Enthusiastically Spiritual

Enthusiastic about Activating Your DNA with Hillis Pugh

February 15, 2022 Season 2 Episode 23
Enthusiastically Spiritual
Enthusiastic about Activating Your DNA with Hillis Pugh
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Along the spiritual path there are keys to your success. 

You may ask, what are some of these keys to spiritual success? 

Knowing you are not alone is one key. Finding the path that works for you amongst a wide array of options is another key to spiritual success. Embracing your powerful energy and learning how to work with it, is another key. There are so many keys, but in the high energy times we are living in understanding and embracing those keys for yourself can be well, a game changer. 

In season 1 episode 77 I had a wonderful guest who dived into some keys for supporting energetic shifting and I am honored to have him back today to share once again. His name is Hillis Pugh and he is an author, teacher, speaker, and holistic practitioner who utilizes gifts and tools to empower others on their journey. He is 1 of 15 Certified Lemurian Light Workers on the Planet and he is of service to guide others in understanding that they are not alone.

Hillis Pugh has taught his Gratitude and Law of Attraction Seminars, at the Edgar Cayce Center NYC, Well Set, Kensho Health, Maha Rose, Lightning Society, Breakin' Boundaries, and other various locations in the New York area. He has also spoken for the Holistic Chamber of Commerce NY, New Life Expo, Gratitude Migration, and other events and virtual platforms. Hillis has also partnered with WeWork, NY for in-person Psychic events. 

Hillis mentors each soul on their path to lift them up so they can see what he sees, beyond the physical realm. He is an energy facilitator working with modalities such as Psychic Mediumship, Reiki, and Lemurian Light Energy to co-create a deeper connection to the Soul. The power to nurture and transform people's lives is what motivates him to fulfill his purpose.

Insights to add to your spiritual toolbox from this episode:

1. Shifting dimensions

2. Auspicious time frame we are all in

3. Support for current mental psyche

4. The unseen and how to work with it

5. Triggering the ego

6. Inner authority

7. DNA activation

8. Cosmic Insights on YouTube

Find out more about Hillis Pugh. Check out the energy activation. Watch Hillis Cosmic Insights on Fridays on YouTube.

Thank you for listening to another spiritual mini morsel.

