Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about Spiritual Awareness with Jaz Yates

March 08, 2022 Season 2 Episode 26
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Spiritual Awareness with Jaz Yates
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One aspect of life that fire’s up my inner enthusiasm is other people’s journeys. What made someone do something? When in their life did they know that was the path they wanted to take? Where did they get the most enthusiasm for what they are passionate about? Why they do what they do? 

Young, inspired and driven, at 24 years old Jaz Yates has a tenacious enthusiasm that has yet to find no bounds.  She grew up with spiritual parents that instilled in her universal truths such as she is a soul in a physical body, not a physical body with a soul.  From a young age she learned how to work with her energy, connect with her personal team of spiritual helpers as well as embrace the cycles of life as she moved through them.  This spiritual foundation has given her the ability to read people energies and understand how to work with them from the spiritual part of life. 

Having acquired a strong spiritual base has supported her unfolding journey. At her current cycle of life, she has developed a successful artist management business, hosts a music industry podcast and mentors like-minded young people within the music industry.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1.  Embracing Spirituality 

2. Understanding a bigger picture for life

3. Personality types

4. Setting a foundation for life

5. Spiritual truths

6. Cycle of Maturity (21-28)

7. Finding your way

8. Energy shifts and getting through them

9. Meeting others where they are at

10. Gifts & Guidance

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Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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One aspect of life that fires up my inner enthusiasm is other people's journeys. What makes someone do something when in their life do they know that was the path they wanted to take? Where did they get the most enthusiasm? For what they are passionate about? And why do they do what they do? Well, today I've invited a special guest on her name is Jaz Yates and Jaz is a young entrepreneur who has been raised with strong spiritual beliefs. She is an Artist Manager coaching and developing successful careers in the music industry. She resides in Melbourne, Australia and her strong inner authority, direction and awareness of her path absolutely inspires me, and I hope that you've received some inspiration from her today to welcome Jaz. Thank you so much for having me. Oh, I'm thrilled. I'm so excited because um, you're an upcoming generation. You are enthusiastic and you're rocking it and I just really want to tune in to that vibe and that good young energy that you're bringing forth in what you're doing Yeah, thank you. Yes, sir. Sometimes I people describe me as a pal that sounds stoppable sometimes and they just like get out of the way. Here Yeah. And I know I want to start to with you are raised with spiritual beliefs. And so you have that is a real big foundation for your, for your awareness of who you are and what you really want to move into. So would you like to explain a little bit about your spiritual beliefs and your upbringing? Yeah, um, so yes, I was raised with both my parents believing in Guides and or Angels and having a spiritual journey that sort of links with personal development. Well, that's how I interpret it anyway. And I found that so rewarding and interesting, and navigating that as I grew up, because I got the foundations of how to listen to myself and to be working with a different level. So an energy or how I describe it as my helpers. And that then led me to be able to learn to understand people and I think there's anything that I take from my learnings as a child and what my parents taught me, was people and how to understand them and all their their intricacies and what they're dealing with and what why they might be dealing with it and understanding their background is very closely linked to their personality types and things like that and being able to read their energy and knowing just by reading their energy, exactly what you probably should be saying to them probably shouldn't be really getting a good you are able to really kind of read the energy around people from the upbringing you've had, is that correct? Yeah, that's correct. I think I think it's um, it was a, I always try to explain it as a bit of a mixed match. It's sort of like personal development. It's a bit of like working with energy and working with you know, spirit. And then there's a bit of learning other people and understanding them and yeah, it was definitely fun childhood. And very interesting to come up in that way because I, I grew up in that way. And there's so much that foundationally sets up my beliefs, even down to you know, the beliefs that I have around everything's supposed to be the way it's supposed to be every like, everything happens for a reason. And you know, my beliefs around what happens in your afterlife and things like that. That helps set me up. But I have gone through those formative stages of being questioning what that actually is for me and for me, my spiritual belief is just a bit different from the way that my parents believe their spiritual belief and how they work with it. And it's very, sort of very funny relationship in regards to spirituality with my parents and I because they're, you know, they're