akazamira other light beings showed up. They were very grateful that I can speak the language because somehow I've had the ability to translate from light language to English. And then other beings like Marilyn and Jesus and Mother Mary and talk and Lakshmi they all came through. So I never intended to have a book or anything like that but five years in the process in 2017. The being said to me now it's time for the conversation to be shared with other people. And I said what do you mean? Excuse me. They said now you're part of humanity and whatever you're going through everyone else and so they asked me to publish and they said as people will read this books, they will also remember it will evoke a memory for them. So reluctantly, I agreed. So while I was still talking to them I published the first book but they said not to talk about it until all three books actually published. So the process of how the books came about because the content of the books did not come from my mind and not from my imagination. They were actual conversation I have had and they will record it in real time. So I'm not talking about a conversation I have had, it's actually so the light is encoded in the wording. It's there in the books. So yes they said that it will make a difference for people who will who will read them, the lights in a colder day it will affect people because the words come from Peace from stillness from that state of nothingness that's how people start to embody this frequency. So yes, the process was completely different. The content is completely different, but they are truly transformational books. So it's a seven year process. And the energy it's a little different in the first book than the second and the third, because once you get used to delight in the first one, then you can proceed to the second one. And the third one, but it's a seven year journey that I went through and people who will read the books will also go through it's interesting because I know we talked a little bit about that because I am currently reading volume one remember who you are book one. Let's hold that for a second. And I'm usually I kind of whip through books and you know, okay, I get this but this is not that kind of book like there's a lot of energy in this and so I'm taking it you know piece by piece and just allowing it to kind of I want to I as I'm getting a visual it's kind of like just permeate but kind of just, you know, trickle in and just kind of you know, and settle in. I'm getting that like residue kind of settles, you know, and what I love about the books like you're mentioning how they are actually transmissions and there's energy in them, as well as the, the the light the frequencies that you bring forth in your sound. So let's talk a little bit about that between like, you know, having like a sound journey or maybe a private session. with you as well as or reading the books what's what's the difference or is there a correlation between them? Ah, so when I caught was communicating with the beings of light every now and then they asked me to tone so the toning comes to realign our being to activate the heart, and it's the purest form, because it's just sound but the sound is coming from a higher dimension. So the way I look at our bodies and our beings we are like instruments, but because living here on planet Earth, every time we experience sadness or anger or guilt or shame or resentment any of these emotions change the pitch of the instrument yes we had many lifetimes on this planet, the instrument it's kind of out of tune. So every time we connect with the higher frequencies, the instrument it's been achieved and then we we will all create this beautiful melody. I see it like the Melbourne symphonic orchestra. You know each person comes with different instrument and a tuning first, and then the conductor comes in and everything starts to play in harmony and and I was told that my role it's a little bit like the conductor that I know the sounds of so many instruments and I can bring the frequencies through to attune the instruments. So so that's the difference between attending a session where the frequencies are being transmitted through the voice. And it's different if you reading because then the frequencies are going through your eyes and into your being by but the same energy that it's been transmitted through the voice. It's embodied in the in the books. So that's why we're right in saying you cannot read too quickly. I always advise people to just read read two or three chapters a day, because I said like food for the soul. The content of the books will not so much speak to your mind. It's not very interesting. Mind, but it's very soothing to the soul. So you want to eat just a little bit at a time. And this way over time you literally embodying the frequencies that are encoded in the books. And what I love about sound frequency and sound healing work, is the fact that it meets people exactly where they're at. So like there could be I'm assuming in your classes. I know that one when I did the transmission there were quite a few people on that one, but in everyone's a different places and so we're all different healers and I will share when I did that transmission. You mentioned the you know, emotional components of the body. I had fear come up at one point. It came up and I just I just thought okay, there you are, and I you know, just kind of settled down I breezed through it but it's interesting how for myself and then when I did it again, it's been different each time as you're saying like fine, you know, like tuning the way my inner self every time I'm doing it, I'm retuning it differently but um, I just love the fact how sound in the sound healing you bring through can meet each person exactly where they're at. For whatever they need at that moment. Yes, and I love you know, I love the integrity of it, because words are not involved. And I like that because it's a pure heart. It's just transmitting and allowing the purity of it to integrate with each instrument. And I also love the fact that as you said, it's for everybody, no matter where you are. And you don't need to tell me your story. No, I work with clients. For 22 years in a clinic. I've heard lots of stories, and there were different modalities to help to assist people. But then I was told in one of the transmissions that from now on the higher frequencies will work with people like you mentioned that the fear comes up but you don't have to tell me the story about it. You see it comes up and the energy kind of