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of Enthusiastically Spiritual, I'm your host Teresa. So along the spiritual path, there are keys to success. You might ask yourself, well, what are some of these keys a spiritual success? Well, a couple of them are knowing you're not alone is one key. Finding the right path that works for you amongst a wide array of options is another key. How about embracing your powerful energy and learning how to work with it? There are so many keys, but in the high energy times we're living in understanding and embracing those keys for yourself can be well, a game changer. In season one, episode 77. I had a wonderful guest, who died in the some keys for supporting energetic shifting, and I'm so honored to have him back today to share once again, his name is Hillis Pugh, and he is an author, teacher, speaker and holistic practitioner who utilizes gifts and tools to empower others on their journey. You know those keys. He is one of 15 certified Lemurian light workers on the planet. And he is of service to guide others understand that they are not alone. Hillis has taught his gratitude and Law of Attraction seminars at the Edgar Casey Center in New York City. Well set can show health Maha rose, lightning society breaking boundaries and other various locations in the New York area. He has also spoken at the holistic Chamber of Commerce in New York, the New Life Expo gratitude, mic migration, and other events and virtual platforms. Hillis has also partnered with WeWork, New York for in person psychic events, halos, mentors each soul on their path to lift them up so they can see what he sees beyond the physical realm. He is an energy facilitator working with modalities such as psychic mediumship, Reiki and Lemurian light energy to help co create a deeper connection to the soul. The power to nurture and transform people's lives is what motivates and fills his purpose to be here. Welcome back, Hillis. Thank you so much. Yeah, then this makes me glean just a little bit because so quickly, I haven't done that. Right. fighter like Yeah. You do you do and having someone reflect that back to you. It is powerful. I agree with you. So I'm glad you like your bio. It's awesome. Well, you know, Hillis, I can't believe you know, you came on about the middle of last year. And it feels like it was five years ago. I feel like we're in a twilight time warp or something. Yeah, it feels like that these days. I mean, a model can say oh, like a year. You know, it just sort of depends on where you are and what's happening in your life. Like wait where am I what am I doing? What Who am I talking to who haven't seen you know, specially know, since most of us, you know, social distancing or some of us are not in physical contact or what happened is is all the things misalignment. And so the this energy of misalignment does create this energy of distance. And you know, not only that we are also in an accelerated time in our life, too, so, I don't know what you're talking about, sir. Hello. Yes, I do. We talk about this all the time on this little podcast here. So yes, I know the energy is shifting and changing. And as we go through this as souls, it radiates all the way out to our physical and that's what I want to talk with you about today is the shifting and what we're feeling and how to work with that energy. You know, I'm glad that you brought that up because it's a very poignant time in our in humanity. Because as we are moving to eat chefs know a lot of pairs, they talk about shifting and moving into fifth density and how to get there. But most of the most of my peers overlook the fact that we have to build to and through fourth density fun and what does that entail? Well, it is happening right now, because we have to understand that the universe, the solar system, mother, Gaia, has already shifted into fourth density energy, but then we have to follow suit as the children as the seeds are the planet in the universe. And what does that mean? Well, you got to step into the shadow work the shadow energy, and then in turn, allow yourself to release what no longer serves you to release you know, any attachments any thing that you hold dear such as you know, any habits or habitual habits or relationships or possessions, anything that can because the attachment that is no longer serving you and it's funny because I had a guest on my show yesterday, actually, the air today, he talked about the eight of cups because just because past, you know, February 2 2022, the auspicious day the new beginning number the bottom calendar opening. It is in that energy of letting go of turning away from what no longer serves you, and an energy of attachment. We have this, this energy of suffering, because we don't want to give up something that we hold so do what we think we hold dear or what we come to know our daily routine and rituals, what we hold dear, but then it is through the deeper analytical process the deepest space of failing into what is best for us. We then allow the graduate ease of letting go and with this releasing of that attachment. The suffering ends as well because the reason why I brought about this because it was so important because the Ascended Master Buddha and he talked about the suffering through attachment. Am I finally get it now? I mean, it's one of the things that's been on my list for years to truly understand, but it's not it wasn't until I began to shift into 4d myself, where you know, relationships and you know who chains and your whole world begins to turn upside down and there's all these unknown feelings and like, what is this? And so just to that, his own teaching that I have a good appreciation of and a new depth of understanding of suffering. Yeah, and so I agree with what you said 100% And I know too that like this is such a auspicious that has been coming up a lot lately. Profound, unique timeframe energetically. It's why we're all here at this moment in time. And what comes to me as you're talking about, you know, having to go down and really look at things that no longer serve us and how to release and how to, you know, work through and get through things like that. It stems back to for myself and the people I work with is this sincerity of that spiritual part. how sincere Are are you as a soul to move to the next level and I feel that a lot of what we've been going through on the planet is that it has people are being broken open people are they're losing their jobs, relationships. And so how do they step into it's all about my soul's journey. I'm just working and interacting with people around me. So how do I you know, break open how do I move into that next amazing, you know, like stepping into the net, the next dimension of what's already present, but we know we're trying to feel it through our whole being and so that shedding and letting go is an important thing. And I want to talk a little bit about the