Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enhancing Heart to Heart Connections through Tantra with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver

March 29, 2022 Season 2 Episode 28
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enhancing Heart to Heart Connections through Tantra with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver
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How are you with consciously creating love and lasting intimacy in your life? If this is missing or you are ready to embrace more of it then you are going to love this episode.

I am honored today to be joined by Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver who are beloveds, a husband and wife duo as well as business partners and co-founders of TantraNova Institute in Chicago, Illinois. They have assisted thousands of couples and singles in creating lasting intimacy and fulfillment in their life and relationships.

They are featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy Award-winning NBC show Starting Over, best-selling authors of Sexual Enlightenment endorsed by world-renowned Spiritual Pioneer Dr. Michael Beckwith.

They got nominated as Changemaker at the White House sponsored 2016 United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Embracing your energetic body

2. Ways to tap into the unseen energies

3. The doorway to creative energy with Tantra

4. Different types of Tantra

5. Closing ourselves off when we are younger

6. Coming into energetic unity with all

7. Cultivating peace in our lives

8. Meditation

9. Heart connecting with another

10. Sip on the orgasmic nectar

11. TantraNova Institute

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Their book: Sexual Enlightenment: How to Create Lasting Fulfillment in Life, Love and Intimacy

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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creating love and lasting intimacy in your life? If this is missing, or if you're ready to embrace more of it than you are going to love this episode. I'm honored today to be joined by Dr. Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zental Weaver who are beloved's, a husband wife duo as well as business partners, and co founders of TantraNova Institute in Chicago, Illinois. They have assisted 1000s of couples and singles in creating lasting intimacy and fulfillment in their life and relationships. They are featured on Showtime documentary series, sexual healing, and the Emmy award winning NBC show starting over bestselling authors of sexual enlightenment. Endorsed by world renowned spiritual pioneer Dr. Michael Beckwith. They got nominated as Changemaker at the White House sponsored 2016 United State of Women's Summit in Washington, DC welcome Elsbeth and Freddie. Great to be here. Thank you. Thanks, Teresa. Well, I tell you, I've been looking forward to this because I'm all about energy. I'm all about awakening and moving forth and really understanding what I'm feeling a lot. But this part about tantra and the sexual energy is something that is a piece I've just been waiting to pop into my puzzle. So I would love to hear a little bit about your story and how you came together in offering this beautiful service to the world. Wow. Well, we met 21 years ago, Teresa in Chicago, and Elsbeth was on her own Tantra journey, which she'll tell you about. And I had been practicing these practices since I was 13. This is an interesting story, but shortly a short version. I was 13 living in Hawaii and going through my puberty and my father at the time was a practicing psychiatrist. And he took pity on me because I was spending a lot of time in the in the shower. So he gave me a book to read on how to integrate sex practices and meditation. I loved it. My girlfriend loved it. And that was my beginnings of sexual meditation. I went on to college on athletic scholarship. After college, I kept reading and doing workshops and learning more about this and applying it in my relationships. And I was in the software business for a long time. A company moved me here to Chicago I was single I was online looking for shakti female partner, and ELS showed up and we met and it was Kismet thusly. You know, 21 years we've taught and worked with couples all over the world and singles, books, tapes, television, and we love what we do. It's really a transformational opportunity for anybody in a body who's willing. So we'll get into it. I love that. So my story Teresa is very different. I'm just getting over cold so things are moving through me there as well. So as you can tell from my accent, I didn't grow up in the United States. I was born and raised in Germany, and came to the States in my late 20s to do postgraduate work in music. And the way I grew up was like I'm one of 10 children, postwar Germany. So and my parents were quite religious. So that was around my sexual self, my intimate self, that alive, lifeforce energy that particularly you know, rises when we enter puberty. That was not something to be gone to. Actually it was more like, wait until you're married. So and then I always asked myself the question, whose energy is it? You know? Does someone else have to come along so that I awake to myself? No, it's my energy. It has been with me from the moment I was conceived. And it will stay with me to the moment when I leave this planet. And life was energy is feeling energy, that is actually nature. So, but back to how I came to Tantra. It was actually yeah, I had become a management consultant after you know, being in United States and also getting my Doctorate in Education. And then I moved on to consulting had gotten really good at consulting, but