always raised me to go okay, well, you're struggling with this. Why don't you you talk with your guides, and you work with them about it. And then because I'm still challenging exactly what I feel like I believe, I don't know and then so forever, just being like, why don't you know, why don't you know but then, but then at the same time, I'll you know, they're struggling with something and I swing it back to them Be like, Why do you talk to you guys? They're like, Well, you said no. So kind of like what comes around goes around. If you're going to say say team meeting, I talk to my guides. I'll say to you why don't you talk to your guides, right? Exactly it like it is funny because there are times when they'll be like, oh, yeah, great. I guess you make a point. But I think you know, sometimes when somebody has to say that to us, like why don't you talk to your Guides? We're actually already at a stage where we want to push back a little bit anyway, like we want to try and figure it out ourselves. And we're sort of starting to come to the realization that we might just need to talk to somebody else or our guides or whoever. So it's some it's all about just different stages and phases of where you're at spiritually, I think, definitely, and you're in the cycle of 21 to 28, which is a cycle of maturity. So that is, I mean, he just came out of cycle of identity into cycle of maturity. So it's kind of like, you know, who am I? How am I going to express myself and then now my career and where they want to take things and so it's definitely a bigger picture time with finding out who you are. Do you agree with that? Yeah, definitely. It's some I do feel like I've sort of landed a bit more on my spirituality and how much I want to do work with it. And I'm finding new different revelations as I go like I'm this past month I've been very much into crystals. And being feeling like crystals actually do serve me and you know, help clear out the energy that I don't want to my body, because we've started probably experiencing COVID here, which is a bizarre concept, being two years into the journey. But yeah, we actually do have exposures. So it's sort of like the crystals and things of that have been helping me reassure myself that I'm clearing things out of my body that I need to. But again, like that's so closely linked to spirituality and links to what I've been taught as a kid so it's, while I feel like I'm settled in my belief, it's sort of like, I'm still just adapting as I go. And yeah, try to figure that out. Well, and I can tell you for myself, I'm a few cycles ahead of you. And it's a constant Jaz. It's like it's a constant unfolding, and I feel until like the last day of my last breath, I'll be like, Wow, I learned that today. And then I'm done. It's constant. Yeah. And it's called Life isn't it? We're always learning if we're not learning then are we living that's that's what I was like to grow up and sometimes take that to the extreme. I do too much because I'm trying to learn too much. And then I'm like, why is it so hard? And I think to right now, in the timeframe we're in like I swear the energy is going faster. Like we're doing this big, you know, energy shift on the planet, but literally time is going faster. So there is that like, I have a lot to do and a little time and even though we probably do have quite a bit of time left, but do you feel that too? Yeah, definitely. I felt January was such a slog in where we were like, I every friend around me was just like, January is so hard. It just feels like it's been a whole year already in just this one month. I think yeah, people were getting fatigued from holidays and COVID and all this sort of stuff. But I have felt that as soon as that Chinese New Year kicked in, it actually started to move again, which is nice. And it feels like we're at the start of the year. It's not. It's feels like it's January. So I actually Feb. So it's the other the energy is working in a very peculiar way at the moment. It's not, it's not as flowy as it normally is. I totally agree with you totally. And there's so much I'm not doing any kind of astrology but there are so many transits in the next. Well, I mean, there's always transits going on, but in the next like six weeks, there are some big ones coming out. So I think that's also starting to kind of come into play and some of the planets coming out of retrograde and so it's um, it's gonna be it's like full on right i mean the energy for sure. Yeah, exactly. And everybody just sort of goes Whoa. And it's funny because I work with lots of people in their different cycles or at different ages to have you want to refer to it and, you know, from kids to adults and managing both of them because I'm currently a part time nanny, and I'm also an artist manager. And it really is very interesting seeing both of those age groups go such through such very similar feelings. And then energies and working with that and then seeing how they actually interpret, like the outflow of that. It's sort of like some of them, like most adults are handling it. Like, not very well in comparison to the kids. Even though the kids are just experiencing such like they're just so exhausted. They're like, very confused. Schools just started back and all this sort of stuff and you're like, uh, you were okay, because you really shouldn't be for the children. And I was like, yeah, exactly. Whereas the adults you say that would be like, Okay, you're handling it your baby not? Do you need help? Exactly. For sure. And I think to like just having that bigger