mental psyche and that aspect of because we're having a lot of people right now who are going through a lot of mental angst, a lot of anxiety a lot of I mean people are killing themselves I hate to say that but they are there it like they can't they have no way to understand you know what's next are the bigger spiritual picture that you know there is more to it than just what you're going through in front of you but it's it's there's a lot going on. So I would love for you to just share a little bit about about that aspect of it and your work that you do. Thank you. And so it's really a huge part of what we do because everything begins in an energetic space. Everything starts non physical unseen. We know we have an idea that it exists, but it's not until it manifests in some physical form or fashion, something that's tangible. And how that begins is no about a year ago, you know, and before that there was this buzz phrase called spiritual bypassing. And in that, you know, people didn't want to sit in this. They didn't want to understand this stuff. No, the counter worked on the energy of Yes. I just want to get to the book. I just want to get to the best stuff. Well, you just can't skip over that and those. Exactly. And for those who have skipped over that, they are probably in worse shape now than some of us who've actually gone through it. Because there's been stuff that I've taught I've dealt with and this is for everyone. There has been stuff that I thought I've dealt with. That was done, but it's coming again. So it doesn't matter if it comes up again and you have this ego attachment. Oh, I've dealt with it. I'm done. I can't do it anymore. Well, obviously, there's something underneath that where is the cause of whatever it is that you're feeling? And so what it does, is it triggers many things in the mental psyche when you have the ego that is triggered. And it triggers that in the space of, well, I'm better than that. I'm better than you. It's crazy. So confrontational energy and spirit with yourself maybe few other people, not only addition to that, it's almost like it's like energy of being defeated as well. You know, faces energy of depression, and things like that heightened sense of doubt and you filling out worthy and then when you have the Titan feelings of anxiety because you're in a place of having stability or having a routine or having something that you're born accustomed to whether fits a job, a relationship, you know, the way that you eat, you know, your sleeping routine, whatever it is that you burn accustomed to, or that has been torn up. Because there are some people that are going between trading for the for the five day like myself and then there are some people just in 3d. And it's because of their, you know, they're attached to the old belief system, or the thoughts the old energies and is is is and in that belief system, the old belief system, the old paradigm, the old structures that we are attached to, and how prevalent they are in our everyday lives and we don't see it because it's just something we become accustomed to, and that level of being accustomed to that that attachments there. And we've got an attachment there, you know, and we afraid to let something go. So the level of releasing something, a level of fear and anxiety. Oh, I can't let this go. Now this can't happen. No, no, no, no, no. And so we don't pick an m&m fight and no and and all these things. The is not necessary, but it's just the way some of us are built. And that's the only way we can allow ourselves to move into the next space. Some of us are just fighters. We just fight all the way through and then some of us like, well, you know, I'm just gonna surrender. It's like, okay, if this is what it is, and this is what it is. Right? Definitely. And I know too that um, right now. I mean, there's so much obviously going on all around us about the detachment of everything right like our government and you know, and outside of ourselves and really moving back into what is the only thing you can really trust is your inner authority, your energy and how to work with that and that's what I know you help people with, you know, the Lemurian light energy that you work with, because it helps bring people to, you know, another another dimension of energy but really focusing on their own energy. Yeah, exactly. And, you know, really appreciate the fact that you bought in authority, because that's most important because you know, one who's been doing this for about a decade maybe a little more give or take three years. Who knows? Well, Scout, but yeah, I get it. Yeah. And it is in that space to where we build trust with our hands and we'll build trust with our guys when we build trust with our confidence. Our friends, our families is that level of trust that we build, to create a space of safety, to create a space in authority to create a space of because, you know, being a psychic. There's always people asking me oh, well, you know, can you tell me about this? Oh, can you tell me about I can, you know, give me insight and I'm like, Yeah, I can give you insight but you know, at the end of the day, it's gonna be up to you to take it or leave it. And so this is what I instill in my clients. Just I guess I can do this for you. I can be the messenger for you. But whether or not if you follow through with the action or whether or not you follow through with the belief of this is happening for you in your life, because of the energy that is converging around you. That is all up to you because I strongly express to people that the time that we meet, energy that we meet, this is one understand that as the energy shifts, as you shift as you change, so do the potential. And so it's basically you know, the word psychic, maybe I'll come up with a new name for it because no psychic is it's kind of like oh come analogy, because essentially what I what it is is me forecasting and seeing into into a potential Imani to potential future and it brings me joy to be of service to people on this social level, to be a messenger to be confident to be all these things you know, to be the boat and to be the hairdresser. You know what what I hear you saying is meeting people where they're at? Yeah, wherever that sat, because we know that people are on all kinds of levels of consciousness. I mean, you can still look around and you can still see it and you can feel it and embrace it. And so what you're doing as an energy healer and a psychic medium is you're just meeting them where they're at, but what I hear you saying is that it comes back to the fact that yes, you can relay messages, yes, you can share with them, maybe some type of image you might see in the future or something, but it's up to them to a relate to it. I mean, either I do or don't relate to that, and what do they do with it? And so you know, having that hold in their hand and just supporting them going okay, you know, this is