Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastically Embracing Oneness to Access Wellness with Dr. Suman Kollipara

March 15, 2022 Season 2 Episode 27
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastically Embracing Oneness to Access Wellness with Dr. Suman Kollipara
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On our journeys through life there are two areas that go hand in hand on the path of spirituality. They are wellness and oneness.  Finding the balance within oneself to embrace both fully can lead to health, happiness and harmony.

My guest in this episode is here to share about these two areas and how to embody them within the spiritual path you are on. His name is Dr. Suman Kollipara he is co-founder of the non-profit Peace Tree Innovations Society (www.peacetree.ca) that helps humanity tap into their peak wellness and infinite potential as well as drive organizations to success through Conscious Leadership.

He comes with a unique background of veterinary medicine, computer science and 13 years of training in self-compassion wellness program. His ability to bridge science with wisdom with practical and simple solutions attracts and inspires all age groups around the world.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1.  Peace Tree Innovations Society

2. Oneness & Wellness

3. Sunita Amma

4. Energetic/emotional representation of what God is

5. Life shifts

6. Science & Spirituality

7. Sookshma Self Compassion Meditation

8. Healing the physical

9. Accessing different parts of the brain with levels of consciousness

10. Brain changes with meditation

Find out more aboutDr. Suman Kollipara and PeaceTree Center for Wellness & Oneness.