picture spiritually no matter what it you know, it, no matter what it has transformed into for you or the beliefs but just having that I mean, I don't know like, how are people that you relate to in your own age group? Are they spiritual or have you found more of them spiritual or not spiritual, or? You? Yeah, it's interesting. I have a very mixed bag of friends. I have some friends that are more I have more friends that are closer to the end of the life cycle and currently and so they're like 28, 29, going to the 30s. And I have clients that are like a very close by clients due to the nature of the work, and they're like 35, 36 sort of things. So the the learnings and the lessons that I'm seeing from them, it's very broad, but I think most people tend to not have a spiritual belief that they at least um, voice to others. And the ones that do voice it, ah, ones that a very into it, so that they bought the cards, they've got the crystals, they've got the you know, feeling the energy and all that sort of stuff. And it really is interesting, trying to explain to them my journey with that. Because, as you can probably tell, it's not the easiest thing to like, bring up in a nutshell for me because it was just so many different moving parts. I'm sorry. So yeah, that's actually been such an interesting journey growing up sort of like trying to feel out where that person was in how in how much they can actually take on board. Like if they're not spiritually open yet. It's a lot for them to take that and go oh, that sounds great. Like the I totally believe that. Um, so yeah, that's been really interesting to sort of sense that out and then go from there and go, you know, this is my story. How do you experience things and yeah, talking with other people about what they're, what if they believe in spirituality? Exactly what they believe in and down to the whole, what did you know? What do you think afterlife is? What do we do after this? Right, exactly. Not just right now, but after this whole event over with, right. Exactly, exactly. Yeah. And all the lessons that we're going to learn in between. Exactly. So you work with artists with all musicians. And that is a very creative, I mean, stimulating fun out there in the energies kind of events too. So how do you work with that? And the clients you have? A chance it's definitely a challenge. I I've owned my business for five years now. So I've owned it since I've been 18. And that's been really a very interesting journey because it's I've sort of been working through my power, you know, my maturity and what I'm doing my unique because I went to uni for this as well. But also trying to understand other people and how they communicate. So artists management is really tricky because I always say to Slack, I'm pull between two things and pull between my business that needs me to do the social media and to get more clients in and all that sort of stuff. And then the other pool is my clients who have all these tasks that they need me to do. And on top of that, there's the managing the clients and like managing where they're at. And I think Artist Management is a really an amazing journey or an amazing job because it allows me to not only have creative control, part of me, and a really strong voice within the music industry, or just a strong voice in general, which you tend to not get in a nine to five job, I believe anyway, I've never really had a nine to five job which is rare. But I yeah, get to have my opinion, get to have my voice and get to have that heard but that also at the same time 50% of my job in working with my clients is talking with them and negotiating with them and also knowing where they're at in their lives. And what support they need. So it definitely is. I always joke to people of Go are an artist manager and a nanny and they're pretty much the same job because one of them's nannying adults and one of them sending kids like and then and then I go further and go Yeah, at least with the kids. It makes sense. When they don't listen to you because they're like they don't know any better and they like if they make a mistake like this because they don't know any better whereas adult you're like I could have told you not to do that like Yeah, and it's it is funny when you compare it that way because it is a lot like that. It's still for both ends of those jobs. It's it's managing where like the risk of what's coming ahead, managing what needs to come ahead. Like where that person might be at in the next two hours on the next six months. So that you know where they're at mentally and in their learning as well. And then mapping that out around what do they need around them to do what they need to do. Which is exactly how I perceive raising kids is sort of like, where are they at? What could the risks be like I think gonna fall into something are they gonna like put something over their body now you have to change them it's the same thing as adults just you don't actually have to give them a spare change of clothes yet thank God it comes back to me to to that like the spirituality part of it like listening to yourself and then when you listen to yourself, you're able to really work with other people and where and meet them where they're at. And also that inner authority, inner power so because you seem like you're such a mature, strong, put together person of you know, in the 20s I mean, so how do you what I guess what advice would you like to say about listen to yourself or the power that you have that you're able to go out there and really rock what you're doing? Yeah, I