was miserable in relationship. I had this pattern of attracting unavailable men, which was very exciting at times, but most of the time I was alone. And when I hit 50, I really got confronted with that, because I noticed that if I was going to change that trajectory, I would end up without having a lasting intimacy and love in my life before I leave this planet. So what I did have intimacy and love in my life that I was not able to sustain it. So that was a moment in my despair that I said, okay, whatever it takes Elsbeth to it. In Tantra was a key way for me to tap into what I couldn't see around my intimate self sexual self relational self. And what opened up with the tantric practice, and the tantric healing, was that I got in touch with that I had held stressed for men, which I was not aware of. I mean, if you had known me, you know, at that time I was charming. I was railing them in, you never would have called me a distressing bitch, not at all. But underneath in the subconscious, there was something hidden, that was not accessible to my conscious mind, so I couldn't change it. However, given that Tantra the practice of tantra taps into our energetic being into our physical being into our emotional being, as an integrated way, I could access different dimensions of myself that were not accessible for me until then, and what showed up in clearing that distrust was people dressed in myself. Then were dressed in MaineGeneral. And then Freddie came into my life six months later. And you know, I think I would not have recognized him if I had not done my clearing work, because he was available. And that didn't fit the old pattern. So I'm really glad that I did that clearing, so I would be ready for the beloved. I'm filled with chills at the whole story of both of you guys and what comes to me and so I met my current soulmate partner in 2017. That we talked a little bit about before we got on and it was the same thing he's been doing. He was doing his spiritual work since he was 18, 19. And then I was doing mine in my 30s and on and it wasn't till just recently, when I was clear enough, he was clear enough and we were ready to come back together in union and that's what it seems like for you guys. I mean, how you both had your separate journeys, and then at some point, it was like, okay, it's time to come into union and come together and then move forward and what you're doing in the world, which is so beautiful. So I want to tap into the Tantra part because when people hear Tantra they think of, you know, like weird sexual stuff, and I do have some friends and I found through the years who are doing Tantra, and they'll talk about like, you know, kinky this or s&m and I'm like, I just not drawn to that but when I saw you guys and what you offer I The, the beautiful essence of energy that comes through both of you guys and your offering and Tantra. It's so different than what I myself have even been exposed to and I would love for you to share a little bit about the difference between what you guys offer and what other out in the world kind of is, is out there for people that might give people a little stigma or a little, like, you know, what is that all about? Yeah, so if you don't mind sharing? Absolutely. So we have had our Institute here in Chicago for 21 years, and we're Tantra Nova Tantra new, and there are many variations out there as you know. What we are doing is working with the sexual energy as a doorway to get to what we don't see about what we're creating in our life. It's like if you do a lot of things, and you see and you get actionable insights of how to shift something, oh, I fight with my wife because I follow my mother or whatever. How do we actually get to the energetic self that shifts that in the moment? So working with sexual energy shifts our changes our whole experience, we are in an altered state when we're in it whether you're doing consciousness work or not, we're more loving, open, vulnerable receptive chemically with change more endorphins, oxytocin indoor serotonin, the field of hormones. So with the distinctions that we share with people in which are part of the tantric practices, which was one of the original yoga is of the energetic body, as opposed to Hatha Yoga of the physical form, and it's all energy then you're able to with the breath awareness, energetic awareness, muscle awareness, work with sexual energy in a way that again allows you to get more connected to the things we don't see about an intention that we want to create more of in our life. And that's what we do we've been doing for 21 years and get results. So let's just broaden the horizon of what the tantric practice can open up for us. Because there are streams in the United States or the Western world that are pretty far away from the original intent of tantra yoga, is very said the original yoga of the energetic body, and the energetic body can be distinguished in three dimensions. The physical, sexual and when it shows up in the physical realm, we call it the energy is called a sensation. I feel hot or cold, I feel turned on, you know, these are all sensations that is how energy shows up in the physical body. Then there is the emotional body, love, anger, hate, excitement, you know, which we locate like the whole emotional, like in the heart center, and then the third dimension is the mental, spiritual or consciousness. One and so we really, the whole purpose here, of in my eyes of the tantric practice, is to come into integration of the physical sexual, the emotional love, and the mental spiritual. Because most of us grew up in a compartmentalized way. And it's not that we intend this when we come into this world, when we