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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there are two areas that go hand in hand with the path of spirituality. They are wellness and oneness. Finding the balance within oneself to embrace both fully can lead to health happiness and harmony. My guest today is here to share about these two areas and how to embody them within the spiritual path that you are on. His name is Dr. Suman Kollipara. He is co founder of the nonprofit Peace Tree innovation society which can be found at WWW.peacetree.ca that helps humanity tap into their peak wellness and infinite potential as well as drive organizations to success through conscious leadership. He comes with a unique background of Veterinary Medicine, computer science and 13 years of training and self compassion wellness program. His ability to bridge science with wisdom with practical and simple solutions, attracts and inspires all ages groups around the world. His sessions have transformed a wide range of audiences at both public and private sector organizations like the World Health Organization, the city of Burnaby, Pacific Gas and Electric Vancouver General Hospital, Royal Columbian hospital. Be CIT in the UC SF Medical Center Plus addiction centers, libraries, teachers and schools, firefighters, fires and many scientific conferences. Welcome Dr. Suman. Thank you very much for that warm introduction and welcome Teresa. I'm enthusiastic, you're here and hey, let's tap into that energy of enthusiasm. Love the title of your podcast. The moment I saw it, I'm like, wow, enthusiastically spiritual. Because, you know, a lot of times people have misconceptions about spirituality. You know, they think, oh, spirituality is about just withdrawing completely from the world and just running into a forest or sitting in a cave and just cutting yourself off. And in my 15 years of journey with my teacher and Master Guru, Sonny Tomba. I've learned that spirituality is actually embracing everything around you. In fact, it is what I call It's a story of each one of existence in this world. And, and spirituality is not like some kind of abstract concept out there. It's about us. It's actually digging a little bit deeper, and having that holistic view about our life and as you mentioned in the introduction, that health, happiness and harmony, I think is something that everyone wants today in their life. And spirituality is a reflection of those three dimensions of our existence. And and the other aspect like the enthusiasm aspect is actually even more powerful. Because a lot of times, you know, when when they think again, into spirituality is not just about just sitting in a corner, but actually sharing that excitement sharing that energy sharing that realization that you know, that moment of enlightenment or that aha moment to rest of the world. It's like, Hey, I found it, I figured it out. I know exactly who I am. Right. So so I'm really glad that you have started a show where you're bringing, you know, lots of people who are in this path and share their enthusiasm and spread this energy spread this wives and make this more contagious. Hmm, I can feel that I love that contagious and that contagious enthusiasm feeling and what's interesting about the word enthusiasm is I recently tapped into it and I found out that enthusiasm is actually about embracing the God within Yes, embracing the God within that's very profound Teresa and and again, there is a misconception again about the word God for a lot of people and I think it's probably useful to kind of open that up a little bit. Right You know, we talk about God yes, there is a physical representation of that there is an energetic representation of that there is an emotional representation of that. And if we look at all those three dimensions, the physical, emotional and energetic, all those are, in fact, the very essence of our existence. Right? And once you again, tap into those three dimensions, that physical, emotional and the energetic, then that revelation which happens in that process as we go deep within that experience, that realization is the God right and of course, we do have physical representations in different cultures, religions across the globe. And all these physical representations are people who have gone in the path and who have realized that there is something profound within that profound bliss. What I call the profound joy unlimited in finite potential, where you feel that oneness with everything and everyone around and that essence is in fact God with him. Totally agree. And what that excites me about, especially today and spirituality, and people finding their paths, that it can look like whatever it looks like for you. I'm talking to the listener, because and that's the exciting part about it, because there's so many different opportunities, just so many different ways to be expressive in your enthusiasm and in your spirituality. In so many different aspects of spirituality to touch into and to grasp a hold of or not. So it really varies upon each person to how they want to go about opening up and experiencing and inviting that beautiful aspect of who they are as a god a source of creator into their journey. So let's go into a little bit about that oneness because to me, oneness leads to wellness, no matter how you find a so let's talk about what does one this mean to you. Dr. Suman? Thank you for asking that question. It's a very profound and very deep I would say, and I'll share my journey and experience to kind of reflect on that experience of oneness. And then why, you know, I realized that oneness and wellness are kind of the core essence of what we all want to embrace in our lives. 