think this full transparency that I'm still going through that like I perceived myself as being very mature, put together like I know how to organize somebody's band, and they believe me. But, but in the same time, like I'm going through my own journey of trying to find where my power lies and find my confidence in certain aspects and I think I have found it really rewarding to go through that journey and be making sure I'm working towards that. And to be at like always working towards being a better person and learning from my lessons and trying to build on those as I go and I think that has been monumental in me being able to be like in the sort of role that I'm in. I think I came from you know, when I was 18 I was this you know, potentially very timid. I say timid but I was doing proper a lot. But, you know my my perception on how I was approaching things was very timid and asking for permission, a lot of things and asking for reassurance and all that sort of stuff. And I think it's it's coming from a lot of it's come from time and experience in regards to like, knowing that I don't need the permission anymore. But then some of it's just come from having good communication and being able to understand when somebody trusts you and when you need to give them all that when you don't need to give them all the information anymore. And also when I need to trust myself, I'm still learning that as well. I think it's some as I said, it's just it's always going to be less than I think you can always be better at being independent or well spoken or whatever it's going to be but um I think I've really found a shift in last year where I realized that I've been a manager for five years and that's been when I could say that to people now it's sort of feels reaffirming that No, I actually do have this experience. So yeah, it's definitely a journey with just like life, right? It's a constant journey, constant learning, but having put together some things for yourself, like understanding the types of perceptions, which I want to talk a little bit about that because I'm not sure exactly what your first perception is. But um, I'll just tell the listeners to that what we do is um, we believe there's well out of like, under the umbrella of intuition there's four different types of abilities or types of perceptions so for myself, I'm what I would call an Intuitive and so I am Claur Audient, I'm clear hearing. So there's also um, there's being a visionary having that clear seeing, there's being a prophetic type, which is that intern that all knowing, and then there's the feeling type, which is can sense, a lot of things. And so that's what Jazz was talking about a little while ago saying how she you know, has perceptions and understands about them and how she can then relate and you kind of start understanding what people say or how they kind of act as to Okay, well, that person's clearly a visionary or that person's a feeler and so, what what is your first perception if you don't mind sharing? Yeah, first perception of people or myself what what is yourself? Yes. Yeah. So my first perception is Intuition. So it would have to Yes, yeah. So it definitely does played to my natural ability to be a leader because it's we work with the facts. We work with the you know, the big picture as well. Yeah, it's, um, I think I remember when I cuz I got profiled really, really early on, which is for those of your listeners that don't know, profiling is when they do talk to us. Our guides or spirit and they, they basically tell us exactly what's what our gifts I refer to them as gifts. Actually, I don't know why. But yeah, you refer to it the other way. Um, but I was super young. When I got that done. I would have been like, six or seven. So very early on in regards to other people's journeys. But I remember going, Oh, I'm not really like a leader, or I don't don't I've had call myself that. And that was when I was getting bullied at the time. So it was Yeah, so far from where I thought I was. But I bet you my parents were like, Are you kidding me? Of course, that's who you are. Is it hard I would have to say like, well, but we're gonna do this and that that that really has grown as I've you know, become an adult and, and I think it makes more and more sense as we go along, and I think I It links incredibly well with my thrust, which is another element of the profile and it's sort of like the way I perceive it is like your last sentence like your life purpose. And my thrust is I organize time to do my own stuff. Oh, nice. Yeah. And I find it very hilarious that it's the word stuff because I do manage and juggle so much in my life. And, you know, I was like I said, very young. So I didn't have all the vocabulary in the world to to be understanding, you know, a full, full thrust but the fact that it is stuff it still feels like it's actually who I am. Because I do manage every single element of my time to do everything I want to do. Right. And as an Intuitive I know to that I'm, like you said I just need the facts, but that time, and that direction is so important, and the fact that the perception that we have as that being our first gift I do call him Gifts also because we actually do the consultation called Gifts and Guidance. So that's on our website at TNT Spirit works.com but so understanding that you know that as my intuitive part that I am also frank and honest so I don't know like as a little kid, I mean, I tell you stories Jaz, like I remember being a little smartass. I remember like going to a neighbor and like saying stuff and like