are actually really fluid and no compartmentalization. But then we are apps five months old or five years old. Things happen. We close off, we try to make sense of it. And that is where the composite mentalization starts, you know, like, I don't want to feel that pain. anymore. So we just closed off my heart, or the disappointment in all in my first love relationship when the boyfriend didn't come back or the girlfriend just you know, was not of the same depth. So that is what we want to tune in clear where we hold certain statuses in these different dimensions so that we can come into our own god goddess, universal flow and that of course, is deeply connected with our lifeforce energy that is sexual in nature. What's interesting, Teresa is when you bring consciousness to the sexual as we teach it. The kernel of that energy which is creativity creates life and pleasure, creativity and pleasure. Start showing up in areas of life that seemed completely unrelated to sex and the simple process of living. And that's when it becomes a path and a way of being. And that's the part of it that people often hear about, but they often will think about, oh, it's just a bedroom thing, you know, a trick in the bedroom. And so when you learn what we're teaching then it becomes another way of listening and being everywhere in your life. It's a holistic way of coming into unity within Unity with another, ultimately unity with the larger cosmos and it was a planet and I feel that this is so profound and so needed in society. Because I know for myself when I went through my, my spiritual path and journey and my awakening, I was doing energy work, Reiki, all kinds of things, breath work, and all of a sudden what people would sometimes call the Kundalini, that sexual energy stirred and awoke and I tell you what, I thought I was going to go crazy. Literally like I felt like a dog. I could be out in though I could go out into the street like a dog wild that night and I had some clients I was working with at that time that I was doing massage with and like one or two of them said to me just add the blue Hey, because they were tuned in we know what I was feeling and obviously what I was emoting which was just absolute creativity, but very sexual energy. And they said things to me, like, you know, hey, if you need to take care of that, if you're not taking care of that at home, come see me and so this is something that I think people to understand when they're awakening spiritually, that this energy is is so creative, but so profound and so strong and so it really can over overtake someone and so to me accessing this the way you guys do and the beautiful energy and keeping an imbalance as we awaken as we come into who we are as an energetic being is so needed. Would you like to comment on that? Its a powerful energy and no doubt, it is vilified and really misunderstood in the world. Yet it was around creating life before we had language. And if we look at the world and the warring in the world, and the things that are happening, that we can, you know, peace is just a thought away, right? And if we were more in a loving state of mind, which is where that sexual energy leads you, the world would be at peace. Right? So it's really not about having sex, necessarily Teresa, it's about being what that energy leads us to. And in being that energy, we find more flow, peace, happiness, joy in life, and that's really what the results are when you start doing the work. Go back to your experience that you just described, where the energy became so strong, that you didn't even have an awareness what to do or how to channel and I think that is part of that there are also many rules and restrictions and then we'll have verification because it's such a powerful energy that none of us has learned to be with, to guide to tune with as a well as a resource. Because it's not only creative, it is so pleasurable, you know, if we don't bring our awareness, our consciousness to that energy, the entry has us, right, you know, test the energy, just like I want to have emotional energy. When anger has me. I'm a slave to my anger. It's just as impulsive. There's nothing about repaired about the impulse of the impulse at is that is the nature of anger. I don't think about when you get angry now. Now. Fine, the anger comes like this. If I haven't learned to intervene in to move with this anger, not to suppress it. Then I either become, you know, very resentful, or I'm just always angry all over the place and disrespectful. Whatever. So translated this into the sexual energy. It's the same principle. And you know, it's like angry energy. You can learn to channel that in sports and, you know, martial arts. But sexual energy is not something we've learned to channel. Either we keep away from it or we're totally full into it, but not pornography wise, as opposed to learning in addition to all those things, learning also how to draw on it as a way to enliven aspects of our aliveness in our life and our being. And that's what's unique about what we're teaching, Right, so the opportunity that opens up is instead of being suppressed with that energy, as many of us are all obsessed, you know, it's like no joke. Oh, create with that energy. You know, he was patient of that energy and then how it has evolved. Yeah, so what exactly appropriation in the recreation, recreation, procreation, recreation, I don't know exactly what you're referring to right up what you're what you're trying to do. Maybe I'll catch y'all. So for millennia, we're procreated. With this energy it's spilled into like animals. And then over the last 100 years, we learnt more to recreate with that energy. And what we are