15 years back, you know, I was just under regular person, busy with life, family, job, and, and of course, you know, we all go through different things in our lives, relationship issues and career issues. And we have those ups and downs, anxieties, depressions, excitements, the blues of life, and during that phase I was, in fact, looking for something deeper, like I had my experience as an intellectual embracing, you know, as a veterinarian going very deep into the understanding of the miracles of our body and existence, and the nature and the animals and the creatures and then suddenly shifted to the other side into the machines into the computers and computer science. And then after that, I also embraced art and writing and photography and filmmaking and acting. So after experiencing these three different dimensions, in my life in the early part, I was like, is that all life? There's got to be something more there is something deeper to our existence. None of these gave me that bliss or that permanent joy that I was looking for. And in that search, you know, I've traveled back to I was living in us and bedtime and traveled back to India. spent a year and a half met a lot of people. And then I moved to Vancouver, Canada here in British Columbia, and that's when in a couple of weeks after I moved here I met this amazing human being her name is Sunita Amma and she teaches meditation and in yoga and a form of meditation called Sookshma Meditation. And Sookshma is a Sanskrit word from ancient Indian language called Sanskrit. And Sookshma means subtle, subtler and subtler, just right, the most subtlest and I was in into any of these things, and I was like, Okay, let me give it a try. And one session, the first session, I've done meditation in the presence, I have experienced a state of complete stillness of my mind, which I've never experienced, and I lost the sensation of my body. I was feeling that I have become one with the entire universe. And then in the next few sessions, I started to continue to have that experience. And now it's not just that I had that experience there, but as I walked into my day to day life, into my work into my family into my friends, I could feel that abundant joy and bliss just overflowing from me. All those frustrations and a little things that bother us in our day to day life. Didn't bother me anymore. It was like I was just witnessing all the drama around me. But still not affected by it at all. And I didn't know anything about spirituality. I didn't know anything about ancient wisdom, wisdom, cultures, yoga, meditation, none of these things. And as I started to move forward in four or five sessions, I was starting to understand and then I started to read some and the literature started coming to me as if, you know, it was intended to like, I didn't ask for it. I was just getting that and I was reading through these ancient scriptures. I was like, wow, this is exactly what they're talking about. Like, I'm actually experiencing this now. And this is what is spiritual. And of course, you know, being coming from a scientific background, especially studying you know, veterinary science and medicine. I was like, oh, no, this this doesn't. This can't be true. Like there's got to be something. But now there is something else that happened in that experience of oneness as you very well mentioned in the in the beginning, that there is healing that started to happen in my body. Like I used to have, you know, stomach issues, gastrointestinal problems, IBS, and within a few sessions, my stomach started to feel very good, and all the things that I couldn't eat before I was able to eat, like brown rice and oats and lemon juice, all those things would be very difficult on my stomach. And then I started to accept everything and I became really strong in terms of my health. And I'm like, wow, now this was more profound for me because as someone coming from that medical science background, I'm like, What's going on here? What is changing in me? So that curiosity of a science and the experience of that oneness and my realizations from within on top of that now the information I'm getting from the knowledge and wisdom from the scriptures, all these three combined has given me a crystal clear understanding that someone what you're experiencing here is what ancients called the spirit or the soul or atma or vibration or whatever name you want to call it. But it is that state, beyond the mind beyond the body, that there is an element, which I denied until then, but I'm experiencing there is no chance of denial anymore. It's like it's happening to me. It's like I there's no escape from it. And that experience of wellness and oneness helped me to co found this nonprofit organization called Peace Tree Center for Wellness and oneness. And I realized that at that moment, this is not someone's problem. It's actually problem of every human being in this world. Everyone is going through this. Everyone's going through some level of suffering, and everyone is seeking out and some are finding it. Most of them are not finding it and obviously they're taking a wrong path. Getting into all kinds of sensual pleasures, addictions, traumas, you know, severe medication, all of these things are kind of holding people in a prison. So I felt like everyone needs this liberation, and at the root of it, in this realization, I have understood the root cause of all the suffering is right here. In the mind. It's the human mind. And as I understood my journey with Sookshma journey with this Divine Master, Sunita Amma, I realized that we accumulate so much of impurities in our in our minds, in form of these vices. You know, the anger, jealousy, greed, false ego, pride, all these things that we just take for granted and we think that's okay to have. But these are the ones these are the enemies. We think there are enemies out there, but these inner enemies are really capturing us and holding us in prison. And sookshma is to actually again going back to the subtlest of the subtle, you cannot see you cannot hear it, you cannot taste it, you cannot touch it. But yet, it is the source of all these experiences. And that's when you know, when people say, I don't know, spirituality, I'm like, Well, you are actually it's your spirit that is experiencing these that that side dimension of you, within you, which leaves the body when you leave this world is the one that is actually helping you experience because the same body when a person is leaving this world that are dead, the body is there, but the body doesn't experience anything. Why? If the body is the one that is going through all these things, or the source of all these things, then it should have continued so this realization really helped me to take this knowledge and experience and simplify and for me, you know, coming from the science background, I respect science, and also embracing the spirituality and I feel they're actually one both are actually two sides of the same coin. You know, both are investigating ancient sages have investigated the self and scientists are investigating matter in a certain level and of course, even they are now coming to that energy and beyond and realizing that there is there is something that that kind of brings us all together. And even if you look at the whole transformation in the Health Science and with especially COVID I think we definitely have realized the importance of self care, self love, taking care of our immune system taking care of this precious resource. And what I really liked about Sunita Amma teachings and her