how you can access it yourself. Because we're all empathic. We're all psychic. It's just to what degree and or, you know, what do you do with the messages that come through? That's, you know, what I'm saying to the people like that's what I hear you saying is it's again about inner authority, and that's what we're all looking at. Outside of us right now is that we've lost so many people are not in tune with their inner authority and not in tune with the fact that they have that intuition. They've got that gut sense. Listen, slow down. And that's what I think again, the whole universe in the plants about right now is y'all had to slow down and go okay, so what am I feeling what am I what am I picking up on? And a lot of people are just where they're at and they're going to be out outside authority and tell me what to do and that's okay, because that's where they're at. But as energy workers and healers like you are and I am it's about guiding people back home. Do you agree with that Hillis back home I totally, totally agree with that and what is fascinating what, what I appreciate about this conversation is really empowering people to say okay, you know what, I appreciate you putting your trust in me, too, do this for you. But ultimately, it is you giving yourself permission to be better to live and to film, especially now in a time where there's so much confusion, so much anxiety. I mean, I've never seen so much anxiety on the planet in all my years ever even in myself. I'm like, Why? Because there's me as somebody else. So I get why, you know, there's this old desire to seek someone outside of yourself because if even if you do have no authority, no, I always I'm assuming Oh, the other times I doubt myself, I'm like, Hey, that's my friend. But where's my other confident who I can reach out to just to confirm what it is now feeling? So sometimes when people weed out, they spray some unconsciously wanting confirmation and so part of that's probably what I do is to provide him that confirmation to give them that reassurance that yes, it will be okay. Yes, you have to have patience. And yes, eventually, I'll get better. Yeah, and this is I get to about what you're saying. Is that what you put together for yourself has been, you know, for your journey, and it's gotten to that point where yes, you can support other people as they put that together for themselves because I believe that we're all mirrors to one another. So you know, you're a mirror to me, I'm a mirror to you and sometimes some of us have put more together especially in the spiritual space and the spiritual part of our journey than others. But I just feel that we're in this place right now Hillis, which is profound that people aren't waking up. They're going to be wanting to know how do I access that inner authority? How do I step into that? What you know what you have halos or what you have Teresa and how, and how can you support me in going down that road because I need some assistance for myself because it's all about coming back home. And just the other day I went to an event it was a four hour afternoon event it had a cacao ceremony had breathwork and then it had a sound journey. So profound but Hills it was in person. So let me tell you, it was amazing. But I was as I was looking around the room, there was 30 plus people there and they were all ages. You know, there was one gentleman but also women but they were all ages and I was amazed at what I heard people say from from you know, verbalize as far as where they're at because you're right Hillis especially the young people I noticed are really are really struggling. And you know, I mean, it was a blessing. They were there and they obviously were very spiritual or open to exploring spirituality in that way. But it's a it's a profound time to get that support wherever you are. I'm, I'm talking really to my listeners is, you know, wherever you're at on this spectrum of, you know, levels of consciousness. If you're listening this clearly you're you're a bit open, but, you know, just accessing that support. And that's what I want to talk about what you offer, Hillis to support your offering and the activating through the light body. So let's let's dive into that a bit because I have chills as I say that so it's important to help that supportive activation. Let's talk about it. Well, I know that you experienced it and I want you to talk about your experience first now. We'll go into the purpose and why I was called to create a squad of people. I did experience it I did it about a week and a half ago and what I felt because I'm obviously I'm very aware and I can I can sense a lot is um, I sensed of a new activation of mine at a cellular level. I got a sense that of opening and awareness of my physical body because that's where I'm at. I'm really at a point where it's to me right now it's about physical. I've been like the cacao ceremony you know, working with Planet plant Energy, working with breath work, and so I'm bringing it in so that activation helped stimulate on a cellular level so I could then access that breathwork deeper the sound energy deeper. So that's what it did for myself and it was and I'm I'm filled with chills I talked about this but it really was profound, even as subtle as it may appear when you're you know watching the video and listen to meditation but just a beautiful activation. So yeah, it was great kudos. It was awesome. Hillis I liked it. Thank you. So no, I know. I know there's tons of activations that people can listen to. But what makes mine special and different because, you know, I seldom do videos of this nature, but I was called to do this. And I was called in to utilize the tools that I showed in the video, you know, and most people haven't even heard of these clusters, all these tools, where do you find that stuff at? And you know when you when you are in this profession, trust me this stuff kind of finds it. Yes, sir. So, yeah, so the purple zone the DNA activation, because what it truly does is that it call in various energies from multiple dimensional spaces. And it will truly goes in and activates the dormant DNA and lights up that space of you. Because what we have to understand as we are now shedding the three dimensional space, time and energy, although the compression part of the confusion part of the way other the lower density energies that we feel the emotions that we feel is stemming because even our body is changing and you know, I've been experiencing the physical changes in my body so quite alarmed for years and so, what this helps is to help do this and to possibly even accelerate you know what level of spreading your of your consciousness into the crystalline light body. So going from carbon based to crystalline light body So changing the structures of the DNA activating the DNA 10 into the structures of your cellular of your cells, and just activating other parts of the activating the neurons in your brain activating the dormant aspects of the body because know what scientists called junk DNA. If not, just just the dormant aspects of the lean body there hasn't been waiting for this time period. So for those who were born in the year 2000 and beyond, you know, they pretty much have all this stuff activated and so it's been a joy to even see it the work with people that time you know, they were born in year 2020 12 And what have you just because the light that is in them is so beautiful, but to see people that are my age and to really embrace desire to be more as really hot woman the child actually speaks to know how they are open to receive the transformation that this activation brings, because it is the beginning of the consummation process. And it's not you know, it's not the gaming is not the answer somewhere in the middle. And just the other day I and I don't know where this is going to happen yet. But just the other day, I was told that I have to make my body activation two point. So which is going to be a bit more intense than then the one that you felt only because as we move through the energies, there's going to be more entities that we have to learn and align with. So that's what this activation does. It helps you to align energetically. Physically, mentally, emotionally on all levels. To step into your light body. And just like any type of work, this meets each soul where they're at. Yeah, so it's not something where it's like, oh, you know what, I haven't done a lot of stuff with this spiritual stuff, so I'm not going to try it. No, go try. It because it will meet you where you're at and help and help you if you're if you resonate with it, right. I mean, that's the big thing, like, you know, but it is powerful. I'm telling you, so it met me where I was at, and I feel like after that I really had a few days of integrating and it really felt Yeah, I made a definite shift in me so tell us so this is the video is it one video? Is it a series of videos? Well, right now it's one video. It's about 38 minutes long. And you know the number 38 is apropos was very dear to me. Can you get emotional talking about it because when I was doing the video so long was gonna be and I did it and it was when I ended it was 38 minutes. And the number 38 or variation of the combination of those numbers reminds me of my mom because you know, that's the he passed away on August 2015 So 838 And so when I see a variation of that I know that he was present in the system if anyone feels a motherly presence is my Mom. Mom's in the video two guys just letting you know, the energy of Mother is there. Yeah, those supportive energies. Yeah. And so to me, I mean this type of activation is also really about bringing things back into balance. Do you agree with that? Oh, yeah, most definitely. Especially now that we are moving into higher dimensional space and, and just you know, for visual for everyone just for a visual reference, when we often think of the solar system, we often think of it as somewhat stationary or rotating in the same space, you know, 24/7 365 days a year. Well, you know, what have you that's, that's the concept but actuality the solar system is piling up for the universe, because nothing is stationary. So this is why let me say we are literally moving. We are literally moving up in a higher dimensional space as we are and we are going up to meet other energies, other densities. And as we move up, things shift things move in, then we have to stabilize them and bring them back into alignment and into into balance. And this is what this activation doesn't have to be all the energy back into balance line with the chocolate in the Lainey all of that whatever you set up your intention is for this meditation even though I have the intention that creditors but your attention while you're doing this. Also things that energy beautiful. And I know besides that you obviously I have other things you do too. I know that one I've got an email on his cosmic insight. Do you want to talk a little bit about that? Oh, yeah. So you know cosmic insight is my baby is myself. co hosted with my co create tricks. Becker gurgly Oh, and I we do a weekly live show called The Cosmic Insight Friday night tonight. And so every Friday night 7pm Eastern, you can watch us live where we talk about any and everything. Spiritual, non spiritual, even the whole show on f1. So you know, it's really amazing. I mean, we talk about everything on the show, but what what brings us most joy, that for the first 30 minutes, we have open dialogue about whatever is on the last 30 minutes. We do readings for people, and we do what we call the tuner where I do a meditation Abeka does sound healing with her voice and she is amazing. So it's really intense and sometimes I connect my energy with hosts and intensify and amplify the energy that's going out to the coal walking. So it's a beautiful experience every Friday at 7pm Eastern on YouTube, and now we just started getting back in to do and we've got it shell so the lookout for some new episodes now just live Awesome and I will definitely have all that information as well as the information for your activation in the show notes so that everyone can go there and check it out for themselves and and have a wonderful activation. And one final word I want to just kind of leave with is courageous. I want to talk a little bit about being a courageous spiritual warrior in today's world healers because that's what I see you as and bringing forth your energy. So I just want to acknowledge that and just say that, yeah, I honor your courageousness and thank you for your service of bringing forth this beautiful work that you're doing and the activations that you're assisting on the planet. Why because it's not just we do work with people individually it's it affects everything affects the universe. So just wanted to bring that in and just say a big thank you for coming on today and sharing again because it's been wonderful. Thank you so much to me for and it's very interesting, a little side note that I wish to share agents as I was preparing, what shirt Am I gonna wear? And I think I have to find the shirt with the yellow one in yellow for me is that our nd that courageous and that energy of confidence that's the energy now that we all be out for them to to release the fear to release the doubt release the anxiety, ball that suffering because as we move through these energies, there's no need to suffer anymore. So you can't make this up can Yeah, you can't make this spiritual stuff up like Spirit works in all the ways like okay, what's keyword courageous? And on your end? You're like, I'm wearing yellow because I'm courageous. So I love the way the universe works so many blessings to you infinite love and gratitude. Hillis, thank you so much again for coming on. Thank you everyone for watching.

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