washes this through. And it's just washing, washing, washing, washing. It's like little things. And overtime we've been washed clean. So I loved it. That we don't need to spend years just finding out why you are the way you are and how is it that you are frightened or anxious or all you need to do is just be in the in the frequency of this transmissions. Yeah. Yeah, I love that too. And so on the frequencies since you started working with them. Have you noticed that it's shifted or change like since where everyone's talking these days about ascension and the planets in like, you know, Fifth Dimension now or whatever different dimensions? Have you noticed that the frequency that you're bringing through, have they changed or have they, you know, gotten heightened or have you noticed anything like that? Not for me personally because once I connected to the light, that's where it's coming and you know, the light is the fabric of all creation and the aspects of the light are peace, joy, love, stillness, freedom. So all of these it's been terminating now and coming to this planet. So for me I haven't noticed difference in this respect. However for people it will be different because they're not used to it. It's like It's like rain, if you have never experienced rain, and now it start to to to rain. Give me all these analogies because some things you cannot explain it words so analogies work very well. So now what I'm seeing it's rain if people have never experienced it, it won't be comfortable. You know it will it will be different. They will want what they had before no rain. So the process of ascension is increasing in a way and before many people have chosen to walk the path and now I think everyone will be in the process we all in it. Yes. So change is coming. And yeah, we all need to change see the feminine energy, it's all about being and for 1000s of years we were used to doing it was all about doing achievement and progress and when out the other energies are coming to balance it because we become a little out of balance. So that aspect of being comes through but the mind knows nothing about being it knows only about doing what are we going to do what are we going to talk about where we going to come seen answers just be? The mind says What do you mean? And it's like being being you know, you're not doing anything when you're being grateful. You're not doing anything when you are being loving. You're just being so it says state that you are in so that's that's the difference. Interesting to like what we've all been through the last since 20 Well 2020 with the pandemic and everything how it that was really also about coming home and just being because there was nothing we could do besides just be who we were and what you know what we're experiencing every day. And changing our work to be more on Zoom and you know, to be in different in a different place. So that being definitely has started. I mean, I'm sure it started a long time before that, but that's when it really hit. Now we were actually forced into being however, in that time, it was important to check internally. How How are you opening up the opening up to that? Are you resisting? Are you fighting? Are you still wanting to do even though you in one space? Or are you open to just the fact that okay, so how am I if I'm not doing and then notice the mind, saying well you're being lazy, you have to do something. Observing the thoughts that come in, how much the mind wants you to go back to doing doing doing doing? Because as I said, we're not used to it. It's different. It's new in this respect. But it's not about being completely the other way. You know, from doing to not doing anything, it's finding the balance, right then doing and being best time to do and it's time to be and once you find the balance life becomes different and very enjoyable. And back to the ultimate is what we're here to do is remember who you are. That's key. That is a key because you see if you only see yourself as a personality. As as me then everything is mine. And this is my life. And then I want to protect it and I want to guard it. And then I feel separate from you because you are you I am me. Yes once you open yourself to the idea that there is more to you than just this life, that you'll have an essence and that's who you are the essence of you that has been shaped into who you are today. So to find out who you truly are. Your perspective changes. You look at things a different way. I mean every encounter we just met. Right. However, on the soul level, you know, the moment I saw your photograph, I could recognize the spirit that was shining through and you can say oh, it's a lovely photograph, but there's something else shining through it. And that's the essence that we recognize in each other. And the light beings were very helpful in showing other lifetimes. that I have and how to feel them. And yeah, so that was very, very helpful, and it will be favorable. I mean that question who am I? So if I'm not what I do or what I have, then who am I? Yeah, and that is where we're at as a as really a collective. Like everyone's affected. They have to come I mean, it's a time of waking waking up or if they're not if they're not ready to wake up. They may leave the planet. I mean, there's just different variations of what souls want to experience and so, but I love being here. I love being enthusiastic about being here, Gabriella. I love embracing the beautiful frequencies that you and you bring through. So let's talk a little bit about a transmission because you're going to actually offer us a beautiful transmission in a few moments here. And when you say awakening, I like that, that word opening because awakening it's really opening to your heart. So moving from the mind, to the heart so that transmission it's really about heart activation. It's about opening the heart so you can recall reconnect with with that part of yourself. So during the transmission, I'm going to ask you to just find a comfortable position close your eyes, I will connect and you will hear the sound of my voice, but it's not me making the sounds the sounds are moving through me. And you will hear just a fraction of what is actually being transmitted because there's those like a symphony of different frequencies and keys and activations and I love this what all you need to do like what you did at the session, you just closing your eyes opening yourself up and feeling so yes, perhaps we can do this now and see what comes through. So for you listeners, I'm just again to reiterate