journey is it's very simplified. She doesn't talk anything, you know, big, very simplified. Are you taking care of this precious resource? This was the first question she asked me when I approached her. Are you giving time for this? Because this is the most precious resource that you have. And I felt Wow, that was almost like a slap on my face. You know, I've been living 30 years of my life, accomplishing great things out there in the world, the external world, but neglecting this body this mind and that precious spirit. So that's my journey in a nutshell about the wellness and oneness. Teresa. Thank you so much for sharing that journey. And I feel that that is exactly where every soul on the planet is at this moment. But what level of consciousness and what ability are where where are they able to take that because everyone's in different places and some people may not be this lifetime. It may be three lifetimes from now it may be you know, next lifetime but it's just where are they at and I just feel that is exactly where the collective is, is that we've all been, you know, isolated, going and coming back home literally and figuratively to ourselves but it really is about finding that place in that place of oneness. And what I love about what you just said is the subtleness because I to believe that there's I also believe that science is amazing. Spirituality is amazing. There's a beautiful blend, but keeping it simple, because the world is so complex and there's so much out there in the world of information and content. And I'm bombarded to constantly have you know this email and that and, and then coming to spirituality that we're all out here now really trying to make a difference trying to share with ways that people can embrace and keeping it simple keeping it practical, that subtleness is just, it's what's really needed in this complex very dynamic world right now have massive amounts of information. Do you agree with that? Absolutely. You know, there are two things that really strike you know, strike me. One is everyone is at a different level of consciousness. Right and that's so profound because once we understand that there is acceptance, there is understanding and a lot of the challenges that we see in the world today is all about around relationships. You know people having difficulty getting along with your own kith and kin, with your family, with your friends with your immediate colleagues at work and that is something that we really emphasize even in our program in our sessions is how can we bring that harmony in that harmony app aspect of that health, happiness and harmony? And that harmony again, goes back to you know, realizing that Oh, everyone is at a different level of consciousness and now we have signs to even prove that because if we look at our brain, the brain that we all have is actually not one brain. It is actually three different parts in our brain. And because we are footprint of evolution, again, we're talking science here. So we actually have the reptilian brain we have the mammalian brain and the human brain. So if you imagine a brain structure like this, the bottom part is the reptilian brain, which is responsible for your survival of the fittest instincts, like you know, aggression, dominance, food, reproduction and basic instincts. And then we have the middle portion of the brain, which is the limbic system, the emotional brain, which evolved when we became the four legged animals in the forest, right. And you see elephants, tigers, dogs, cats, they have some level of emotion, but not fully developed yet, right. But there is also the amygdala and you know, hypothalamus and bocce hippocampus, they're sitting and regulating our fight or flight of fear responses because you're living in the forest. So your amygdala is kind of hyper activated pretty much. And then on top of that is what you have your prefrontal cortex, which is the human part of the brain, which makes us human which allows us to be creative, find that meaning, find the purpose, and that will power and the ability to discriminate Right and Wrong, Good and bad. You know, these are the three things. Now when we look at people out there, you know, of course, Charles Darwin said we are a product of evolution. No one ever said that evolution is over. We are all in that process. And evolution is such a such a tricky thing because you can't see what happened 30,000 years ago, and you cannot see what's going to happen 30,000 years from now. We of course see what's happening now, but there is a lot of stuff that happened we all evolved of course from that single cell, or even before that those bio chemicals in the oceans in the rocks, which came together and and there is that self organizing power, which made us but the unfortunate part is we humans, because of this polluted mind, we forget that we have the ability to self organize, self regulate, self empower, and self realize we forgot that it's almost like there is this delusion, ancient wisdom calls it Maya, right? This the layer of delusion just came to us and it's like you forget, you know, or your friend God, what your original nature is your real sources, but we all have that. But unfortunately in this process of evolution, I think some are still stuck here the reptilian some are still stuck here and the mammalian, some are evolving. You know, we all have the potential. But then the beauty of tools like meditation when you really through meditation is a process of clearing those clutters clearing those layers or Maya or that delusion and and my teacher sweet always emphasizes like true meditation is cleansing the mind cleansing from those impurities and purifying it. Just like you know, we have this white cloth here. You know when it has dots on it, obviously you cannot experience that purity. So the true meditation is cleaning those impurities of vices, and then bringing it to that silence. And in that silence is where the true transformation happens. And again, scientific research now supports that because there are MRI studies done on the brain in some of these top universities across the globe, where they're seeing that when you go into the deeper states of meditation that there is change in the structure of the brain. They're seeing more activity in the prefrontal cortex and less activity in the in the amygdala and the emotional and limbic brain, which very clearly indicates that we have the self regulating self organizing, self empowering capacity in all of us that potential is there, but hidden somewhere. And again, to your point, it is yes, we are all at different levels of consciousness. But I think it is also