bringing is how would it be to co create with that energy, both within within myself and CO create with that energy together? You know, I cannot co create with that energy in a conscious way with Freddy, if I can do it within myself, it's not possible. So you can imagine that there is a whole way of learning distinctions, learning practices, to cultivate that, you know, and so in that sense, these tantric practices take can take us to whole new places of fulfillment, of place of joy, of connection, of peace. And then channeling that energy, creative energy into what we are here for, you know, it's not just for procreation. I can channel it into a project that I'm working on, or conceive of a vision. You know, when we first started our work, I would say, you know, I could see that this really work is about creating peace on earth. And elements if we don't say it as a people, you know, because people come like why peace on earth. I want to have an orgasm. But you get into the work you see that? It's really about peace in your life and in the world and how we can be more creative and actually being connected with our orgasmic selves because that opens up in the body in the heart and the mind in the Spirit. So we live in orgasmic wave, wave orgasmic life, but it doesn't mean that I'm also always turning, walking around like turned on that I need to release it. So understanding how to work with that energy because it's so profound and that's the creative aspect of it. That's our creativity. And I think that's a big part about what you know what, I am glad you guys are on here today sharing this because people do not understand how to access that energy, how to work with it. So talk a little bit about how what are some of the things you offer people, the processes or what type you know, if someone came to you and said, Hey, I mean, do you work with singles do you work with you know, couples, how do you how do you work in the world with your Tantra Nova Institute? What about Teresa? If too little practice? Sure. Yeah. Who the people are coming? Because I think that will give whatever is listening today or watching it will give you sense that like a first experience right over here. So if you want to sit who are listening right now just sit upright, legs uncrossed you to sit not lying down for this practice. And you want to have your spine be erect so that the entry that emanates from the base of the spine in a serpentine way to the top of the head and on the exhalation back down again so that the channel is open so your eyes can be open, closed or soft focus beautiful, and then exhale all air. Take a deep breath into the nose, down into the lungs and when the lungs expand the diaphragm pushes down, pushes the belly out and on the exhalation, that the breath down and out of your base into the seat. Take a deep breath. Keep pressing nose down into the lungs all the way down into the valley extending the belly like a big balloon and only the exhalation. That it trickle down and out into the base. Now let's bring your awareness to your pelvic floor and squeeze your pelvic floor muscles as if we were holding back urination. Keep holding it and then let the muscles go relax. Next, let the pelvic floor release. Again. Squeeze the pelvic floor muscle and hold it for a moment. Keep hold it and release. Now take a deep breath in again all the way down into the belly which then moves up into the chest to the top of the head. Now hold the breath at the top of that and squeeze your pelvic floor. So you will hold to squeeze in your hole for breath at the top at the same time. Keep holding it holding it and exhale the air. Keep the squeeze and at the bottom of the breath let the pelvic show go. Let's do this one more time. Deep breath in to the top of the head. Hold the breath at the top squeeze, squeezing it in order to hold the breath or the squeeze. Keep holding the squeeze and exhale to the bottom lead the squeeze go. Our deep cleansing breaths. The bottom to the top and on the exhalation at the breath go in while you continue breathing in and breathing out. Just notice how your pelvic floor feels right now. The area in your pelvis which is a sexual center your life for sent a notice how the breath moves through you. Tell your pelvic floor is now connected through the breath with the top of your head and then come back by opening your eyes and to reset what you be open to share a little bit how you're feeling right now. Definitely. I feel more centered. I feel grounded but yet I feel activated too in a way of energetically like I feel yeah like my core is activated and it's it's solid. Feels beautiful. That was only a few minute or two right? I mean, what's wrong if you do this for 10 minutes or so, but anyway, the point here is that right now we did it was subtle energy. Because energy on flows. So as with the breath, if we don't breathe, we die it's rather obvious. So if they go together in dying, the breath and energy they are one. They also must go together when we are alive. We put this to use here the awareness. So when I breathe actually my energy moves up. It does this already anyway. Without me just like the blood flow. I don't bring my awareness to the blood flow or the blood flow to move. It's the same principles. Energy flows all the time and the inhalation up the spine and on the exhalation downs in so when we bring awareness to it, we embellish the flow. While we don't share right lifeforce energy, we can guide it. So if I can guide my subtle energy just as you did it a moment ago, you can learn how to channel you're aroused energy. And so that wonderful experience in our sexual center then can be brought up into the heart. And this