that is of course maybe an out of balance into it. But I was a little smart as little punky kid for you know, in certain times of my life. I mean, I'm sure there were things that were you know, bringing that up in me but yeah, like as an Intuitive I could be I can be a strong presence. Do you find that to yourself? Oh, yeah, yeah, I am. I think I always very closely to my friends when you know when we talk about my personality or other people's personalities, I always if they don't have the spiritual background, I talked to them about being an extrovert or an introvert and boy, am I an extrovert. You know, somebody I will go out and talk that has stuff like I am there for that. I'm neither part of that comes from my dad who was also an Intuitive and and my mom was well, she's she's a Feeler but my dad definitely taught me how to, you know, talk to parents or somebody and then my mom taught me how to read this. You know, their thoughts and their feelings and and connecting with them in another level. So I find I do find a lot of people give me more eye contact because I'm there and I'm giving them the energy that they need and showing them energy wise that I'm here. But then also, you know, fax wires and really, you know, pick up a little things and I'll come back in the conversation and bring that up and people love it. It's I do find it very fascinating now in a group who keep their eye contact with me more often because they just connect. Right, right and that's also a reflection of where your energy is at. So understanding where you're at your energy and who you are. That's, that's huge. That's, I mean, that's such a benefit of getting that training and that understanding so young, when most people go, you know, decades into their life and then go well, what's this all about? All this unseen, weird, wacky stuff that I'm experiencing or I'm feeling or I'm hearing or I'm seeing in my mind's eye, but you know, having that understanding at a young age and then working with it is so beautiful Jaz. It really is? Yeah, definitely. It definitely does feel like a gift and I think it's it's allowed me to do the the two types of jobs that I do, I think I see it way more currently in working with children. It's like, do you know that gift order and you know what they're going through in their life cycle? And, you know, they're like, you know, the personality that you can, you can manage whatever they're feeling at any given time. Like I have a little girl that I've been working with since she was three, she's now six. And she is really exhausted at the moment because of school and even last year when she started, started school for the first time. She was really overwhelmed really tired and I knew it. But she's also I would say, a bit of a I can't tell whether it's filler and shorter for a true to feel that she's like she's very strong minded and so am I. So we used to like really butt heads because I'd be like, Well, no, you're not kidding that like but I do remember a day when she was like, the first two weeks even from school and she just like collapsed on the ground and tears over like the silliest thing. And I was like, wait, I need to stop this. And I like got down on the ground and I picked her up and held her in my arms, so you could just feel her at home. And I said to her, I was like so these are the facts. And as a huge, you've had a very big week, and very exhausted. I think this is your body telling you that you're exhausted and then she just stopped crying and she went Oh, yeah, that's what it is. And I was like, and it's like you gave her the facts. You gave her the feeling of like, you're okay, you're safe. And then she was like, okay, cool. Can I just like the eight now. I love it Jaz. This has been so much fun. And I just really want to have you on today because you're so enthusiastic about life and what you're doing and you know, at such a young beautiful age and so I want to ask you, is there any little tidbit of spiritual nugget you want to leave the listeners with as far as embracing who they are, as they move forward on their journey? Well, we had a bit of a lag there but yes, I do. I my little tidbit would to be would be to try and understand other people and pick up their energy, read their energy. Try and understand how different people function and how they communicate and their different learning styles. I think that has been a godsend for me growing up and also in my business of being able to understand okay, this person's not responding to me in the way that I need them to. Because I've given them the facts they might they must not be an Intuitive. Maybe they're a Feeler or I need to, like share the feeling of how it's going. And I've gone round and round in circles with with different bands and clients about the same topic. Because each person has a different gift order. And you have to explain it in their different gift doorways. And it's, I think, understanding people and where they come from, and some would say being a little bit nosy about their background. could definitely help for sure. Well, thank you so much again Jaz for coming on and sharing your awesome energy, your enthusiasm and I really wish you well for your your music career and all that you've got going for you and keep going gangbusters girl because I'll keep tabs on you because your gut you know you've got some good stuff put together for yourself spiritually, and I'm really excited that you came on today. Thank you so much for having me. It's been a lot of fun.

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