important to realize that we all have the same capacity to transcend, to move up across the spectrum and experience the world. And I think what you're doing and what everyone around the world, or in this path are doing is to really educate everyone and simplify and say hey, you have that source, you are the source. You don't have to look out somewhere you have. It's just that you're for God and you're in a dream. Now you need to get awakened to this reality, this new reality. It's always been there, but you just have forgotten. So so definitely yes, we are all in that path, path of realization, self realization, and we are all evolving to that states of higher consciousness. Yes, and the one thing that comes to mind too, as you talk about all that is the ability to self heal. That's huge. Absolutely, absolutely. That self healing. But again, there is also another dimension I want, you know, audience to be aware, you know, who haven't gone in this path or who are trying to go into the spatters. You know, self healing, again requires that self purification, you know, obviously purification. I know a lot of people are embracing, like the detox diets and, you know, the green juice and the red juice and all of that at a physical level, which is great, but the difficult work is at the mental and emotional level. Right? And for that self healing, to truly activate, we really need to get in touch with that self. And even with the word self. I think there is a lot of misconception, like the self that I think you and me are talking about is that surplus of the subtle self, right? Not the physical self, not the ego self, not the emotional self. So it's important that you know, in this path and that's where I found that a good teacher, a mentor, a coach of Guru, who can actually guide us through those dark corners of the mind because the mind is so tricky, is a physical body we can see yes, when you take green juice, yes, you can see that your digestive system gets better. But how do you know that? This is right and this is wrong? How do you know that this is you and I can share my own journey. No being a well educated being coming from a family with very good values and morals yet, I found it so difficult to let go of that false ego and and having a teacher a guide who could really give me those pointers and say, someone I think there is a little bit of adjustment that you need to make that and then the human ego is so strong that we want to like reject it right or Oh no, if like for example, if I tell Teresa you know what, there is some problem with you. I don't think we you would take it or I would take it like in a lighter rain. I'm like, oh, wait a second. I thought I'm the nicest person in the world. But what is this person say? And I felt that aspect. That subtlest aspect is the most difficult aspect in the self healing process to cross those dark corners of the mind to heal those dark corners because the superficial healing is just this like the tip of the iceberg. But there's a lot of stuff that is underneath and bringing that stuff out and to be able to look at it accepted. And a lot of times what happens is people look at it, and they're like, oh yeah, this is me. I'm just I am who I am. Right? And that's a trap. Yes, looking at it and accepting is the first step but don't get stuck there. Yes, these are my flaws. These are my strengths. Accept your strength, accept your flaws, but start to clean them. Unless the cleaning happens unless you get rid of that garbage. You will not be able to move forward in the healing journey. And I do feel that's where we are at as a collective unit. And individually because of the fact that what's what I've noticed for myself and for many people that I've come in contact with is that the outer influences and the outer noise are not supporting people. It's so it's you have to come home it's like there's no question I'm filled with chills I say this like it's it's but again, it's back to those levels of consciousness. It's back to where where are you at as a soul and what do you want to embrace? Because if if you're not ready to go there and access those subtle because I'm, I'm with you too, like I'll tell you. I've been doing breath work every day. And so which I just love. And there's one breath work is called breathing, light. Breathing, right? And it's calming the breath down where I almost don't, I can't hear my breath. And it's just that subtle, subtle aspect. And the last couple days I've had the most profound deepening in my soul of just from that subtle accent you know, accessing my breath in that subtle way. It's been profound. So talk to me, Dr. Simone about some practical practices that our listeners can you know, that can they can access or even through, you know your Peachtree talk, we'd love to hear about that about that. So, absolutely. Turns on you brought up actually it's a good segue into that because you mentioned about Breath, breath work. And obviously that's one of the important tools in this path. And I know breath is such an important foundation of our life is the life force, which sustains this body. In fact, the most important thing but yet we pay least attention to it. And when you pay attention to that breath, that simple thing can actually start to calm down. In fact, there is scientific research with that simple breathing exercises. You can shift from that fight or flight state, which is also called a sympathetic nervous system, to your rest and digest system, which is your parasympathetic nervous system. Simple deep breathing, there is profound research that is documented which shows that that simple things like just paying attention to your breath, having those simple deep breathing can shift your psychology and your physiology and, and you also mentioned about that noise, very important like today there is so much of noise from the moment you get up. First thing what do we do is pick our mobiles. Check our messages, get onto social media, who liked my stuff, who commented on my stuff, what action is happening in the world out there? You know, this is too much noise and subconscious is filled with this clutters lumps and lumps of this flutters and we are living with that in fact, we are not our true selves. Our true self is like literally hidden it's crying somewhere sitting down there. And all of this is overtaken. And when we talk about meditation, one of the important aspects is that absolute silence. That inner silence is the most important aspect. And a lot of people tell me someone I'm trying to meditate, but I'm not able to meditate because there is all this stuff that's going on. And that is not true meditation and there are people who say they're meditating. But is there real transformation and shift? It's important for people to understand where was I? Where am I today? And where am I going? Is there that shift? Are you noticing that shift a lot of people like who are just meditating are not able to make the transformation and shift and the transformation and shift can happen only and only when you experience that subtle silence that inner silence, that stillness that complete stillness of the mind, even as I'm speaking my mouth, the words are coming out, but my mind is in a complete state of that rest. And that that oneness, again is an indication of that inner silence and that inner stillness, because when we tap into that stillness, is where we get into the state of nothingness. And now that nothingness is not empty, and that nothingness is actually full of that vibration energy. Right. And again, there is a misconception about energy. I would like to clarify a lot of people think that just being like excited and passionate is energy. Yes, that is one level of energy, what I call, of course, we all studied physics, that's kinetic energy. That's the energy that is moving around. But there is the potential energy which we also studied in physics, which is there inherently in every object, potential energy is there in the span. Potential energy is there in every single cell at at an atomic level at a subatomic level. And if you go further down into the quarks and beyond the course, is that subtle field of energy, which is nothing, but it's just bubbling and that's what I experienced, like every day when I'm going to this journey when I come out. I'm like, bubbling with the joy. Like I don't need any external gratification. I don't need a kick from my drink, or my you know, chat with somebody else, or from social media or from the food that I eat. It's there already. Everything else is just an add on to support my life system. But that inherent bliss is our nature that inherently our energy is our nature. Now, how do we access that? Of course, we talked about breath and one other important thing we talked about in our in our practices is that subtle smile that you have the Risa and that I am having right now, people forget that such such a simple thing. And whenever people come to my teachers, Sunita Amma, you know, the first thing that she asked is can you please smile and they're like, No, I have so many problems, so many burdens. Yes, we understand everybody's going through a lot of burden and pain and trauma and suffering. But that smile is as natural as you're eating as you're breathing. It is the very essence of our existence. If you look at the baby, it's smiling. That's the only thing that baby knows just smile, right? For no reason, just smiling away. And if we can start to embrace that subtle smile, what happens is it instantly brings your awareness to you again, because in the world today are full of noise. The minds are distracted everywhere. Right? You're physically here, but your mind is somewhere else with somebody. It's constantly being hijacked by somebody, some emotion, some experience out there. And this simple exercise in fact, we call this technique breathe and smile. Bs for short, not the other BS. I love that. I want some BS. Exactly. So now this has become very popular across the globe. Like wherever we are conducting this everyone's like, yes, Bs is the easiest way to do this. So the simplest technique is breathe and smile. When you're doing work. While I'm speaking to you. I'm conscious of my breath. I'm taking those deep breaths. And I'm also conscious about my it's not difficult. It's just a little bit of practice every day while cooking, while typing while writing while driving. Like you know, driving people or you know, when we go in from work or going back from work. When we are doing some chores, our mind is constantly somewhere else. And just being able to while driving. It's so easy to do. Just pay attention to your breath, keep the smile for yourself. And my teacher Saitama says, you know for everything in this world you have to pay but for smiling for yourself. You don't it's free. It's abundant. You can do How much ever you want. No one's gonna question you. No one's gonna question why you're breathing. Why you're smiling. Those are available for you anytime. If people can embrace these two simple techniques in their day to day life, and of course there is not more depth, and people can check out our website PS three.ca. We have programs people can take online consultations with Sunita she's again a rare Self Realized Soul an embodiment of purity and embodiment of that vibration. You know who hardly eats hardly sleeps who's always connected to that higher states of consciousness and being in that silence and being able to help. So we can help obviously, anyone across the globe we have actually people from you know different parts of the globe, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Africa for connecting to us online and being able to take our, you know, sessions and being able to heal, to experience that wellness and also build harmony to experience that oneness. Thank you so much for that and thank you so much for coming on today. Dr. Suman. And I just want to express how, you know for myself, I believe we're all a mirror to one another so what a beautiful mirror you are and to have that beautiful smile and breathing and I feel that it within me. And if we can share that with the world and have everyone breathe and smile a couple times a day would be good and I don't say all the time because we're all going through all kinds of stuff. But you know, just to embrace it and to feel that shift and trusting what they're feeling and moving into that beautiful, blissful part of themselves. Through that subtle, beautiful change of energy. It would be magical and so that's my wish for the world. So would you like have one last wish for the world from you Dr. Suman. One last wishes, you are the source. Everyone is the source. You are the absolute embodiment of that bliss. All that you need to do is take that one step and there are people out there to take those 99 steps to make it 100% So that you can lead your life at that 100% potential. Thank you so much for your time. Teresa, appreciate your presence. appreciate having me on your show. Thank you so much. I will definitely have all the links in the show notes on how to get a hold of you and how to get a hold of Peace Tree and and check you guys out. So thank you so much. Thank you and have a beautiful time. Thank you.

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