is foundational for men particularly because we are run by our sexual energy. You know, it starts out when we're little guys look ma no hands with the little erection. And then as adult men were run by the little head our whole lives. So in one of the I've heard that, yes, I've heard that right. In prior experiences, it's true. So one of the primary eatings of all the variations of Tantra that there are is for the man to learn to separate ejaculation from orgasm and this very exercises but just lead us through is one of the foundational pieces for men to begin to what I call sip on this orgasmic nectar I call it because typically guys think of well there's ejaculation in the orgasm and they go together and you can't separate the two. So when when men really get the oh wow, I can actually get to that 7,8,9,9 and three quarters and play in that that level in that wave. Where that orgasmic nectar can be going on for half hour 45 minutes. And I say because once women's energy opens up, they can have multiple multiple orgasms. So really men need to learn this to keep up. But it also them say it very seriously though. For men. This is part of the uncoupling of the unconscious. What appears to women often is selfish love because that's just where we started feeling and also a lot of the other craziness jealousy, shame, possessiveness, guilt, fear, all the stuff that's there for men and women, but particularly for men in terms of the new man and making making more peace on earth. Men have to begin to integrate this masculine feminine yin yang balance and that's part of the new man. And this is also being conscious about your energy and how you move with it and how you can create with it and in creating that lasting intimacy and love, which is what you guys are all about, right? That's right and Teresa, let's be very clear about conscious is not cerebral. Very different, you know, the whole so it's the consciousness the awareness, that a man can forego the ejaculatory reflex that happens in the pelvic floor, master that reflex so that he can as Freddy calls it, sip on this orgasmic nectar, connect with his heart, because then when it's grounded in his manhood, not driven by his manhood, and through that connecting between his sex and his heart actually becomes more integrated. And when he is connected with his heart and uses his testosterone energy, to feel his heart, his heart open to hers, when she feels that her heart opens and when my heart opens, my sexual Center opens. Women can trust Yeah, so there's a whole other part for women, that by men becoming more conscious of their wonderful you know, powerful energy and guide that and obviously for their own sake first and then for creating conscious relationship. Plus men, it's very much opening up into the feminine, where we can let go, or we can trust because for most women, it's not something that we do so easily because that calls us into being vulnerable. And perhaps in the past, we learned I cannot fully trust a man just how I did it. All we want is one thing. Yeah. Or what may not be even, you know, conscious that it's like it's even a collective thing. It's not just one individual woman. I work a lot with women. I have a workshop which is called awaken to your feminine essence, at the very core of that is moving through the distrusts that we have accumulated over our life. First and foremost, fall out sick, because if I'm always at a certain level of having to be cautious, not consciously, I'm in a contracted state of being. So opening up, revealed myself and I want to make sure that is a man over there with a capacity to hold space for me to be present to doing his work. We know that we want this to go hand in hand. So I feel that the whole world can benefit from this work. But also, even though we can't get the whole world to come forth and go, Hey, let's come to the Tantra Nova Institute. But each person that does this work on themselves makes a difference in the world. Do you agree with me? Absolutely. And you know what's interesting too is is that we're going to have to face this sexual peace because we've gone to the sexual revolution. And now with the information dissemination highway pornography is rampant. And it's almost like the little kid who wants to eat his dessert before his main meal. And as opposed to saying, no, no, no, you give that to me as much dessert as he wants and then when he's all filled up and sick from that, you say, Okay, now we can try some vegetables and some protein and some other things, you know, and they're open to it. So it's almost like the world is gorging itself on this sexual availability. And then it's like, Well, okay, now what else is there and so now we can learn and start to meditate with it and learn other ways of being better human beings? Yeah, you know, by shifting times we call it sex consciousness. So if I do my work, I become a different frequency. In the world. And that affects others, perhaps not that everybody knows understands that being in that frequency is a different kind of frequency. It usually has to do with trust. With openness, with feeling safe, with feeling alive, you know, and feeling connected with yourself. And with others, it doesn't even have to be explicitly communicated. It's something people feel notice, you know, yes, this this work could be taught to nuns and priests who are vowed perhaps to celibacy. It's not not about having sex. It's about being with this energy leads us to a loving creative, you know, intimately connected being. I mentioned earlier when I was first introduced to this at 13 Instead of just masturbating in the shower. I then learn how to breathe and do meditation with my sexual