what Gabriella just said is so please don't listen to this while you're driving the car. Please find a nice comfortable place to relax to maybe close your eyes. You can even lay down to do this but please do not be driving a car while you're listening to this because it's it's not not good. We we were we will ask you to please refrain from driving the cars while you listen to this podcast episode. Yes, it also helps if you close your eyes and feel so it's not so much just listening to the sounds but also what you feeling while you while you're listening. So let's do it now. Sounds great. She told me kick macaco or stir a holy Akashic in Akaka KKK Asia. We still need a copy Shaka is that in a car called Mako Kochi key ship? US still a Phoenix a Calcutta K Shaka taka ko oho comarca I mean PKK issue is that Ohana kar ke she could the Kanaka or start a Hanukkah Maka or corn or coco key or she stick a pin Akaka shaker K or Hong Kong or como como como como como a Shahabi Kuri Kuri Kuri Kuri, Kuri, Kuri, Oh so the way I always feel it's it's literally a mother calling her children home. So if you listen and you resonate with it, it's a call to bring you into your heart into the being. And yeah, it's important to children's soulmate with it. You know, you're listening and you're not thinking but just feeling so that's why I love it. Beautiful Gabriela and so I felt that immediately in my heart, which then went up into my head and did like a little expansion thing and went back down to my root chakra so I felt it moving throughout but very centered, but very like my heart is still like ah, it feels so good. You know and Gabriella, I believe that we are from the universe that we are all star children. We're all made of star dust and, and so I think connecting with this energy and this the sounds is home for me too, you know, I mean, and so that's what I feel for myself when I connected with you connected with what your the work you're doing and the sounds it's just it brings me right back home. That's exactly right. Yeah. That's why I see the call like calling the children home home to themselves because home it's in the heart that's that's where and sometimes people say I want to go home but it's not that you're going somewhere it's actually returning to yourself. To your to your own being. Yes, as I said I love the integrity of it because it's not about using beautiful words and promising things and it's just connecting with the light bringing the frequencies through and computers and I think we're that it will affect you in a beautiful, very pure way. And your instrument is going to be achieved and you will be feeling more and more peace in your being more stillness. And it's a beautiful way to to be in this world. Because the other fruit that the other emotions are no longer there. When you truly at peace and peace it's within each and every one of us. It's just that it's buried underneath the other the other emotions. So that's that's what I would like for for every person on this planet just to return to to to themselves to to find a piece within well you're doing beautiful work Gabriela and I know that you're very guided with Spirit and with your guides and so I know you do the transmissions at different times. Like I said I did the one on 2-22-2022 But you're very much about you know so I guess what I'm saying out loud is that like I have your website and I'll have all your information for people to connect in the show notes because keeping tabs of Gabriella and when she comes across with a transmission it's a it's a it's profound. A different timings when spirits is okay. It's now to bring one through Gabriella because that is how you work correctly. That's exactly how I work and I've been working like this for years so I don't have specific time so dates. Once I'm guided I send the emails out and Troy Bob wants to join. We come together. I also do the individual sessions. And this is more for someone who wants to receive a personal activation and it's like a little pep talk. encouragement from spirit. Real rely on you. Yes, I definitely am guided and I trust the guidance. I might not know why I'm doing it on this specific day that information usually comes later. However I know within my being that's the day that I need to connect and bring whatever needs to come through for myself for the people that are joining for the planet and everyone else and every now and then asked to just record a short session and put it on YouTube for any one who wishes to connect to the frequency of the day and the most specific to like and that was one to to get the courage to let go because we will be asked to let go or to return to the innocence of our being where we're not judging things to be good or bad. So that will have to go you know the light being said that that structures of the mind will have to go right so all the concepts we heard about right and wrong and victories and so many things that we'll have to be dismantle slowly. So these transmissions on YouTube they actually help with specific, this metric. Beautiful and I was checking out a few of those too before we connected so yeah, there's some lovely ones on there that are very powerful too. Yeah, yeah, very powerful. They all powerful because the power comes from the connection. So you see, it's different if I if I just made some sounds. That just sounds however, what happens? You know that there was a time when I pray to God to be the instrument because when I was teaching, stress, controlling mind by open seminars, I always had books and charts to take with me while I was traveling. And then when I was working as a hypnotherapist I needed a recliner to lie down and so I prayed to not to have to have anything with me just to be the instrument. And over the years that's that's what happens to clients simply the instrument for the frequencies to move through and be transmitted either through words or through the hands or through the through the songs or through your beautiful book. Yes. And I will have all of that information in the show notes for people to click on and go find you and Gabriella, it has been a pleasure. I appreciate you coming on so much today and I appreciate in great thanks to the master souls or guides that work that came through to to you know, give us that beautiful transmission. I thank them also. So thank you so much for being here today. Thank you and thank you for acknowledging them. And for having me for giving me the opportunity to share with your audience and I'm truly truly grateful. Thank you so much.