energy. And that opened up a whole new capacity of self assurance, capacity of inner listening, a way to be unencumbered with guilt or shame or fear around my sexual self, and I didn't have to have sex with anyone else. There was just a way for me to connect with myself. It actually young more young people should learn that because everybody they're all masturbating. It's like why not learn how to eat and it's not about having sex with someone else. It's about being with your own energy in a new way that can revitalize your your academics, your athletics, your way of being with your peers and so on. And the good news is that a lot of young people come to us in their 20 Lovely, that's great. We all city that you know, we love to work with them because you know, what about setting this kind of ground? The next generation? Yes, yes. I would like also to add something here because we've been talking about the sexual energy transmuting that and obviously, a big part of the practice. is also the heart to heart connect to both the heart connection with myself in the heart connection with the beloved. And again, the breath is so at the core of everything that the you know, we have daily practices. Now we call them tertiary quickies. They are not sexual practices, that there are connecting practices for a minute or so. That takes us out of the itch into the antecedent. Right. So what we do is we connect with the heart center with the hands or we can connect here. Okay, Heart Center, and we look into one another's left die, which is connected center of the brain, the receptive center of the brain, and then we breathe in together. Breathe out together, we close our eyes and then we visualize receiving on the inhalation energy from the heart connection with the hand from the other on the exhalation, we visualized sending into the other's heart. And that's a way for us to stop the you know, left brain analytical going and yammering and so on to drop into just a breath and an awareness and touch. And then we go on about our day. So it's a way to reset. Yeah, beautiful. seconds. Really. I mean, this is really something which we highly recommend to couples. Be in that flow with each other that infinity flow daily, because intimacy doesn't just stroll in the bedroom. It's moment by moment, day by day, practice connection. Love that is funny because my husband I oftentimes will we do connect with our breath, but also like with our bellies, we'll just feel the belly and just like breathe together with the belly. So I'm so looking forward. I know I signed up for your workshop coming up on April 3, and I'm so excited to get some of these techniques and to embrace them in a different way with my husband. So I want to talk a little bit now about your Sexual Enlightenment book. And this is a dynamic book full of you have techniques. You talk in there a lot about the chakras, the energy centers love. I mean, this book is really it's masterful. It's a little bitty, it's not like a big old book either. It has its mighty it's a mighty little book, that's for sure. I'm super excited. I've been reading it nonstop and it's lovely. We just got it out in audible as well. So people who you can listen to it and audible or audiobook audiobook. Yes. Oh, I just love it. Oh, thank you so much. And it's a great way to get further background on what the tantric practice is all about. In particularly this building of awareness and consciousness around our sexual emotional and spiritual self. And I think it's important to for my listeners, because I have listeners all over the world and that you guys are located in Chicago, Illinois, but you do have things online and I know you've got upcoming on April 3, you've got a beautiful three it's a three or four hour workshop. Wow, I would like to talk would like to talk a little bit about the workshop that's coming. Yeah, well, that's yeah, that's a bodywork workshop and it's for lay people you don't have to be professional massage therapist. It's really learning sequences of touch that really enhance connection, intimacy, and a release of lactic acid and tension in the body. So it's a sequence of different sequences of holds that it's an integration of Swedish Tansu and form called Well, a Thai Thai body work as well. So first off, so as a tantric body work is very much about cultivating intimate connection and tools to do this with the bodies through the bracings are a certain way of touching, as Freddy already said, that takes us out of the head, into the heart, into the sensing within the body because that is where pleasure resides. You know that is where withholds reside, that is where constriction resides, and that is where openings reside as well. And that workshop is available for people who want to zoom so they don't have to come to a spot they can do it in their home, as we're doing with most of our workshops, which are hybrid, sometimes people are here and other times people tune in from other parts of the world online. Or participate, not just tune in, I mean, they're participating. Right, right. And that's, that's great to know as well as this, like I said, a beautiful powerful book that I will have all this information in the show notes that everyone can go and they can get a get the book they can come to the workshop and learn more about your techniques and tools and it's been a such a pleasure having you both on today. I'm so glad that you came on and sharing this beautiful energy your beautiful connection and I'm just so thrilled. So thank you so much for coming on. Thanks for having us.

(Cont.) Enhancing Heart to Heart Connections through Tantra with Dr. Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver